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Scripts by Tony Domaille www.twitter.com/TonyDomaille

Tony Domaille

Tony Domaille has more than twenty scripts published by Lazy Bees Scripts and all of them can be read on-line for free via this link - www.lazybeescripts.co.uk



Jan and Ted are in a social rut and about to join a rambling club to make friends. But one of them is not so keen.-

Even Numbers

Even Numbers

the multi-award winning Even Numbers. Read if for free here -

When All Aound You

When All Aound You

Delighted to say this one is one of the winners of the Pint Sized Plays Competition 2023. It'll feature at the Tenby Festival in September and in 'Script Slam' at Theartr Gwuan, Fishguard on 7th October 2023

House Hunting

House Hunting

Read if for free here -

Every Pantomime That Ever There Was

Every Pantomime That Ever There Was
(In Under Fifteen Minutes)

TFor youth theatre - a very short pantomime with large cast and minimal set.
Cast: Minimum of 6F, 6M. Estimated run time: 15 minutes.

Normal For

Normal For

Teacher Emma worries about a nine-year-old boy in her class. But when she raises concerns, they are dismissed as 'Normal for here'. As she struggles against a culture of indifference, Emma finds herself facing a real dilemma.
Articulates the dilemmas of teachers suspecting that pupils are abuse victims. The classroom setting and focus on the teacher allows it to honestly and openly explore these issues while not actually having to use any child actors or depict any abuse.

Give Us A Sign

Give Us A Sign

a full length comedy in which Ken decides to make some money as a clairvoyant. What could go wrong? The play has been produced on the professional stage and critically acclaimed as being ‘light and funny with parts that are really worth playing.

Looking for a great comedy to produce? This one has had successful runs on the professional stage abroad but has missed out in the UK due to the pandemic. It's great fun. Have a look.

My Angel

My Angel

Romantic comedy in a single set.
Cast: 3F, 3M. Estimated run time: 1 hour 40 minutes
Mark's life has become intolerable following bankruptcy, marriage breakdown, ill health and the shame of having been caught shoplifting. He is resolved to end it all, though his apprentice guardian angel stops him and helps him put his life back together. But when everything is fixed, and Mark goes back to his wife, is it the kind of eternity Mark and his angel would choose?


Plays by Jonathan Edgington



Hampshire, UK

Writer of all sorts of plays



An 8 minute comedy with 3 characters (2F, 1M) set in the world of amdram.
“Can you imagine going into work the day after you’ve appeared on TV’s NAKED ATTRACTION? If you think that’s tough, then try and imagine going for a costume fitting for a character you’re playing in your local amdram group’s production of Blithe Spirit…”
“The cast certainly brought tears of laughter to the audience - especially ‘Alice’ and the tape measure…”

Publisher: Lazy Bee Scripts www.lazybeescripts.co.uk



A full-length feminist/suffragette/First World War themed play, It has a cast of 12 (7F, 5M)* (including four iconic suffragettes mysteriously transported back to London in 2017 to "finish what they started over 100 years ago"). It depicts life in London and on the Western Front and features an ingenious sub-plot involving John Constable's painting of The Cornfield!

Publisher: Lazy Bee Scripts www.lazybeescripts.co.uk



A contemporary, pacy, non-rhyming, 10-minute version of the traditional Alice in Wonderland story with lots of jokes and riddles. It's written in the same style as Jonathan's five, previously published, best-selling pantomimes. It has 12 characters (2F, 2M, 8E) with opportunities for doubling, if required.

Publisher: Lazy Bee Scripts www.lazybeescripts.co.uk

Alternate Reality

Alternate Reality

Long suffering Paula is rapidly running out of patience with her nice but predictable and boring husband - so how will she react when he steps out of his comfort zone and buys her the most unusual birthday present ever?
Short comedy sci-fi sketch set in a simple but unusual shop.
Cast: 1F, 1M. Estimated run time: 8 minutes.

Publisher: Lazy Bee Scripts www.lazybeescripts.co.uk



Despite being close friends Veronica and Courtney have very little in common and their friendship is going a little stale. Seeking a more stimulating companion, Veronica introduces Carlos into the relationship. This is much to Courtney’s chagrin - until she discovers that Carlos is a robot.
Cast: 2F, 1M. Estimated run time: 15 minutes

Publisher: Lazy Bee Scripts www.lazybeescripts.co.uk

Dick Whittington [10 Minute Version]

Dick Whittington [10 Minute Version]

Dick Whittington has given up on London due to the rat infestation in his room. When he meets a cat named Kat, his fortunes are turned around.

Publisher: Lazy Bee Scripts www.lazybeescripts.co.uk

Sleeping Beauty [10 Minute Version]

Sleeping Beauty [10 Minute Version]

In this bite-sized panto, the King and Queen invite several fairies to Princess Courtney's christening, but one bad fairy places a curse on the young royal.

Publisher: Lazy Bee Scripts www.lazybeescripts.co.uk

Cinderella [10 Minute Version]

Cinderella [10 Minute Version]

Against the wishes of her evil stepsisters, Cinderella dreams of going to the ball and meeting a Prince. She may get her wish, with help from her robot Zippers and a Fairy Godmother with an Amazon Prime subscription.

Publisher: Lazy Bee Scripts www.lazybeescripts.co.uk

Aladdin [10 Minute Version]

Aladdin [10 Minute Version]

A short, pacy version of the classic Aladdin story with lots of new material and jokes.

Publisher: Lazy Bee Scripts www.lazybeescripts.co.uk



The second in a series of short duologues I’m currently writing is now available.

Two strangers meet late at night on the London Tube – or do they?



A very short play - a scene with a twist - that rapidly establishes character and plot.
It would be the birthday of Laura and Nathan's daughter, who's been missing for twelve years. They receive an unusual phone call.
(possibly) the world’s shortest play (2 mins) with full character & plot development (originally intended for #audition #showreel use)
Cast: 1F, 1M. Estimated run time: 2 minutes.

Publisher: Lazy Bee Scripts www.lazybeescripts.co.uk/Scripts/script.aspx?iSS=3322

The Shy Prince and the Dragon

The Shy Prince and the Dragon

(a 10 minute fairytale play for young children)
Short play for young children.
Cast: 1F, 1M, 7 Either. Estimated run time: 9 minutes.

Publisher: Lazy Bee Scripts www.lazybeescripts.co.uk/Scripts/script.aspx?iSS=3317

Jack and the Beanstalk [10 Minute Version]

Jack and the Beanstalk [10 Minute Version]

A fast-moving take on the classic panto story, with all the usual suspects, songs, and lots of jokes.

Cast: Minimum of 1F, 1M, 2 Either. Estimated run time: 13 minutes.

Publisher: Lazy Bee Scripts www.lazybeescripts.co.uk/Scripts/script.aspx?iSS=3209

A Different League

A Different League

My one act comedy/drama 4 young people A Different League (a sequel to the award-winning Three Nil Down At Half Time) is published today (11/01/2019)!

How will the girls' team cope with the everyday sexism & gender stereotyping they encounter playing in the boys' league?

Read it here: www.lazybeescripts.co.uk

I Googled You

I Googled You

My 10 min comedy about cats & dating (premiered at the 2017 @SalisburyFringe)
Read it here: www.lazybeescripts.co.uk

Gender Fluid

Gender Fluid

A suffragette themed play set in World War 1. It examines political and social attitudes prevalent at the time, depicts life in London and on the Western Front (including a cameo of J B Priestley as a young man) and features an ingenious plot involving John Constable’s painting of The Cornfield!

Robin Hood

Robin Hood

Delighted that my full-length comedy/drama Robin Hood now available


John Collins

Contact: johncollings50@hotmail.com

I am the winner of the Steyning Playwrighting Festival judged by Sir Arnold Wesker and have just had a series of my plays published on Amazon more coming. Go to Amazon and put in plays by John Collings and have a look. (Stage for free if your drama group is in Sussex). P.s. Love, A War-Time Romance come with songs and free backing tracks & guide vocals.

John Collins

Contact: johncollings50@hotmail.com

Free Play For Children
‘Mr & Mrs Poorfamily’

John Collins is seeking groups to perform his play.
You can stage the play for free.
For your free script johncollings50@hotmail.com

About the Author: Playwright. winner of the Steyning Festival 2009, with my play 'BARABBUS'. The judge was SIR ARNOLD WESKER.


John Collins and Darren Hughes
Contact: johncollings50@hotmail.com

Real Love


Would any musical drama group like to stage this musical below for FREE!
To listen to the whole musical just press the link below. And if you would like to stage ‘Real Love’ just email johncollings50@hotmail.com for your FREE! Script.
Cast: fm 3 - m4
Real Love’ is a light romantic musical comedy. It tells of a young girls dream to find real love, and the obstacles she has to overcome to reach her goal. Comes with FREE! backing tracks & guide vocals on cd (all I need is a postal address to send the CD to).
Author – John Collings – (winner of the “Steyning Play Festival” 2009, judged by Sir Arnold Wesker). Composer – Darren Hughes – (Runner up in a worldwide “Song of the Year Competition”). Real Love’ was first produced at the Under Ground Theatre. Director – Bronwen Carr “Cat on a Hot Tin Roof” Lyric Theatre. Musical Director/actor – Matthew Bates (“Bridget’s Jones Diary). Plus a professional cast including Brian Blessed’s daughter Rosalind Blessed.
‘Real Love’ was also produced by the Sky Blue Theatre Company, Cambridge.


John Collins
Contact: johncollings50@hotmail.com



A great light comedy play with songs for a large drama group! Easy to stage & lots of fun!
PENNY BLACK follows a woman’s life with her dominating husband and show’s how, despite her circumstances, she manages to re-discover her own hidden talent for singing and goes onto find true love. Although a serious subject I have managed to inject humor into the play. Authors note: I used to be a counsellor and I became aware in my work, that although there are lots of happy marriages, there are some marriages that are not working and in some cases the wife is being oppressed by the husband. So I wrote ’Penny Black’ to try to give a voice to these women who are suffering in our community. I am a big campaigner for women rights, and feel deep concern about all oppressed people all over the world. Cast: F6-M5 (young/adult to mature) plus room for a bigger singing cast in the second half of the show there is a singing competition. For your free script (also comes with free guide vocals & backing tracks) email: johncollings50@hotmail.com
Click on the link below and listen first


Janet Smith

Plays by Janet Smith

Writing drama, murder mysteries, plays for young people, short plays, one-act, monologues and sketches. With appreciation to Pixabay for use of many of their super images below.
Location: UK



A two-act stage play for children, or a mixed cast to perform.
George Good is just too good for his bad family and something must be done about him! Various disreputable family members, such as Harry the Horse Thief, Colin the Cadger, and Priscilla the Pickpocket, are enlisted as role models, but things don’t quite turn out as expected.
Cast 8M 8F 4E; doubling possible. Lasts approximately 109 minutes dependent upon production. Lots of fun to perform.
Published by: Scripts for Stage. See scriptsforstage.co.uk/wp/product/george/

Robin Hoodie and His Merry People

Robin Hoodie and His Merry People

A Murder Mystery in the form of a short Panto
Robin Hoodie and his Merry People have a problem! So successful have they been in robbing the rich to give to the poor, there are no poor anymore! Bored almost to death, Alan a-dale, the resident minstrel organizes snail races; Friar Tuckin dreams of his next meal; Robin is ensuring his horse is kept off the menu; and Mad Marion is bossing them all about. Throw in an invisible forest sprite, the devious Sheriff of Nottingham, the treacherous Prioress of Kirklees, Pitkin an innumerate peasant, and you have a recipe for mayhem – and murder!
Cast M1 F3 E6. Doubling possible. Lasts approximately 59 minutes.
Published by: Scripts for Stage. Fully readable online (apart from solution!) See scriptsforstage.co.uk/wp/product/hoodie/



A short play for children to perform.
Cast: F4 M4 E20, with scope for extra seagulls!
Duration: 27 minutes approx, depending on production.
Synopsis: A fun one act play for children with a serious message about global warming, with plenty of songs, dance and movement, about how the smallest changes made by the smallest people, or the smallest snowflake, can help. Very suitable for large youth companies and schools.
Published by: Scripts for Stage. See scriptsforstage.co.uk/wp/auth/janet-smith
Fully readable online. Very reasonable to download and can be photocopied or passed to cast digitally. Extremely reasonable priced performing license.



A murder mystery panto in the form of a short play, which can be performed all the year round! To be solved later by the audience.
Cast: F4 M3 E5.
Duration: 56 minutes, excluding interrogation by audience.
Synopsis: Two conmen have bought a small run-down estate, hoodwinking tourists that it’s the historic site of a parallel ‘Sleeping Beauty’ fairy story. The witch they say, had a bad habit of cursing princesses. But things start to go wrong when their tale takes on a life of its own; a real prince arrives to awaken the princess with a kiss, fairy tale characters appear, and gold fever affects everyone! Someone of course will die. Can the audience work out whodunnit! Oh yes, they can; oh no they can’t! Lots of fun to perform! Songs and dance.
Published by: Scripts for Stage. See scriptsforstage.co.uk/wp/auth/janet-smith
Fully readable online. Very reasonable to download and can be photocopied or passed to cast digitally. Extremely reasonable priced performing license.



Synopsis: A murder mystery in the form of a short play for the audience to solve later. A serial businessman and his wife, Harry and Heidi Wink, fake his death by drowning for the life insurance money, and to escape creditors. Now he’s in hiding, waiting to flee the country, and to begin a new life, but things aren’t going to plan, and everybody has a motive for murder!
7 actors (F4 M1 E1).
Lasts approx. 53 minutes.
Published by Scripts for Stage. See scriptsforstage.co.uk/wp/auth/janet-smith.
Fully readable online. Very reasonable to download and can be photocopied or passed to cast digitally. Extremely reasonable priced performing license.



Synopsis: A fun easy to stage surreal sketch lasting 16 minutes, based on the popular television series ‘The Antiques Road Show’. Performed as if being recorded for television. Unusual items brought along for valuation include a Granny.
Actors (6F 2M, with extras for ‘watching crowd’).
Published by Scripts for Stage. See scriptsforstage.co.uk/wp/auth/janet-smith.
Fully readable online. Very reasonable to download and can be photocopied or passed to cast digitally. Extremely reasonable priced performing license.



Synopsis: A fun eco-friendly & versatile sketch for children to perform lasting 8 minutes. The residents are in uproar! After the bin lorry has been round emptying their bins, someone has come along and pinched them! And right under their noses! A desperate gang are suspected! Detective Inspector Nutter arrives on the case. With the help of the residents, a few colourful clues, and a song to help him on his mission, he tracks down the culprits! What will he find?
10 actors (E).
Published by Scripts for Stage. See scriptsforstage.co.uk/wp/auth/janet-smith.
Fully readable online. Very reasonable to download and can be photocopied or passed to cast digitally. Extremely reasonable priced performing license.



Synopsis: A fun eco-friendly and versatile sketch within a sketch, for children lasting 10 minutes which can be performed live, or via a virtual medium. The dustbin men/ladies leave the rubbish bins in a bit of a muddle. Can the residents sort out whose bin is whose? And can they learn to work together? Includes song.
7 actors (E).
Published by Scripts for Stage. See scriptsforstage.co.uk/wp/auth/janet-smith.
Fully readable online. Very reasonable to download and can be photocopied or passed to cast digitally. Extremely reasonable priced performing license.



Synopsis: A sketch adapted from the short ghost story by A.M Burrage (1889-1956).
Lasts 15 minutes.
A party game set in the 1940’s turns into something ghostly! Suitable to fit into many themed evenings. Fun!
11 actors (6F 5M).
Published by Scripts for Stage. See scriptsforstage.co.uk/wp/auth/janet-smith.
Fully readable online. Very reasonable to download and can be photocopied or passed to cast digitally. Extremely reasonable priced performing license.



Synopsis: Father Christmas is in a spot of bother. It’s Christmas Eve and he’s run out of socks! Can his friends (and the audience) help him find a pair to deliver the toys in? A fun interactive short play for children to perform lasting 15 minutes.
10 actors (E).
Published by Scripts for Stage. See scriptsforstage.co.uk/wp/auth/janet-smith.
Fully readable online. Very reasonable to download and can be photocopied or passed to cast digitally. Extremely reasonable priced performing license.



Synopsis: ‘Will Santa get put on his own naughty list, or will he tell the truth about getting stuck up a chimney?’
Cast: 7 or more, of either sex.
A festive fun sketch with songs.
Very suitable for children to perform.
Published by www.scriptsforstage.co.uk Please see website to read full script online. Very reasonable to download, and can be photocopied or passed to cast digitally. Very reasonably priced performing licence.



Synopsis: A short fun traditional mummers play suitable for many festive occasions, adapted and amalgamated from two traditional folk plays, featuring Robin Hood and some extremely odd characters. With few props, it can be performed almost anywhere.
Cast: 6 either, or 5 either with doubling.
Published by www.scriptsforstage.co.uk Please see website to read full script online. Very reasonable to download, and can be photocopied or passed to cast digitally. Very reasonably priced performing licence.



Synopsis: Two collections of very short stories for use as monologues, or with other voices. Also suitable as podcasts or radio pieces. Themes include intrigue, mystery, deception, and ghosts! Each story can be purchased individually, or as a set of three or four.
Published by www.scriptsforstage.co.uk Please see website to read full script online. Very reasonable to download, and can be photocopied or passed to cast digitally. Very reasonably priced performing licence.


THE MAN IN THE MOON - a one act drama

Set in 1991 as the Soviet Union is crumbling, a radio ham in his shed at the bottom of his garden in rural Eire, picks up a signal from a Soviet cosmonaut stranded in space. Despite the chasm between their worlds, they form a friendship, and a plan is set in motion to bring the cosmonaut back to earth. Adapted for stage from a successful radio play. Based on a true story.
M6 F3. Lasts approx 66 minutes.
Published by www.scriptsforstage.co.uk Please see website to read full script online. Very reasonable to download, and can be photocopied or passed to cast digitally. Very reasonably priced performing licence.



A full length, easy to stage, three act drama, concerning an 19th century pioneer of refrigeration, love, endeavour, trouble, industry, pattens, pigs, Queen Victoria and an apple.

Cast: F4 M14 (Some parts just a few lines; easily doubled). Duration 129 minutes.
Published by Scripts for Stage. Please see easy to use website to read full script. Very reasonable to download, and can be photocopies for cast. Very reasonably priced performing fee.



A fun, three act, large cast, panto style play.

Princess Goldilocks is off on a camping holiday for her 17th birthday. Her secret mission is to find her two sisters who mysteriously disappeared in The Terrible Forest of Doom. Danger lurks everywhere, as her wicked aunt plots her personal path to the throne, and world domination. Lots of fun, lots of characters, songs and dance.
The director and cast can have a wicked time plotting this panto!
Published by ScriptsforStage. Please see easy to use website to read full script online. Very reasonable to download, and can be photocopied for cast. Very reasonably priced performing licence.

Manifesto for Murder

Manifesto for Murder

There's murder before the upcoming election but can the audience work out whdunit?
Cast: F4 M1 Either 1.
Duration: Approx 50 minutes. (not including interrogation of suspects).
Published by ScriptsforStage. Please see easy to use website to read full script online. Very reasonable to download, and can be photocopied for cast. Very reasonably priced performing licence.



A murder mystery in the form of a short play, with interrogation of suspects by audience afterwards. One simple set. Some sound effects. Fun to perform, and a good fund raiser.
Cast: 5F 1M & 1Either.
Duration: Approx 50 minutes. (not including interrogation of suspects).
Synopsis: ‘A group of top bloggers receive invitations for a luxury weekend from a new publishing house to meet their new writer. But who is the mystery writer? Where is the mystery publisher? And why are the guests cut off with no mobile or internet reception at a decaying old house beside crumbling cliffs. One character is guaranteed for deletion!’
Published by ScriptsforStage. Please see easy to use website to read full script online. Very reasonable to download, and can be photocopied for cast. Very reasonably priced performing licence.



A murder mystery in the form of a short play, with interrogation of suspects by audience afterwards. One simple set. Fun to perform, and a good fund raiser.
Cast: 4F 4M & 1Either.
Duration: Approx 40 mins (not including interrogation of suspects).
Synopsis: ‘At the famous fashion house of Maison d’Agneau, preparations are taking place for their seasonal fashion show. Behind the scenes tensions are simmering and payment sought for old scores.’
Published by ScriptsforStage. Please see easy to use website to read full script online. Very reasonable to download, and can be photocopied for cast. Very reasonably priced performing licence.



A murder mystery in the form of a short play, with interrogation of suspects by audience afterwards. One simple set. Fun to perform, and a good fund raiser.
Cast: 5F 3M & 1Either.
Duration: Approx 40 mins (not including interrogation of suspects.)
Synopsis: ‘Set during WW2, the family of Lord George Withers are summoned urgently to Withering Hall. Imagining the elderly lord to be dying, they rush home, to find him in the best of health and planning to marry a land army girl. This news is not met with universal delight, and the family all have reasons for ensuring the wedding does not go ahead. That evening his Lordship gives a banquet in honour of his bride to be, but for one it will be their last supper.’
Published by ScriptsforStage. Please see easy to use website to read full script online. Very reasonable to download, and can be photocopied for cast. Very reasonably priced performing licence.



A murder mystery in the form of a short play, with interrogation of suspects by audience afterwards. One simple set. Fun to perform, and a good fund raiser.
Cast: 5F 3M & 1Either.
Duration: Approx 50 mins (not including interrogation of suspects.)
Synopsis: A new library manager is sweeping clean with her new broom, but trouble is accumulating under the carpet. Tensions between her and regular staff run high, and it’s clear the security guard is earning a little extra on the side. A visiting artist, a poet, and other library visitors add to the potent mix that will lead to murder most foul!’
Published by ScriptsforStage. Please see easy to use website to read full script online. Very reasonable to download, and can be photocopied for cast. Very reasonably priced performing licence.



A black COMEDY in two acts.
Cast: 5F 6M & 2Either unless doubled.
Duration: Approx 1 hour 20 mins, depending on production.
Synopsis: ‘In this black comedy, a notorious bridge over a river near a wood, attracts a group of oddly matched people, one fine spring morning. Each arrives with a diverse motive in mind; love, murder, suicide – and bird watching.’
Published by ScriptsforStage. Please see easy to use website to read full script online. Very reasonable to download, and can be photocopied for cast. Very reasonably priced performing licence.




Adapted for stage from the famous short horror story by W.W. Jacobs, by Janet Smith.
Cast: 1F 2M 2Either.
Duration: Approx 35 mins (depending upon production.)
Synopsis: ‘An enchanted monkey’s paw is acquired from an old friend, who warns of its power to bring despair by granting 3 wishes. Tragedy strikes, with an unexpected twist!’
Published by ScriptsforStage. Please see easy to use website to read full script online. Very reasonable to download, and can be photocopied for cast. Very reasonably priced performing licence.



A Play for all the Family. Fun to produce, with opportunities for song and dance, and directorial innovation.
Cast: 11 Actors with 5F 6M. Including smaller roles 21 characters (1F 2M 7Either.)
Duration: : Approx 86 minutes (depending upon production.)
Synopsis: ‘Based on true facts, in 1752, to make the calendar right with the rest of the world, 11 days were lost overnight. The arrival of a storyteller in the village sets off a hornet’s nest of superstition about what will happen overnight, and the void they have to leap as they sleep in their beds.’
Published by ScriptsforStage. Please see easy to use website to read full script online. Very reasonable to download, and can be photocopied for cast. Very reasonably priced performing licence.


Colin A. Mayo


Contact: colin_mayo@sky.com

Location: UK Herts

Shocked to Fame

Shocked to Fame

Due to COVID-19 many amateur dramatics societies have struggled. Therefore, I would like to offer a contemporary 2-hour black comedy, entitled Shocked to Fame, to amateur theatres free of charge.
If accepted this play would come with no licences to pay; in fact I would offer a sum towards the costs of staging the play but this must be in front of a live, paying audience and for a minimum of three nights. I would also offer the group a percentage share in the play so the society had an income from subsequent performances. If interested then please contact me and I will send further details. My web address is www.colinmayo.com

One critical review read:

Thank you for the opportunity to read your play, which is a well-constructed and hilarious black comedy. You have successfully created a narrative that is engaging and entertaining throughout. Characters are well-developed and believable. They have well-conceived objectives that conflict cohesively and produce good drama, whilst your dialogue has an easy, natural rhythm to it
This would be a premier performance and I would dearly love to work with a director/Am Dram Group to stage this play!

Elevator Pitch

A free script available to any Am Dram group that wishes to stage it when this Covid-19 outbreak is over. It is an adult black comedy with 5M and 2F adult players. It has not been staged before and there are no licenses or copyright issues. It is modern, black comedy in the style of Joe Orton. I enclose a synopsis plus an autobiographical piece listing my former writing achievements.

Who is the mysterious Creeper who is terrorising the good womenfolk of Knobswroth? Will Bedfordshire police ever get their man? Is Lisa-Louise Littleworth having multiple affairs behind husband, Rick’s back? And why does Rick spend so much time in their garage and come home late from evenings out?
Could P.C Max Head, with his First-Class Honours degree in English with a minor in Georgian ceramics, fulfil his dream of becoming the Wolf of Threadneedle Street or even Prime Minister!
All these questions and more – may or may not be answered – in Shocked to Fame – the only thing that’s certain is that, when Private Investigator, Amy Dick, starts looking into Lisa-Louise Littleworth’s alleged affairs, she opens up a right Royal can of germs!

Thank you for the opportunity to read your play, which is a well-constructed and hilarious black comedy. You have successfully created a narrative that is engaging and entertaining throughout. Characters are well-developed and believable. They have well-conceived objectives that conflict cohesively and produce good drama, whilst your dialogue has an easy, natural rhythm to it


Colin Barrow
Contact colinbarrowscripts@wixsitemail.com


Colin Barrow

Colin Barrow Scripts For the professional and amateur stage.
Popular writer of Pantomime and Play Scripts to suit all audiences and venues

PLAYS - All full length (approximately two hours excluding the interval)


SYNOPSIS: Ten years after Captain Coots has died, a successful businessman. His widow, Anna, decides to use the money that he left to build a place of refuge for the homeless. Money which she believes is ‘tainted’ and best spent on a good cause. The Coots marriage was bitter sweet and they had a son, Peter, a budding artist. However, Peter, like his father, has a hereditary illness that affects the brain. Unfortunately for Peter, the condition is far worse than his father had and faces a future life of just being alive, not knowing who he is and unable to care for himself. The time of the play is set on the completion of the refuge and tomorrow sees a celebration with dignitary’s, officials, local people and workmen that did the building for it’s opening. But on the eve of these celebrations the refuge burns down, and what is more, Peter is becoming too close to Suzie, a union that would have consequences if it is not stopped. The final twist that closes the play is with Peter, who takes matters into his own hands.
ERA - The present
APPROXIMATE RUNNING TIME - One hour forty five minutes approximately (not including the interval time)
CHARACTERS - 3 male, 3 female


SYNOPSIS: The opening of this comedy play (April) begins with Emma and her parents, Joyce and Peter arriving back from the wake after John’s funeral, Emma’s late husband. They are joined by her brother Gary and two best friends Carol and Sue. Joyce is very disapproving of the funeral and its service and makes no bones about speaking her thoughts about it. Emma soon realises that she’d have sooner returned back to the house alone. It’s not long before Patrick, (Vicar) appears. Joyce and the Vicar go into battle over the funeral service. The story soon develops over the duration of months with intrigue, by suggestion, of John’s suspected infidelity and a new and budding romance between Emma and Patrick. Emma discovers that she has two sets of jewellery missing, both comprising of a necklace and earrings. Having searched the house from top to bottom, it’s a mystery as to what has happened to them. In the meantime, Gary who already has eleven children by three women has moved onto pastures new, but who is this mystery lady? The final scene, the following February, is supposed to celebrate Emma’s birthday, but before the party starts, the twists and revelations bring it to an abrupt argumentative end!
APPROXIMATE RUNNING TIME - One hour fifty minutes - two hours (not including the interval)
ERA - The present day
CHARACTERS - 3 male, 4 female


SYNOPSIS: A play, that gives light humour and drama by telling the story of Brenda Drummond during her final nine months of life. Humour is delivered in many forms as well as drama with deep emotion. This is a play in which some of the performers can really get underneath the skin of the characters. Brenda, would be the biggest acting challenge, but rewarding. She begins the play in reasonable health, which deteriorates during its length to her death. She’s supported by friends, who see her through her final stages of life. By the end of act one Brenda has collapsed with a slight stroke. Seeing her in act two living her last days in a nursing home. A very simple play to stage, with the added attraction of Act one, a sitting room set, and Act two, a nursing home bedroom set. (Both using the same stage set up but with different dressing and furnishing) This gives the audience a surprise and different dimension. The title Deep Secret, suggests many thoughts. And so, there are red herrings filtered into the script, confusing the viewer as to what actually is, the Deep Secret or secrets?
ERA - 2002 and 2003
APPROXIMATE RUNNING TIME - One hour fifty minutes (not including the interval)
CHARACTERS - 2 male, 5 female, 1 male/female


A full length play in two acts. The action of the play takes place in the communal area of a prison. The female inmates are all of senior age and have all committed crimes to be imprisoned and cared for at the expense of the tax payer, rather than paying high residential home fees. Now imprisoned, they’re still law breaking by scams, forgeries and producing illegal substances in the prison grounds. The prison staff, a younger section of cast, are kept on their toes with the luxury style of living the inmates all wish to receive. Although this play is a farcical comedy, the moves and action is suitable for a more senior cast. This comedy play is very tongue-in-cheek and is a farcical send up of the prison system. All of which gives great characters and rib tickling amusement to the audience. The final minutes of the play deliver unseen surprises for the final curtain.

F7 M3 Either 1
Emma………………………………………………. Prisoner, an artist
Jane………………Prisoner, money launderer and computer addict
Mary…………………………… Prisoner, crippled and never speaks
Lewis………………………………………….Male prisoner, a burglar
Officer Parker…………………………………………….Prison Officer
Sandra………………………… Prisoner, scientist and illegal distiller
Sonia…………………………………………… Prisoner, horticulturist
Jenny………………………………… Prisoner, ran an illegal brothel
Angela…………………… Prisoner, wheel chair bound, seamstress
Governor…………………………………………….. Prison Governor
Nurse Dawson………………………………………….. Prison Nurse


The play is set on stage at a theatre which is owned by a guild of theatrical groups in a town. Owning the building means the various groups use it for meetings, construction, sewing, rehearsals, etc. Here, the drama group has met to begin the first rehearsal on a bare stage with no set built or proper furnishings. After the arrival of all, the director attempts to start the first rehearsal of a play. This rehearsal comes to an abrupt end when Mary dies sat in her chair on stage. As the actual play progresses over some days, the mystery of Mary’s death it becomes apparent that she was poisoned. One by one other members of the cast are murdered whilst the police investigation goes on. This becomes a real brain teaser for Detective Shaw, as some murders happen when he is in the building! The story twists and turns giving mystery along the way until there are only two characters left, Detective Shaw and Rory Jones. Surely one of these two is the murderer, but the play ends with everyone including the Detective dead! Or are they?
ERA - No stipulated era of the play
APPROXIMATE RUNNING TIME - One hour fifty minutes (not including the interval)
CHARACTERS - 2 male, 5 female, 2 male/female


A murder-mystery play which has good humour interwoven with red herrings to lead on and intrigue the audience before finally concluding with some unexpected twists. Act one gives the audience the reasonable expectations of a play of this type. Act two delivers several unexpected sudden frights making the audience react with the cast. The play is set in the home of Katie Danvers at Sweetbriar House. Katie has a scheme to get her hands on as much money as possible from her remaining three relatives. Once having some light refreshments Mary, a friend of Katie, suddenly dies. This is followed by the unexpected death of Katie. After which, unexplained spooky, ghostly and frightening happenings begin. As the remaining family are killed off one by one, who will be left to inherit?


Mary Slocombe…………….……………A friend and domestic helper of Katie
Katie Danvers
Adele Pincombe…………………A cousin to Katie, and Peter, sister to Simon
Peter Danvers……….……….……………A cousin to Katie, Adele, and Simon
Simon Pincombe…..…………. A cousin to Katie, and Peter, brother to Adele
Tarquin…..…………………….………………………………….Partner to Simon
Doctor Randle
David Potter………….…………………………………………..A funeral director.


Set in the present time, two working ladies, Christine and Rose, arrive on Paradise Island for a two-week holiday and stay at the Blue Lagoon situated at Paradise Bay. They find themselves integrated with other guests that are staying for much longer duration's and are regular returnees. This is the first time since Christine whose married to Peter that has left him on his own. As Christine and Rose arrive to the hotel, Peter is on the phone with a crisis he has at home. These crises continue giving some of the humour throughout. Sandra, a private detective and undercover, is not a regular visitor but has been there for almost a month as she is investigating a case of fraud. As she nears the truth she is murdered. This is followed by Colonel Meecham’s murder. As the local Police draw a blank as to motive and who, Alfredo, the waiter/barman suddenly remembers Sandra using a USB memory data stick on the hotels guest computer. It is found and the murderer is discovered, but who is it? The final short scene sees Peter suddenly appearing to surprise Christine in quite a sensational way that has been part of the fun and topic of the phone call story line!
ERA The present time
RUNNING TIME One hour fifty minutes (approx) not including an interval
CHARACTERS 5 female, 4 male


A comedy drama set in the flat/apartment of Tony and Julia. Their daughter, Diane, becomes involved with Martin, who wants her for his own pleasures. Once in his clutches, the more she wants to end it all and never meet him again, the more pressure of demands he delivers. This gives Diane no choice but to play along with his desires. The family suddenly becomes aware of the problem after Diane has talked to her brother, Eric. After he alerted all, Hilary (Julia’s mother and Diane’s grandmother), takes charge. Hilary set up a trap which brings unexpected humour to the whimpering Martin who has a taste of his own medicine.
ERA - The Present day
APPROXIMATE RUNNING TIME - About one hour fifty minutes (not including the interval)
CHARACTERS - 4 male, 3 female


Urban dictionary definition of:- Appletastic ‘a cute person who has rosy red apple cheeks, falls often, and is quite silly’
The play is about Rose and Roger Dunstable who have bought and modernized a house in which Roger lived as a child to the age of around seven. They engage Miss Percy and Miss Pilsworth to work on the very neglected large back garden. It soon becomes clear that the sight of an apple tree bearing rosy red apples seems to stir something in Rogers memory, but what? The arrival of their son and daughter-in-law enthused by family research takes the story of discovery forward. During the garden renovations a human skeleton is unearthed in the garden. As the story twists and turns giving the audience laughter and intrigue, it contains red herrings to keep them guessing. At the close of the play, all is sensationally revealed with unexpected twists in which the Dunstable family are left in total surprise.

9 characters consisting of:- 5 female, 3 male and 1 either gender.
Roger Dunstable..........................…................….Husband of Rose
Rose Dunstable..............................….......................Wife of Roger
Miss Georgia Pilsworth................................…....Partner of Emma
Miss Emma Percy.......................................…...Partner of Georgia
Matt Dunstable....................................…...Son of Roger and Rose
Lucy Dunstable...................................…....................Wife of Matt
Professor Mary Southwood …....…... Archaeologist and Historian
Inspector Thompson......................….................... Police Detective
Doctor Palmer........…...Forensic Anthropologist (of either gender)

Publisher :- www.playwrightspublishing.com


The play revolves around a string of jewellery thefts close to the stately home of Lady Boucher, and though she feels that her jewellery is secure in her safe, she’s apprehensive about leaving the property empty. Her butler, Scribbins, helps to plan a 'holiday at home', and after their 'departure', they return secretly to Thrivington Hall for the fictitious week's holiday, whilst the residents of Thrivington village believes her and her butler are living it up on the Italian Riviera, Lizzie Crawford the new maid at the Hall who doesn't quite live up to her CV, has been neatly placed at the Vicarage for a week of spring cleaning there while they're 'away'. They leave the Hall in order to 'return' but the house falls victim to the next jewellery theft. As the plot thickens, including the death of Alice Derbyshire, it becomes a puzzling problem for Inspector Warwick to solve. The play concludes with several unexpected twists to surprise the audience.

Lady Daphe Boucher
Scribbins………………………The butler
Lizzie Crawford……………….The maid
Ruby Pentecost
Miss Alice Derbyshire
Miss Felicity Reynolds
Reverend Phillpots
Inspector Warwick
Constable Atkins

Publisher :- www.stagescripts.com


A comedy play which revolves around the time old classic of a mother-in-law versus daughter-in-law, of tension and disapproval. Stella Watts has agreed with her husband Brian to take their daughter Amy and his mother Florrie on a two-week family holiday. It's the eleventh day and, as yet, they've been unable to get away from each other thanks to appalling bad weather. As the day unfurls, the cutting remarks and situations can't stop romance creeping into the family from all angles; one assurance is that Florrie Watts, who wishes she'd stayed at home, will have the last laugh.
Florrie Watts…………………mother
Stella Watts………………….daughter-in-law
Brian Watts…………………..son
Stanley Watts………………..son
Paula Watts………………….daughter-in-law
Amy Watts……………………daughter of Brian and Stella
Sam Richardson…………….camp site owner
Tony Richardson…………….son of Sam

Publisher :- www.stagescripts.com


When self-made multimillionaire, David Oxendale rents a chalet for an August holiday he meets by sheer accident Lucy, who becomes his wife before the holiday ends. Once returned home, David who is senior in age introduces his wife to his sisters. Lucy who is less than half of David’s age is welcomed by Mary Oxendale, a sister of David, with acceptance and jubilation of the union. However, Judith Simmons and Emily Blunt, David’s other two sisters, who are greedy and selfish, disapprove greatly and are concerned about any monetary inheritance from their very rich brother. After a year of marriage, David dies, leaving his widow and sister Mary grieving his loss, whilst Judith and Emily keenly want to know what they are left in his will. However, not all is straight forward, as family, domestic help and a artist are mentioned with various inheritances. The vast fortune of this Millionaire goes to the one who finds it in accordance of his will, a treasure hunt. This very funny, intriguing and entertaining play has a strong story line, and keeps the audience laughing whilst the mayhem unfolds. The close of the play reveals twists and the winner who takes all!

David Oxendale Husband of Lucy
Emily Blunt David’s sister
Mary Oxendale David’s sister
Judith Simmons David’s sister
Lucy Oxendale David’s wife
Lee Jarvis Artist
Suzi Jones Domestic help
Mr/Mrs Partridge Solicitor

Currently awaiting publication, but available for performance. Contact the author for details


A full length mystery comedy in two acts. The action of the play takes place in the sitting room of a deserted house that has been unoccupied for some time and it is up for sale. On a cold snowy February day, John Beswick, is a taxi driver for four passengers who have just disembarked from the cruise liner, The Pierre Belmonde. On the journey to the first passengers' destination, they have been forced to take a diversion due to a sudden heavy snow fall. The road becomes impassable and they are forced to take shelter in an unoccupied semi derelict house. This is added to in act one when two other stranded ladies knock on the door asking for shelter. It becomes apparent that some have had what seems to be a shady criminal past. Tensions and accusations begin to emerge but the real crux of the story doesn’t emerge until the closing of act one via the radio news. The suspicions are heightened when they hear from the news broadcast that Lady Morricone, one of the last to disembark the ship has discovered that the famous Morricone diamonds have been stolen. With twists and turns, red herrings galore and all present having suspicion directed at them, this comedy delivers the audience good entertainment throughout. The close of the play reveals many surprises and a plot that has come to fruition set by the police. But who are these people and is the jewel thief or thieves among them?
ERA - Set in the present day
APPROXIMATE RUNNING TIME - One hour and fifty minutes (not including the interval)
CHARACTERS - 2 male, 5 female


This comedic murder mystery play is set in the sitting room of Worth Farm and Vineyard farmhouse. Heather Watson hatches a plan that in her final handful of years of life, she will have a little fun promising various people sole beneficiary of the farm and vineyard for a reduction in wages. Each person involved is sworn to secrecy and not to mention this arrangement to anyone else. Embroiled into this scheme are Mr. and Mrs. Daniels who own the neighbouring farm and are now renting land from Heather Watson with beneficial conditions to inherit Worth Farm on the death of Heather, and also sworn to secrecy of the arrangement. One evening when all five are invited to a gathering, Heather Watson is murdered by one of them in her bedroom to inherit the farm and vineyard. It soon becomes apparent that they have all been given the same false promise of inheritance, because in reality, they each only receive a letter with thanks and two cases of wine. Detective Harman has the job to try and unravel the clues which leads to the murderer. Whilst the story unfolds, revelations of a secret romance are discovered along with the true identity of the beneficiary of Worth Farm and Vineyard, but who is the murderer? All of which deliverers the audience with unexpected twists, turns and laughter!
APPROXIMATE RUNNING TIME - One hour fifty minutes (not including the interval)
TIME - The present day or an era of your choice
CHARACTERS - 2 male, 4 female, 1 male/female


The action of the play takes place in the vestry of a small community Church. After a Sunday morning service, Andrew Hewitt (Vicar) is found by loyal Church-goer and Church warden Sarah indulging in a large glass of wine in the vestry. He claims that he has seen a ghost in the Memorial Chapel. The ghost is of Tracey Hunt, a past love of Andrew who has no knowledge of the fact that she was killed in action whilst serving in the army. Throughout the week Tracey appears as a ghost, unseen by the cast, asking questions whilst characters find themselves giving impromptu answers for no reason. And that not only gives humour, but it also pushes the story along. Andrew Hewitt is recently ordained and has a more modern approach to running the Church. He clashes with the more traditional Sarah who has her feet in the past. Sarah also has reservations that Andrew entertains a young lady, Abi, in the Vicarage for unbridled passion. After a sunny Monday, the night becomes stormy so when Andrew enters the Church late and in darkness, he is seen by Karen, a divorced and homeless with virtually no money. According to his faith, he gives shelter and help to Karen, which leads her to camp out in the vestry. The week has its ups and downs when finally, on Saturday, Andrew and Abi finish whatever relationship they had. This allows Karen to move into the Vicarage for Saturday night and then she leaves on the Sunday with her suitcase packed. John, the Church Verger, is a very calm, collected man who see things as they are and never becomes involved, but is supportive to the Vicar in all aspects. Andrew finds after the morning service he has no love in his life other than his Angel, Tracey. Or is there an unexpected twist?
APPROXIMATE RUNNING TIME - One hour forty minutes (not including the interval)
ERA - The present day
CHARACTERS - 2 male, 4 female



About forty five to fifty minutes duration
This one act has an easy set and can be played by many age groups. Either young, actual, or top seniors ageing down and having extra fun. (Go to sample script for more details with the publisher.)
Set in the dining area of a farmhouse, we find a husband and three siblings taking for granted comforts of the wife and mother in the home. For the first time in married life, husband Martin, after a days work on the farm, finds his wife Emma leaving for an evening out with some of her friends without him. After Emma’s departure, the three siblings arrive from their occupations, hungry and eager to depart for their usual Friday night revelry in the local town. This creates an evening of mayhem, as Martin decides to join his neighbour and friend, whose wife has also gone out with Emma, and leave the three siblings to fend for themselves to discover there’s no food prepared or clothes washed, ironed or mended.

Mum…………. mother of Martin
Martin……….. son/father
Emma……….. wife /mother
Janet………… neighbour
Cathy……….. daughter of Martin and Emma
Matt…………. son of Martin and Emma
Mark………… son of Martin and Emma
Trevor………. boy friend of Cathy

Publisher :- www.playwrightspublishing.com


The action of this humorous tongue-in-cheek play takes place at a psychic reading attraction at a fairground. Gypsy Rosa Pentalegro is once more in occupancy with a travelling fair which is making its annual visit to a town. She has the usual gift of the gab and in return she takes money from customers as if feeding a slot machine. Rosa enters and exits frequently to stash her takings whilst the rest of the play action takes place. Best friends Sandra and Becky have, for the fun of it, had a reading which leads to John arriving in Rosa’s absence and recognizing Becky as a cast member in a play. With John and Sandra’s departure, Jackie, Becky’s theatrical agent, enters and introduces her to Roger, a film director. Roger turns out to be a philanderer, Rosa warns Becky not to trust him and she acts upon it. By the time Sandra returns, John has Rosa in a hold up in a desperate attempt to steal her takings. Sandra saves the day by phoning the police but it’s the return of Becky that knocks John out with a frying pan. The play concludes by confirming the random numbers Rosa gave as those which will win the lottery. Sandra, using those numbers, has the winning lottery ticket and there is only one winner. Sandra promises all three of them will enjoy the millions.
TIME - The present day
APPROXIMATE RUNNING TIME - Fifty to sixty minutes (depending on the directors instructions of varying pace and acting improvisation)
CHARACTERS - 2 male, 4 female, 1 male/female


Set in the office of Stuart Reynolds, it soon becomes apparent that Stuart and his private secretary Amy, are in a relationship. A relationship in which has recently been sealed by their engagement to be married. However, due to a situation fabricated by Stuart, the relationship and engagement has for now, to be kept a secret. Megan, Stuarts receptionist, has also just recently become engaged to be married, to Stuart. This brings rise to another fabrication of reasons to keep the romance a secret. This forms a love triangle, where tensions, love, drama and near misses create the unravelling story. Stuart, through lies and deceit keep the two ladies in the dark of the situation until Megan finds Amy sat on his lap. A slanging match begins between the two women as Stacey enters, another female that Stuart has a love interest with! Needless to say, Stuart wants the ground to open up and swallow him as three women are firmly advancing on him with venom!
ERA - The present day
APPROXIMATE RUNNING TIME - Thirty five - forty minutes
CHARACTERS - 1 male, 3 female


Set in the dining area of a farm house, it gives the situation of a husband and three siblings taking for granted comforts of the wife and mother in the home. For the first time in married life, husband Martin, after a days work on the farm, finds his wife Emma leaving for an evening out with some of her friends without him. After Emma’s departure, the three siblings also arrive from their occupations hungry and eager to depart for their usual Friday nights revelry in a local town. This creates a evening of mayhem, as Martin decides to join his neighbour and friend who’s wife has also gone out with Emma. Leaving the three siblings to fend for themselves only to discover there’s no food prepared or clothes washed, ironed or mended. Taking hold of the situation, the three siblings decide it can’t be all that difficult, or is it? Emma returns home after a non eventful evening with her friends. Martin eventually arrives home, very drunk and worse for wear. As for the siblings, not all goes to plan and for Trevor it brings an unexpected surprise when Emma decides to make a trifle!
ERA - The present day
CHARACTERS - 4 male, 4 female


This is a short one act play for two women (or men dressed and acting as women for more humour). Jess is homeless and lives in the park. Today, like all other days, she roams around and selects a bench to occupy until the urge comes to move to another. Having chosen the bench as set, Alice, a lady who’s jogging and trying to lose weight enters and is needing a rest. Sitting on the bench with Jess a conversation develops of a quite humorous nature. However, Alice who says her marriage is pretty much on the rocks, suddenly realises how lucky she really is after being with Jess for a few minutes.
APPROXIMATE RUNNING TIME - Twenty minutes (time can vary slightly depending on the duration of business)
CHARACTERS - 2 female (could be males acting as females)


John has arranged to meet Janet at a hotel lounge after making contact on an on-line dating site. Janet has never dated like this before and is more than nervous, but this is not the case for John, or so it seems. On behalf of Janet, the Waiter/Waitress has discovered that John has a room booked in his name, room two zero seven. This conjures up thoughts which makes Janet more uneasy about the situation. Janet excusing herself to, ‘powder her nose’ exits and within moments Mary enters wearing an identical dress. John momentarily mistakes Mary for Janet and slowly finds himself in a difficult fix because Mary is his wife!
ERA - The present
RUNNING TIME - 20 minutes approximately
CHARACTERS - 1 male, 2 female, 1 either
The part of waiter/waitress can be played by either male or female. The dialogue supports either gender without word changes
Playing ages - The waiter/waitress can be of any age.John, Mary and Janet should be played as all of similar ages. The script will work best for the three acting in their 40’, 50’s, 60’s or even 70’s.



This pantomime will entertain the audience well and delivers something for all ages. The King and Queen wish to have a child and are so far unsuccessful, until a magic frog appears granting that a daughter, Princess Beauty, will be born within the year. In the meantime the villainous witch, Deadly Nightshade, is less than happy about this and is upset not to be invited to the Christening. So on that day, she gives a gift that on the eighteenth birthday of the Princess, she will prick her finger on a spinning wheel and die. Fortunately Fairy Sunbeam is at hand, with her two helpers from the Planet Uranus, Macho Man and Bimbo Woman. And a spell is cast for the Princess to sleep for a hundred years and to be awakened by a Prince. But once again, Deadly Nightshade intervenes to take the Princess, and fails miserably. Granny Smith and The Lord Chamberlain keeps things running along with the usual madcap humour accompanied by Macho Man and Bimbo Woman. The story concludes with the Prince saving the Princess and they are to be married. Lord Chamberlain and Granny Smith decide to tie the knot. Which leaves Macho Man and Bimbo Woman to marry once they’ve returned home to the Planet Uranus. And as in all fairy tales, they live happy ever after.

Main cast
GRANNY SMITH….. ……………Dame
BIMBO WOMAN………………….Comic
MACHO MAN……………………..Comic
OLD FATHER TIME……………..Narrator (small part)
PRINCE RICHARD………………Principle boy
PRINCESS BEAUTY…………….Principle girl
Small parts
FROG (only if a toy one is not used)
CLOWN/JESTER or a ANIMAL (choose one to suit your wardrobe)
CECIL……………………………….Villains Creature
CHORUS if you have one


This tried and trusted script brings a traditional family pantomime with modern influences. It has flexibility which allows it to be easily performed on the small or the large professional stage.
The Captain and Bosun return to London with a Pirate ship after having had theirs stolen. Locked away in the captain’s cabin they found the Princess Lulu from Morocco, however she is not quite the Princess you would expect!
Dick Whittington arrives in London and through Alderman Fitzwarren he is eventually made captain of this ship and sets sail to return the Princess back to Morocco. The pantomime twists and turns giving a good story packed with fun and laughter including the riddance of the ever-villainous King Rat. Dick and Alice fall in love as predicted and Princess Lulu finds love too, but who is the lucky man?

Main cast
DICK: (female) Principle boy.
ALICE: (female) Principle girl.
IDLE JACK: Solo comedy part. Best played by male.
SARAH: Dame, can be played by male or female.
CAPTAIN: One of a duo. (partner Bosun) Can be male or female.
BOSUN: One of a duo. (partner Captain) Can be male or female.
PRINCESS LULU: A comedy part. Best played by a male, but can be a female. Played dame like with a touch of finesse. If played by a male the more masculine he is the funnier it will be..
ALDERMAN FITZWARREN: Best played by a male, but could be female if that is your only option and portrayed as a male.
KING RAT: Best played by a male, but can be just as easily QUEEN RAT, if that fits your membership. The villain.
FAIRY: Glittery and glamorous. Female part. Would also work if played by a male if that suits your membership better.
FELIX: The Cat. Non speaking, but can meow where it’s felt required . Can be played by male or female.
Smaller parts
KING BUZZBUTTOCK: [For act two only] Could be played by female and change to QUEEN. If the part is changed to QUEEN, there will be required a few scripted word changes from, he to she, father to mother, etc.
MUSTAFA WEE: [For act two only] Male or female. Moroccan attendant.
MUSTAFA WIND: [For act two only] Male or female. Moroccan attendant.
The script caters for a chorus of any age group. However, if you working with no chorus, the performers playing Mustafa Wee and Mustafa Wind or other members can speak those lines designated for chorus.


The story of Aladdin takes its usual journey of finding the magic lamp to gain wealth and to marry the girl of his dreams. However, in this version there are a few added surprises including that of the laundry of Widow Twankey having to be relocated because of fire damage. The only place available is the Emperors Palace and having been told to move out of the Palace kitchen, Widow Twankey relocates her laundry in his bathroom. This creates a different laundry scene with lots of good humour, much to the annoyance of the Emperor. As per usual Widow Twankey is looking for a man and thinks she has found him in Abanazar, but Abanazar is only using her to engage Aladdin to find the magic lamp hidden in a cave. Through a magic spell, the Emperor and Widow Twankey fall into each other arms and love radiates between them, even if she keeps him on his toes! Waterlily, Princess Camellia’s handmaiden, has men to the front of her mind and soon begins to make eyes at Wishee Washee. She’s a girl that knows what she wants and intends to get it! This brings some great clean humour which can be exploited as much or as little depending on your cast and audience. All in all, the pantomime has a very funny, but fast pace, bringing a lot of audience participation and some unexpected features which separates it from other Aladdin pantomime versions.

Main cast
LONG WEE…….. ………….. Policeman
SHORT WEE……………….. Policeman
PRINCESS CAMELLIA…….. Emperors daughter and principle girl
WATERLILY…………………. Princess Camellia’s handmaiden
ABANAZAR………………….. Villain
ALADDIN……………….……. Principle boy
Small parts
MUMMY……………………… Small part (one scene)
GHOSTS (two)……………… Small part (one scene)
CAT or DOG ……………….. (this is an optional extra character to shadow the dame if you wish to incorporate an animal into the production)
A chorus if you have one


This tried and trusted traditional pantomime never fails to deliver a good fun packed production. Although the Babes are generally played by the younger generation, this script also allows them to be played by two adults who age themselves down. If you cast with the latter option, it gives a added dimension of comedy. The script contains all the usual pantomime traditions and suitable routines along with a good character base. This can be a good pantomime if you have restricted budgets as it can be produced on a shoe string. On the other hand, it will respond to any budget and fit well with your normal expectations and customs.
This pantomime has a good spread of character types that will entertain the audience well. Peter and Mary, the Babes, have been orphaned and are living with their uncle, their fathers brother. The Babes father was a very wealthy man and on the Babes eighteenth birthdays they will inherit his vast wealth. However, Sir Gerald Hardwick, their wicked uncle, has other ideas and if he can get rid of the babes, kill them, that wealth comes to him absolutely. He employs Daisy and Buttercup, the two comics, to help him do the dirty deed. However they can’t bring themselves to do ‘murder ‘and leave the Babes in the woods. Floella, Dame, hatches a plan not only to save the Babes but to try and marry the Squire, who is Maid Marian’s father. Through this web of plans and plotting, Robin Hood and his merry men become embroiled to save the Babes. Needless to say Maid Marian and Robin fall in love in true pantomime style. But that’s not all, Fairy Bluebell, who weaves her magic through the story also finds love, but who is the lucky man?

Main cast
Peter…………………………………..……..……A Babe
Mary………………………………………….……A Babe
Wicked Uncle………………………………………Villain
Squire…………………………………..Father of Marian
Marian…………………………………….…Principle girl
Robin………………………………………..Principle boy
Small parts
Friar Tuck………………………Cook of the merry men
Will Scarlet……………………….One of the merry men
Little John………….…………….One of the merry men
Alan a-Dale……..a Minstrel and one of the merry men
Chorus if you have one


This pantomime will entertain the audience well, watching and participating with their journey with Sinbad. Yasmin, mother of Sinbad, who teams up with her other son, Tinbad, and delivers the usual comedy antics as expected. The Sultan finds Yasmin just the woman he wants in his life although he’s a little reluctant, and quite freely tempts her with his offers of affection. He gives her a gift of Sage and Onion, a comedy duo which keeps the pantomime alive with their stupidity. Sinbad and the Princess Amber are in love and wish to marry, but when Sinbad asks the Sultan for her hand, it all goes temporarily awry. Sinbad has obtained a map of the never found and mysterious land of Cosmos, the land of make believe. This is where the Valley of Rocks holds treasure beyond anyone’s wildest dreams. Wanting to take this last and final voyage, the Sultan forbids the marriage. Having set sail, found the mysterious lands and encountered the villain, Maccabee, Sinbad returns a very wealthy man with riches untold. In true pantomime tradition, Sinbad and the Princess are to be married after his return, that’s after some persuasion from Yasmin who had words with the Sultan and then announces their marriage. Finally leaving Tinbad who, having sold his tailoring shop, has decided to marry Tabitha, who claims she’s a belly dancer!!!

Main cast
YASMIN…………. ……………Dame
TINBAD…………………. Solo comic
SAGE……………. One of comic duo
ONION……………One of comic duo
SINBAD………………. Principal boy
PRINCESS AMBER…. Principal girl
Small parts
WINDBAG……….Sinbad’s side kick
MACCABEE…………………. Villain
TABITHA………………. Belly dancer
HELMSMAN…non-speaking and only if you have a ships wheel on the Eastern Star
CHORUS if you have one
A cat or dog can also be included as a pet for Yasmin if you wish


This pantomime tells the adventure of the sea faring Robinson Crusoe. ‘The Smoked Kipper’ is ready to set sail and Admiral Whatawhopper needs just a few more crew to sail away to the Island of Hibiscus. Charity, principle girl, decides to join Robinson by disguising herself as a sailor, and Billy, Robinson’s brother also enlists. Through some light persuasion Matilda, Robinson’s mother, also joins the crew. Once on the high seas, the evil Oceana, Empress of the seas, begins to wield her wrath, whilst Fairy Sea-spray tries to quell it. ‘The Smoked Kipper’ is smashed to splinters near the coast of Hibiscus with all on board making it safely to shore. There, they encounter a Witch Doctor and Thursday who’s all geared up for the nonexistent tourist trade. The Island holds no gems, gold or money, but Charity suddenly realises that the Island has a very rich commodity. It will bring much wealth and far more than gold would ever do. Romance blossoms between characters and the plug gets pulled from the evil Oceana!! Do they all make it back to England with no ship and, what’s more, are they successful in cashing in on this untold wealth?

Main cast
Billy: Best played by a male but can be female. A comic
Matilda: Best played by male but can be female.
Town Crier: Should be a male. (could also play the Witch Doctor)
Charity: Principle girl.
Robinson: Principle boy
Whatawhopper: Can be played by male or female. An Admiral.
Bosun: Can be played by male or female.
Mate: Can be played by male or female.
Oceana: Best played by a female. The Villain.
Fairy Seaspray: Best played by a female.
Small parts
Thursday: Best played by a male.
Witch Doctor: Best played by a male.
Petulia: Best played by a ADULT male but can be female.
Minor parts (many can double or triple up if needed)
Polly: Can be male or female. A tour guide.
Cotton Eye Joe: Can be male or female. A cowboy..
Traffic enforcement officer: Can be male or female.
Baby: Best played by a ADULT male but can be female. Cameo part.
Voice over: Male.
Chorus: If you you have one


This pantomime delivers something for all ages. Fun packed and takes you on a journey of the plight of the Old Woman, Mother Hubbard and her orphanage. The shoe, residing at Soggy Bottom had been left by a giant when passing by. The shoe’s residents are all children that have been homed by Mother Hubbard. The children are, Simple Simon, Wee Willie Winkie, Polly, Georgie Porgie, Boy Blue, with Bo-Peep as Principle girl and Jack(Horner) as Principle boy, with any chorus members. And there is a house dog, Bingo. They all live there very happily until Mary Mary, a local unpopular newly elected councillor has plans for their eviction. Humpty Dumpty, Mary’s so called secretary goes along with her decisions even if he doesn’t agree with them. As her eviction gathers pace, and Jack and Bo-Peeps’ romance blossoms, Old MacDonald has placed an advert to see if there is love out in the wide world for him. Needless to say, Mother Hubbard replies and this creates a some good comedy. Jack has had information that he may not be all that he seems to be. With a riddle and badge, which turns out to be a Royal seal, this takes him and all those living in the shoe to France. This has been set up by Fairy Twinkle and once at their destination they are met by Mademoiselle (Miss) Muffet, who is the giants assistant and he has all the answers. Old MacDonald finds himself to be a King, owing to an accident when the King lost his memory. Another blow on the head brings Old MacDonald’s memory back and re-establishes him as Old King Cole. Jack is holding the clue that he is Old King Cole’s son, Prince Jack. With new information and the knowledge of who is who, they return to Soggy Bottom where, Mary Mary well and truly gets her comeuppance. Jack and Bo-Peep, marry, Mother Hubbard becomes Queen by marrying Old King Cole. And Simple Simon and Mademoiselle Muffet also wed and will run the orphanage for Mother Hubbard, whilst she occupies herself being Queen.

Main cast
SIMPLE SIMON…………………. Comic
JACK……………………………… Principle boy
BO-PEEP………………………… Principle girl
MARY MARY……………………. Baddie
HUMPTY DUMPTY…………….. Mary Mary’s secretary
BINGO…………………………… Dog
Small parts
MISS MUFFET…………………… Giants assistant
GIANT (voice only)
CHORUS if you have one


Scripts by Peter Travell

Peter Travell

Actor, Director, Producer involved in amateur theatre for 40 years.

Peter has also published several childrens' books on Amazon

Contact details:





Set roughly in the Victorian age.
Dame Hilda Owl has two sons Terry and Freddie. Terry is a schoolteacher and is engaged to Tabitha (Tabby) Kat. Freddie is a bad lot who ran away to escape gaol.
A Mr Fowl is the new Squire. It is none other than Freddie Owl who is now rich. He means to evict his mother from her cottage and marry Tabitha.
Terry and Tabby elope to Bong Island to get married where they meet the Pigg sisters. They discover that Periwinkle was recently married to Freddie Owl who stole her money and ran away. They confront Freddie, who is then arrested by the local village Constable. The Constable then asks Dame Hilda Owl to marry him. Cue celebration.
M/F 7, F 3, M 3, Chorus 6

Published by Upstage Publications https://upstagepublications.co.uk


Set roughly in the Victorian age.
Marmaduke Muffet, a rich man and the owner of a pickle factory, has a daughter, Molly who is in love with Peter Piper (Chief Pickle Blender). Widow Black and her son Jethro Black arrive in the village. The widow has a magical pendant necklace, which makes old men fall in love with her. She sets her sights on Marmaduke.
Darren and Davey Rotter are two market traders who fall in with Jet who cons them into getting Peter sacked. Dazzer and Davey discover Widow Black’s secret. With the help of Peter, Polly, Molly and Willy they expose her evil plan.
Peter and Molly marry. Marmaduke retires. Peter takes over as MD of the Pickle Factory. Widow Black is made to be the Cleaner and Tea Lady while Jethro becomes the Odd Job Man.
M/F 2, F 3, M 5 Chorus 4

Published by Upstage Publications https://upstagepublications.co.uk


Martin Foreman

Contact martin@martinforeman.com

Location: Edinburgh

Plays by Martin Foreman:

Winner London Solo Festival New Writing Award (2012) and Pitlochry Festival Theatre Short Play Award (2018)



"hugely effective and at times very funny indeed" All Edinburgh Theatre

Encolpius, Ascyltos and Giton are three young men footloose in the Roman Empire. With long-dead Petronius commenting on their story and a cantankerous group of twenty-first century Actors bringing to life everyone they meet, the trio find themselves at the heart of adventures of seduction, deception, love, thievery, violence and more.
Step back into the past while keeping one foot in the present in this comic and thought-provoking, uncomfortable and tragic, satiric and satyric drama. View sexual relations from the Roman perspective and view the Roman perspective from today. Remind yourself that actors have a life beyond the stage and that some lives never end. All this and more in the fast and funny, filthy and philosophical play that is The Satyricon.
This two-act dark comedy for an adult audience is ideal for amateur / community drama groups looking to perform exciting new drama. Suitable for a cast of nine or more, the many roles (over two dozen) allow actors of all ages and any gender to display their full range of talents and accents.

More information on thesatyricon.uk or contact the author at martin@martinforeman.com
Publisher: arberybooks.co.uk
Facebook: @thesatyricon
Instagram: @thesatyriconplay
Twitter: @thesatyricon



50 minutes, 3M, 1 - 4 F (depending on how doubling is handled)
"The greatest master of all is Passion"
The young Giacomo Casanova is visited in a dream by an old man who shows him his future. Remembered now for his many love affairs, Casanova's life was fascinating and complex as he travelled widely in Europe, made and lost fortunes, acted as a spy and died in old age and poverty.
Publisher: arberybooks.co.uk
Contact the author at martin@martinforeman.com



10 minutes, 3 characters (M/F)
"We met all the legal regulations"
A building has caught fire, people have died. Who is to blame for their deaths?
Pdf script contact martin@martinforeman.com



1 act, ca 80m 2F (60+ and 30-40), 2M (60+ and 30-40)
". . . two women and their male partners from different backgrounds and perspectives . . . "
Pdf script contact martin@martinforeman.com



one woman play (60+), 40m
"You were faithful, in your fashion"
At the end of the day a grandmother looks back over the ups and downs of her married life. Moving. (4 stars, Edinburgh Fringe)
Pdf script contact martin@martinforeman.com



Ben Jonson's Volpone is one of the funniest Restoration comedies but its length and archaic language - often more difficult than Shakespeare create a challenge for modern theatre companies. Martin Foreman's adaptation reduces the play to a manageable two acts, dispenses with minor characters and brings the language forward to the nineteenth century - old-fashioned enough to feel classic but easily understood by modern audiences. The biggest change is to make Mosca (the leading character in the play despite the title) a woman, which opens up a whole new dynamic with her master Volpone. A four-star production at the Edinburgh Fringe in 2017, this classic is ideal for amateur companies with a large cast - sets can be simple or offer a challenge to skilled set-builders.
Script: Ben Jonson's Volpone, adapted by Martin Foreman (arberybooks.co.uk)



40-50m playing age 40+
Angel: disturbed by the presence of an unseen visitor, a priest has to choose between his sexuality and his faith
Now We Are Pope: writer Frederick Rolfe (1860-1913) on the last day of his life, believing that he has become the character in his most famous novel: Hadrian VII
Tadzio Speaks . . . (aka Death on the Lido): Decades after the story portrayed in Thomas Mann's / Luchino Visconti's Death in Venice, the once beautiful youth Tadzio reflects on the events of that fateful summer.
Scripts: Plays by Martin Foreman arberybooks.co.uk


Seamus Scanlon


Contact: seamus.scanlon@gmail.com

Location: UK

The McGowan Trilogy

The McGowan Trilogy

The McGowan Trilogy (Arlen House)

Productions: NY, Galway, Westport, Hastings, Tokyo (www.mcgowantrilogy.com)

Key words: Galway, Belfast, IRA, Northern Ireland, Mayo, Mother-Son, Guns

Email for a free reading copy and script/rights seamus.scanlon@gmail.com


Kenny Chumbley

Plays by Kenny Chumbley

Kenny Chumbley, MA, MDiv, Rantoul, IL, is an author, publisher, playwright, and lyricist.
Contact KLChumbley@aol.com

• 2012, Ol’ Pigtoes
• 2017, The Green Children (book); the Literary Classics 2017 children’s storybook of the year
• 2017, 2019, The Green Children (musical play); staged at The Harold and Jean Miner Theatre at Parkland College, Champaign, IL, and at the Dundalk Performing Arts Center, Dundalk, IE
• 2019, The Goblins and the Gravedigger (radio play); broadcast over fifty-five radio stations in the UK, Ireland, Canada, US, and Australia
• 2021, The Kingdom of Dreams, A Tale of Oz (musical play), staged at The Harold and Jean Miner Theatre at Parkland College, Champaign, IL
• 2022 Travis–Another Day Older and Deeper in Debt (musical play).

The Goblins and the Gravedigger

The Goblins and the Gravedigger

It’s Christmas Eve. A wretched man stands on the brink of doom, and his only hope . . . is a band of goblins.

It’s hard to get through December without Dickens. But if any story has been staged nearly to the point of exhaustion, it’s Dickens’ classic A Christmas Carol.
But what if you could stage a Dickens’ story in December with all the warmth and delight of A Christmas Carol that isn’t A Christmas Carol? There is such a play.
The Goblins and the Gravedigger, a Forgotten Dickens is my retelling of Dickens’ first Christmas fairy tale, “The Story of the Goblins Who Stole a Sexton,” which appears as chapter 29 in The Pickwick Papers. This very short story, written early in Dickens literary career, would serve in 1843 as the prototype for A Christmas Carol. Both stories occur on Christmas Eve, both involve the redemption of a wretched man (Gabriel Grub, Ebenezer Scrooge), and both involve metaphysical intervention (goblins, ghosts). A backstory I created uses Dickensian characters, draws on Dickensian themes, and fits seamlessly into Dickens’ account of Grub and the goblins.
• A family friendly holiday show with the warmth and charm of A Christmas Carol.
• Two-act play with intermission.
• Run time: 90 to 105 minutes.
• A play with music: eight original songs.
• Except for the goblins, costumes are the same as would be used for A Christmas Carol.
• Sets can be as simple or elaborate as the budget allows.
• Some special effects scattered throughout accentuate the story.
• All of Charles Dickens’ material is in the public domain.
• No licensing fee
• Script and MP3 with demos of the songs available upon request.

A radio version of the Goblins, recorded by an Irish cast, was broadcast in the UK, US, Canada, and Australia in 2019 and won several awards (2019 Moondance International Film winner for radio script; 2019 California International Shorts Festival for Best Short Script; 2020 UK International Radio Drama Festival selectee; a screenplay of the show was a 2022 Chicago Indie Film Festival finalist). The stage play has yet to be produced. A “world premier” could easily be staged by a high school, college, or community theatre company.
I can supply a copy of the script and demos of the songs upon request. For further information, you can reach me at: KLChumbley@aol.com


Sean Guy

Plays by Sean Guy

My name is Sean Guy and I'm an emerging playwright who recently won the NT Literary Awards for my murder-mystery play "Under the Table"!
My plays consistently sellout to Darwin audiences, but I'm excited to get them out into the wider world! They're mostly comedies, with big ensemble casts that are great fun for both actors and audience. I've attached a PDF with some very brief details about my three main plays - but I have others, including some suitable for smaller casts!
Novelist - Playwright - Screenwriter
Mobile: 0417 740 899
Sean Guy Author www.facebook.com/seanguyauthor/
Sean Guy Author www.seanguyauthor.com/plays/short-plays
Location: Darwin Australia

All genders listed are highly variable. With slight variations to the script any combination of genders can work for the above plays. The playwright is very happy to work with companies to adapt the script as required.

Production enquiries
Interested in performing any of these plays? Please email me at seanguyauthor@gmail.com

Under the Table

Under the Table

Under the Table

A short play for children to perform.
Winner of the 2022 NT Literary Awards: Brown’s Mart Theatre Category
Cast: 6 3M, 3F, variable Duration: 1h 15m Genre: comedy/ murder mystery
A raunchy murder-mystery that plays with the tropes we’ve come to expect from Agatha Christie. When a dinner party goes wrong, and a wealthy property mogul is caught with his pants down (literally), an intrepid sergeant and a useless deputy must unravel the case. Doing absolutely nothing to help are three suspects, all of whom have very clear motives, and one dead body that won’t shut up.

Last Call

Last Call

Three scenes occur simultaneously on stage: a shambolic book club, a first date, and a comedic scene in which Death himself walks into a bar and asks three strangers whom he should kill. Each scene unfolds with humour, tied together by fourth-wall breaking monologues by the minor characters... until the halfway point.
Mistaken identity and half-understood truths finally lead to death and heartbreak, with almost all of the comedic character-stereotypes from the first half of the show being reversed and subverted.
Cast: 10
Roles: 5 female, 5 male (variable)
Duration: 1 hour, 15 minutes
Genre: tragicomedy
Notes: variation script exists which includes a significant role for a deaf actor.

King Paddy

King Paddy

Cast: 10 5M, 5F, variable Duration: 1h 15m Genre: tragicomedy
Micronations are a sexy modern thing. No one knows that better than grumpy sexagenarian Patrick Gardener. But did he really set up his independent nation just so that his moody grandkids would have to call him King, or is there more to the story? A handsome young reporter is determined to find out, but he needs to do it before the micronation is attacked by bandits, or he might not get that date with King Paddy’s grandson
Notes: Strong queer themes. Contains a character (F) in a wheelchair.
This project was made possible by the Australian Government’s Regional Arts Fund, which supports the arts in regional and remote Australia.

The Therapist

The Therapist

Following a devastating break-up, a young woman goes to a therapist for a recovery session. Unbeknownst to her, this particular therapist specialises in roleplay sessions, and has a wildly over-eager assistant ready to jump in.
Cast: 3
Roles: 3 female
Duration: 30 minutes
Genre: comedy

The Green Affair

The Green Affair

In this Wilde-inspired play, Lord Winterbury has taken a shine to Lady Applegate’s attractive young maid, despite her increasingly obvious protests… but none of the three are quite understanding the other’s hints.
Cast: 3
Roles: 1 male, 2 female
Duration: 30 minutes
Genre: comedy

The Leaving is in the Forgetting

The Leaving is in the Forgetting

One woman is visited by a memory – a man who resembles many people from her past: at times her father, at times her husband, at times a childhood imaginary friend. Over the course of an hour the two discuss the woman’s life, trying to reach the root of her trauma before the memory she is terrified to face finally breaks through.
Cast: 2
Roles: 1 male, 1 female
Duration: 60 minutes
Genre: drama


Scripts by Wayne Miller

Wayne Miller

Contact details:


Wayne Miller

The Big Time

Jacks, who, together with Jerry, wants to be ‘Big Time’.
The pair agree to take on a job that will get them up the ladder in the ‘Organisation’, but the show sees the bungling crooks embark on a kidnapping which goes wrong, spiraling into a night of pure comic disaster.


Scripts by Mal Harris

Mal Harris

Contact details:




Muriel is clearly unwell, but to what extent is her ill-health real and how much is it imagined? Jack feels that she may be seriously ill. So does Muriel. But what is Jack prepared to do? Can he manage the situation?
For everyone else, it has become obvious that Muriel is obsessed with illness and disaster. In short she is a hypochondriac. And yet, like the boy who cried wolf, there comes a moment when Muriel needs those around her to believe in her. How will Jack react? Will the audience find itself taking sides? It sounds serious BUT this is a semi black comedy, this can be made as humorous as the director wishes. Written with the Welsh in mind but highly adaptable.
2 main characters on stage 90% 3 other minor parts, two/three male or female plus one other smaller part


Tony Stowers

Tony Stowers

Location: France

My name is Tony Stowers. I'm a Brit through and through but I currently live in France.

I've been writing and directing theatre plays since 1981 when I lived in Darlington, County Durham. I also spent three years at drama school in London.

I have 29 theatre plays seeking audiences, about half of which have already been performed, produced and toured or at least read to the public in both the UK or in France but always in English.

You will find below a list of all my plays and brief one-line synopsis of each plus cast requirements. I usually sell them in online anthologies but am happy to waive this if there is serious interest. You are under no obligation. Nothing ventured - nothing gained;

You can find out more about my commitment to literature, art and theatre on my website - a man of a million ideas and indefatigable energy and happy to collaborate with anyone.

Tony Stowers - Tony Stowers Actor, Writer & Director

Contact: tonystowers41@yahoo.fr

Completed Plays of Antony J Stowers (plays marked * are good for theatre-in-education or young audiences)

1. The Waiting Room – Cast: 1 Female 3 Males. Total: 4
Synopsis: A mysterious dysfunctional family meets a stranger at a deserted railway station. The original version first featured Mark Gatiss.

2. 1979 – Cast 6 Males 6 Females. Total: 12
Synop: School-leaver Graham Barlow goes on a journey of self-discovery in Thatcher’s Britain.

3. The Bond - 1 F 3 M. Total: 4
A mysterious stranger returns home to his family and friends after many years abroad but nobody is quite certain of his true identity.

4. The Conformist – 6 M 2 F. Total: 8
Based on Alberto Moravia’s novel, a young man joins Mussolini’s Fascists in an attempt to be as ‘normal’ as possible to hide a guilty secret.

5. The Crossroads – 6 M 1 F. Total: 7
A young man is lost at a strange hotel in the middle of nowhere and its residents decide which road he will take from there

6. London Cousins – 5 M
Five strangers to London find their paths interwoven

7. *Harry’s Dream 1 – 2 M 1 F. Total: 3
A bullied schoolboy learns how to stand up for himself from an alien visitor

8. *My Brother Jake – 3 M 1 F. Total: 4
Young Jake learns the hard way how dealing drugs destroys his family

9. *Harry’s Dream 2 – 2 M 1 F. Total: 3
More lessons as the same bullied boy from HD1 teams up with the helpful alien again

10. *Scars – 3 M 1 F. Total: 4
A serious incident on school transport provokes an inquiry to find the guilty party

11. *Colours – 1 M or 1 F. Total: 2
A story about two races of people – one blue and one red – learning to live with each other.

12. Cyrano – 3 M 1 F. Total: 4
Based on ‘Cyrano de Bergerac’, a genius poet afraid of revealing his identity disguises himself to woo a girl.

13. *Eddie – 2 M
A 100 year old man tells his great great grandson about his life through the 20th century

14. *The Key – 1 M 1 F. Total: 2
A young boy learns the hard way about playing around with household drugs

15. Somebody up there likes us – 1 M 1 F. Total 2
Two border guards from opposing warring nations find a way to communicate

16. Le Petoman – 10 M 4 F. Total: 14
A comedy based loosely on the life of Joseph Pujol, a legend of 19th century Paris

17. *Pressure – 1 M 1 F. Total: 2
Out of prison, a young man tries to rehabiliate himself back into a ‘clean’ life

18. Space Station – 2 M
Two strangers meet on a hill outside their town for very different reasons

19. The Dishwasher – 1 M
A lowly dishwasher explains the intricacies of his job

20. Confessions of a rock n roll star – 1 m
A middleaged man explores the rock music that shaped his life

21. Gauguin’s Ghost Story – 6 M 2 F. Total: 8
The ghost of Paul Gauguin recounts his life

22. Tommy Greaves – 8 M 3 F. Total: 11
An alternate take on ‘Billy Elliot’, Billy’s boxing opponent shapes his own destiny during the 1984 miner’s strike choosing acting and not dancing as his means of escape

23. Unspoken – 1 M 1 F. Total: 2
An older, corrupt French Gendrame tries to corrupt a younger, idealitsic female trainee

24. A horse with no name – 2 M
An Iraqi bar owner and an American soldier are trapped in an illegal bar during the Battle of Baghdad in 2003

25. Space Jockey – 5 M
Five telephone salesmen recount the story of a selling legend who may or may not have existed.

26. The next life – 6 M 3 F. Total: 9
A Class ‘A’ London dealer watches helplessly as his life dismantles over one weekend

27. X – 2 M
Two couples – one gay, one straight – meet in a nightclub in a one-horse northern town

28. The Loser – 4 M 2 F. Total: 6
Based loosely on Francis Vebers’s ‘Le Diner de Cons’, an arrogant publisher is brought down to size by an affable hobbyist.


Barry Levy

Location: Liverpool, UK



Twitter  Instagram  
City Theatre Rep Theatre Group

City Theatre Rep Theatre Group

Twitter  Instagram  youTube  



SYNOPSIS: A new pirate adventure that has all the elements that thrill an audience including adventure, romance and comedy as well as a great story to inspire everyone involved. Set in the year 1765 the story begins when Pirate Grace and Pirate Finn argue, they accidentally hire a ship together, and for the first time ever the Renegade and Outlaw Pirate’s set sail together. They embark on an epic journey to Storm Island. What possibly could go wrong?
Also on the ship, is the pompous Sir T. Lansdale and a young navigator called Wreck. Can Wreck’s knowledge of the rough seas around the island save them from a worse fate? However, on route a massive storm hits the Renegade and Outlaw pirates’ ship as they are approaching Storm Island.
What will the pirates find on Storm Island? Will new legends be born? This brand new swashbuckling stage show will please your family audience and your cast will love being a part of this adventurous production.
Roles: 12 principal plus several small speaking roles, plus many cameos and a chorus with some lines as well. A minimum cast of 15, but if you want dancers and singers then the cast can be easily 20 plus.
Runtime: A show that consists of acting, singing and dancing it is approx 100 minutes, assuming that you use the full number of suggested musical numbers and not including any interval. But this is very dependent on your own production and can be edited by yourselves to suit.
Music: All of our musicals and pantomimes come with a full, suggested songs and music cues, plus background music which helps carries the story forward.
Style: A fast pace musical which will please a modern family audience.
**This production is ideal for a theatre group and schools to produce and perform.

Visit www.thetheatrenetwork.com/script-hub for further details



I found the whole performance very entertaining. It was a very witty script written and directed by Barry Levy. 10/10 Perfert. WRITEBASE
The comedic script by director Barry Levy, was outstanding. NORTH WEST END
Are Bow Scar and Arrow Hunter the new heroes of Sherwood...the problem is they are outlaws and even at that they're not great. Often they are on the wrong side of the Sheriff AKA The Control Freak.
This is a story about self-growth and empowerment with a lot of naughtiness. Not a show for the faint-hearted to perform or watch.
This is a brand new adult comedy show written by Barry Levy.
PLEASE NOTE: If you are easily offended then this may not be the right script for your group or company to undertake, however, if you like to do a show a little outside the box then this is the perfect script for you.
Genre: Adult comedy musical.
Cast size: 12. Male - 6 Female - 6.

Visit www.thetheatrenetwork.com/script-hub for further details



The next instalment of this Sherwood adult comedy is now available. Bow & Arrow The Ghost of Sherwood is five years after the first story.
Bow, Arrow & Friar Tuck all return in this laugh out loud comedy that is not for faint hearted. With Lance 'Glorious' Hood now installed as the caretaker Sheriff and Gob as his sidekick things can only get better for the villagers of Sherwood.
Lincoln 'The King' Hardwood is still living the high life in his multi room castle and new arrival turns up to cause havoc for the most submissive man in Nottingham.
This naughty, high-energy adult comedy will excite your cast and thrill your audience.
Genre: Adult comedy musical.
Cast size: Male 5 Females 7

Visit www.thetheatrenetwork.com/script-hub for further details



SYNOPSIS: The year is 2034 and we start this story at the Time Travel Centre. This is the main headquarters for the quantum X experiment and one year ago today a group of elite scientists led by Dr Destiny Sinclair and Fate Lewis went into the desert to develop this top-secret project further. It was a major success and proved Destiny’s theory that one can time-travel within his or her lifetime.
However, pressured to prove her theories over and over again or lose funding, Dr Destiny Sinclair prematurely stepped into the project accelerator….and vanished. She awoke to find herself in the past, this time suffering partial amnesia and facing a mirror image that was not her own. Fortunately, contact with her own time is maintained through brainwave transmissions with Fate Lewis, the project observer, who appears in the form of a hologram that only Destiny can see and hear. Trapped in the past, Destiny finds herself leaping from life to life, putting things right that once went wrong and hoping each time that her next leap will be the leap back home.
Roles: 12 principle plus several smaller speaking parts. Also, you can add dancers to make it even bigger production and give everyone involved opportunities to excel.
Runtime: A show that consists of acting, singing and dancing it is approx 100 minutes, assuming that you use the full number of suggested musical numbers and not including any interval. But this is very dependent on your own production and can be edited by yourselves to suit.
Music: All of our musicals and pantomimes come with a full, suggested songs and music cues, plus background music which helps carries the story forward.
Style: A fast pace musical which will please audiences of all ages.

Visit www.thetheatrenetwork.com/script-hub for further details



SYNOPSIS: This new gritty play is set in a youth detention centre for girls which tells the story of the daily hardships of being detained at a young age. The main character is Sasha Kilpatrick, a streetwise kind of girl who has been in and out of Warnock detention centre for over the last four years. Following a warehouse job which Sasha was doing with her friend Dodge, where things didn’t go to plan she is sent by the courts to several years locked up.
Other characters we meet include the gift of the gap character Gemma who can get her hands on anything for the inmates, but for a price. A newbie to the detention centre is Amy, a softly spoken character who thinks Warnock is going to be like a holiday camp...it’s anything but.
Roles: 6 female teenager parts, 5 adult parts and several young people will be required to play extras in the detention centre.
Runtime: A show that consists of acting, singing and dancing it is approx 100 minutes, assuming that you use the full number of suggested musical numbers and not including any interval. But this is very dependent on your own production and can be edited by yourselves to suit.
Music: Background music to help drive the storyline forward and bring an atmosphere to some of the scenes.
Style: A gritty stage play which is aimed at entertaining older teenagers and adults. Some scenes in this maybe unsuitable you young children.

Visit www.thetheatrenetwork.com/script-hub for further details

All Together Now

All Together Now

SYNOPSIS: The Hilton Community Centre is in danger of closure forever due to council cuts in funding. The Management Committee, consisting of a very diverse range of individuals seeks ways to rescue the Centre with hilarious results.
The sparkling dialogue and characters carry this fast-moving play to a very lively conclusion.
Roles: 5 female parts and 4 male parts.
Runtime: 90 mins

Visit www.thetheatrenetwork.com/script-hub for further details


Malcolm Mills

Malcolm Mills

Contact: m.mills51@outlook.com
Location: Lincolnshire, UK

Puss N’ Booty

“Puss and Booty” a comedy crime caper aimed at children of all ages.
Four, seemingly impossible, burglaries take place in one day. The first a gold watch, stolen from the locked office of Laurie Driver, transport manager at Wheel Turners Haulage. The second a a quantity of expensive jewelry from elite milliner Sonya Head while undergoing beauty treatment at Dusky Delights. The third an ancient bronze statuette of a Maltese Minotaur from the hall of Ingrid Birdman’s house as she chatted on her front door step. Then a floppy disc containing the whole of Cliff Hanger’s Finished novel. Hapless Detective Inspector Yapp of the dog squad is sent to investigate. He is aided by his extremely, vocal Belgian blue parrot, Hercules. Finally, a trap is set and chain-smoking Eloisa (Weezah) Faggin and her cat Raffles are exposed as the villains and arrestedThe story line and characters could be adapted to create a children’s TV series.

Contact me for details on production licencing.


Lucy Daniel Raby

Lucy Daniel Raby

Location: UK


Kill The Lights

Kill The Lights by Lucy Daniel Raby & Duncan McIntosh

Kill the Lights is a tense sci fi drama in one act. On a hot summer’s night, a group of squabbling teenagers are having a sleepover in a lonely farmhouse. When they are attacked by unseen alien invaders, they are forced to reconcile their differences and work together as a team.
During the course of the night, secrets are revealed as they confront each other and their own fears, learning more about each other and themselves. This is a good piece for young actors and ideal for a youth theatre workshop or a one act festival.


Nickolai of the North

Nickolai of the North

Have you ever wondered who filled Santa’s stocking when he was a boy? Or why he carries out his Christmas mission every year? All is revealed in this two act Christmas play with music. A refreshing alternative to panto, it tells the magical story of Santa’s childhood. When villainess Magda destroys his home at the North Pole, young elf Nickolai is rescued by a flying reindeer. We follow his adventures as he grows up amongst humans, realizes he is different and returns to the North Pole to seek his destiny – and ultimately save the world’s children from Magda’s evil. Lucy has adapted the book and lyrics from her successful children’s book of the same name, with 16 sensational songs from established composer Geoff Tinniswood, including score, backing tracks and vocals. Containing traditional seasonal ingredients such as heroes, villains, witches, fairies, reindeer, wolves and goblins, ‘Nickolai’ is a sparkling family show that provides a fabulous opportunity for ensemble work.

Cast Size: 24 speaking characters with 9 leads and possible doubling.

Running Time: approximately 2 hours plus interval

Themes: family, childhood, destiny

Genre: Christmas family entertainment with music

Script, lyrics, sheet music, backing tracks and cast recordings available

The script has been published by Lazy Bee Scripts, and the full script is available for perusal here:




This collection of mini scripts contains 2 duologues, 2 monologues, and two mini plays with 7 and 4 roles respectively, plus prompts for discussion and suggestions for follow-on devising and improvisation activities. There’s a range of genre, styles and tones for all actors and each script is under 10 minutes running time. One mini play is designed specifically for Zoom and the others can easily be adapted for Zoom or for socially distanced performances. They have adult themes and there is some strong language but they are suitable for teenage and young adult drama students and provide fabulous original material for exams, festivals and performances in schools and youth theatres.



Scripts by Cheryl Barrett

Cheryl Barrett


Writing under the name Cheryl Barrett, playwright Cheryl lives with her husband, Peter May, on the Isle of Wight and is an active member of three amateur dramatic groups and her local ukulele group. Cheryl and Peter regularly perform at The Freshwater Coffee House spoken word events. A prolific writer since childhood, Cheryl has written scripts, books and poetry and is currently working on a collection of short stories. She has over one hundred scripts published. Most are published by Lazy Bee Scripts which include pantomimes, full length and one act plays, plays for schools & youth theatre, monologues and comedy sketches. She has also had scripts published by Smith Scripts. To date Cheryl's scripts have been performed in 18 countries across the world; Australia, Canada, Ecuador, France, Germany, Ireland, Malaysia, Malta, Netherlands, New Zealand, Peru, Singapore, South Africa, Spain, Switzerland, United Arab Emirates, United Kingdom and the United States. Cheryl also collaborated on projects such as the 'Titchfield Tapestry Plays' and 'Romsey Ghost Walk' (Barrett & Heather). Cheryl writes theatre reviews and articles for Sardines Magazine for Amateur Theatre. Her books, 'The Pantomime Writers Book of Gags and Routines' and 'More Gags and Routines' by Bob Heather and Cheryl Barrett have proved a popular resource for pantomime writers and are available for purchase.

Published via Lazy Bee Scripts www.lazybeescripts.co.uk
Pantomimes - Stage Shows for Schools and Youth Theatre - Full-Length Plays - One-Act Plays - Sketches, Skits or Very Short Plays - Murder Mysteries

Published via Lazy Bee Scripts



This is a hilarious short pantomime. With 6 characters this is also ideal for a summer revue evening. The beauty of staging this is that each character can rehearse in isolation.



JUST THE JOB is a collection of themed comedy sketches, based on occupations ranging from a wannabe pirate to a couple of waiters. There are ten sketches, with a total of 28 parts. This would suit a society looking to stage a live theatre revue evening or Zoom production. Music could be added to extend the sketch show.



Dierdre mulls over the changes her husband Graham has made since he retired. She is surprised by the changes and wonders what to do.



A member of a drama group is unable to perform in the panto. She explains how much she misses playing the panto fairy.



George is a great believer in mend and make do. His wife likes shopping and a recent purchase from the garden centre turns out to be a talking point for the neighbours. Will George exhange the item or see the benefits it can bring?



Ruth takes over as editor of a small town newspaper. She takes two reporters to task for writing underwhelming news stories and sensational headlines. Ruth soon realises that the staff have unorthodox methods of reporting the news.



Brenda is a volunteer guide at a stately home and whiles away the hours by spicing up the back history of the house and its ancestors. When a group of American visit, Brenda embellishes the history of the stately home.



Best friends Joe and Steve meet up to watch sport and have a few pints. Joe has discovered an aptitude for cooking and there follows comical banter as they discuss duck sauce and other foodstuffs.



Bert is a man who sees the glass as half full. He recounts his change of career and how being dyslexic is not a barrier.



Carol and Sheila are sitting on a bench eating chips. They are joined by their friend Rosemary who shows them an article in the local newspaper. The three friends discuss the news that yet another fish and chip shop will be opening, and try to think up a quirky name for the new business to win the competition.



A cautionary rhyming tale of Red Riding-Hoodie and her nemesis, Biggbad Wolf. Biggbad is in court accused of threatening behaviour towards Red. He uses all his wolfly wiles to charm the jury and clear his name. But there’s more to this case than at first thought.
A great script for schools and youth groups. The script contains useful production notes and suggestions for songs.



Cinderella is at the beck and call of her awful step-sisters, Chardonnay and Shiraz and wicked stepmother, the Baroness. Her best friend, Buttons, narrates this classic rags to riches fairy tale.
A delightful hour-long pantomime providing fun for all the family. The script is accompanied by detailed production notes.

Blue Murder at Bluestone Hall

Blue Murder at Bluestone Hall

A Murder Mystery. It is 1923 and Lady Constance Dunne-Wittering is hosting a meeting at Bluestone Hall, her country estate. When someone screams blue murder and interrupts afternoon tea, Lady Constance is not amused. Hapless Detective Inspector Mayday arrives to investigate the killing. He soon realises that more than one person has a motive. The question on everyone’s lips is whodunnit?

Blue Murder at The Blue Parrot

Blue Murder at The Blue Parrot

A Murder Mystery. It's 1925 and in London, new nightclubs are opening every week. Despite the buzzing scene, Soho nightclub owner Harry Ferrari is struggling to save his Blue Parrot club from collapse. Is there more to Harry’s employees than meets the eye? Is Giuseppe Dolce intent on putting Harry out of business for good? And what brings bumbling police inspector Mayday to the club? Join us at the Blue Parrot for music, mayhem and murder.


Cinderessex is at the beck and call of her horrid step-sisters ans step-mother. Her best friend, Buttonit, keeps her spirits up. When Cinderessex receives an invitation to Prince Charming’s masked ball, will she be allowed to go? This fun-filled traditional pantomime has a modern twist, a talking cat and a whole range of fun characters.

Today's News, Tomorrow's...

Carol and Sheila are sitting on a bench eating chips. They are joined by their friend Rosemary who shows them an article in the local newspaper. The three friends discuss the news that yet another fish and chip shop will be opening, and try to think up a quirky name for the new business to win the competition. PUBLISHED BY SMITH SCRIPTS


Margaret Holbrook

Contact: mgth1@outlook.com




Any Other Day

Any Other Day

Any Other Day, is set a few days after the death of Alan Turing. All action takes place in the garden of his former home Holly Meade in Wilmslow, Cheshire.
R/T is 45/50 minutes
There is a cast of 4 but in my production one of the actresses is doubling up.

The Bus Stop The Bus Stop

The Bus Stop

Jacki is waiting for a bus, listening to music, minding her own business - that is until Keith comes along and invades her space. He wants someone to talk to, wants them to be friends until the bus turns up. A bus that’s delayed.
As they share their secrets and fears, Keith’s life challenges are brought to the fore along with the past that still troubles him.

Publisher: stagescripts.com


Elaine Dubourdieu

Contact: elainepublishing123@gmail.com

Twitter: @AuthorElaineD

Wigan Road Partygate

Wigan Road Partygate

..(Does that last bit of birthday cake still stick in your throat?)

I would be delighted if you could help me reach people that would like to read my very short play - even better, perform it.

Thescript can be accessed through the drop box via twitter or here www.dropbox.com.
All free, as long as I am credited as the author of this work.


Titles by Martin Gore

Pete Lewis Drake

Location: Canadian born playwright brought up in Lincolnshire, UK.


Pete Drake is a Canadian - born musician and writer who was brought up in Lincolnshire. He has had a love of a theatre for most of his life and regularly attends plays in all kinds of venues.

He first became involved with theatre at school where he was a member of a youth theatre group and performed in several plays, including Smike and Kes. He regularly played saxophone in the University big band as well as acting.

His first piece of writing was a monologue entitled The Prisoner's Friend which was based on the true story of a William Stones, a soldier from the North East, who was accused of cowardice in the First World War. The piece was performed at the Edinburgh Fringe in 2004 by the late John Winter, and subsequently toured in the North East and Yorkshire.

Pete's second piece, GSOH, could hardly have been more different. It tells the comic adventures of three men, a teacher, a lorry driver and a civil servant, all in the prime of life who, for various reasons, establish an escort agency. The play toured in Northumberland, being performed in The Queen's Hall in Hexham, The Custom's House in South Shields and the ARC in Stockton - on - Tees.

Play number three, also called The Prisoner's Friend, was a rewrite of the first, this time for a full cast, and ran for a week at the Little Theatre in Gateshead where it was warmly received.

Peter's latest play, entitled Autumn, Winter, Spring, Summer centres on the four women who attend a book club. At times funny, poignant and sad, it deals with the nature of female friendship.

Peter is married to Gill, a GP. They have four children and a dog.

Several of these pieces (GSOH, Autumn Winter Spring Summer and the monologues) are performable using social distancing, so may be of interest to a company looking to get going again with a limited audience. It should be pointed out that all of these may be done on an very low budget, too.
If you like the sound of any of these, please contact me and I will send you either synopsis or script.

Autumn Winter Spring Summer

Four middle aged women meet regularly to discuss books and plays. Over time they learn that their monthly meeting means more to them than just a love of literature. Autumn Winter Spring Summer is a bitter - sweet comedy that requires four female actors. It requires little in the way of staging or props and has a simple soundtrack. There is an alternative version available, done in the style of a radio broadcast, which is performable in spaces other than traditional theatres and therefore a possible entry for a festival.


GSOH is a light comedy about three middle aged men who, for various reasons, set up an escort agency. The play has been performed many times in the North East and does require a Geordie accent for authenticity. It would be possible to tweak the script to allow for a different regional accent to be used. Cast: three men in middle age and one slightly younger female (who could double two smaller female roles). There is a short version of the play suitable for a one act festival.

The Prisoner’s Friend

A drama set in the First World War that tells the tale of a man required to defend a soldier accused of cowardice. The Prisoner’s Friend requires a large, mixed cast with some doubling possible. There are roles for younger as well as older actors. The play is also available as a monologue, a version of which was performed at the Edinburgh Fringe in 2004.

What Ever Happened To Johnny Diamond?

WEHTJD? is a dark comedy for two youngish men, although could be played by women. Set on a desert island, it tells the story of a concept artist/performed (think David Blaine) who exiles himself only to be discovered accidentally by a tourist.


A fifteen minute monologue for mature female. Set in a school it tells of a fifty something teacher falsely accused of an assault. Bodyguard was a finalist in the Off Cuts Festival at the Old Red Lion Theatre in Islington a few years ago.
There is also a version of the monologue available which could be played by a female in her thirties.


John Holroyd-Doveton

From East End to Downing Street

Following the Conservatives catastrophic defeat in 1945 Churchill appoints Lord Woolton to rebuild the party.

It takes him just six years for the Conservatives to win back power. One of the measures Lord Woolton took was to form a political youth movement; mostly social, but raising funds for the Conservative Party and helping with elections.

The play is written against the background of that movement, after being trapped in a broken down lift a budding member of the YC from the East End is trapped with a son of the aristocracy. Although deeply in love she refuses to have any relationship with him as he is married and does not want to damage her political career with a scandal as well as on moral grounds. In old age the Gentleman’s wife dies and they finally live together.

A subsidy of £1000 will be paid to the first theatre group who perform the play in public. If any further group wishes to perform the play, terms will be at my discretion.

For detailed terms and a script, please e-mail John at jodoveton@googlemail.com


Plays by Lesley Gunn


Location: Cambridgeshire UK

Lesley Gunn is allowed to live in Cambridgeshire by her two cats. She is old enough to know better.
She started writing fiction at a young age but Santa saw through those and never took her off the naughty list.
She has made a few appearances on stage, most notably as 'Easter Plate I' at the age of six in primary school, after which she was told to take up the recorder and subsequently was only ever in the school orchestra.
Following her last stage performance in pantomime as a six foot six inch robot wearing a Darth Vader mask, she turned to writing for the stage instead of having to be on it.
She is currently plotting new Murder Mysteries and helping police with their enquiries into an increased frequency of Google searches on how to kill people.

The Great British Bump-Off

The Great British Bump-Off

Minimum Male roles = 3. Minimum Female roles = 6. Minimum total with doubling = 10. Minimum total without doubling = 10
Lord Rothersfield's will, and with it the fate of his family, depends on the death of his wife. A household gathering for a portrait is interrupted by an unexpected death. Inspector Moody and PC Sullen investigate - with help from the audience.
Publisher: Lazy Bee Scripts

Death By Paintbrush

Death By Paintbrush

Minimum Male roles = 4. Minimum Female roles = 5. Minimum total with doubling = 9. Minimum total without doubling = 9.
As baking fever hits the country, the village fete organisers in the village of Crabblebottom are delighted when celebrity chef Eduardo D’Angelo takes up residence and agrees to judge the annual cake baking competition. But this year there is a change of plan, as the bake-off turns into a bump-off.
Publisher: Lazy Bee Scripts

Harvey's Wallbanger

Harvey's Wallbanger

Minimum Male roles = 3. Minimum Female roles = 5. Minimum total with doubling = 9. Minimum total without doubling = 9.
A body is discovered before a meeting of the Marshtown Cocktail Club. The club has not been running smoothly, and the prominent members are all suspects. The audience investigates (under the guidance of Detective Inspector Abbott).
Publisher: Lazy Bee Scripts

Killing Thyme

Killing Thyme

Minimum Male roles = 4. Minimum Female roles = 5. Minimum total with doubling = 9. Minimum total without doubling = 9.
The 1925 Killington Annual Village Fete and Vegetable Show has its normal round of gossip, rivalry, argument and skulduggery interrupted by a murder. The audience investigates (with the help of detectives Moody and Sullen).
Publisher: Lazy Bee Scripts

Murder by Mattress

Murder by Mattress

Minimum Male roles = 4. Minimum Female roles = 5. Minimum total with doubling = 9. Minimum total without doubling = 9.
Inspector Harry Moody and his sidekick, PC Joe Sullen, return to investigate a second murder at Rothersfield Hall when a body is found during Victoria Rothersfield's birthday party. As with all events at the Hall, life, and death, is never straightforward. The police learn about a stolen pocket watch, a long standing feud over a prize herd of cattle and quite a few glasses of champagne. Can Moody and Sullen solve the case? (Indeed, can the audience?)
Publisher: Lazy Bee Scripts

Strictly Murder

Strictly Murder

Minimum Male roles = 4. Minimum Female roles = 4. Minimum total with doubling = 9. Minimum total without doubling = 9.
At a dance championship, the local TV station interviews the finalists and uncovers squabbles over sequins, frenzies over feathers, and a tussle with the tango, but nobody would ever have thought it would end in a murder on the dance floor!
Publisher: Lazy Bee Scripts


Theatre Plays by Paul Smith

Theatre Plays by Paul Smith

Contact: theatreplays@mail.com


Location: West Country, UK

Short Plays - Full Length Plays - Monologues - Pantomimes

Please see the www.theatreplays.uk website for a full list of scripts available and for prices and licencing details.


Danny Dice

Contact: dannydicewriter@gmail.com




"A thoroughly enjoyable piece, not only for debating 'What is sexual consent?' but also in its originality ... Quick pace, highly impactful. I really enjoyed the unique way of storytelling...to create tension and conflict. Well staged." Comments from judges, 2021 International Windsor Fringe Kenneth Branagh Award for New Drama Writing.

Duration: 30 min.

Cast: 2F 1M

A woman is posting on mumsnet.com's AIBU thread (AIBU? - Am I being unreasonable?) from her kitchen. Is she being unreasonable for snapping at her husband who constantly pesters her for sex? Her invisible husband begins pawing at her then starts loading the dishwasher in a way not to her liking. The woman dismisses her husband’s reference to their mysterious ‘contract’ and orders him to sit with their children and his parents. Two mumsnet.com posters respond to her AIBU? question from diametrically opposite perspectives. One suggests that the woman's husband sexually assaults her; then that he has raped her.
We see the woman getting her invisible husband to answer the questionnaire he had to successfully complete prior to their marriage. His answer to one question enlightens us about the 'contract' she willingly signed, a contract which the most vociferous mumsnet.com poster describes as appalling. We also see this poster attending a counselling session before making the woman seriously consider leaving her husband. Her dilemma is resolved in an unexpected manner. The dishwasher's involved. The two posters who responded to the woman's post must now decide how to again give their life meaning now the woman no longer needs their online advice.


Scripts by John A Leaver

John A Leaver

Contact: john-a-leaver@hotmail.co.uk

The Cottingley Fairies Musical The Cottingley Fairies Musical

The Cottingley Fairies Musical

Based on a true story, with a fantasy theme. Some time ago in West Yorkshire where I used to live I was fascinated by the story of the Cottingley fairies, about two young girls who photographed fairies, involving Sir Author Doyle. As I was involved in amateur dramatics I decided to write a musical about the story. It was preformed on stage with help from my thespian friends and was quite a success. I have all scrips lyrics and music and would love to see it preformed again. I would loan everything necessary to put on the performance if you are interested. Look forward to hearing from you.
I would dearly love to see my musical on stage again. I have all necessary scrips and music, and I would licence it for a nominal £100. I would give help and advice when and if required.
I hope this sufficient to encourage a drama society to take this up.

The musical is based on a true story about two girls, Elsie Wright and Frances Griffiths who took photographs of fairies in a small wood next to the village where they lived. The photographs became quite famous and were eventually exploited by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. When the two girls were much older they admitted the pictures were fake .... BUT they did insist, they had actually seen fairies and one of the 5 pictures was genuine! !
The story is set in the little village of Cottingley in 1917. Two young girls Elsie Wright 16 years of age. A very talented artist and photographer. Her cousin Frances Griffiths only 9 years old had come to live with the Wrights and the two girls often visited a small wood by a stream at the edge of the village.
Elsie being a talented photographer would borrow her father's camara to take pictures in the wood where it was reputed, they saw faeries and took pictures of them that were quite amazing. Eventually Sir Arthur Conan Doyle became involved and made the pictures famous.
This makes the girls a little out of place in a small village, and are mocked by the other children, but they still visit the dell with their camara.
Meanwhile in the wood the fairies are brought together from other fairy dells by the fairy king Dianthus for the fairy gathering.
During the festival two faeries are attracted to each other Mocella and Galtonia, and wonder off together. unfortunately, they are so distracted by one another they miss seeing the two girls and are photographed by them.
The consequences of this photograph are that the Fairy King must banish Dianthus from his kingdom and the two fairy lovers can never meet again.
Eventually the girls find out and publicly declare that their pictures were fake.
Therefore, Dianthus and Mocella can reunite and live together in the land of the Fairies happily ever after.


Phil Mansell

Phil Mansell



Location: UK

Phil Mansell originally trained at the London Film School where he specialised in script-writing, directing and animation, and had three films screened at the National Film Theatre.

After teaching film-making, photography and art, he moved into the world of advertising and PR and was a professional writer until he took early retirement from his job as Press and Communications Officer at the University of Wales, Newport where he also gained an MA in Multimedia and Information Design.

Publisher: Stage Scripts

Stage Scripts

Contact via philm1310@gmail.com



In a quiet cul-de-sac a couple find their nice, quiet orderly lives disturbed by an infestation of bats. A string of people turn up and are mistaken for the bat exterminator. When he finally does turn up, his work is interrupted by a birthday strippergram, and by the time he gets down to business, it looks like it might be too late

One Act. Black comedy. 3 female, 3 male.

Transylvanian Red

Transylvanian Red

A comedy about relationships, unrequited love and the sometimes impossible search for a perfect partner. When happily married couple Will and Cathy entertain Felix, a neurotic friend who wants to introduce them to the latest in a long line of unsuitable girlfriends, they know the evening will probably not go well. Especially as the new girlfriend, Lucrezia - a mature student who creates weird works of conceptual art - drives a car that falls apart en route to the dinner party. Felix, who is a published poet, arrives early to prepare them for the shock of meeting Lucrezia but even he finds it hard to find the words to best describe her.

Look Out He's Got A Gun!

Look Out He's Got A Gun!

'Amateur Sleuths in a Spiffing Spoof'.
This comedy thriller is a fast-paced spoof of the gung-ho, stiff upper lip style of B movies and radio serials of the 1940s and ‘50s. The action revolves around crime novelist and amateur sleuth Steve Dexter who, along with his lovely wife Eve, is called in to help a baffled Scotland Yard solve a series of mysterious kidnappings. Fortunately, Dexter has just finished writing his latest crime novel so he is available to help. He and Eve cancel their planned holiday in Monte Carlo to ride to the rescue.
Publisher: stagescripts.com


Scripts by Tess Townsend

Contact details:



ZOOM PLAYS by Tess Townsend & Marie-José Zuurbier

With our local theatre club dark and all the London theatres closed, Tess Townsend and Marie-José Zuurbier decided to use their time in lockdown to write a play specially for this time. Writing collaboratively via “Pages” and on the phone, they managed to complete the work while still observing social distancing rules. The play was recorded on Zoom and became one of a series of 6 virtual comedy plays. Anyone who is interested in a free copy of the script and can connect people on Zoom is invited to get in touch for a copy of the play. So far 190 groups have asked so, come on - give it a go! zoom@studiob.co.uk


Henry! by Tess Townsend, Alan Townsend & Tony Carson

A Tudor Musical is a flexible community musical about this much loved Tudor King, his six wives and his life.
This show has now run twice (once with a cast of 17 and once with a cast of 28) and videos are available to view.
Cast : 17 – 52 characters
The score is arranged for up to 11 instruments within an orchestra
Flute, clarinet, trumpet, Violins (2), Viola, Cello, Bass, Keyboard, Acoustic guitar, Percussion
A simpler score for 4 instruments is also available.henry@studiob.co.uk


Titles by Jane Hilliard


a new comedy by Paul A.J. Rudelhoff & Jane Hilliard

Grandma's Secret

Looking for a Christmas themed play?
GRANDMA’S SECRET is a cheeky comedy (full length)

With the help of her friends Hilda and Harry, pensioner Mavis Davis has been writing best selling books in the style of ’50 shades of Grey’ under the assumed name of ‘M.S. DIAS VIVA’. So far she has managed to hide her identity from her family and the public. The books prove to be a huge success and there is talk of a film but Mavis wishes to remain anonymous and much to her agent’s dismay is now writing her very last book.
With the deadline approaching Mavis needs to be in her in her own home finishing the final chapter of the final book.
Her family however have other ideas and have arranged for her to go into a nursing home for the Christmas period while they are on holiday in America.
Mavis hatches a plan to send her forgetful friend Esme to the nursing home in her place and as Esme cannot remember who SHE is most of the time and the nursing home has not met Mavis before, she seems like the perfect replacement.
Harry and Hilda arrive to assist with the writing and to spend Christmas with Mavis. However, their plans are thwarted when Christopher, Mavis’s grandson, turns up at the house thinking it will be empty and planning a party for his ‘mates’
With the arrival of several more unwanted guests chaos soon reigns and to add to their problems someone has leaked Mavis’s address to the press and a journalist from ‘Take a Look’ magazine is on her way to expose Mavis and her double life.
Mavis and her friends go to great lengths to keep the journalist out of the house with unexpected consequences and hilarious results.


Monologue available
Sponge Cake & Leopard Skin


The synopsis: a downtrodden housewife who finds strength (in a bizarre way) through unexpected events that change her life.
A short piece 15 minutes I think.
A simple set...bare stage with a side table and chair...bottle of Sherry and a glass on table.


The Boobytrap
published by
Stagescripts Ltd


A 3 act comedy for 3 males 5 females...age ranges mid thirties to sixties. This play has been performed by the West Moors Drama Society Dorset

See YouTube video


New Comedy available
Thank You Mr. Dickens!
published by


Thank You Mr. Dickens!

Thank You Mr. Dickens!
A Christmas Comedy.

Thank You Mr. Dickens! Thank You Mr. Dickens! Thank You Mr. Dickens!


A full length comedy in two acts
The Finish Line

written by P A J Rudelhoff and Jane Hilliard
published by
Lazy Bee Scripts


Sir Humphrey Parmington and his sister Lady Gwendoline, the eccentric owners of Woodley Manor are happily living in unsuspecting bliss as their Stately Home & lives crumble around them! Will they end up in the family crypt, surely the ultimate ‘Finish Line’?
Luckily they have Maisie their faithful Cook, Kitchen Maid and Housekeeper to keep them in line.
The Kitchen & Maisie are both equally the centre of ‘House & family’.
When Sir Humphreys’ younger sister Hester and her art dealer friend Sebastian arrive at the house after a twenty year absence Maisie suspects there is an ulterior motive for their visit, she is not proved wrong!
Next to arrive at the crumbling Manor for their four yearly reunion with Sir Humphrey are his ‘Olympian’ chums. A group of ‘mixed & mixed up’ people ready to follow the Olympics and a week of eating, drinking & making merry! {As they have done since 1972 when they first met and formed a group calling themselves ‘The Finish Line}
One is a cross-dressing fugitive on the run from the Police, another, a Russian shot putter with a taste for steroids, and a Gymnast with a taste for men!
Add to this mayhem a cook who is rarely sober and a Sanitary Inspector who happens to be in the wrong place at the wrong time and the plot becomes as addled as poor Sir Humphreys mind!
With secrets and surprises revealed
Will they ever find the Finish Line?


Theatre Of War


A one act play
1914, the outbreak of ‘The Great War’
The inhabitants of a sleepy English village struggle to come to terms with the changes in their lives now that the able bodied men have left to defend their country. Those that are left behind continue with steely determination to keep the village as it was for their loved ones return.
Sadly, the futility of war touches them all.
It's an easy play to produce, one set,20/25 minutes long approx.
Although I wrote it specifically for West Moors the name of the village could be changed to fit any country setting.


Play Safe


A comedy
This play is ideal for any group that has (like us) more senior members than youngsters although two teenage boys will be needed.
Our two boys came from the local school where they are studying drama as part of their GCSE's and they really did well!

The play has only one set, not a lot of props or special effects needed and it is in 2 acts with 2 scenes per act.
If anyone is interested in reading ACT 1 SCENE1 as a sample of the script I would be more than happy to send it (via email.) script available from janehilliard163@gmail.com should anyone be interested.
6M 5F
Running time 1hr 45mins approx

Ex game show host Lance Kennedy and his wife run ‘Fairlawn’ a small rest home for retired show biz folk. A slightly eccentric group of people still trying to relive their days of fame on the small screen Florrie Fortuna was once the presenter of a wild life show and Mavis Fulbright played a nurse in a hospital drama, together they cause mayhem at the home as they search for escaped animals and injured bodies. Miriam Maplethorpe solved crimes and knitted in true Agatha Christie style! Peter Legrand was a vicar in a soap opera but prefers to remember his days as a Shakespearean actor and never misses an opportunity to quote,’ Dear Willy' Poor old ex- stand-up comedian Charlie Chuckles! No one seems to get his jokes and now he’s just a grumpy old man who enjoys causing mischief. Carina the hired help does her best to keep to keep them all in order and Matron runs the home with a rod of iron but their patience is seriously challenged with the arrival of ‘The Bentley Boys’. Two teenage ‘mini-crooks’ sent to the rest home to work out their community service. It is soon apparent that ‘The Boys’ have an ulterior motive for being at the home, they are looking for something and they are not the only ones! Who will find it first? Chaos and mayhem run riot in this world of ‘Dotty’ entertainers and small time crooks!

Published by Lazy Bee Scripts https://www.lazybeescripts.co.uk/


The Ticket


The Ticket
A one act play

Eddie and Evie are old friends, in the past they were the talk of the town with their cabaret act. After many years apart they catch up with each other again when Eddie visits Evie in the nursing home where she now lives. Their reunion is bittersweet with a surprising ending.

3F 1M ... easy set, two armchairs, one small table.

If you would like to read this script please contact me janehilliard163@gmail.com




Contact details: www.artsonthemove.co.uk

I've been writing plays since I was 11 or 12 and used to 'persuade' friends and neighbours to perform them! I have now written and published over 20 plays for children. My background as a drama and English teacher, and as the Artistic Director of a local youth theatre, has been great for developing ideas, stories and writing techniques. I have also written five drama resource books, published by Scholastic and, in 2006, I gained an MA in TV and Radio Scriptwriting which gave me another creative outlet. I particularly love writing for young actors, though, because I have never really grown up - and because they are the most discerning (and honest!) readers.

Plays include:-


Contact details: www.artsonthemove.co.uk

Dancing Backwards tells the story of Elsie Tavistock, an old lady from the North of England who has a troubled past and a dark secret. Elsie talks to strangers at the bus stop and, because no one really listens to her, she is able to tell these strangers all about her life, her dramatic recent discoveries and her need for revenge, as she waits for the bus to take her to the airport - and on to a new life.



Contact details: www.artsonthemove.co.uk

Your enemy, he who cannot be named but is called Fred, has gained knowledge of the goblet of youth.
Harry Rings, Lord of the Potters is a lively comedy pastiche in which well-known characters from the fantasy genre come together on a common quest. Harry Rings, Wizard Potter at Hogwash School, and Mojo the hoblin - a cross between a hobbit and a goblin - unite against a common enemy ('he who cannot be named but is called Fred') to prevent him from gaining knowledge of the goblet of youth. Fast, funny and simple to stage, it will appeal to both young performers and their audiences. Download also includes full production notes with support on staging, costumes, props and effects, plus great linked drama and literacy tasks.



Contact details: www.artsonthemove.co.uk

This is no time to be stupid, Cosmos!
Coronation Fleet is a madcap comedy set on a spaceship sometime in the future. A visit from the Outer Far Space Tracking and Eradication Division inspectors is imminent, but an ineffectual Captain has other concerns - namely getting to the next game level! Bullying, drugs and broken down workstations add to the chaos and lead to a soap opera-style cliffhanger ending, as the inspectors suddenly bring their visit forward! This play is a great ensemble piece for a large cast. The download includes full production notes, with great suggestions for staging, costumes, props and effects, plus useful follow-on classroom activities.



Contact details: www.artsonthemove.co.uk

You have stabbed me! I am lame! I am lame! Three Murders, a Suicide and a Near Miss is a comedy based on Shakespeare's tragic Othello. The powerful play is transformed into a farcical melodrama, with the stock characters of villain, hero, heroine and fool. Introduced by an Announcer, the adaptation mixes modern characterisation with melodramatic farce, but still retains all the essential elements of the original story. Appealing to adult audiences and young performers alike - and simple to stage - this play offers a lively introduction to Shakespeare. The download includes full production notes, with suggestions for staging, props, costumes and effects. It also contains great classroom activities for further study.



Contact details: www.artsonthemove.co.uk

Oh, no! Not the Large and Spooky Forest! It's so large and spooky!
A Suitably Happy Ending is a modern fairy tale containing all the familiar ingredients - with a twist! Jack fails his SATs and his family disown him. Banished to the Large and Spooky Forest, our hero finds support from unlikely sources. Simple to stage, this original play without music is a gentle comedy which will appeal to both adults and young performers and is perfect as a simple introduction to theatre. The download includes full production notes, with suggestions for staging, costumes, props and effects, plus great follow-on classroom activities.



Contact details: www.artsonthemove.co.uk

Come on, it'll be totally wicked. A Rooster birthday bash for the baby Jesus. Hey! You could be our glitter ball!
The Xmas Factor is a lively but respectful retelling of the nativity story. The search is on to find a special star to lead the Wise Men to Bethlehem, but auditions aren't going well. Will the right star be found in time? The quirky characters and strong message in this play will appeal to both young actors and their audiences. Performances can be expanded by including appropriate Christmas songs and carols. The script includes full production notes, with ideas for staging, costumes, props and furniture, plus great linked classroom activities.



Contact details: www.artsonthemove.co.uk

What can I do now? How can I get my children back?
The Big Ship Sails is an emotional play about the British child migration scheme of the 1940s and 1950s. Based upon actual recollections, the play focuses on the lives of children from different families and explores the reasons for, and effects of, this devastating exportation programme. Powerful as a performance, the play is an excellent resource for investigating real events of recent British history from the perspective of those involved. It also offers young performers an opportunity to experience singing, mime and tableaux. The download includes full production notes, with supporting ideas for staging, props, costumes and effects. It also contains useful follow-on activities for further study of this topic.



Contact details: www.artsonthemove.co.uk

Oh, no! You've made me stand on my dinner.
A Suitably Happy Ending - the Musical! is a modern fairy tale containing all the familiar ingredients - with a twist! Jack fails his SATs and his family disown him. Banished to the Large and Spooky Forest, our hero finds support from unlikely sources. Simple to stage, this is a gentle comedy which will appeal to both adults and young performers. This musical comes complete with MP3 files comprising original songs - written by a music teacher specifically for young voices - full musical score, printable lyrics, plus musical accompaniment backing track. The download also includes full production notes, with suggestions for staging, costumes, props and effects, plus great follow-on classroom activities.



Contact details: www.artsonthemove.co.uk

If we were doing the crucifixion, the nail makers would help!
The History of the Theatre - Part One! is a series of cleverly linked scenes which highlight the origins and development of theatre, from its inception all the way to Shakespeare - hence 'Part One!' Short scenes reveal the theatrical movers and shakers, and show us what some playwrights really thought about each other! Guided by two narrators, who also interact with the characters, the play is both informative and funny. It also provides young actors with the opportunity to explore different aspects of stagecraft such as mime, dance and tableaux. The download includes full production notes, with support on staging, props, costumes and effects, and it also contains great follow-on activities for further study.



Contact details: www.artsonthemove.co.uk

But what if he's dead and someone's seen us there?
The Trouble With Young People Today... is a modern drama with comedic elements which encourages young performers to explore how a lack of self-confidence, and disregard for personal safety, can have dramatic consequences. Jimmy is easily influenced and will do anything to impress his mates. Approval from his friends means everything to him, much to his mum's dismay. Eventually Jimmy's lack of self respect forces him to 'prove himself' - with devastating results. This play allows young actors the opportunity to create a powerful ensemble piece and provides opportunities for including mime, tableaux and other imaginative performance methods. The download includes full production notes, with support for staging, costumes, props and effects. It also contains useful follow-on activities for further study.



Contact details: www.artsonthemove.co.uk

Why have we got peas in our bed? I've never had a pea in my bed before.
The War of the Vegetables is a gentle comedy which explores social issues such as racism, bullying and living in harmony with others. An accident with the seeds leaves the Tomatoes and Peas growing in the same vegetable plot. War between the two seems inevitable, until they are threatened by the terrifying Runner Beans and have to unite against a common enemy! The play is simple to stage, provides opportunities to include dance routines or musical numbers, and is a great ensemble piece for younger performers. The download includes full production notes, providing support on staging, props, costumes and effects. It also contains great follow-on activities for the classroom.



Contact details: www.artsonthemove.co.uk

That's all very nice, but you could be killed.
The Legend of St. George and the Dragon tells the story of how the courageous, honourable and kind Knight, George, became the legend that is Saint George. When the City of Silene is terrorised by a dragon, the King is unable to help, but brave George arrives just in time to slay the beast, rescue the Princess, and save the people. This is a fabulous short and simple version of one of England's most enduring legends. The download also includes full production notes with great ideas for staging, costumes, props and effects. It also contains useful classroom activities for further study.



Contact details: www.artsonthemove.co.uk

Mind your own business, will you? You're daffodils and daffodils can't speak.
Peter's Problem is a gentle comedy in the fairy tale genre which addresses some of the issues surrounding bullying and explores the meaning of friendship. Bullied at school, Peter escapes to the woods and is astonished to discover that the animals can talk! They all give him different advice but will any of it make sense and resolve his problem? This is a great play for addressing PSHE issues, and to produce as an introduction to theatre for a large cast of young actors new to performing. The download includes full production notes with fantastic ideas for staging, costumes, props and effects. It also contains useful follow-on classroom activities for further study.



Contact details: www.artsonthemove.co.uk

Look, Mrs Collins, we're taping paper over the window to stop the Germans from bombing us.
Sausages For Tea is a mini play set in 1940, during World War 2. It tells the story of one family's experiences during an air raid in a fictional town. Young Peter Wilson has been sent to join the queue for meat at the butcher's, but suddenly an air raid strikes. As his mum and younger sister hide in the cellar, they worry about whether he'll make it safely home. This play enables young performers to gain some insight into the lives of children at that time, and to learn some historical facts about life on the Home Front during the Second World War. The play includes full production notes, with support for staging ideas, props, costumes and effects. It also contains great literacy, drama and history classroom activities.



Contact details: www.artsonthemove.co.uk

This strange boy's been kicking at the door, trying to attract our attention.
Crime Doesn't Pay is a gentle comedy based on a short story by Thomas Hardy. Whilst doing his father a favour kindly Hubert finds himself accused of burglary. But he manages to reveal the real culprits through some smart thinking - and a clever trick with a pepper pot! This simple to stage play has a strong moral and affords young actors the opportunity to experience many aspects of stagecraft, including mime, narration and tableaux. Set at Christmas, the script provides opportunities to include appropriate seasonal songs and music. The download includes full production notes, with great ideas for staging, costumes, props and effects. It also contains useful follow-on activities for further study.



Contact details: www.artsonthemove.co.uk

I know we all agreed to it, but can we actually afford a thousand guilders?
The Pied Piper of Hamelin is an engaging adaptation of Robert Browning's thought-provoking narrative poem. Lively scenes expand and support the original text, which is narrated by several voices. Comedy and pathos combine to bring the story to life, and young performers are encouraged to explore the themes of honesty - and the consequences of breaking promises. The play also provides opportunities to include musical extracts and the cast can be expanded with additional actors in non-speaking roles. The download includes full production notes, with supporting ideas for staging, costumes, props and effects. It also contains useful follow-on activities for further study.



Contact details: www.artsonthemove.co.uk

Are we supposed to eat him now?
The Witch Who Nicked Happiness is a gentle comedy in the fairy tale genre which encourages children to explore the concept of happiness and what it means to be a good citizen. Witch Fisticuffs is banned from the King's party and vows to take her revenge. Immediate misery prevails amongst the villagers, so the heroic Honest John Begood goes in search of answers. He finds them, but all is not quite as it seems. This play is simple to stage and is a lovely introduction to the art of performing. The download includes full production notes, with suggestions for staging, costumes, props and effects. It also contains great follow-on classroom activities.



Contact details: www.artsonthemove.co.uk

I don't think we should be doing this, lads. I've got a really bad feeling about gatecrashing this party.
Love Me Tender is a soap opera version of the first half or Romeo and Juliet - with cliffhanger ending! Faithful to the original story and characters, it ends with the pivotal event of Tybalt's death. The play can be used as a resource for comparing and contrasting with the original text, or as a springboard for writing the follow-on script. It also provides young actors with the opportunity to experience stage fighting, montage and dance routines. The download includes full production notes, with suggestions for staging, props, costumes and effects and the play also contains great follow-on activities for further drama and literacy study.



Contact details: www.artsonthemove.co.uk

He's horrible, that Mr Jenkins. He strapped Ada so badly she couldn't move and he stopped money out of Fanny's pay.
Whistle As You Walk Away is a powerful, informative and moving play with occasional music which dramatises the lives and times of Victorian children working in the cotton mills. Viewed through the eyes of the young workers, we hear of their hardships and learn about the difficulties and dangers they faced each working day - and understand how their lives gradually improved. The play also provides opportunities for young actors to develop mime and movement skills and to perform original songs. The download includes full production notes, with suggestions for staging, costumes, props and effects, plus sheet music and lyrics for the original songs. It also contains great follow-on activities for further study of this historical time.



Contact details: www.artsonthemove.co.uk

Well, anyone can be wise if they've got a few magic tricks up their sleeve, can't they?
Fairy Crystal and the Really Big Lie is a traditional fairy tale which uses gentle humour to explore whether telling a lie can ever be a good thing. Every time Fairy Crystal tells a lie, another fairy dies - and she lies a lot! The colony are on the verge of expelling her when Crystal tells the biggest lie of all, putting the safety of the fairy community before her own. This is a lovely play with a strong message and, although simple to stage, it has the potential for creative impact through imaginative costume and make-up design. The download includes full production notes, with advice on staging, costumes, props and effects. It also contains useful follow-on activities for further study.



Contact details: www.artsonthemove.co.uk

Back off, girly, this is my coven.
Spellbound is a fairy tale with attitude. When life becomes dull in Fairyland, the goblins Chaos and Mayhem decide to help. But they don't count on a witch fiddling the figures, a stroppy Princess, and a handsome Prince who isn't even handsome. Needless to say, things don't quite go to plan...
Simple to stage and appealing to all ages, this play provides young performers with a great introduction to theatre, and the opportunity to include dance routines. The download includes full production notes, providing ideas for staging, costumes, props and effects. It also contains great follow-on classroom activities.



Contact details: www.artsonthemove.co.uk

But can't you just paint a smile on? That's what all the other clowns do.
The Clown Who Couldn't Smile is a gentle story with elements of comedy which explores the concept of the true meaning of happiness. Bonzo the clown has lost the ability to smile and is in danger of being kicked out of the circus and sent back to Clown School. All seems lost, then a possible solution presents itself - but will Bonzo recognise the key to happiness? This is a simple to stage play that can be made more elaborate with the inclusion of musical extracts, songs, and circus routines. The download includes full production notes, with great ideas for staging, costumes, props and effects. It also contains useful follow-on classroom activities.



Contact details: www.artsonthemove.co.uk

This is all getting very messy. If Hamlet was out of the country, who killed the others?
Hamlet, the Murder Mystery is a lively retelling of one of Shakespeare's finest tragedies. Horatio, being the only person left standing at the end of the play, is being interrogated by the police. Anxious to exonerate himself, he recounts the events which led to so many tragic deaths and, through flashback, we see the full story unfold. Although condensed, this adaptation of Hamlet still retains all of the essential elements of the original text. The download includes full production notes, with support for staging, props, costumes and effects. It also contains great follow-on activities for further study.


Chris Hudson and Andy Rees

Hi, my name is Chris Hudson and along with my colleague Andy Rees, we've written a comedy that runs for about an hour. We've both been actors for over 30 years, but this is the first play we've written together.

There are 4 characters; 2 main, and 2 small parts. The 2 main characters (Dave and Pete) are long term buddies, in their 40's/50's, they're good hearted, if a little misguided! They dabble in am-dram, and are particularly proud of their portrayal of Holmes and Watson in 3 or 4 related plays, so much so that they've let it go to their heads somewhat. Their wives tolerate them, - just! But both Dave and Pete try to keep on their right sides. They've developed a way of speaking (Sherlockese) which involves the use of such phrases as "old bean" and "old man", and this drives most people, including their wives, nuts. However, it allows them to maintain the fantasy of being the natural heirs to Conan Doyle's legacy! However, they take this fantasy a little too far when they offer their "services" to the public at large!

We were wondering if there might be a theatre company, preferably in Hants, Dorset, West Sussex areas (but not exclusively), that would be interested in exploring the possibility of using our play in some way (royalty-free!).

Regards, Chris and Andy

DM me if you're interested https://www.facebook.com/chris.hudson.16718/


The Golden Flute - A New Musical

The Golden Flute - A New Musical

Book & Lyrics by Shaun Garratty & Roger Holgate
Music by BB Cooper, Arranged by Andy Collyer,

Introducing a new family musical - now available for premiere production

Interested Producers, Theatre Groups, Drama Groups please visit www.bbcooper.com/the-golden-flute for further information, music tracks and contact details


Scripts by Wayne Avrili

Location: UK
Contact: wayne.avrili@googlemail.com


Hi my name is Wayne Avrili and I have written a musical called Shifting Sands, it is the true story about my mum who emigrated to Australia in the late 50s with her husband. Whilst she was there she met an Italian man and they had an affair which resulted in the birth of a baby boy. She returned to the UK with the baby and her husband where she gives birth to another of the italian mans babies. Then 18 years later she meets up again with the italian man and introduces him to his children. I have written 18 songs for the show and was wondering if anyone would be interested in putting on the show here are examples of the songs:




Bronty the Dinosaur and the Stolen Fairy Crown

Hello my name is wayne avrili I've written a childrens musical called Bronty the Dinosaur and the Stolen Fairy Crown, it follows the story of Bronty as he and his friends venture over the Isle of Man to help the fairy's retrieve their Crown that has been stolen by the evil Buggane. It has ghosts, a witch, a vampire and an assortment of other characters it also contains 12 songs.I hope you like it and would consider producing it.

Please see below for examples of the songs.
Thank you


Scripts by Stephen Briggs



It is Christmas Eve. Mean-spirited Ebenezer Scrooge is expecting an evening just like every other evening of his dull life.
But - whether he likes it or not - redemption is heading his way, courtesy of four Ghosts.
By the end of the night, he will be a changed man. kinder, more generous and much, much happier.

This is a new adaptation of Charles Dickens's much-loved classic, 'A Christmas Carol', with book and lyrics by Stephen Briggs and music by Dan Booth.

Both script, and score, are available from Amazon - www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B08YJ2VLZH (script) and www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B08YQQVPFT (score)



I’m delighted to say that my dramatization of Bram Stoker’s 'Dracula' is now available to buy from Amazon. I’d wanted to stage it since I first read it as a teenager, but I couldn’t find a dramatization that I liked.
Having (in the interim) written and published 25 dramatisations of the novels of Sir Terry Pratchett, it finally occurred to me – “Why don’t I write my own version?”
I tried to retain some of Stoker’s style – using the medium of diaries, letters and newspaper articles to advance the plot. And I aimed for gothic horror – avoiding the temptation to play it all for laughs.

We staged the show in 2019. The independent reviewer of the first production said:
"Translating Dracula to the stage without either dispensing with key plot points or giving an impression of rushed action is an incredibly ambitious task, and yet that is exactly what Stephen Briggs has managed to achieve."

If you’d like a copy, you can order right here - https://amazon.co.uk/dp/B08W7JNWHH/


Alex Jackson

Location: London, UK
Contact: alexjacksoncreative@gmail.com or 07542473070

Alex Jackson

Pantos by Alex Jackson

Funny, family-friendly and flexible pantomime scripts for you. If you’re looking for traditional pantomime scripts for modern audiences with your favourite routines, and plenty of opportunity to customise the script for your audience, look no further.

The most important thing about picking your pantomime script is that it suits your group’s requirements. All of my scripts are produced with budgets, casts and venues of all shapes and sizes from shoe-string to spectacular. And if you need me to adapt the script with more/less characters and scenes, I’ll edit the script to fit your requirements.

Website: www.alexjacksonpantomimes.com
Social Media Links:


Paul Symonloe

Contact: info@windsorenglish.com

Beyond the Edge

Beyond the Edge - An optimistic school/theatre play about climate change.

“Making a drama out of a (climate) crisis…”

I really want you to read this (above) play. I could be polite and say it would be nice, but that doesn’t really cover it. As news media across the world bear witness to youth campaigning against inertia on climate change, you might have wondered what you can do to change minds. If yes, this play calls on your help. Beyond the Edge imagines ways closed minds can be persuaded to open and hope prevail. Please view this an invitation to add your voice to a narrative of hope.

Please consider performing this world-saving story. JUST ONE THEATRE/GROUP TAKING ON THE PLAY COULD MAKE A HUGE DIFFERENCE. I plan to devote funds raised at performances to climate change organisations. I can be reached at: info@windsorenglish.com Or on 01753 858995

Paul Symonloe.

Below the play.

Beyond the Edge – Synopsis.
Look with fresh and fearless eyes at planet Earth. Man’s insanity has brought us to the edge of disaster, and along with us, everything that exists. This play, Beyond the Edge, imagines a coming disaster. Its designated victims – a school excursion of two teachers and four teens – are pitched in front of nature’s fury when a violent flood sweeps down a hillside, savages a bridge, and engulfs a road. The small captive group, faced with this daunting practical challenge, also confront the reality of the climate emergency. The action invites us into the stories of four pupils: Jag, Myra, Jimmy and Dulcie, each with a singular brand of courage and humanity. The two adults, Miss Daphne (a charismatic and principled French teacher) believes in actions as well as words, rejecting inertia and self-interest. Opposite her, Mr Mungo, (a serious minded, older geography teacher) is comfortable with the status quo. All seems static until a series of remarkable events reveal how minds can indeed be changed.


Martha Evans

Contact: marthaevans1314@gmail.com

There Crimes

There Crimes

The play focuses on 4 females ranging between the age spectrum of 18 to 28. They are all under arrest and are soon to be put on to there death trials, but before that they are able to talk to one and other and explain what they did to be there.

Email for info if you're interested marthaevans1314@gmail.com


Wayne Miller

Scripts By Miller


Scripts By Miller

Most of my work has been performed/produced in the North East, some further north in Scotland. Despite my “ Northern..ness”. Comedy is universal, laughter knows no borders…I work and write in the hope some of the shit that spills out of me can be enjoyed far and wide.
Some of my works include: Being an Ultimate Warrior, Santa’s Naughty Elf, The Big Time, The Big Goodbye, Wendy The Witch, The Will Of Joe Spade, Peter Plank’s Spooky Spectacular Show, The Big Hit, Peter Plank’s Magical Mystical Egg , Swing When You’re Losing
Performance rights available for a selection of scripts.

Contact For all script commissions use the contact on my website or contact my script management Walton-Gunn Productions by email: Waltongunnproductions@gmail.com

Location: England UK

Scripts By Miller

The Big Time
a criminally funny farce
Jerry & Jacks want to be “Big Time”, but at what cost? They take on a job that they hope will shoot them up the ladder of the organisation. Take a girl to a fishing hut in the woods, sounds simple enough? Well with these two criminal buffoons, you couldn’t be more wrong! Watch as a kidnapping gone wrong spirals out of control and into a night of pure comic disaster.

Scripts By Miller

The Big Goodbye
a comedy farce
After the events of The Big Time, a funeral takes place, a day for jacks to say farewell and to remember the good times. The only problem is, some attending don't share the same fond memories and someone is there to make sure Jerry really is dead. Jacks must survive the bad buffet, dirt digging, back-stabbing and full on family warfare.

Scripts By Miller

Swing When You're Losing
a musical comedy featuring music of The Rat Pack
Davis & Devine are coming to the end of their twenty year career of singing in the clubs, up and down the country. They reminisce , argue and laugh about the “club life” they have lived and the people they have met along the way. Come join the duo for their final night and hopefully the gig of their lives, as they take you on one hilarious to tapping journey!


Rob Davis

Contact rob.davis@blueyonder.co.uk

Location: Shropshire, England UK

Plays by Rob Davis:

I appreciate that events are on hold for the foreseeable future but I have several one-act plays available for your consideration, there is no charge for using them but a couple of tickets would be appreciated!
Here are the downloadable links:-

At The End Of The Pier a monologue by Rob Davis


BARTLEBY the SCRIVENER by Herman Melville dramatised by Rob Davis


Three’s A Crowd a One-Act Light Thriller by Rob Davis


Old Soldier a One Act Play by Rob Davis
(this won the One Act Festival 2002)


The Watchers Watched A One-Act Play about the Past, the Present, and the Grey Area in between by ROB DAVIS
(new one, my favourite)



Gatepost Productions

Gatepost Productions


Contact: mike.denson@gatepostProductions.com

Moonlight Looks Swell On You

Moonlight Looks Swell On You

"Moonlight Looks Swell On You" is a musical written for high school and community theatre groups. It is a romantic comedy set in the 1940s, and features swing music. The show can be performed with a live band, or with digital performance tracks.

You can check it out here: www.youtube.com


Joe Simonelli

website: www.joesimonelli.com

Plays by Joe Simonelli

I wish to introduce my very popular plays for your consideration. But first, an endorsement from my legal representative, Gary DaSilva
“I represent such notable playwrights as NEIL SIMON, LARRY GELBART, and MART CROWLEY. I find Joe Simonelli to be in good company with his more famous counterparts.”

Although known mainly for my comedies, I have written eighteen full length plays ( including one musical) across different genres. Two plays in particular, MEN ARE DOGS and OLD RINGERS, enjoy enormous success among theatres in the U.S. and Canada. THE GHOST IN THE MEADOW, has already enjoyed many professional productions including an extended run at The Barter Theatre (LORT) in Virginia!
Perusals of ‘MEN ARE DOGS’, ‘HEAVEN HELP ME’ and ‘LADIES IN LINGERIE’ are available from Samuel French. All other titles are available on amazon books.

For performance rights and electronic perusals of all non Samuel French titles contact my literary agent:
Brian Sherman
IPEX Theatrical Artists
p: 646-355-8050


For full details please see my website www.joesimonelli.com








(a musical about Internet dating)















Joan Blumire

Contact j.blumire@outlook.com

Location: UK

Aladdin And The Blue Genie

I have written an unprotected, royalty free pantomime, entirely free to read, copy, perform with no remuneration to the author.

Self published in November 2019, it was first read by The U3a Play Reading Group at the Blackmore Theatre, and has been accepted by The British Library, The Wimbledon Library (with 24 additional playset copies), Southampton Central Library, Liverpool Central Library.

I would be happy to send copies to any interested theatre group, entirely free of charge.

Joan R. Blumire (author)


Steven J Yeo

Steven J Yeo


Contact: stevenjyeo@hotmail.com
Location: UK

I am Steven J Yeo. I have been a professional stage entertainer for over thirty years in musicals, plays and pantomimes. I have used the experience I gained to write high quality pantomimes and plays perfectly adaptable for amateur and professional stage productions. These plays are now being licensed and performed all over the world, from Canada and New Zealand to the Home Counties. I try not to write the same old tired pantomimes that seem to be done to death. Instead my pantomimes are all different, fresh and original. I am fully approachable for further information or direction on anything I have written.

Dr Züker’s Clinic for Phobias & Addictions (Comedy farce)
License from Author

Take one ex-TV hypnotist with a bad accent. Add a sorry bunch of life's misfits. Sprinkle in a few weird and wonderful phobias and addictions. Mix them all together in a house full of secret identities and allow it to simmer in a plot full of twists and unexpected turns. What will follow is a riotously funny play, full of laughter, slapstick and farce.

Sherlock Holmes (Family Pantomime)
Submitted to NODA

Professor Moriarty has stolen the cast scripts and kidnapped Dr Watson’s wife Mary. Sherlock Holmes and Dr Watson have to rescue Mary and track down a copy of the script to continue the show. But when the Professor replaces the script with his own version, mayhem ensues and the character roles are reversed. Can the great Sherlock Holmes, now known as Betty, and the Fairy Godmother Dr Watson save the show and arrest the Professor before the curtains fall?

The Sword in the Scone (Family Pantomime)
Exclusive agents NODA

Good King Uther Pendragon has died with no heir. It's up to Merlin, yet again, to find the next king of Camelot. With the help of some dubious knights and some really, bad cooking, Merlin finds the next future king, Arthur, when he pulls the sword of Avalon from an overbaked scone. With the sword in hand Arthur reluctantly sets out to defeat the evil witch Morgana and the Dragon in a riotously funny quest to become the true king of Camelot and rescue the Lady Guinevere held captive by the dragon

The Ripper Returns (Full length Horror Play in two acts)
License from Author

The sleepy village of Grumbalds Ash awakes to the sinister return of Jack the Ripper. Four murders in two nights, the Lord and Lady of the manor held hostage and several Ripper disguises later, the police are baffled. Can the victim's bodies reveal all the clues for the police to piece together? The police have only one option left to them. But will it work or will Jack the Ripper just simply disappear again.

Frankenbolt’s First Christmas (Christmas Pantomime)
Exclusive agents NODA

Frankenbolt’s first ever Christmas is an exciting time. His best friend Baby Brian is teaching him everything he needs to know to help make it the best Christmas ever. But there hasn’t been a Christmas at castle Van Hairpiece for years. With a couple of mischievous rats, some ghosts a playful housekeeper and the help from a trainee fairy Godmother, Christmas may just happen, eventually. With a special cameo appearance from the real Father Christmas.

The Scarlet Pimpernel (Family Pantomime)
Exclusive agents NODA

Lord Pierce Dear an English nobleman, known by the French as the scarlet pimpernel, sails to France to set free the French royalty from the Bastille and execution. He saves the French prince Adonis Before from the evil clutches of Madame Guillotine. But French spies on his ship foil his plans and he and his crew are captured and sent to the Bastille. They ingeniously escape with the help of the Scarlet Pimple Nail, in a riotously funny family pantomime, full of comedy, Dames, slapstick, and mayhem, and lots of cringe worthy jokes.

The Three Chocolatiers (Family Pantomime)
Exclusive agents NODA

All Yorkie Barr ever wanted to be was one of the king’s Chocolatiers. So he travels to Paris with his trusty horse Bounty and his mother, pretending to be a stranger, and heads for the Chocolatier Academy. On the way he meets the nasty Baron Tobler Rhone, who steals everything he has including his horse. Yorkie teams up with three of the king’s Chocolatiers, Rocky, Fred O and Whisper, who are also chasing the Baron. Eventually Yorkie must prove himself in a duel with the Baron. Will he win and get Bounty back? Will he ever get to be a Chocolatier? Will we all become addicted to chocolate?

Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves (Family Pantomime)
Submitted with Dramatic Publishing

When Ali Baba accidentally spys the secret cave of wealth belonging to the evil wizard Asbad Asthat, he shares the secret with his greedy brother Cassim. Cassim steals from the cave but is caught. Ali Baba and the slave girl Morgiana have to save Cassim and destroy the evil Wizard Asbad in a riotous family pantomime full of magic and mayhem. A totally new and refreshing take on a beloved story from the original Arabian nights tales.


David Gardiner

David Gardiner


Contact sirat@davidgardiner.net or via www.facebook.com/EngineeringParadiseMusical/ or 0208 520 9542

Location: London

David Gardiner David Gardiner

Engineering Paradise the Musical

New Musical Set in Northern Ireland Seeking Premiere. No Performing Rights or other fees for production
Engineering Paradise the Musical, a new work for the stage based on part of my (David Gardiner's) 2011 novel Engineering Paradise. The musical adaptation was created in a very unusual way and is in the Public Domain so that no Performing Rights or other fees are payable for producing it, and a potential Director would have complete artistic freedom to adapt or amend the script to suit his or her specific requirements.
Although it has many lighter moments this is at heart quite a 'dark' musical, having more in common with Cabaret or Oh! What a Lovely War than Starlight Express or No, No, Nanette.

For a full account of its origins, demo versions of all the songs and a free PDF download of the full script please visit the showcase page for the project.

I will be happy to answer any further questions that you may have or help in whatever way I can any group interested in producing the work.


Rob Davis


Location: UK
Telford, Shropshire

Contact: rob.davis@blueyonder.co.uk

One Act Plays

As a former Stage Manager for One Act Play Festivals in both Leicestershire and Shropshire, I have written several plays especially tailored for this type of event.

These scripts are freely available from my website and I ask for nothing more than a suitable credit and a free ticket to one of the performances!


Martin Gore


Location: UK

Contact: martingore1957@outlook.com

The Road to Cromer Pier

The Road to Cromer Pier is my second novel, which is achieving good sales and rates 4.6 on Amazon.

It is about the lives and loves of the cast and crew of the end of the pier show there.

I have written a play version, which is a light comedy with a heart warming story, and an initial scripted reading was well received.

I'm looking for a group to take it to the next stage of development, and am prepared to offer that group a share of on-going royalties. The script has nine roles, but can double down to seven.

The link to the novel is here:

If anyone is interested then I'm happy to share the script, which is stage ready.


Stephen Flowers

Location: UK
South Yorkshire

Contact: stephenf_s10@yahoo.co.uk

Similar to a “Brian Rix” farce, but with a charitable twist to support Alzheimers charities, including a novel way of collecting funds for the charities. A coach party of 25 heading to Barnsley has been mixed up with one of only 3 who should be heading for Burnley. It is based in a run down hotel in Barnsley with an incompetent manageress, an overworked but frustrated young assistant manager, a chef who throws knives (off stage) and a waitress who sees the good in everyone. It shows the effect of working in such an establishment where it is 95% boredom, interspersed with 5% of anxious activity.

One of the group of three who are left at the hotel suffers from Alzheimers and has been taken out of his care home and sent on a coach tour. He is totally bewildered without any idea of where he is. The dilemma is who is responsible for him – the care home, the coach company, the hotel or is it actually nobody?

This is my first foray into writing and I am looking for a group to perform it, which I have dedicated to a very good friend to my wife and I who sadly died at the age of 59, leaving a husband and two sons, both of whom have appeared on BBC TV, one currently and one previously.

I hope this is sufficient to whet your appetite for this comedy. I would be more than happy to talk to any interested parties.




Location: UK
47 Sidney St, Grantham NG31 8AZ

Contact: 81gems@gmail.com

Hanos has previously written a self-help book and a book for children. He is a former child care social worker.

The Male Chastity Device

Prompted by research on unplanned and avoidable teenage pregnancies skewing the lives of young girls/women, I have written a comedy play designed to provide a rite of passage to make it permissible to talk about sex within families. This remains a festering issue in our culture and not just for the teenagers! While the theme is throughout sexual there is no actual physical contact or nudity of any kind. There is also little ‘bad’ language but it would be impossible that someone watching the play could not afterwards engage in talking about sex in one way or another.

A second aim is that it may benefit some of those involved in the performance in this respect as well.

A third aspect is that one scene is scoped in terms of content but unwritten. This offers players the opportunity from within their skill assets to write and create one part with clear guidance.

The play is written with Amateur Dramatic Societies in mind.

I would like to know if you are interested to read or as a group do a cold reading of my play The Male Chastity Device. My local Amateur Dramatic Society laughed a lot at the cold reading they did but thought it too much for their audience to put it on.

Summary of play
All sorts of complications ensue when Bethany unexpectedly responds to her husband, Richard's unwelcome suggestion for their intimate life due to their problems with communication.


Phillip Dennett

Location: UK
Burgess Hill

Tommy Cook, Sporting Legend

Tommy Cook, Sporting Legend portrays the triumphs and tragedy of the greatest double sportsman produced in Sussex.

Cook is still the best peacetime goalscorer for Brighton and Hove Albion, despite setting the record in the 1920s, and also scored more than 20,000 runs for Sussex.
The play pays tribute to his sporting prowess, but records his WW1 war heroism, complicated love life, survival of an air crash, sacking as manager of Albion, and his early death.
It runs to about two hours and is written by retired journalist Phil Dennett, from Burgess Hill.

The play is written in memory of a former work colleague of Phil’s , Mark Gale, of the Mid Sussex Times, who died 10 years ago.
Mr Gale, a respected theatre critic, was believed to have written a play about Cook, but it was never found after his death.
The 70th anniversary of Cook’s death (1950) is in January.

Anyone interested in reading a copy of the play may e mail Phil on philipjdennett@hotmail.com


Peter Drake

Location: UK



Hi everyone

My name is Peter Drake and I am the writer of GSOH, a two act play that tells the comic adventures of three men in middle age who, for reasons explained in the play, set up an escort agency 'for the discerning woman who refuses to settle for second best'.
The play has done some decent business here in the north east and if I may say so, is pretty funny.
Cheap as chips to put on and needs three men and either one or two women.
If you fancy a look at the script, please PM me with an email address and I will send it down the wires.
Thanks Peter


Mike Rouse

Location: Dronfield UK


Mike Rouse


There's a serial-killer on the prowl. Even so, a young woman has gone into an alley with a man she met at a club...

A one-act thriller with a minimal (alleyway) set.
Cast: Minimum of 1F, 1M. Estimated run time: 22 minutes

The script has been published by Lazy Bee Scripts, and the full script is available for perusal here:



David Edkins

The King Arthur Show

Location: Birmingham UK

David Edkins

The King Arthur Show a traditional Pantomime

All is peaceful in the Kingdom of Camelot. No naughty knights have tried to take over for ages. King Arthur is enjoying the quiet. If only the queen would let him bring his horse into the castle for a nice warm by the fireplace. One day, however, the evil Mordred plays a nasty trick on the wise, wonderful wizard Merlin then tries once more to take Arthur’s throne away from him.
Do our heroes stand a chance against the forces of evil? With the help of a baby dragon, a man whose name is definitely not Wayne, the Lady of the Lake, who assures us that she can still fit into her swimming costume, and a large dose of traditional British Pantomime fun, our heroes intend to do their best to restore normality to the Kingdom.
But beware the Questing Beast!

The script has been published by Lazy Bee Scripts, and the full script is available for perusal here:


Two quotes from the professional appraisal from Lazy Bee Scripts follow:
"This script does a great job of delivering the characters we expect, the storyline we want and the end result we’re hoping for, along with the bad jokes, the routines and the audience interaction that makes it a proper pantomime."

"It’s beautifully done, and a lot of fun."


Robin Whales

Robin Whales

Contact rdwhales@telkomsa.net

Location: Hout Bay, Cape Town, South Africa


A full-length play with four characters : a white married couple, a coloured pastor and a coloured domestic.
It is not a racist play although, being set in a Western Cape, South African coastal village, race does have its part.


DAVE and his wife VERA are retired at a seaside cottage and DAVE teaches English to the disadvantaged at a Centre.
PASTOR TODD has been phoning DAVE for a meeting and eventually threatens him with the police and he eventually is invited to their cottage.
About two weeks earlier on his way home from the Centre DAVE had offered a hitching youngster a lift. A senior boy stops and tells the youngster to run away. The PASTOR, announcing he is there on behalf of parishioners and the boy’s parents, tells DAVE that he had picked up the boy, JEREMIAH SWARTZ, and tried to molest or molested him. The parents want compensation.


A couple of days later.
DAVE tells VERA about the PASTOR’s visit. Personal and marital problems make an appearance.
The PASTOR arrives to inform DAVE of the compensation sought by the boy’s parents.
DAVE turns the tables on him with threats about questions his lawyer will ask the PASTOR and his wife in court about their personal life and evasive income tax exposure.


A couple of days later.
VERA asks her domestic DOREN to investigate the PASTOR’s wife and the boy’s parents to find out how she can cause trouble for them.
DAVE learns that the PASTOR’s wife is a “saint” who feeds township children from her home. He did not know she was the PASTOR’s wife.
DOREN says the PASTOR’s wife is terrified by all that’s going on and is “fleeing” to the Cape Flats. She reveals that the PASTOR may also be preparing to leave his church to be with his wife.
Feeling guilty of frightening them off, DAVE, who in the meantime has been thinking that the PASTOR could be genuine (which he is), leaves for Driekoppie to find the pastor to persuade them not to leave.
DOREN tells VERA that Mrs Swarts, the boy’s mother, knows the accusation is a lie (started for gain by the boy’s step-father) and is looking for the PASTOR to tell him the truth.
On the phone from the church DOREN’s daughter (Elmarie, who knows “everything”) tells them DAVE’s car was recognised and he has been beaten to death near the church, and his car set alight.
We are left with DOREN and VERA and DOREN’S “surprise” reaction to Dave’s death.



Jack Milner Jack Milner



Co-founder of We Do Things Differently www.wdtd.co.uk

For writing enquiries: Michele Milburn at michele@milburnbrowning.com

The Mummy

The Mummy

“The 39 Steps in bandages”... From deepest, darkest, dangerous Egypt, via Torquay… a legendary curse is stirring back into life and we're all going along for an outrageous, terrifying ride as it takes grip…! A respectable legal practitioner, a beautiful dark-eyed Cornish heiress and her father, a 5,000 year-old man seeking an ancient love and the Tomb of the mystical Queen Tera all clash spectacularly in hilarious circumstances!

Publisher: shop.stagescripts.com


Alan Lowe

Alan Lowe

Two of the plays have songs. "Another Saturday Night" has been produced on the amateur stage in Malawi, the Philippines and in Nevada, USA. (I kid you not!) the other three have not been produced. (As yet.)

Apartment 3, Quay West, 91, South Promenade, Lytham St. Anne's FY81NW

Contact: allen.lowe@sky.com
Tel 01253422410 or 07527637108


Musical Play - Another Saturday Night

Plot Synopsis.
The play begins in the sixties when two young lovers are forced to part. We then move to the present day and the interior of a Singles Bar where a group of middle aged people are gathered. They include divorced people, single people, separated people and a widow. With the aid of pop songs we learn of their troubles, their hopes and their dreams. Will one couple resolve their differences and come back together? Will two singles become a couple? Will the widow succumb to the lothario and will the two youngsters we met at the beginning finally rekindle the love they once had? With songs and laughter (and a few tears) all is resolved at the end. (Or is it?)

21 Songs.
I Will, Love Hurts, Oh Carol, As Usual, You were always on my mind, There goes my heart, Bobby’s Girl, It started all over again, A forever kind of love, Big Spender, Shut up and Kiss me, Another Saturday Night, My eyes adored you, You’ve got a friend in me, They can’t take that away from me, The Wanderer, You got what it takes, December 1963, I won’t send roses, Dream Lover, Crying, Rip it up.

The Rehearsal Room

Plot Synopsis.
Set in a rehearsal room, a society gather to rehearse for a concert they plan to put on to raise funds. There are numerous speaking parts which should keep any group happy. The story concerns "unrequited love" problem children, theft, surprise discoveries and the usual frictions found in any large group. It allows the group to sing around 20 Richard Rogers songs, from " Manhattan" to "Do-Re-Me" and almost everything in between!

20 Songs.
With a song in my heart. Mountain Greenery. Manhattan. Sand and Water. People will say we're in love. Oh what a beautiful morning. I remember it well. Oklahoma. Getting to know you. June is busting out all over. When the children are asleep. I'm in love with a wonderful guy. It might as well be spring. If I loved you. It's only make believe. Climb every Mountain. It's a grand night for singing. This can't be love. Shall we dance. Do-Re-Mi.

The Ticket

Plot Synopsis.
The play centres on a a church hall where a rummage sale is about to take place. At first it is just that but in their search through the clothing a lottery ticket is discovered and it appears to be the "Big Winner". There then ensues arguments and discussions on who has a claim to it, the person that found it, the person whose trouser pocket it was found in or should it be handed in a lost property? During these arguments and discussions friendships are tested and in some cases destroyed. It seems the only way this can end is badly.

Waiting for a train

Plot Synopsis.
The play is set in the Waiting Room of a railway station where a diverse group of people are stranded having missed their train for one reason or another. A disheveled man is seated on the floor in one corner when the others start to come in. Three middle aged ladies are followed ten minutes or so later by two middle aged men and two older ladies. They discuss the disheveled man believing he maybe the man the police are looking for concerning an assault earlier in the day. Is he the man? is he dangerous? We discover the shocking answer at the end.


Ben Chi (Mr. Ben)

Mr. Ben, as he is fondly called, has a mandate of serving humanity through the creative use of writing. Encouraged by his labor for knowledge through the years, he has unequivocally brought to the hearing of people and organisations values that would be instrumental to their positive change. To depict this feat, Mr. Ben has written over twenty works-fiction and non-fiction. He has under his belt written works that fall under the categories-juvenile, SCI-FI, short stories, family, inspirational, scientific, educational/academic, business, sexuality/relationship, self-help, religion and many more.

Contact mrbenisreal@gmail.com or via www.facebook.com/ben.chi.775

Location: Lagos, Nigeria

The Young People's Plays

The Young People's Plays

This is a collection of short plays that mirrors the life of young students from the Nursery to the primary (or elementary), all the way to secondary (or High School) levels. With didactic intents, the plays aimed to educate, inspire and entertain readers and audience whose love for young people growing up to be responsible adults is a priority.

Each play has its synopsis, characters and the subsequent story.

Published on Amazon


Tom Finn

Tom Finn


Location: Cork

Tom is a new author and is eager to find a group willing to produce his work

Contact: tomtosh2012@gmail.com or 0862149601

Dark motives

There are nine scenes in this drama with a word count 17, 964

This drama centres around a married farming couple who have no children. There is a nephew who hopes to get the farm when they die. However, the couple’s farm help, who has worked hard for the couple also feels that he is in the frame. A plan is hatched to turn the old couple against one of the potential inheritors but by whom? A lot of unsavory and inexplicable happenings take place, suggesting malice and manipulation. These are the talk of the community and the local pub. The old couple are at a loss to understand what is going on and are understandably very upset. Things then take a turn for the worse and there is a tragic happening. With its large cast of characters from a small community, and suspicion landing on various characters in turn, this becomes, unexpectedly, an Irish rural ‘whodunnit’. Eventually police get involved and unmasks the unlikely perpetrator, which shocks everybody.
The main protagonists are Patrick (68) and Johanna (65) Griffin, Mike Derham farm worker (35) who has been working for the Griffins for 10 years. Also involved are John Griffin (31), Patrick’s nephew and Dave Scannell (48), a neighbour, who become a sudden focus of attention .
Pub characters: Rory (publican), customers Tony, Dan, Maurice and his wife Nora.
Other characters: Ger Brennan, neighbouring farmer and Detective Sergeant Martin.

Divided Loyalties

There are 8 scenes in this drama with a word count 17,320

The time-frame for this drama is established at the outset with the sound effects of battle noise, gunfire, screams etc. of World War One. With this background, Mother holds a letter, standing in a spotlight, as we hear her son’s voice reading it over the battle noise. Then fade out the WW1 noise and we’re back in the kitchen as the family discusses the son (Shane) who has gone to war and their fears for his safety.
At the battle front Shane explains to his comrades how he has joined the New Zealand army and gone to France.
Shortly afterwards we learn that Shane has gone missing or AWOL. This situation leads to all sorts of rumours and discussions within his family and local community. The family are understandably concerned but are shocked to hear that their son in back in Ireland but does not want to communicate with them.
It is then learned through the grapevine that Shane is in Ireland to fight with the rebels in an uprising in Ireland. A member of the RIC gets a cold reception as he visits the family and searches the house.
Events move on quite swiftly and there is a court martial at Richmond Barracks in Dublin. Shane’s fate seems sealed but there is quite a dramatic intervention from an unusual source but is it enough to save Shane?
Family: John Feeney (father), Joan (mother), Pte Shane (son), Jack (son), Kate (daughter).
Pub characters: Charlie (Publican), Jamie, Graeme, James Mulchy (Ret. Schoolteacher).
Also: Sgt. William Lucan, Pte. Joey Malone. Pte. Paudie Aherne, Fr Peter Rice, Sgt. Ormond RIC, Major Francis Woodward, Captain Henry Miller (Recorder)


Hales, Hogan and Wright

Publisher: Available from Spotlight Publications,
including sample script to peruse

Contact via nospam@MahoganyComputing.co.uk

Location: UK

Treasure Island

Treasure Island

Excellent and original pantomime script - Treasure Island R L Stevenson's rollicking adventure yarn featuring Jim Hawkins, Long John Silver, Blind Pew, Ben Gunn et al., brought to vivid life by the team of Hales, Hogan & Wright.

'We performed this panto script in Dec 2012 and it was said to have been the best panto performed for ages. A witty 'Blackadder' style humour script that had the cast laughing from the first read through. Thanks." - Amy Smith, Teignmouth Players

Young Jim and his Mum Harriet find Captain Flint's map and aided by Squire Trelawney and his daughter Polly set sail in Captain Smollett's ship "The Golden Behind" to retrieve the treasure. But he is pursued by Flint's vindictive spirit, and assorted cutthroats, including the infamous Long John Silver.

Players: 7 Male, 6 Female, 7 M/F Parts


Amelia Marriette Publisher: Lazy Bee Scripts

Amelia Marriette  

Contact via ameliamarriette@gmail.com or 00 44 7909 9655658 Location: Austria

Nay Remember Me

After Shakespeare’s death, two of his principal actors, John Heminges and Henry Condell, undertake the task of publishing all of his scripts, and the First Folio is born. Four centuries later in 2001, the First Folio is auctioned at Christies. My play “Nay, Remember Me!” was recently published by Lazy Bee Scripts. It began its life as part of the Royal Shakespeare Company’s Fringe Festival in 2001. It has been revived twice by Malvern Theatre Players and toured to Devon. NODA nominated the last production for an award.

Nay Remember Me Nay Remember Me Nay Remember Me


Pantomime Scripts

Pantomime Scripts

Award winning pantomime scripts that have wowed audiences up and down the country.

A Christmas Carol, Aladdin, Beauty and the Beast, Jack and the Beanstalk, Mother Goose, Robin Hood and the Babes in the Wood, Sleeping Beauty, Snow White, The Snow Queen

A constant titter! - Hereford Times
An unmissable treat! - Worcester Evening News
More FIZZ than a bottle of Bubbly! - Ann Mayor Director
Paul Tate has captured the very essence of Pantomime! - Sadie Warrington Director / Choreographer

For perusal copies please email paultateproductions@hotmail.com

Eldrida of Attercoppe Lane

Eldrida of Attercoppe Lane

A group of Archaeologists, Saxon Ghosts, Queen Boudicca and a Woman who is convinced she is a descendant of Emmeline Pankhurst can mean only one thing.....

Performance Rights available from Sept 2018.
Enquiries welcome and all the best with your shows!!!

Please like and follow our Eldrida of Attercoppe Lane page.


Lucy Driver Publisher: Silver Birchington Plays

Silver Birchington Plays

Facebook  Twitter  

Contact via Enquiries@silverbirchingtonplays.com Location: UK

The Little Mermaid

A full length play suitable for youth groups to perform.

A large cast with opportunities for doubling in necessary.

Based on the much-loved tale by Hans Christian Anderson this play tells the story of Pearl, a mermaid who lives in the underwater kingdom with her father King Poseidon, her mother Queen Amphitrite and all her sisters. The younger mermaids are taught by school mistress Mrs Krill and Charles the lobster is in charge of party planning for Pearl's birthday. Pearl is now old enough to swim to the surface and see humans for the first time. Once she gets to the surface she sees Prince Stefan and it is love at first sight. She stays too long and her father, angered by her disobedience, whips up a storm which results in Stefan and his crew crashing onto the shores of the Kingdom of Durdle Dor. Pearl saves him from drowning but he is discovered and nursed back to health by Queen Cristabel. Pearl seeks the help of the Sea Witch Drusilla and her side-kick sharks, Fankie and Tony. In return for helping Pearl walk on land, Drusilla demands that Pearl gives her her voice. Once on land Pearl is rescued by Stefan but is unable to tell him how she feels and with the return of Queen Cristabel it appears that all is lost but with the help of her friends and sisters, the evil Drusilla is overcome and all live happily ever after.


Jacky Rom

jacky Rom

Contact via Facebook or www.jackyrom.com

Location: UK



Available now as an instant EBOOK
You can purchase this at: www.jackyrom.com £9.75

Monologues & Duologues

Monologues & Duologues FOR KIDS

Need some inspiration
You can purchase this at: www.jackyrom.com


Stuart Lee

Contact Stuart Lee stulee66@gmail.com

Stuart Lee

Location: Oxford UK

Never Tell Them

Never Tell Them

set in the immediate aftermath of WW1 a returning soldier struggles to adapt to civilian life whilst his wife attempts to use a spiritualist to come to terms with what happened. Perfect for the 100 year anniversary in 1919 and 1920 as it shows the lasting impact of war, and the effects not only on the soldiers but on the women and children left behind. It also explores the rise in fraudulent spiritualism after the war. Decsribed as ‘Impressive … with great theatrical moments’ by Gareth Machin, National Theatre; ‘Gripping’ DailyInfo; and ‘You can hardly get a better evening’s entertainment’ Oxford Prospect. Single set, 3-hander (2M, 1F and option to have 1M as ghost). Winner of the Oxford Playhouse Short Play Competition in 2008.

Publisher ScriptCircle: https://www.scriptcircle.co.uk/script/79/
Video Highlights of 2010 Production - www.youtube.com/watch?v=SYUDCphmJZY


Terry Patterson

Contact Terry Patterson TerryPatterson147@hotmail.com

Terry Patterson

The Redundant Blade

My first production was The Redundant Blade and was written as a tribute to the late Tom Hadaway who I knew personally, having served my time as an apprentice on North Shields fish quay. The play is still on going and can be seen at the exchange on Howard Street on 17th May 2019. For details contact the ticket source.
The Redundant Blade focuses on one particular family, The Rutter’s. Da’ Rutter has been out of work for two years and makes his way in life doing the odd bit of Fiddle whilst still claiming unemployment benefit.
His wife struggles to feed her six children. Davy Rutter the eldest son has followed his father down onto the quay and works as a deckhand aboard the Northern Light, a trawl vessel. Alice, the eldest daughter is musically gifted and writes poetry. She dreams of a better life away from the Meadow Well Estate (formerly the Ridges) The play is set in 1984 when the miner’s were on strike and Margaret Thatcher was in government. Da’ Rutter is a staunch Labour Party supporter who discovers that his son has voted for the Tory government. This play is about poverty in North Shields and the struggle of just one family to survive. Mary Glindon the Labour MP came to see the play and she said “ The Redundant Blade is a rollercoaster ride of nostalgia, one minute I was laughing, the next crying. It is a brilliant piece of writing and should be seen by everyone.’

Reaping the Benefits

This play tells of two brothers the youngest brother has made good and has married into a wealthy family and has a posh house whereas his older brother who is a petty thief has never worked legitimately. His wife longs for what the younger brother has.
Things take a turn when the younger brother finds out he is bankrupt due to his wife’s spending and has to then turn to his brother for help.
This is a comedy drama which is about 9o minutes in length.


Gerry Jones

Contact Gerry Jones gerryjones108@gmail.com

I have three pantomime scripts for children and adults (Jack and the beanstalk, Cinderella and Aladdin) and one adult farce "Women Behaving Badly".
All pantos include music selections as well

I can provide all the scripts in word or pdf format. I have just produced Aladdin to 4 full houses over 400 people in a village hall and raised over £3,000 for a children's charity.
Any money collected for these scripts will will go to our charity.


Robert Duncan
Robert Duncan
Contact: me@robertduncan.biz

Robert Duncan


Back in the eighties, Robert Duncan wrote the play of Cluedo. Based on Waddington's board game, the comedy starred all the usual suspects - Colonel Mustard, Miss Scarlett and co - and had six different endings, the murderer being chosen by a secret audience vote in the interval. The cast then had to go into the ending of the night.
Cluedo broke box office records on its opening tour, including the Theatre Royal Windsor. The play toured for three seasons to house filling effect. And then...
Waddington's were sold to Hasbro, who withdrew permission to produce the play. After years of argument Robert Duncan finally decided to rewrite the show without the seven bits that Hasbro own - the title and the six characters.
So meet CUT! The same plot, but set in the world of thirties movies. Reshaped and tighter than the original, the new comedy was snapped up by a New Zealand theatre group, and England's Thame Players for their 2019 seasons.

Could your group handle the horrors of six different endings? Have a look at the script and see...


Charlie Marx
Contact: charliemarx@gmx.com
Location: Glasgow, Scotland


I have an original musical, titled "Musical" The Musical, which I wrote in 2016. I have worked on it continuously since and have tested it with audiences here in Scotland twice with pleasant responses.


"Musical" The Musical is a comedy about a theatre in New York in 1985. A gambler wins a run down broken theatre in a game of poker and soon finds out that he has been landed with a major problem. He has an idea that if he covers up the cracks in the walls, hides all the debris and brings in a theatre group to put on a show for one night only he can sell it to a selected group of invited buyers.

The problems start when he recruits a desperate director, a hopeless cast and a suicidal writer. Things get out of control as money is low and talent is even lower.

There are a main cast of 10 actors aged from 20s to 60s. There are also dancers to double up to play extra smaller parts.

The set is basic as it is as run down theatre. There is a scaffold and various broken theatre props.

I am happy to email the script and a very rough demo of some of the songs to interested parties.


Steve Howrie
Steve Howrie
Contact: steve.howrie@outlook.com
Location: Scotland

Steve Howrie

The Pipes, the Pipes

One-act play, situation comedy.

Imagine a World where seemingly innocent occupations have been bomb-dropped into the same category as drug-taking and alcohol abuse. Occupations such as bagpipe playing, for example. Should pipe addict Dan Hunter hide his 'problem', or bow to the wishes of his wife Judith? This is the dilemma facing Dan as he tries to manage his addiction in the face of increasing pressure from Judith, his friends, and society at large - with comical results.

Publisher: Smashwords


Jane Lockyer Willis

Titles by Jane Lockyer Willis

Member of The Society of Women Writers and Journalists. www.janelockyerwillis.co.uk



Harry, an aspiring out of work young actor, is very behind with the rent for his bed-sitting room. Desperate for money, he hatches a plot to persuade his stepfather Alban, a retired bank manager, to come to his rescue. Alban arrives only to discover that Harry's attractive landlady is an old flame of his, a woman who still arouses past passions. When they all meet in Heather’s sitting room, together with Harry's pregnant girl-friend, hilarious complications ensue. A Sat Nav, which refuses to switch off and insists on giving advice, adds to the fun.
Comedy – adult group
5 males, 3 females
2 sets: bedroom/sitting room

'Jane's dialogue is very good and her experienced directions are impeccable.'

Bernard Knight CBE - Novelist and scriptwriter
Author of the CROWNER JOHN series of fifteen medieval mysteries
Author of the Dr Richard Pryor series of 1950's forensic tales.

by Jane Lockyer Willis

Published by Playwrights Publishing Company.



Jim and Rowena embark on a weekend break with friends, Patrick and Betty.

Tensions arise when Rowena discovers that she has picked up Betty’s suitcase by mistake. What does she find there? And what does Jim discover when rummaging through his wife’s suitcase? The drink flows and the confessions begin. As things go from bad to worse, enter Bruce, the local eccentric, who at night, frequents the hotel corridors. Through their mutual love of churches, Jim finds in Bruce, a friend and ally.

3 males, 3 females

single set - bedroom

by Jane Lockyer Willis

An English Country Garden - Monologues & Duologues for Men & Women

'An English Country Garden' is a perfect example of the craft of miniature playwriting: its small scenes for one or two performers capture not only the essence of aspects of English life but also the deep issues that lie beneath the apparently idylic surface.
This small volume contains wonderfully stimulating and engaging material for any actor who wishes to explore character, emotion and motivation' The Playwrights' Co-operative have made a bold and imaginative decision in publishing this unique collection.
Ken Pickering Hon Professor of Drama, University of Kent

The author has penned a diverse anthology comprising thirteen monologues and five duologues for the mature performer. Each complete in itself, this booklet offers a wide range of choice and content. Both amusing and sad, these pieces vary in length from approximately three to seven minutes. They can be performed singly for auditions, as practice or party pieces, at festivals, or even tailored towards an evening’s programme.

Just the book to have on your shelf when you need a few minutes entertainment.

by Jane Lockyer Willis

Obtainable from Published by Stage Scripts


Walkies - A one act comedy

A heart warming comedy on the theme of loneliness about two people from different backgrounds who meet by chance in the woods.

Plot Summary: Conventional, middle-aged Jen, goes for her daily walk in the nearby woods and meets Steve, a straight talking vagrant. He invites her back to his home, a large cardboard box set among a clump of fir trees shortly destined to be felled. Hesitiant, but desperately wanting to widen her horizons, Jen accepts. And so develops a bond between two people whose backgrounds are widely different.
But there are questions: why does Steve insist that she owns a dog when Jen insists that she doesn't? Are things really as they seem? Or has Steve an agenda that Jen knows nothing about...until that is, she looks deep into the corner of his box. A play with bite!

Players: 2 male 1 female
Cast: Jen, Steve, Woodcutter
Set: Woodland.
Two scenes
Period: Present day.
Running time: approx. 30 mins.

by Jane Lockyer Willis

ISBN: 978-1-907307-40-9
Published by Spotlight Publications

A Trifle Unwell - A one act comedy

Jo's hiding from the rest of the party out on the stairs, but she's disturbed by Flora, who's escaping with the trifle. The pair meet Phil, who shouldn't really be there and then the hostess comes along to ask some searching questions. A light drama with added custard and sherry.

3 women 1 man. Approx 25 mins.

Published by Lazy Bee Scripts
Lazy Bee Scripts, 2 Wood Road, Ashurst, Southampton SO40 7BD

Tel: 023 802903120

079 6681 9638

by Jane Lockyer Willis

COCOA AND CUDDLES - A Black Comedy in Two Acts

CAST: 4 Women and 3 Men.
One set: a cottage interior.
Frank is squeamish by nature, especially when it comes to burying his late irascible old mother Edith now lying upstairs in the spare room. While urging him to make necessary arrangements, Lorna, Frank’s second wife, discovers to her annoyance that he has engaged the help of his sister Polly. Val and Reg, members of the local folk dancing club, arrive to pay their respects. They disclose that Edith, far from having been difficult, was a well liked fun loving club member with a toy boy called Ted. Edith’s presence is felt throughout the play as being symbolic of the fractured relationships and bickering family: Polly, jealous of Frank and railing against his ineffectualness; Lorna, angry over his reluctance to face reality; and Carr ie, Frank’s late daughter who casts a further shadow over events. Frank finds solace in Lucy, a twenty year old mourner, who closely identifies with his emotional state. The play closes with more family disclosures which serve to reconcile Frank and Polly, as they rediscover their abiding love for each other. Funny and sad, this play deals with love, loss, jealousy and regret.

To access page direct: https://www.plays4theatre.com/bookdetails.php?pr=761
ADDRESS: 2 Hereford Close, Woolston, Warrington, Cheshire WA1 4HR

by Jane Lockyer Willis

ABRACADABRA - A One Act Comedy

Cast: 2 women and 2 men
One set: A living room.
Approximate length: 20 mins.
Lionel and his wife Rosemary live a quiet island life. One night, while asleep, a portrait of Queen Victoria that has, for many years hung on their sitting-room wall, is stolen by a fellow islander. The thief unexpectedly returns the picture, explaining that his burglary activities serve only as a hobby to stave off boredom. The couple, with some helpful hints from Victoria’s ghost, visible only to Lionel, realise it is time to change their quarrelsome ways. To illustrate their good intentions, they decide to replace the old portrait with a new painting of themselves.

ISBN: 9781840947625 Published by New Theatre Publications
ADDRESS: 2 Hereford Close, Woolston, Warrington, Cheshire WA1 4HR

by Jane Lockyer Willis

HALF A CROWN - A One Act Comedy

A modern one act comedy about role playing and involving a princess who has a problem with her crown. Easy to cast with one set, and ideal for amateur clubs and drama festivals.
Princess Maud has had enough of royal life and leaves the palace to become a secretary to a firm of solicitors. But try as she may, she cannot rid herself of her crown and royal ways. When she finally succeeds in casting off a very physical tie to her past, an unexpected event compels Maud to review her decision. An adult fairy tale with a twist, this is a fun play.
Players: 3 male 3 female
Cast: Maud, Crust, Jonny, Caroline, Charlie, Linda
Set: An office
Period: Present
Running Time: 45 minutes
ISBN: 978-1-907307-13-1
PUBLISHED BY Spotlight Publications

'This is an entertaining little romp that will appeal to many groups.' Amateur Stage Magazine.

by Jane Lockyer Willis

CINDERELLA'S TIME OUT - A delightful new take on the classic fairytale

Cinderella yearns for a 'new life without straight roads and predictable endings.' Abandoning the story and the doting Pince Charming, she travels the world seeking her independence. Meanwhile the Prince, now at a loose end, meets Bo Peep. She temporarily fills the emotional gap, and together they set up home at his parent's palace. Cinderella finally returns to live with her ugly sisters, now kind and loving, owing to the positive influence of a new, innovative Fairy Godfather. Worried that Cinderella's behaviour has influenced other fairytales, the Prince and Bo Peep visit her to see what can be done. En route a dragon pursues them and attacks Bo Peep's sheep. All is resolved, when Godfather issues invitations to the annual ball. Bo Peep's father slays the dragon and Bo Peep, ever devoted to her flock, decides to return to her nursery rhyme. The liberated Cinderella and the prince, having attended the ball, are reunited and arrive back at the palace just before midnight. The fairy tale is back on track.
ISBN: 978-1-907307-30-0
PUBLISHED BY Spotlight Publications

by Jane Lockyer Willis


Two patients and one other - a patient or visitor? And what happened to the goldfish? A funny, touching play for three mature women.

Millie has come to visit her friend in hospital. Wandering into a ward, she becomes friendly with Annie and Rose, two eccentric, argumentative Patients. Things come to a head when Annie accuses Rose of saving up her sleeping pills in order to do away with herself, while Rose accuses Annie of having murdered her mother. The normally meek Millie becomes a surprisingly good judge and jury of Rose and Annie's dispute. At the end, the mystery of Millie's friend is finally solved.
ISBN: 978-1-907307-18-7
PUBLISHED BY Spotlight Publications

by Jane Lockyer Willis


What do Joseph, an upmarket stable and the Christmas Star have in common with a housewife, an errant husband and a friend who can't cook meringues? See what happens when Bethlehem comes to suburbia.
Set in present day England, this is an ideal one act comedy for Christmas.
Cast: 2 f 2m.Set: Single. Length: Approx. 35 mins.
SYNOPSIS It's the Christmas season and Gillian is missing her errant husband Norman, who has walked out on her without explanation. Prone to fantasies, she transforms her bedroom into a stable, casts her husband as a shepherd, Norman's girlfriend, Linda as a wise woman, and uses Joseph as the arbitrator to oversee this imaginary get-together. Although there are arguments, back stabbings and recriminations the meeting ends with a reconciliation in sight. However, when Gillian's husband unexpectedly telephones the next day, her fantasies set to work once more. The play ends with her grasp on reality being further questioned.

wwpanto@gmail.com Tel: 01383 825 737

by Jane Lockyer Willis

Tony Antoniou

Contact: tonycyp@hotmail.co.uk


PTSD is a widely recognised mental health disorder with roots stretching back centuries and often associated with the military. Terminology such as `shell shock` and `combat fatigue` was used before the diagnosis of the condition being linked to mental health.

Play (dark humorous drama)

It’s 1982 and the 5 main characters of the play are going through an introduction to their sergeant and the audience at an army barracks, switching between present day and a brief ‘spotlight’ review of their troubled past, which has thrust them towards enemy lines.

The story is based around Jonny Stanton and his struggle to deal with Post War Stress Disorder experienced through conflict and the shock of battle. Jonny Stanton’s young wife and colleagues try bringing Jonny back to his former self with moving scenes of sadness, frustration and violence coupled with humour and a couple of twists and turns along the way. The opening scene gives you an overview of the leading characters, their personalities and how they arrive as soldiers. Then on to the ‘banter’ in an extended helicopter troop movement, then on to the bombing of HMS Sheffield and a gripping hospital scene.
In the background to all this is a love interest, a sex change and murder.
The script takes you along a path of a young married man’s insecurity and fear elevated to an extreme level brought on by the illness and poorly subscribed medication and misunderstanding of the condition.

Its worth a read I promise.

To obtain a copy of the script or for further information please contact me via email. Tony


Charles Robertson

Ghost of the Tree

Ghost of the Tree

Ghost of the Tree is a powerful and emotionally charged story of seven young women in a cursed family tree. The play opens with a pregnant homeless girl. She has returned to the family home to find it deserted. She is in desperate circumstances. Outside, the ghostly tree which has clung to the side of the house for over a hundred years is finally giving up its life. The play takes us on a journey into the past to uncover the family secrets, the secrets of mothers and daughters, to the beginning, when a terrible crime was committed. This play can be cast for two to eight women. It can easily be adapted as a one-woman play

Published by Charles Robertson Kingston, Ontario, Canada

Contact: c.robertson@bottletreeinc.com

Check out my plays on Amazon


Ronald Fairfax

Contact: corkyswar@gmail.com or 01482346754

Red Cross Buns

New Play for Armistice year 1918/2018

It takes place somewhere on The Western Front in late 1918. it is in two acts and has an East Yorks and North Lincs context.

If a local group takes it on I shall wave the royalty. R. Fairfax


David Barry

David Barry


Contact: dbarry.jones@yahoo.co.uk

Mr Micawber Down Under

Roles Minimum Male roles = 4. Minimum Female roles = 3. Minimum total with doubling = 7. Minimum total without doubling = 7. No chorus. Five narrating voices also have numerous character roles.

Run Time Around 135 minutes. [Estimated!]

Music Five musical pieces are suggested in the Producer's copy of the script. Lazy Bee Scripts does not supply any sheet music with this script.

Style A full length play with various (simple) settings.

Synopsis In this Dickens spin-off, the Micawber family find themselves in Australia, where Mr Micawber's incorrigible optimism continues - he is sure that something will turn up. In many twists and turns the story, assisted by innovative narration here and there, unfolds - as the family, pursued by creditors finally sails into the sunset, convinced that something will turn up in New Zealand.

Publisher and further information at: www.lazybeescripts.co.uk


Australian playwrights

Looking for savings on royalties?
Here is a chronological list of Australian playwrights.

Copyright law is complex and changes - do your own research before deciding they are royalty free.

1794- 1857 William Thomas Moncrieff - see https://trove.nla.gov.au/work/21552149
1813-1868 Charles Harpur - see https://trove.nla.gov.au/work/26147659
1814-1882 Charles Reade - see https://trove.nla.gov.au/work/6392140
1822–1889 Edward Reeve - see https://trove.nla.gov.au/version/22998990
1822-1878 William Akhurst - see https://trove.nla.gov.au/version/42644567
active 1834 Henry Melville - see https://trove.nla.gov.au/version/45058405
1842-1928 Benjamin Hoare - see https://trove.nla.gov.au/version/21422225
1842–1880 Walter Hampson Cooper - see https://trove.nla.gov.au/version/11147291
1843–1913 Garnet Walch - see https://trove.nla.gov.au/work/14544767
1846-1881 Marcus Clarke - see https://trove.nla.gov.au/version/30868519
1846-1911 Mary Hannay Foott https://trove.nla.gov.au/work/12444768
active 1849 James R. McLaughlin - see https://trove.nla.gov.au/work/10965020
1849-1916 Francis Rawdon Chesney Hopkins -see https://trove.nla.gov.au/version/27983889
1850-1921 George Darrell - see https://trove.nla.gov.au/version/48577781
1856-1919 Alfred Deakin - see https://trove.nla.gov.au/work/34642429
1860-1921 Charles Haddon Spurgeon Chambers - see https://trove.nla.gov.au/version/9979239
1862–1938 Edmund Duggan - see https://trove.nla.gov.au/version/38589306
1862-1935 Blamire Young - see https://trove.nla.gov.au/version/15020990
1862-1915 George William Louis Marshall-Hall - see https://trove.nla.gov.au/version/22606769
1864–1939 Catherine Clarissa (Kate) Howarde
1865-1931 Edward Dyson - see https://nla.gov.au/nla.news-article128726790
1865-1944 Alexander Melrose - see https://trove.nla.gov.au/version/43567176
1868-1935 Steele Rudd
1868-1930 William Jethro Brown - see https://trove.nla.gov.au/version/25522448
active 1866 Richard Henry Horne
active 1867 Ralph Delaney - see https://trove.nla.gov.au/work/7456474
1868–1937 William George Moore - see https://nla.gov.au/nla.news-article147569643
1868–1953 Albert Edward (Bert) Bailey
-1913 Bert Royle - see https://trove.nla.gov.au/version/21976506
1869-1953 Alfred Law - see https://trove.nla.gov.au/version/42899693
1869–1942 Sir George Stephenson Beeby
active 1869 W R Honey - see https://trove.nla.gov.au/version/31167262
active 1870 John Smith - see https://trove.nla.gov.au/version/40529683
1871-1936 [John Stange Heiss] Oscar Asche
active 1872 Walter H. Cooper
1872-1936 Arthur Henry Adams - see https://trove.nla.gov.au/version/45528986
active 1874 Helen Lucy Benbow - see https://trove.nla.gov.au/work/10965020
1877-1946 Harry Tighe - see https://catalogue.nla.gov.au/Record/1042373
1877-1952 Robbitt Jon Clow - see https://trove.nla.gov.au/version/22278577
1881-1961 Evelyn John Rupert Atkinson - see https://trove.nla.gov.au/work/15720607
1882-1941 Enid Derham https://trove.nla.gov.au/version/14273334
active 1886 Thomas Walker
1888-1954 Lionel Shave https://trove.nla.gov.au/version/23036187
active 1889 Arnold Denham
active 1890 Arthur M Heathcote - see https://trove.nla.gov.au/version/22005014
1890- Harrison Owen
1892-1918 Adrian Consett Stephen - see https://trove.nla.gov.au/work/9860177
active 1896 Euston Leigh and Cyril Clare - see https://trove.nla.gov.au/work/18300697
1878-1943 Louis Esson - see https://trove.nla.gov.au/version/26999377 and trove.nla.gov.au/work/18981575
1881–1917 Helena Sumner Locke - see https://www.austlit.edu.au/austlit/page/A371
1884-1946 Walter James [Redfern ?] Turner - see https://trove.nla.gov.au/version/21322161
1873-1953 Mary Theodora [Dora] Wilcox - see https://trove.nla.gov.au/version/39025913
1879-1954 Miles Franklin - see https://trove.nla.gov.au/version/207732183
1901-1954 Malcolm 'Max' Afford - see https://trove.nla.gov.au/version/26214868
active 1908 Nugent Robertson - see https://nla.gov.au/nla.news-article125688269
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active 1919 E Coulson Davidson - see https://trove.nla.gov.au/version/31083519
active 1925 Juliet - see https://trove.nla.gov.au/version/22279454
active 1928 R Frewen Boult - see https://catalogue.nla.gov.au/Record/2448818
active 1929 Nora Winifred Collison - see https://trove.nla.gov.au/version/22291190
active 1930 W F Chapman - see https://trove.nla.gov.au/work/12419598v
active 1944 Doris Hayball - see https://trove.nla.gov.au/version/22290262


Bev Clark

Contact beverleylclark@outlook.com

Plays by Beverley Clark:

New plays available now at bevclarkplays.co.uk
one-act festival plays, comedy dramas for both adults and youth groups
More being added each month please take a look

Bev Clark writes original play scripts for professional & community theatre. performance licencing available for brand new works

Where’s Alice?

Where’s Alice?

A new panto style version of Alice in Wonderland In this a sequel, the Queen of Hearts is missing Alice and sends out a search party to find her. The Party includes the Jack, Ace and Two of Hearts and Duchess Hatter and Cat. Their journey takes them through the field of butterflies to the palace of the vain Queen of Diamonds. Through the diamond mines now run by the evil Ace of Spades. Where they find out he wants to be a rock star and on to the palace of the jovial King of Clubs. In the end they each find something special and Jack finds his Alice. A great ensemble piece for youth or adult large ensemble. Details from www.bevclarkplays.co.uk
now available at Amazon

The Ghost Crib

The Ghost Crib

A spooky one act play script.

In The Ghost Crib, a family have kept a terrible secret for 18 years.
They fear their daughter may be possessed as she is haunted by the sound of a baby screaming.
A young stranger arrives with a scar and a story to tell… is all that it seems?
A ghostly apparation returns … has it come to claim or save someone?
see full details bevclarkplays.co.uk and Amazon

Bentley-Road to Justice

Large ensemble Docudrama by Bev Clark. Iris Bentleys story to clear her brother

available now at bevclarkplays.co.uk

Room No5

Murder mystery. theatre of the absurd. by Bev Clark Small cast .

Who is mad ? Who is sane? What's in the box?

available now at bevclarkplays.co.uk
Jessie's Tree

historical youth drama.

available now at bevclarkplays.co.uk

Running out of Time

one-act comedy drama

available now at bevclarkplays.co.uk

When The Dark Sea Cries

Historical drama by Bev Clark.

When the men set out in a tempest, 7 women wait on the shore. One-act poetic play

available now at bevclarkplays.co.uk and Amazon

Stealing Me

one-act #comedy by Bev Clark.

Petty thieves try their hand at identity fraud with hilarious results.

available now at bevclarkplays.co.uk


Who are what are THE BLACK EYES?

available now at bevclarkplays.co.uk

After the Dream

A modern sequel to Midsummer's Night Dream

when Ayckbourn meets shakespeare - comedy drama

available now at bevclarkplays.co.uk/


TWO HANDER ONE ACT. two women, two stories one friendship

currently unavailable awaiting new Amazon image and script.

available now at bevclarkplays.co.uk

Make Me Invisible

A one-act play for young people. A physical theatre piece for a large ensemble dealing with the issues of isolation and bullying. Ideal for schools and youth theatres. Age 11-18 years. A powerful, poetic and thought-provoking short drama.

available now at Amazon

R.I.P. Mr Shakespeare

A One-Act comedy homage to Shakespeare in a stylistic piece of energetic clown theatre. It is William Shakepeare's last night but he is haunted by dreams, which soon turn into nightmares. His disgruntled servant has re-written the plays and it all becomes a comedy of errors. Winner of 7 awards at the All England Theatre and National Drama Festivals 2016. This is physical ensemble theatre for all ages, allowing performers to discover Shakespeare in a fun way. "Beautifully scripted, surreal, at times pythonesque, wonderfully entertaining." A sparkling new comedy-play with poignant, poetic moments which make an emotional connection to the audience. A spectacular effect can be achieved from simple but imaginative costumes and set. This would be ideal for amateur drama groups, community theatre companies, youth theatres and schools, helping them to develop physicality, characterisation and a love of the Shakespearean text.

available now at Amazon


Ever feel you need to de-clutter? Crazy and Sanity are two women on a mission.
Now available on Amazon

available now at bevclarkplays.co.uk

A Life Unspoken

Brenda is a woman who made nothing of her life. Using flashbacks we learn that she has been a prisoner of circumstance. Ideal for festivals.
Now available on Amazon

available now at bevclarkplays.co.uk

Remembrance Day

Remembrance Day is a story of five generations of one family against a backdrop of global conflicts. Cast of 5 males two of whom are teenagers.
this play won awards at AETF and NDFA 2009 and 2014 read synopsis on Amazon or at bevclarkplays.co.uk


Allison Savory
Allison Savory

Contact me on contact@savoryscriptsandscribes.com or complete the form on my website

I have been writing, directing and acting in plays for over 25 years. My body of work is growing and I have realised there is a gap in the market for one act plays, of which I have quite a few.

I hope to allow amateur, and professional, theatres to perform my plays and pantomimes at a reasonable rate.

I have noticed a dearth of one act plays whilst trying to find one for my own theatre so decided to write some along with putting new energy in the British Christmas tradition of pantomimes.

Contact me on contact@savoryscriptsandscribes.com or complete the form on my website

The Nerve to Murder

The Nerve to Murder

A full-length play in two scenes - 6Fs/4Ms/1M or F.

When a Russian woman invites people to her country home for the weekend to say a final farewell, she finds her final days are shorter than she thought as are the days of her faithful assistant. A double murder occurs in a place that has no means of communication to the outside world. A double murder that occurs in the context of the 2018 Novichok attacks in Shropshire. Amongst the guests, the detective has to work out who the culprit is. The audience is asked to guess as well so this provides an interactive theatrical evening, which can be played over multiple shows as there can be many endings, of which all endings are included.

Get Fit for Ageing

Get Fit for Ageing

A One Act Play - 5Fs/2Ms.

The weekly get fit class contains different characters with their own reasons for being there, but the common denominator is that they all want to stave off the ageing process. In this instance, their usual get fit trainer is not available. The only person that the committee could find is a Zumba teacher. It is much more strenuous than the group are used to. Their real characters come to the fore as they try and keep up with the Zumba moves.

Life Change in a Day

Life Change in a Day

A One Act Play - 3Fs/1M.

A one act play of about 30 minutes that focuses on a single incident that changes a life. This incident has been bubbling under Emma’s life for a couple of years, but this is day that it bubbles over and changes a life out of all recognition. Emma feels her life is going well and that her future is secured until her husband doesn’t come home. She finds that her life has been governed for too long by others and she needs to take control. Although it is a hurtful change, ultimately it is a story of optimism and hope.

My Son, My Brother

My Son, My Brother

A One Act Play - 3Fs/2Ms.

The one act play is set in the 1980s when the issue of AIDS and homosexuality was stigmatised more than it is in modern day. The family of Andrew Hunter are standing at his grave, remembering him and wondering about his car accident and how it could happen as he was such a good driver. It’s a story of secrets and doing what is expected, even when it goes against character. Social restrictions can end up being harmful and how families can contribute to this. As they reflect on the man they knew, a friend of his tells them of the man that he knew. They are different people .



A One Act Play - 3Fs/3Ms/2M or Fs.

Bill has been made redundant and has reached his 60th birthday. He is in his shed and is reflecting on his life, what has happened and how he feels useless. Mental apparitions from his past manifest to help him think clearly about his past and his future.

Second Childhood

Second Childhood

A One Act Play - 2Fs/3Ms/3M or Fs.

Four people have found themselves redundant and bemoaning their lives. As a distraction, one of their brothers suggests getting back to when life was a lot simpler. As adults, they get dressed up as children and go back to where they played when they were younger. During this time, they realise that the past should stay in the past and that the present and the future should be their focus.

Turning Point

Turning Point

A One Act Play - 2Fs/3Ms/3M or Fs.

Georgina is a girl who all her life has done things in a very correct and proper manner, but she feels that this hasn't got her anywhere. She lives in a small flat on her own and has recently lost her job and can't find another one easily. She has a crisis of confidence in her ability as a person. Her friend, Lucy, tries to make her see things more clearly and is helped by the ghostly Benny and Mary who have their own problems with each other and their situation, which is new to Benny but not to Mary who tries to ease Benny into it.

Detective Rose Investigates the Deadly Sins...

Detective Rose Investigates the Deadly Sins...

A series of 7 One Act Plays with a cast of 6 in each.

Detective Rose investigates the Deadly Sins… is a series of seven plays where the motive is one of the 7 deadly sins; pride, greed, lust, envy, gluttony, wrath and sloth. Each one act play covers one of the sins. They can be performed individually or as a series over a few nights and in any order. All plays are set in modern day and the titles are as follows:

Detective Rose Investigates a homeless murder; set in a homeless drop in centre. A homeless man is found dead behind a dumpster and it is Det. Roses' job to talk to the last people to have seen and spoken to him to find the murderer.

Detective Rose Investigates an office murder; set in an office. A young woman is found dead in a park and it is Det. Roses' job to talk to the last people to have seen and spoken to her to find the murderer.

Detective Rose Investigates an educated murder; set in a university. A university professor is found dead in her office and it is Det. Roses' job to talk to the last people to have seen and spoken to her to find the murderer.

Detective Rose Investigates a church murder; set in a catholic church. A beloved Catholic Priest is found dead in his vestry and it is Det. Roses' job to talk to the last people to have seen and spoken to him to find the murderer.

Detective Rose Investigates a football murder; set in an office. A young football is found dead in the stadium after an Arsenal and Tottenham Hotspurs game and it is Det. Roses' job to talk to the last people to have seen and spoken to him to find the murderer.

Detective Rose Investigates a medical murder; set in a hospital. An up and coming consultant is found dead in the doctors lounge of the hospital she works at and it is Det. Roses' job to talk to the last people to have seen and spoken to her to find the murderer.

Detective Rose Investigates a stately murder; set in an upper class London home of Lord and Lady Weir. Lord Weir has been found dead in his lounge and it is Det. Roses' job to talk to the last people to have seen and spoken to him to find the murderer.


The Secret
by Phiri Hastings

Contact via phirihastings88@gmail.com

The play is called The Secret which talk more a man who was barred and he asked his friend to sleep with his wife. Later the man reveals this secret because he wants back his child...

I can send this play through email


Tony Hunt


Contact tony@ukseminars.net

Plays by Tony Hunt

New plays available now at www.amazon.co.uk

Mini Bio of Tony Hunt
I have a master’s degree in Theatre Arts and as well as writing for the stage, I have published two collections of short stories.
I work as a management consultant, travelling widely; working with companies in the UK, Europe, the Middle East, India and Japan. I also present six of my business seminars online through various e-learning platforms.
Please contact me if you would like to see a copy of the script of my new play, Dark Charity.

Dark Charity

Dark Charity

The play begins with a series of short monologues which develop into five plot lines all connected to ‘ForGiving’, the Lake District charity shop.
The volunteers at the shop find themselves involved in ‘dark’ events and challenges for which life has failed to prepare them.
Joyce discovers that there is a thief working at the shop and uses her previous experience as a store detective to build an unassailable case. Monica, having retired to the Lakes with her husband, finds that he now wishes to divorce her. Julia’s family is torn apart when allegations of sexual abuse at her husband’s school spill over into her own family. Mickey finds himself the victim of a vicious poison pen campaign and is arrested for a murder that he did not commit. Desmond and Donna, the managers of ForGiving, are struggling financially and there are tensions in their personal relationship.
For most of these characters, there is a journey to be taken. For some it ends in a life-changing resolution. For others – well, that is the point of the play!
The Cast
Some of these characters can be doubled. The ages set out below are ‘serving suggestions’ only. With some minor alterations to the script, a younger cast could make the play work.
Monica Early fifties, attractive, elegant. Volunteer at Forgiving
Julia Early fifties, a ‘Lycra girl’. Volunteer at Forgiving
Mickey Fifty plus, dresses like a rocker – straggly pony tail, tattoos, Volunteer at Forgiving
Sophie A young woman, neighbour to Mickey
Desmond Sixties, pompous, manager of ForGiving
Donna Early fifties, very attractive. Desmond’s wife
Joyce Retired, 67, small and wispy. Volunteer at Forgiving
Gordon Fifty-five, headteacher, husband of Julia
Darren Late forties, good looking, not too bright
DI Max Wordsworth Forties, the investigating police officer
DC Helen Lang Late twenties, and assistant to DI Wordsworth
Matthew Mid-twenties, son of Julia
‘Happy Roulette’ Lady (HRL), Flora, a volunteer at ForGiving, Alice, Julia’s daughter and Nick, Mickey’s solicitor, appear as voices only
Simple multi-purpose set with a minimum of clutter. Three or four benches, stools or chairs. Spaces or areas, rather than defined settings. Lighting delineates and separates areas when necessary. The characters often speak directly to the audience.


A Love Letter to Stephanie

A Love Letter to Stephanie
by Morley Shulman

Contact via Facebook

If any theatre groups would like to receive a copy of my anthology of one-act plays, "A Love Letter to Stephanie", (including award winners NAKED and BENNY & BORIS) please d.m. me with your details.

An anthology of one-act plays. Suitable for community theatre and school productions.



Sympathy Jones:
The New Secret Agent Musical

Sympathy Jones: The New Secret Agent Musical
by Masi Asare and Brooke Pierce

Sympathy Jones dreams of being a super secret agent, but she's stuck as a secretary...until, one day, a confidential file is accidentally left on her desk. Sympathy seizes her chance for adventure, but soon realizes that trying to save the world against impossible odds is not nearly as glamorous as she thought, and she certainly can't do it alone. This delightful, 1960s-era musical is full of humor, self-discovery, and heart-pounding action.

Available for licensing through Playscripts, Inc.
Scripts, photos, song clips, and production information at: www.playscripts.com/play/2242


Madison Avenue
The subliminal musical by Paul Streitz
Contact: madavemusical@gmail.com

This is to introduce you to a new old musical, Madison Avenue, the subliminal musical. It is easy to produce inexpensively with actor-singer-dancers at all levels, whether as a cabaret, with minimal production values OR a full production with plenty of dancing lemons. Information can be found on www.madisonavenuethemusical.com. The show was done in productions in New York, Boston and London and received rave reviews, "Every Song is a Gem."

License agreement $375 and script.

If you would like a CD/DVD of the cast recording and animated video, please reply with your name, organization, postal address and web address.

Feel free to contact me with inquiries or questions about Madison Avenue for your current/next season.


David Collard

David Collard

David Collard, Pen y wyrlod, Pen y cae mawr, Usk NP15 1LX

Contact: collarddavid@yahoo.co.uk

I am not asking for any payment for the performance of these (not yet at any rate!) but would be glad to know if anyone decides to do a performance.

The plays are obtainable from me at my email address collarddavid@yahoo.co.uk

Inventing the Truth:
Shelley v Trelawny

A one-act play with 5 characters. About three quarters of an hour.

In about 1850 Mary Shelley and then her son appeal to the adventurer Trelawny for the return of a portrait of Percy Bysshe Shelley. He refuses, abandons his wife, and finds himself a new mistress.

If anyone does want to produce it, please let me know, there is no charge.

The Last Will and Testament of Roger Edwards, Gentleman.
Or Wolfland

10 characters. Set around 1620. About an hour and a quarter,

Edwards is a rich landowner who wishes to endow a local grammar school and almshouses. But his nephew, who expects to inherit, has other ideas.

Shakespeare's Henry VII

15 characters plus extras. About an hour and a half

A five act play in blank verse. Shakespeare's "missing" Henry covers Henry's reign from 1485-1509, featuring Catherine of Aragon, Elizabeth of York etc.


Murdering the Text

Murdering the Text

Facebook  Twitter  Linkedin  
Contact: You can email us at fiona@murderingthetext.co.uk or visit us on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+

Murdering the Text provides murder mystery fundraising scripts to amateur dramatics groups and small fundraising organisations in the UK and beyond. We write them – you perform them. We also offer free publicity for your murder mystery productions, a custom written script service, the opportunity to hire your group out to perform our murder mysteries, and monthly advice for amateur dramatics groups.

We’re based in North Wales but through the magic of the internet, we can be found online at www.murderingthetext.co.uk


Chris Bennion

Chris Bennion - Moldiwarts

Contact Moldiwart Pantomime Scripts moldiwarts@gmail.com or via website or Facebook

Venue and Event Support / Blog

Pantomime Scripts Available
By Chris Bennion
Currently I have scripts for
Beauty and the Beast
Robin Hood and The Dame of Thrones
Jack and the Beanstalk
Peter Pan
The Magnificent Seven Knights of Camelot
Dick Whittington and Goldilocks and the Three Bears coming early 2018.
Jammed pack full of quick one liners, slapstick scenes, gunge, witty banter, great characters and fun.
Standard low cost one off fee for small/medium/community groups.

If you are looking for a pantomime script and would like a free perusal copy, please email moldiwarts@gmail.com

Updates, rewrites and adapting to your needs also available.


The Curtain Up Players

The Curtain Up Players

Contact ron@ronwiener.co.uk or via Facebook

West Yorkshire UK

The Curtain Up Players have just published - The Handy Book of Unscripted Plays - no lines to learn - encouraging spontaneity and creativity - copies available on Amazon and from www.lulu.com

The Handy Book of Unscripted Plays The Handy Book of Unscripted Plays


Chris Martin
Murderplays Murder Mystery Scripts

Murderplays Murder Mystery Scriptswww.murderplays.com

Contact via our website or Facebook

Murderplays Murder Mystery Scripts
Murderplays Murder Mystery Scripts

'Murderplays' Fundraising Murder Mystery Plays for Drama Groups

With over 2,000 individual performances, Murderplays is a field leader in the provision of murder mystery fundraising plays. Based in Britain, murderplays performances have also been hosted in countries as diverse as the Falkland Islands, Greece, Spain, America, Mexico, Australia, France and Indonesia. For a single, one-off fee, murderplays will provide everything that your company needs to stage its own fundraising event. Thus, as well as receiving a highly popular piece loved by audiences and casts alike, your society also has the opportunity to raise much needed funds. Many centres have raised thousands. Please check 'www.murderplays.com' for details on all the titles. There are a large selection of full-length murder mysteries, and also a series of much more compact 'Mystery Shorts'. Below are a only a handful of customer comments...

‘We raised over £2,000. It was by far and away the best single event we have ever run.’ (L Jones, Astwood Bank Carnival.)
'We managed to squeeze 70 people in to our Village Hall and still had a waiting list in double figures!' (T Ferris, Thameshead Players.)
‘So glad we found your website, we'll definitely be back for more of these great scripts!’ (R Dolding, Polden Players.)
‘Your script raised a lot of laughs as well as much-needed funds. We’ve already ordered the next one.’ (R Phillips, Peopleton Players.)
‘Both nights complete sellouts yet again. Both cast and audience can’t wait for the next one!’ (L Danby, Cottingham Players.)
'Our most successful social event since the committee was formed!’ (Kemsing Players.)
‘Can’t believe how comical the business of murder can be!’ (T Passarello, Thornleigh College.)

Murderplays Murder Mystery Scripts Murderplays Murder Mystery Scripts Murderplays Murder Mystery Scripts Murderplays Murder Mystery Scripts Murderplays Murder Mystery Scripts


Richard James

Richard James www.lazybeescripts.co.uk

Actor & Playwright
Working in the Following Genres:
Stage Shows for Schools and Youth Theatre
Full-Length Plays
One-Act Plays
Sketches, Skits or Very Short Plays
'Richard's plays win so many awards we have difficulty keeping up!' Lazy Bee Scripts

Richard James has been a professional actor since graduating from the prestigious Bristol Old Vic Theatre School in 1992. In the years since, he has gained experience across all media but most notably in television. As a writer, his plays have been performed all over the world, frequently winning awards in competitions and festivals. He has also written an eBook, Professional Tips For The Amateur Stage, full of handy tips for actors and directors.

White Lies - One Act Play

Richard's popular comedy, White Lies, is a multi award winning one act play for five women. Runnymede Drama Group called it 'a wonderful comedy with a great comic script'.

I Am Hamlet - One Act Play

A two man comedy thriller described by Page 2 Stage as 'blending dark comedy with an air of escalating menace'. Other two man plays include the surreal The Dreaming and Bill & Ben, which tells the story of William Shakespeare visiting his rival playwright in prison. His play for four women (and a male cameo), There's Something About Bernard, centres around the imminent arrival of Bernard to his surprise birthday party organised by his wife, daughter, friend and ex-wife.

Moving On - One Act Play

A three-hander for two women and one man, Moving On, is a gentle exploration of grief after the loss of a husband. It was described as 'a touching drama' by Lancing Repertory Players.

A Fete Worse Than Death - Full Length Play

The oft-performed A Fete Worse Than Death is an easily staged comedy murder mystery set in the country produce marquee of a village fete. When actor Ray Martin, famous for playing TV's Inspector Brady, is asked to open a village fete he is put on the spot to solve a real life murder - with hilarious results! Noda has called the script 'a very well written play in true Agatha Christie style, that keeps you guessing all the way through - full of witty dialogue and red herrings'.

Happy Campers - Full Length Play

Features the gathering of a family to scatter the ashes of a dead man on a Yorkshire Hillside. The Stone Revellers said, 'Put simply, Happy Campers is smart and funny from start to finish!'

Sherlock Holmes & The Mystery Of Mallen Hall - Full Length Play

Culdrose Theatre Club scooped five awards for their production of Richard's Sherlock Holmes & The Mystery Of Mallen Hall, an all new Sherlock Holmes adventure set in a single Baker Street set described as 'an excellent whodunnit' by New Zealand's Te Awamutu Little Theatre.

Professor Thyme and the History Mystery - Full Length Plays for Children

Richard's plays for children include the full length comedy, Professor Thyme and the History Mystery which is also available as a musical play with songs and music by David Fisher. It has a cast of thirty (doubling is allowed) and is suitable for a full class of children, with parts of various sizes suitable for all.

A Children's Christmas Carol and A Teenage Christmas Carol - Short Plays for Children

His two short Christmas plays, A Children's Christmas Carol and A Teenage Christmas Carol are both based on Dickens's ever-popular tale, the latter being performed all over the world from Canada to India and everywhere in between.


David Valentine


Further information, samples of script and prices contact: davidandjackiev@gmail.com

Looking for a new Pantomime to perform? - then look no further!
Hilarious and up-to-date new versions of three classic Pantomimes:
All 3 performed to sell-out audiences in the East Midlands, to rave reviews.
All 3 suitable for involving children, if required (But not essential!)
All Pantomimes and ‘All Washed Up!’ first performed by East Bridgford Drama Group Ltd. WWW.EBDG.Co.UK
These versions of the Pantomimes ‘The Pied Piper of Hamelin’, ‘Humpty Dumpty’ and ‘Babes in the Wood’, plus the play ‘All Washed Up!’ are copyright of the author David Valentine.

Babes in the Wood

Has it all!. Maid Marion, Robin Hood, the wicked Sheriff, good King Richard, slapstick baking scene, plus a very funny classroom scene, which can give children the opportunity for small speaking parts. Will the Sheriff let Maid Marion wed Robin Hood - of course he does, eventually with help from good king Richard.

Humpty Dumpty

All is not well in Eggland. The Lord of Misrule (The Mule) has been banished, but his magic goes ‘wonky’, resulting in Humpty being broken and the normally Barmy Eggland gets the frozen treatment. The fed-up King and Queen, and their beautiful daughter, Princess Souffle prepare for her 18th birthday ball, whilst the King’s incompetent men try to decorate the palace in an hilarious slapstick scene.
Also with an ‘eggs factor’ competition for either children or adults.
The 2 Fairy Godmothers (who are well past it) do battle with the mule in a dramatic scene with magic wands. As expected, love conquers all, at a beautiful masked ball finale.

The Pied Piper of Hamelin

You want Rat jokes, Brexit jokes, jokes poking fun at the establishment - they are all here in a reworking of the traditional Pantomime.
Plenty of scope for children taking part - Rats, villager’s children, - dancing animals of the forest etc. With a competition to make the best rat-trap (with predictable hilarious consequences), and with a lovelorn Mayor’s son and Rat-catchers daughter all is set for a superb night of music and fun.

All Washed Up!

2 Act full length hilarious part play, part pantomime, part mayhem!
Tensions rise during the local repertory company's rehearsal of their latest production - ' Jack and the Beanstalk'. They have resorted, against their artistic principles, to attempting to stage a Panto in order to revive their flagging finances.
However, technical and emotional problems ensure that the dress rehearsal doesn't run smoothly; especially with having a stage manager who is also the 'Health and Safety' rep, a leading man who's wandering hands lead him into trouble with his wealthy wife and a Director who is on the verge of a nervous breakdown.
Can Jasmine, the leading lady who thinks she is slumming it by appearing in a Panto, 'persuade' an old flame to grant them a stay of execution?

Only available from www.cressrelles.co.uk
Quotes from emails received: “Hilarious, - I laughed until until I cried”, - “A brilliant night out, thank you”, “So clever, so funny!”


Tony Gavin

Tony Gavin

Facebook   Twitter   Contact via social media

Tony Gavin


Shakespeare set in the 1880s on the American western frontier.
Script available FREE to a good home.


James Smith

Contact: wholocksrus@gmail.com

Doctor Who - The Shakespeare Notebooks

Shakespeare but with a twist of time and space.


Shaun Blake



Would anyone be interested in a new originally written jukebox musical?

Hollywood the Musical

Hollywood tells of Bryan and Jennifer two wide-eyed young actors hoping to make it big in the world of showbiz, on their journey they must navigate a variety of Hollywood cliches and obstacles.
Filled with songs such as The Power of Love, Eye of the Tiget, When The Going Gets Tough and of course Hollywood, this show is bound to get your toes tapping!

Contact: shaunblakesinging@outlook.com

Peter Tong

Peter Tong

Contact: 07988016427


Skype petertong108

Mrs H of Baker Street

Mrs H of Baker Street

While Sherlock Holmes is away on his cases, his landlady, Mrs Hudson & her Cockney maid, Fanny-Annie Grubbins, secretly do their own detective work - and save Holmes and Watson from their enemies.

The Conan Doyle private detective stories of Holmes and Watson have been a perennial favourite ever since they were first published in the Strand Magazine in the 1880s. I in fact wrote a radio adaptation of The Hound of the Baskervilles a hundred years later in the 1980s! It occurred to me at the time that the landlady character, Mrs Hudson, must have acquired some knowledge of how a detective works, by osmosis at least, if nothing else.
So I wrote and co-produced this stage farce for the Playhouse, Salford, directed by Gabe Kern, which had a week’s premiere run at the Manchester Comedy Festival a few years to great success. I couldn’t have wished for a better response. Maybe you can prove me wrong!


Elizabeth Poynter

Elizabeth Poynter

Facebook   Linkedin  



I have one soon-to-be-published full length script (with Stagescripts Ltd shop.stagescripts.com ), and I’m publishing another full-length and several one-acts myself through my website.

Synopses and info about all my plays including ordering copies and royalties etc. are all on my website


Ian Hackett



Dear All, I wrote this thinking of Bristol, but it's available to anyone who wants it.
Download a copy of the script here
All the best,
Ian Hackett.


John Hegarty



My panto is opening up new ground. It is based around Halloween !!!.

I have written it to include a lot of songs and audience participation.

It is also deliberately short, just over one hour in length.

This is so that groups can easily perform two show in one evening.

I always thought that there should be more for children to do at Halloween, considering the amount of effort that they and their parents put into dressing them up and the fact that in general, fireworks terrify the majority of small children.

Please contact me to discuss.


Simon Nunan

Contact: simonspantos@gmail.com

If you are an amateur drama society fed up with searching for a decent pantomime script for the winter then I have an offer for you.
My dad has been writing scripts for our local society for the last four years and he has never done anything with them.
They have generated record breaking tickets sales down in Rottingdean for the last three years in a row and are all jam packed full of jokes, tongue twisters and songs perfect for any society who wants a great show.
They were written for amateurs and so have loads of parts, large and small for everyone who wants to join in. Below is a large large extract from Jack and the Beanstalk for you to read and a list of characters to see if it suits you and your group. While the plot of our pantos does not vary much from the traditional, a few twists and turns have been added to keep things interesting.
The panto's are:
Jack and the Beanstalk, Beauty and the Beast, Dick Whittington and an original story called Leonardo de Panto which is a story set in renaissance Italy full of original ideas.
The price is £250 and a proportion of the money raised will go to our local charity, the Chestnut Tree Hospice in Sussex.
Mostly, I just want to see my Dad's hard work performed as it seems such a waste for these great scripts to sit in a drawer, especially after they went down so well here.
Please contact me if you are interested or want to discuss anything.


Grant Davis & Johnny Jarman




Pieces of After Eight - a musical comedy

Rehearsals for the debut of Pieces of After Eight start next year (2016), but meantime I would like to see it made available to amateur theatre as it was tailored to meet the ever-present spectre of a paucity of male leads and restricted production costs.

See my website which contains all details for a society to stage this production.

We've had our first full production, see a summary of this piece here on YouTube

The basic plot centres around a hotel, run by an embittered man who has several pirates visit him whose families have been holed up on a remote Caribbean island for over 300 years. They come looking for buried treasure at the site of the hotel. The owner’s niece soon falls for the not-so-dashing captain, as he falls for her. A smuggler bringing cheap goods to the hotel for the owner is being close caught. A junior pirate has his sights on usurping the captain’s place and the owner and his wife are on the verge of divorce.

It is a one-set piece, again conceding to expense, and with backing tracks, requires no orchestra.

Anyone wishing to contact the writers to ask questions about staging this piece should contact Grant Davis or johnny Jarman using the contact page on the website poa8.co.uk or by email to myself or Johnny (grant@poa8.co.uk or johnny@poa8.co.uk).

Tim O'Brien

Contact: tim-and-catherine@sympatico.ca

Tim O'Brien
Tim O’Brien has taught science and music for more than 15 years. In 2000, Mr. O’Brien won a Visions Canada award for his song, "Millie the Millennium Bug.” A graduate of Niagara University, Mr. O’Brien and his wife, Catherine, live in Burlington, Ontario.

My website gives links to all my published plays all of which can be purchased here



I have written this musical that I would like piloted by a theatre company.
I am willing to waive the cost of the script and score. I am also willing make a fair personal financial contribution towards the cost of production.

If you are interested in reading the script, please let me know. Thank you.

A Synopsis
The world is devastated by a zombie virus that leaves only the infected ravishing what few humans are left. Unknown to the humans, there is a third force (person) who will use one side against the other to purify the world in a way that makes the Nazi holocaust seem tame. His secret weapon is deadly and sinister: A Miss Hitler Beauty Contest. As the evolution of homo sapiens moves toward only blue eyes and blond hair, all seems lost.
However, when one brave young woman and a human-wannabe zombie start exchanging body fluids, one thing leads to another. The biter becomes the bitten, the infected, the infecting and we find that the term Aryan is really just the name of a another shampoo (for blonds).
Through risk, courage and some questionable exchanges, the last remaining Nazi is sent back to Nuremburg to face his trial, zombies find a heart (for purposes other than eating) and humans learn that zombies can task good too. The new world order finally comes in the most disorderly fashion; and everyone goes vegan (Vampire bites exempt).

Let’s Misbehave!
Murder Mystery Plays

Let’s Misbehave!


Liz Davey
Edwinstowe, Nottinghamshire

Contact: Liz Davey lizdavey@hotmail.co.uk


‘Let’s Misbehave!’ Murder Mystery Plays are ideal for Am Dram public performances and fundraising occasions. They are full of ‘intrigue’, ‘pretence’ and, for the most part - ‘complete absurdity’. A truly hilarious time will be had by all – performers and audience alike!

*Performance permission rights are included in the purchase price.

Included in each Play Pack are a potocopiable script; EXAMPLE invitations; audience accusation sheets and advertisement flyers/posters. Substantial planning information is also provided, which includes prop, costume and music suggestions, along with detailed preparation support for the organiser(s). These can be purchased directly from the website, in either a downloaded or printed format. Downloads £26.99. Printed Packs £34.99.


Tom Rooney
UK Playwright & Screenwriter
(Always working on another great story)
Contact: tom.rooney@btinternet.com


During 2017, I am hoping to offer all sorts of communities and groups, the opportunity to raise much needed funds for their own worthy causes.

To this end I would like to offer my original Comedy Stage Play - THE HOUSE OF VON RIMMER - FREE of royalties and performing rights or any other monetary payment, and wondered if you, or any group you know, would consider it for production.

Why? Because I want to bring light and love in to the lives of others and give something back. The best way I know to do this, is by example. All profits should go back in to the performing group's own organisation for own improvements or good causes. It is also free to perform as many times as required during 2017.

If this is of interest to you, or anyone you know, please contact me direct at tom.rooney@btinternet.com and I will forward the following 3 files as PDF files.

Character List
Sets List

A brief description of the story is:

A Troll upsets The House of Von Rimmer by stealing the family fortune. The vampire Prince Otto, and his werewolf wife Christina, employ 2-ghoul investigators to search for their missing son (a bat), who returns 10-years later and restores the fortunes to The House of Von Rimmer, and gives come-uppance to the Troll.

Things which may be of interest are;

It is a family show.
It is new and has never been performed.
It is intended for the community in order to help raise much needed funds.
Youth/Young Theatre and School participation is actively encouraged.
It has the potential to become a musical with lots of opportunities for creativity, music, song and dance.
Budget was in mind when writing the stage play and there are only 2 sets.


Robert Stuart-Evans
Contact: Robertevans07@hotmail.com

Robert Stuart-Evans

Romford, Essex

The Soul Patrol

A light hearted romantic 2 act musical comedy featuring songs made famous by The Blues Brothers & The Commitments. A nerd looking for his place in life, gets bullied and is saved by three trainee guardian angels who give him self confidence to tackle the bullies and in doing so help him find true love and friendship, defeating the Devil along the way.


Brian Fox

Brian Fox
Brian Fox (nom de plume, Anthony Delmar),


For more information about the plays or to request a script, contact:
3 Fresian Drive, Strathalbyn, S.A. 5255.
Tel.: + 61 8 8536 3367.
Email: jenbyron@bigpond.com

I am an Irish playwright, now living in Strathalbyn, South Australia. I began playwriting in my retirement, although I have been in and around the theatre, both as an amateur and a professional all my life. My early training was with the Abbey School of Acting, Ireland’s famous National Theatre and I was with the company for three years. I was then a teacher of drama and a member of a company who ran a small semi-professional theatre company in Georgian Dublin. While pursuing a parallel career with the Irish Tourist Board, I both acted in and directed plays for some of the top amateur companies in Dublin.

When I came here in 2003, I joined the South Australian Writers’ Theatre [SAWT] and developed most of my plays with this group where my work has benefited from the splendid peer group appraisal of my fellow playwrights. All my plays have been subjected to critical analysis through workshops and intensive developmental sessions with professional dramaturges such as Michael Hill and Adrian Guthrie. Besides “Time Gentlemen, Please”, which received full productions in both Ireland and Australia, the other plays have been exposed to the public as script-in-hand performances with professional actors, i.e. market tested with a paying audience. All five of the full-length plays were very enthusiastically received. Although some of the plays are rooted in Ireland and its culture they have universal themes. The Australian audiences who saw them as script-in-hand presentations warmly related to them. The plays are:


A comic-tragedy in 2 acts. Time: 1960s. Location: Dublin City pub. Set: Composite set of old Dublin bar and snug, part street outside.
CAST: 8 ACTORS - 3 men - Dan (60); Dickie (45); Tony (40). 4 women - Cliona (35); Dervla (35); Becky (55); Annie (60). One boy - Philip (12-14)
SYNOPSIS: How time is used and abused within relationships is the central theme. Cliona’s body clock is dictating her imperative to conceive. Dan deludes himself about his importance while he wastes time avoiding his responsibilities. Dervla sees time passing her by in her sterile relationship with Dickie, who marks time, avoiding commitments; Becky laments how time has used and abused her and shares the misery of her life with Annie as she contemplates a future living with the scandal of her daughter’s pregnancy.



A memory play in 2 acts. Time: 1930s to 2007. Location: Dublin’s Liberties. Set: Composite set of living room and part Francis Street, Dublin. 2 flashback island scenes – (i) on the platform of a tram; (ii) at the shrine in Gray Street.
CAST: *8 ACTORS (+ 3 teenage boys). * 3 actors representing AJ – AJ (at 89); AJ (at 14) & AJ (at 20 & 43)); Michael (58); Martin (42). Four women - Tess (72), Marge (at 17 & 40); Alice (46); Rebecca (52).
SYNOPSIS: When the Dublin trams were withdrawn from service in 1949 it was the end of an era for AJ, a proud motorman. He saw their demise and the rail network that carried them as a portent that the city was outgrowing its capacity to maintain an intimate social fabric and to care about its people. His increasing bitterness alienated him from his family and, as his health takes a turn for the worst his son and daughter call, each with very different agendas. A play that has resonances for all people growing old in rapidly expanding, impersonal cities: where the sense of community has dissipated as rapidly as fear has grown. Plenty of comedy laced with realism.



A drama in two acts. Time: Present Time. Location: Upper middle class Dublin suburb. Set: Living room of the Desmond home; island street scene.
CAST: 7 ACTORS - 5 men - Cathal (45); Plunkett (47); Aonghas (20); Cairbre (18); Fiachra (19). 2 women - Niamh (44); Caoilinn (49)
SYNOPSIS: Rugby fanatics and past players, Cathal Dillon and Plunkett O’Halloran, try to recreate their glory days through their sons. The win at all costs ethos causes two of the three lads to go beyond the Pale of acceptable behaviour both on and off the field. Niamh Dillon sees the warning signs, long before her husband does, with dire consequences for the two families. The proposition that contact sport and life operate under different rules is examined.



A drama in three acts. Time: The soliloquies take place in present time; dialogues take place in both present and past time. Location: near, but not in, a big city. Set: Composite showing living room areas of two houses; island scene in mother Superior’s office.
CAST: 3 ACTORS - 1 man - Eugene (60); 2 woman – Megan (50); Mother Superior (40s)
SYNOPSIS: Eugenio, a disgraced priest, and Megan his lover and housekeeper, found refuge from the scandal of their sexual relationship with Cecil Costello, a defrocked priest and one time mentor of Eugenio. With their disgrace now 19 years behind them, Eugenio and Megan unfold their complex relationship and their internal moral struggles through confrontational dialogue and reflective soliloquy. Cecil’s presence is heard and felt, but not observed, during the play. The Mother Superior appears briefly in a flashback scene.



A drama in one act. Time: 1950s Ireland . Location: a country town. Set: The living room of the Mulcahys.
CAST: 3 ACTORS – 1 woman – Louise (40s); 2 men – Malcahy (late 40s); Donal (early 50s)
SYNOPSIS: Louise, a teacher and poet, clashes with Malachy, her husband, and the Catholic Church, which manages the school, because of the extra-curricular subjects she brings to her teaching. Malachy, an agricultural produce salesman, feels her avant-garde approach to her profession is generating rumours that are affecting his sales figures among his clients. He uses a regular card game to introduce “an old school mate”, who happens to be a priest, to try and influence Louise and her ideas. The consequences are not anticipated by either of the two men.



I was commissioned in 2013 to research and write a history play to celebrate the 175th anniversary of the founding of the town of Mount Barker in South Australia. The play was presented in the anniversary year of 2014 and it received great acolades from the Council, the Lord Mayor and the local community. I subsequently adapted it for schools and it ran in several schools in the Adelaide Hills in the early months of 2015.



A play about loss in 3 acts.
Cast: 13 characters (10 ACTORS – 5 men / 5 women with doubling) – 2 of the characters are played by the protagonist, Ben and his alter ego Benedict, who is seen and heard only by Ben and the audience, but not by the other characters on stage.
SYNOPSIS: Ben, an irish exile in Australia, decides to come home to Ireland after 20 years absence. He hopes to rekindle an old flame and renew old friendships. On his return he finds, as John Syeinbeck did on his return to his hometown of Monteray, that . . . “you can’t go home again because home has ceased to exist except in the mothballs of memory.” [From “Travels with Charlie”]


Arthur Disbury

Arthur's new play 'The Truth about Islam is the New Hate Speech'.
Contact arthur@disbury.com


Joan Shirley Plays

When next looking for a comedy or farce for your group, please spare a moment to look at www.joanshirleyplays.co.uk for details of her record breaking comedy/drama the Tart and the Vicars Wife and her family farce Murder Most Funny
You can email me for a free reading copy davieslee@tesco.net


Bob Thompson
Bob Thompson

Upminster, UK

The Circus Rider – Gothic drama, 2M4F

Hounded by the press, when Sissi arrives in Geneva she has already been in mourning for ten years. Convinced that her son had been murdered by Prussian agents, she has been trying to contact him in the spirit world.
Out walking, she comes across a handsome vagrant who bears him a passing resemblance. Convinced that this is her son returned to her she takes him under her wing and, braving the reporters, takes him into her hotel.
Deciding to face down the media she gives an interview to an American journalist staying at the hotel but this merely serves to catalogue her failing grasp on reality. Nor is the vagrant what he seems and her revelations have fatal consequences.

Publisher: RETRI publishing
Contact: retrigroup@outlook.com

Bill Siviter
Bill Siviter

Rhyming Play and Musical Scripts

Rhyming Play and Musical Scripts for schools and children's Drama Groups based on the works of William Shakespeare.
Comedies "Kids in Tights", based on Romeo and Juliet. "The Scottish Play", based on Macbeth. "Kids in Lurve", based on The Taming of the Shrew.
An excellent introduction to Shakespeare for schools and Drama Groups.

Publisher: Lazy Bee Scripts

Joe Cushnan
Contact: 07595660085
29 Sparken Dale , Worksop, Nottinghamshire S80 1BL

Joe Cushnan

Born and raised in Belfast, now living in Nottinghamshire.

I have written books on business, cinema biography and humour. I have a growing portfolio of published features, reviews and poetry. My creative CV is as follows:

Books: Shops, Shoppers, Shopping & Shafted; Before Amnesia: Seeds Of A Memoir; Shaking Hands; Retail Confidential; Much Calamity & The Redundance Kid; Stephen Boyd: From Belfast To Hollywood; Hamish Sheaney: The Nearly-Man Of Irish Literature; Juggling Jelly; Geek!; A Belfast Kid; Jack Elam, I Gave You The Best Years Of My Life; The Chuckle Files; The Poems Of Hamish Sheaney: Remastered & Expanded; Only Yules & Verses; Only Drools & Corsets; Fun With Words, Fun With Rhyme; Fun With Words, Fun With Noise

Creative portfolio includes Derwent Poetry Festival 2015, 2015 Templar Poetry Anthology “Mill”, Octavius Magazine, Ireland’s Big Issue, Ink, Sweat & Tears, Belfast Telegraph, 2013 Belfast Book Festival, Irish News, BBC TV NI “Stephen Boyd: The Man Who Never Was”, BBC Radio Sheffield “Rony Robinson”, BBC Radio Ulster “Saturday Magazine”, BBC Radio 4 “You & Yours”, The Guardian, Tribune, NZ Management, The Grocer, Retail Week, Edge, Open Eye, Yorkshire Post, The Catholic Herald, Cambridge Evening News, The London Paper, Southern Cross, NZ Freelance, Writer’s News, Belfast News Letter, Irelands Own, Fortnight, The Dalhousie Review; Blithe Spirit; The Cannon’s Mouth, Poetry Monthly, Poetic Comment, Bard, Current Accounts, Candelabrum, Decanto, Inclement, Haiku Scotland, Time Haiku, etc.

Shaking Hands
Shaking Hands

Shaking Hands
I am a freelance writer, originally from Belfast but now living in England, and I have written a 45-minute drama for radio - 'Shaking Hands'. The play is fiction based on some facts from my life. It is mostly a two-hander.

The synopsis: This play was written as a 45-minute radio drama. It is fiction, based on several facts from the author's life. A 60-year-old son tracks down his 89-year-old father to question him on why he left the family home, a wife and seven children. In the quest to find out about the 'missing years', the son finds it hard to suppress simmering anger and the father clings to hope of reconciliation. The script is adaptable for the stage and would be useful for student actors to practice their skills.

In 1960, my father left our Belfast home, his wife and seven children and vanished. The next we heard about him was in 1982 when we were told he had died at 57 in Clapham, London.

I am investigating his "missing" 22 years and in tandem with that project this play has come out of my imagination.

This is a link to a background piece written by me and published in the Belfast Telegraph in 2015:

In mid-2015, I sent the play to BBC NI radio producer, Heather Larmour, who declined it because a daughter/father drama had already been commissioned. She said:

“Thank you so much for sending ‘Shaking Hands’, it’s a very thoughtful, emotional and intelligent script which I very much enjoyed reading. I thought your treatment of the relationship between father and son was very interesting and viscerally drawn - you really could feel the anger and frustration and hopes and vulnerabilities of the characters as they negotiated the stages of the meeting. Although I was secretly hoping for a happy ending, I also very much admired how you left the piece, with no resolution possible given the past, but perhaps some understanding for the characters. Unfortunately however, we have recently had a piece commissioned, which tackles the story of a daughter tackling her father about the secrets of his past, and although the two pieces are of course very different, we just felt that the subject matter was too similar at the moment and that Radio 4 would be unlikely to be looking for another piece in the same territory.”



David Ross

Titles by David Ross


Contact: dave.ross100@btinternet.com

Jimmy Blue

Jimmy Blue - Musical

A small cast production, with an acoustic musical backing.
The story follows Jimmy, his band and his life. It touches on hopes, dreams, alcoholism, depression and ultimate failure, a real barrel of laughs! But, it is held together and enhanced by a beautiful collection of songs from my favourite band Del Amitri. The mix of melody and heartache is completely enthralling and absolutely fits with the story. I hope it's interesting and a little bit different, it's more "Blood Brothers" than "Fame"

Alan Smith

Cash For Cloisters

A play peppered with songs, rather than a musical Arthur C Throovest [nom de plume, Alan Smith]

Publishers: The Throovest Foundation, 6, Chantry heath Crescent, KNOWLE, West Midlands B93 9NH
Read more....

Robert Burbidge

Still Life With Onions

In 1947 the grey world of post-war London turns suddenly white as the Arctic winds bring the coldest winter in living memory. At the top of a grimy tenement block while the mercury falls, a country girl, a shop assistant and a German refugee battle the bitter cold and bitter memories to re-discover art, love, friendship, and what it really means to support West Ham United.

After a recent public student reading at the University of Bath Spa, where the piece was described as "rich & humorous" and "utterly charming", this play seeks a first full staged production. I am especially interested in working with London-based groups wanting to commemorate the seventieth anniversary of the winter of 1947 and the often-forgotten years following the war. The four-handed cast is female-led with strong characters, and I am also interested in further development with an engaged acting group.

Cast: 2F (20s/30s) 2M (20s/Older) & Offstage voices (may be doubled)
Single set
Playing time: Approximately 60m
Contact: prandeamus@btinternet.com for sample script


Donald Stevens

I write plays for amateurs as well as professionals. My works usually require no more than 2 or 3 male characters, and as many as 6 to 9 female characters.

CAPTAIN MARIO COMES HOME requires 2 male and 5 principal female characters, plus 4 other female characters.

SLEEP requires 2 male characters and 6 female characters; with 5 non-speaking parts (m. or f.), plus extras if required.

AN AUTHOR IN SEARCH OF SIX CHARACTERS: 3 male, 3 female, 4 which can be male or female.

THE INHERITORS: 2 male; 8 female

These three have Italian settings.
Others have English settings.


Keith Trezise

Contact email keithtree@aol.com

Whether you are looking for a one-act for a drama festival or something for a full evening’s entertainment, you will find all you need within the works of Keith Trezise. From the poignant prize-winning one-act drama Duplex to the full-length comedy Dying To Be Heard, every base is covered.
For Drama festivals there is a choice of four one-act plays and for a full evening’s entertainment you can either choose a full-length comedy, or put on a double bill of one-acts which you can mix and match as you please.
When considering a double bill it is worth noting that Duplex and Four Play (published collectively as Complications) can be performed using the same set and Branching Out and Curtain Call don’t use a set at all!
Both Branching Out and Curtain Call have enjoyed some success in Drama Festivals with Keith’s own theatre company - Flying Horse Theatre - with Curtain Call being awarded Best Original Play at the 2010 Tamworth (Hastilow) Drama Festival.
Each play is cleverly crafted, with many twists and turns to keep your audiences guessing before revealing the most unexpected outcome!
Find out more about these plays at https://keithtrezise.co.uk/page2.html

All plays are published by Jasper Publishing Ltd and their
website is www.jasperpublishing.com.
Keith Trezise
Keith Trezise at Amazon


Robin Miller

Contact email robinjenni@hotmail.com

I have written a comedy thriller/murder mystery, Murder On Cue, which I think would be appealing to amateur dramatic societies. There are six female parts and three male - more importantly six of the roles (four female, two male) are for mature character actors and actresses! In short, it's a play which gives meaty roles to older actors. (Alternatively, the characters can be successfully played by younger actors 'playing up' if necessary). It has one set. It follows the traditions of the murder mystery genre with plenty of red herrings and twists, but also has witty and entertaining dialogue. It has had a successful rehearsed reading where the audience feedback was excellent. If you think your drama group would like to put on a production, please get in touch with me for more details, at robinjenni@hotmail.com Robin Miller


Verity Taster

Verity Taster

Scripts for am dram and youth groups

I am a newly retired full time Drama teacher, producer and playwright of over 35 years experience. Plays staged at the Edinburgh fringe, in Dallas, Australia, Dublin.

All scripts tried, tested and staged worldwide

Most famously: ’The Magdalen Whitewash’.


Matthew Boardman


What is Truth?

My name is Matthew Boardman and I have a play of sorts I've written called 'What is Truth?' which I like and would like very much to see performed. It is a largely blasphemous rewrite of 8 key Bible scenes.


Titles by Mattie Lennon


All His Songs Were Sad

Mattie Lennon is seeking groups to perform his new play.

Script, songs and details of licence costs are available from Mattie via info@mattielennon.com

My play (based on the life and works of Irish songwriter, the late Sean McCarthy ) has been staged by the Pantagleize Theatre Company in Fort Worth, Texas, from September 16th to October 3rd 2010.

Recordings of all featured songs are available on request.



Mattie Lennon is seeking groups to perform his play.
Script and details of licence costs are available from Mattie via info@mattielennon.com

My one-act play A Wolf by the Ears is available for performance. This play has not been performed to date but got a puplic reading by professional actors at Siamsa Tíre, Tralee.


David Penn


A Grave Matter in Hampton Pogmore

A Grave Matter in Hampton Pogmore

A fantastic short story it is short, sweet, witty and totally entertaining. A combination of comedy and seriousness its is wonderfully written and be best performed live on stage.

Henry has had enough of the disagreements, arguments and friction between him, and his wife Hannah. Henry is too old to start again, and has too much to lose, unable to deal with her heavy demands any longer, he plans to do away with her. Alone in the pub, Henry has some weird and wacky thoughts as to how she will vanish. Catching one of his many ideas, he suddenly has it. A plan n position he goes home to commit the perfect crime, well nearly perfect.


Titles by Jack Fitzpatrick -


The Cage Of Perfect Things
a new play by Jack Fitzpatrick

If your theatre group would like to receive a free, e-mail copy of the director script of The Cage of Perfect Things just contact me via jackfitzpatrickstories@gmail.com Thank you.

The Cage Of Perfect Things is a stage play about all those upscale possessions which take so many prisoners in any affluent society ... including our own. The setting is a provincial villa on the northern frontier of the Roman Empire. The year is well after the high grandeur and glory of the Empire.
The struggle is between the security and the status of a middle-aged couple who own the villa and the freedom of a young, carefree, wandering, nameless Barbarian. The story begins with the arrival of the Barbarian who has come to sell the most precious Art object of the ancient world. It is a large medallion of the Goddess Athena. There are many intriguing ideas about the nature of Fine Art. In an unusual sequence of dreams a potter, a cynical painter and a sculptor tell the real truth about Greek and Roman Art.
There are two love stories: one young and one middle age. Also, to bring drama to your stage, you will find a most untraditional sword fight, a pagan dance, a classic monologue and a surprise ending that is tight and crisp and ironic.
Although this story is set in a time long, long ago - and the players wear togas and tunicae - the simple use of austere, modern-style furniture as suggested in the director script will give the show a contemporary feel. The story will be at home today in London, New York, Glasgow, Chicago, Peoria, Paris, or Hong Kong. The cast has six women and four men. The production requirements are simple and flexible.
The Cage of Perfect Things may convince your players and your audience that taking a poke at life's big questions can be fun for real Sophisticates and for real Barbarians. This play had a stage reading in Europe. Even on a bare stage with no costumes and an international cast reading to an international audience, the imagery came across well. If your stage adds a rather simple set, lighting, a few Roman costumes, some tambourines, a collection of flea-market art, and your own make-believe … you can have a unique story which the Greeks and the Romans would have enjoyed.
Owning things will never go out of fashion. Whether we own our objects or they own us will always be an interesting idea with which to play … now … or in ten thousand years.


a new musical

director script & score available to community theatres contact: jackfitzpatrickstories@gmail.com

Riff-Raff Galaxies is a Rock musical. It is a dramatic and whimsical story based on the idea that Rock & Roll may well be the best gift we have to give to the Universe. And, that is what happens on stage: we, all of Planet Earth, give Rock & Roll to the Universe.
This show is ideal for community theatre. The cast is a mix of interesting roles for men and women of different ages. Every player has good lines. Just about every role has a song or two of its own.
Why has Rock & Roll been the dominant music of the whole world for three generations? Why is Rock & Roll the way the world wants to sing and the way the world wants to dance? It must be something more than just noise and glitter.
The opening song, Bloodline, ties Rock music to our deep past. The finale, Let Love Sing, celebrates our giving our music to the Universe and ties us forever to the deep future.
In Riff-Raff Galaxies, the Rock & Roll is both rowdy and gentle. It echoes the innocence and the excitement and the madness of the world of Rock & Roll.
Throughout the director script, numerous staging alternatives are detailed. The production budget can be grand or financed by bake sales.
If the players in your community theatre are innovative and rambunctious, if they yearn to strike their own mark on their own stage with a new show that tells the story of the music of our times, they would be perfect for Riff-Raff Galaxies!
Currently, a data DVD (no video) with the director script of Riff-Raff Galaxies, the sheet music for all the song arrangements and computer-generated audio files of all the music is available at no charge to community theatres - anywhere.
As one of the singer/songwriter characters in the play says, 'There is a fabulous tangle of life to see - and unwind - and set to sound.' If your players want to set to sound life in your town, think about performing Riff-Raff Galaxies.

Because I am the sole copyright holder of all my plays and musicals - performance rights are simple, flexible and very inexpensive.


Samantha Lierens

Contact: samlierens@hotmail.com


Entrenched has just been published by Lazy Bee scripts. www.lazybeescripts.co.uk
Based on the true story of Elsie Knocker and Mairi Chisholm, two of the only women allowed on the Western Front, 'Entrenched' explores the friends' different approaches to love and life and shows how these views eventually and tragically pulled them apart. At approximately 70 minutes long, it has great roles for women in particular, and in these centenary years, is a really timely play.

Samantha Lierens

Contact: samlierens@hotmail.com

I’m Cinderella (Get me out of here)

A hardworking yet down-trodden young woman overcomes adversity, finds true love and ends up running her own business in this modern version of the classic Cinderella.
The Prince, a property developer, is new in town. He wants to buy a local landmark building to turn it into a car-park. But how can he win friends and convince people? A local estate agent tells him that he can marry one of the ladies who lunch, that’s how. When Cinderella’s ghastly two sisters, Flip and Bloom find he’s looking for a bride, they can’t resist the opportunity to grab their man.
This Cinderella is feisty. She doesn’t sit around waiting for a Prince to rescue her, (oh no, she doesn’t!), in fact, she’s not even looking for a fella. However, love – of a kind – will prevail. ‘I’m Cinderella’ includes gazillions of local jokes, plenty of pop music and stars a diva Fairy Godmother with a “chequered romantic history”.
Suitable for all ages.

Rick Tompkins


Randy and Shandy
This play draws on the relationship between Jennie 'Randy' Randolph (mother of Winston Churchill) and her many lovers (in particular with the then Prince of Wales, later Edward VII) and Camilla 'Shandy' Shand, subsequently Mrs. Parker-Bowles and the Duchess of Cornwall, exploring her relationship with the current Prince of Wales and the affect of it on Diana, Princess of Wales and the future of the monarchy. A tale of morality, probity and integrity, or rather lack thereof.
As a friend said, 'Wow, Rick, your play is certainly not for the faint hearted, is it?'.


Maureen Settle


Contact email maureen@duologues.co.uk

A Free Sample Script for Ballet Schools and Performing Arts

On my website you will find a selection of duologues, quartets, choral speaking scripts, school assembly scripts, humorous verse pieces and serious poetry, all of which are perfect for drama festivals or classroom projects.
Samle Scripts


Lorraine Forrest-Turner
Writer and trainer


Contact: 01628 481947 or 07770 788343

Plays by Lorraine Forrest-Turner:
My plays
I have four published plays (details below) as well as 15 short (10-20 minutes), five one act (45-60 minutes) and two full length (90 minutes plus) plays available via my website (www.forrest-turner.co.uk/playwriting/) or by emailing me at lorraine@forrest-turner.co.uk

Seven Stages of an Affair

Published by Samuel French in 2003, ‘Seven Stages of an Affair’ is a witty two-hander. Told through 14 monologues and seven duologues, it reveals the different stages of an affair from ‘temptation’ and ‘transgression’ through to the inevitable ending.

Quote from Seven Stages: “I don’t know if I was in love with Tony or just in love with the person I became when I was with him.”

To Have and To Hold

Following the sudden death or her father, Susan rushes home to help her mother and aunt with the funeral arrangements. But such intimate periods in life can bring out the best – and the worst – in people. Published in 2004 by Samuel French.

Quote from To Have and To Hold: “Forty years I lived with him and in all that time I never made him as happy as she did in one night.”

Dear Lily

Newspaper agony aunt, Ingrid, has had enough of playing second fiddle to the war correspondents and celebrity columnists. However, a new boyfriend, 10 years her junior, and a career as a life-coach bring a bigger set of problems. Published by Lazy Bee Scripts in 2012.

Quote from Dear Lily: “My name is INGRID!”

Bank Holiday Mondays and Other Ways to Kill A Marriage

Jake and Pippa are stranded in the pouring rain on the M25 on a bank holiday Monday with a hungry baby, a flat battery and no changing bag. Things can only get better. Can’t they? Published by Lazy Bee Scripts in 2013.

Quote from Bank Holiday Mondays: “God, that is truly vomit inducing. Rain or no rain, I’m opening the windows.”

Three's Company

A short sketch, with minimal set requirements - in a theme park queue, and with some strong language.

Cast: 1F, 2M. Estimated run time: 12 minutes.
Available from Lazy Bee Scripts

Sue Saunders

Contact email hedworth@hotmail.com


From a review of the premiere at the Oast Youth Theatre, Tonbridge: ‘...the performance was for me one of the most outstanding and moving performances I have seen in recent times....’
Tom Hedley enlists underage in the Great War and is blamed for the deaths of his comrades in an explosion. He suffers the death penalty. His young sweetheart refuses to believe in his guilt. 80 years later a schoolgirl researches her great grandparents for a Poppy Day project. She discovers her link with Tom and puts the record straight.

Author: Saunders, Sue

Published April 2009

The play has been performed several times by younger amateur groups and is used extensively in schools.
It has a direct relevance to NE England - I conceived it as being set near Prudhoe although it could be performed anywhere in the UK. - it had its premiere in Kent - I would be really delighted to see it performed in our area
I would be happy to waive performing rights provided a retiring collection were made to suitable charity chosen by the group, and I could arrange discount prices, although the text seems to be available on several online sites.


Martyn Hesford

Contact email martynhesford@btopenworld.com


BAFTA-nominated and award winning writer, Martyn Hesford's comedy, MRS LOWRY AND SON, had a very successful run at Trafalgar Studios in the West End. The play (a two-hander) is about the British painter LS Lowry's relationship with his mother. Should anyone want to read the play in view of an amateur production, please email me and I will gladly send you the play.

Contact: www.plays4theatre.com for more information, hard copy or free download of play.


Lou Stone

Publisher: New Theatre Publications
Contact email blackstoned@milstone.plus.com

"A Thane in the Arse."

A deranged anarchic comedy that offers a great opportunity for three gifted comedy actress and three to one hundred and three actors to wear tights, kilts and false beards.

The plot: The true story of the three witches and the tragedy, "Macbeth."
Unlike the Shakespeare play to which the play owes so much, the action for the most part takes place in today's suburbia where the trio share a flat in Gravesend..... where else? The play tells how on that fateful night when all three had an appointment to meet The Thane of Cawdor on that now famous Blasted Heath, the third witch was having a nervouse breakdown and at the last minute was unable to attend. How the other two get around this problem is what this is all about. That Doris, a ventriloquist's dummy, features highly may give the game away but the idea might inspire the reader and/or drama group to continue to the end.
Contact: www.plays4theatre.com for more information, hard copy or free download of play.


Judy Shone

Publisher: Full House Productions

Traditional Family pantomimes for all to enjoy at a reasonable cost with lost of friendly advice and tips find us on facebook or email for a list of titles


Global Warming the Musical

I am looking for a group to put on a new musical. I have written a musical called Global Warming the Musical - and I am looking for Musical Theatre groups to put it on. It requires 4 girls who can sing as well as act, a young male lead who can sing and about 5 other adult parts. It has only had one production so far, at the Headgate Theatre in Colchester and you can see pics of the production and hear extracts from the songs on I have backing tracks and or musical scores available and for more information please contact me. I am offering this opportunity for free.

About the Author: Song writer and creator of Global Warming the Musical - Let's Heat It Up! 16 Original Songs


Morella - a gothic opera

Contact Jack Smith jack_m_smith@aol.com

I'm Jack Smith - the composer of the musical opera, and myself and my lyricist - Lesley - produced a show as part of Macclesfield's Barnaby Arts Festival back in June 2014. It was a huge success - it was a sellout and received a standing ovation.
Now we're looking to expand further - encourage more people to get on board and work towards a full production. Please assist us in getting a complete team of vocalists, instrumentalists and anybody wanting to help us theatrically, be that production, backstage, sound etc.
Any help you can offer would be greatly appreciated.


Mystery Writers Ltd

Free Pantomime with an optional murder mystery

Hartshorne, Derbyshire
Contact 07774 215087

After 13 years of writing murder mystery games for the boxed and downloadable market we have now written a pantomime with an optional murder mystery. We have two new scripts that we are prepared to offer free for testing. The first is Aladdin, a full stand alone pantomime with song lyrics included, the second is Murder at the Panto, which is part murder mystery/part pantomime which is designed to be interspersed with the Aladdin script to make a production of varying lengths as required. All we ask is feedback/details of any tweaks thought necessary


Free Musical
The Beggars Opera, renamed 'Beggars Belief! - the Musical


Andram Music offers a modern version of John Gay's The Beggars Opera, renamed 'Beggars Belief! - the Musical',free to amateur dramatic societies.

Please see the ANDRAM website or contact me via mail@andram-music.com.

Stuart Jones

a British composer for major labels

Website: www.stuartjonesmusic.co.uk

‘Picture This, Picture Life’

If anyone would like to listen to my brand new musical with a view to performing it I would appreciate some feedback. The links are shown below.
It is all music, no script, just some short links. It's fully self contained with backing tracks as the music is complex so could be more difficult with an orchestra. It's abstract progressive experimental classical jazz funk in it's styles.
Act one
Act two

Musical entitled:
‘Real Love’
Free to use!


‘Real Love’ was staged at the Underground Theatre, Eastbourne, with great success.
Now we are offering the musical to groups country wide to stage for free!
‘Real Love’ has 7 charactors ranging from 18-60 and a chorus. The musical contains 10 songs and dance routines and comes with backing tracks, guide vocals, dance music and is easy to to stage. and last about 1 hour.
For your free copy of the script just email johnsscripts@yahoo.com
Some of the songs from the show (guide vocals only) can be heard at https://soundcloud.com/twotoo & https://soundcloud.com/twotooextra


Derek Thompson

Comedy Sketch Scripts
Contact: earthlight@btinternet.com

I'm a freelance writer based in the South West and I've put together an eBook collection of sketches for people who want to try their hand at performing comedy, but who lack the material.

There are 35 sketches altogether and the material can be used for non-profit activities such as showreels or group exercises. The content covers some adult topics.

The eBook is available as a PDF for just £5 and you can find details here, along with a purchasing link

I'm also available if you need material written.


John Waterhouse


A haunting comedy set on a remote Hebridean isle
by John Waterhouse
for 3 men and 3 women
Terry, a stressed-out businessman, goes away with his wife for a few days rest to a remote Scottish island. They soon finds out that the island has a host of natural hazards, from sudden fog to quick sands, and numerous other dangers from animals and insects. Then a ghost appears, with dire warnings. For Terry, it is a living nightmare but for a flamboyant American film director, the guesthouse provides the ideal location for a ghost story.

A free copy of the script is available by e-mail with details of performance rights from the publisher, NTP. Please telephone +44 (0)1925-485605 or e-mail info@plays4theatre.com


Tony Breeze


A member of The Playwrights Publishing Company
Contact : playwrightspublishingco@yahoo.com

Nottingham Playwright - finalist in Pittsburgh New Play Festival with 'My Brother’s Keeper' 2f 2m (& 2nsp. m).

Free dowloads of samples of new one-act and full-length comedies and serious plays from UK authors.

Publisher www.playwrightspublishing.com
Postal enquiries to 70 Nottingham Road, Burton Joyce, Notts, NG14 5AL Phone 01159313356


Miriam Gallagher

Playwright. Novelist & Screenwriter

photographer (Jonathan Philbin Bowman)

Contact details:
53 Upper Beechwood Ave., Ranelagh, Dublin 6. Ireland
Email: gallaghermiriam@eircom.net

Award-winning playwright Miriam Gallagher's work has been produced in Ireland, London, Paris, New York, Canada, South Africa & Australia. She has worked in professional, prison & community theatre. She is a former vice president of Irish PEN, council member of Soc. of Irish Playwrights & committee member of Irish Writers' Union. She gives workshops in schools, arts centres & colleges. Recently work was staged Off-Off Broadway, in Chicago and at Edinburgh Festval Fringe. Her Mss are in the National Lbrary, Dublin & film work in the Irish Film Archive.

Plays include:-


What are we doing about our waste disposal?
(Full Length: Cast: F2 + M 2) SET: Suggests a Wasteland Area wth DS. doubling as Waste Management Office/ Morrissey Home.

*First performed as a Staged Reading at the Bridge Theatre, Off-Off Broadway.
" Extremely engaging. . . the script has a wonderful musicality to the dialogue" . . .
Emily Brazee, Davenport theatrical Enterprises Inc. New York.



Do we kill or cure our patients?
(Full Length: Cast: F4 + M 4) SET: The Wellenough Clinic, Co. Dublin (impressionistic)
*First performed at Dublin Theatre Festival.
"A brisk entertaining picture of hospital life where the interests of the patients are a low priority.” . . .
Evening Herald.
" Labels is a hard hitting social statement fused with ironic humour”. . .
Phyl Herbert, Theatre Director, Dublin



How far will we go in search of perfect beauty?
(One Act: Cast: F 5 SET: 'black Heaven’ Beauty Salon.

* First performed (not yet!)



Three women meet by chance -or is it chance- with comic & startling results.
(One Act: Cast: F 3 SET: smart city café.
* First performed at Gaelic Park Irish Festival, Chicago.
" High praise for the piece. The opening went very well". . .
David Walters, Artistic Director, Nightblack Theatre, Chicago.



* Prize winner, Near & Far International Playwrighting Contest U.S.A.
On the eve of his funeral, questions are asked about 'The Departed' by Alice, back from the U.S. to Kanteerly where she was born, while Aoife, the grieving widow and daughter Kate clash over family loyalties.
(One Act: Cast: F 5 SET: A country pub in Ireland.
* First performed (not yet!)



One Act Play
(Boxing Comedy) ISBN 0-9538200 09
(Soc. Irish Playwrights, 1991,1997)
Cast: 1F- 4M (No set)
Performed: Dublin Theatre Festival/King's Head, London/New York & Chicago.



One Act Play
(Folk Tale. Dance/Music)
Cast: 1F- 1M, Sea, Chorus (M or F) (No set)
Performed: ContemporEire'84, Dublin/Drama Fests/ Schools Fests, St. George, Canada.



One Act Play
Cast: 1F - 1M (No set)
Performed: ContemporEire'84, Dublin/Drama Fests/ Schools Fests, Hollister, California.



One Act Play
(Omlettes, Lemon Soufflé, Easter Eggs)
These three plays can be performed as one full length or separately..



One Act Play
(Black Comedy)
Cast: 3 Waiters (M or F) + 2F + 3M. Set in a restaurant.
Performed: Pentameters, London/Dublin Theatre Festival/Drama Festivals, USA, South Africa and Australia.



One Act Play
(Bittersweet Comedy)
Cast: 3F- 4M. Set in the Old Abbey (suggested)
Performed: Pentameters, London/Andrew's Lane Theatre, Dublin. Drama Festivals, Ireland & Australia.



One Act Play
(Short Comedy)
Cast: Magician (F or M ) + 4F + 2M (Adults play Children).
Set in Mabel's Party Place (suggested)
Performed: Andrew's Lane Theatre, Dublin. UK, Canada & USA.



One Act Play
ISBN 0-9538200 17 (Mirage)
Cast: 2F. 2M. Set in a run down house in the early 1990's.
Performed: Galloglass Theatre Company's National Tour 2001.



One Act Play
(Celtic Tale of Midhir and Etain)
Cast: 2F -3M + CHORUS (F or M) + Dancers (music/dance)
Performed: Martin Murphy High School, Hollister, California.



One Act Play
Cast: People of Ranelagh from (1208-1988).
Set: Ranelagh gardens past + present (suggested) Mime/dance/music.
Performed: Dublin Millennium Project 1988 (Ranelagh and Rathmines).



One Act Play
(for children)
Cast: Woodland Creatures, Mighty Oak, Wise Woman, Mayor, etc. Set in a Woodland (suggested)
Performed: Gate Theatre Dublin, and Crypt Arts Centre, Dublin Castle.



Interludes (One Act)
(Comedy, celebrating Turlough O'Carolan (1670-1738) the great Irish Harper Composer.)
Cast: 1M + Musician[s.] Performed: Nat. Concert Hall/Rté Radio/Carolan Festival, Keadue.
Helsinki/Turku, & Tallin, Estonia.


Interludes (One Act)
(comedy, celebrating Irish composer, John FIELD (1782-1837))
Cast: 1F -1M + Pianist.
Performed: National Concert Hall/Dublin Millennium 'Field Days' Festival. Int. Field Festival, Maynooth university, Carrick Watermusic Festival.



Interludes (One Act)
(comedy, celebrating the Irish born composers, Michael W. BALFE
(1808-1870) & William V. WALLACE (1812-1865))
Cast: 1F- 2M + Pianist.
Performed: National Concert Hall/Rté Radio/Garter Lane, Waterford, Dundalk Arts Centre.



Interludes (One Act)
(comedy, celebrating the Irish born composer Joan Trimble (1915-1000)
ISBN 9780953820030 (Mirage)
Cast: 1F-1M +Piano (preferably two pianos)
Performed: Ardhowen Theatre, Enniskillen Arts Festival



Full Length Play
Cast: 8F-3M. Set in a Women's Prison (suggested).
Performed: Damer Hall/ Samuel Beckett Centre/Community + VEC Tour.



Full Length Play
Cast: 1F (or 2F-1M -as Rté Radio 1999). Set: A railway station in Limbo.
Performed: Andrew's Lane Theatre, Dublin, Rté Radio.
Readings: New York, 4th Int. Women Playwrights' Conf. Galway.



Full Length Play
ISBN 9780953820023 (Mirage)
Cast: People of Clare (Historical & present day); Local legends (music/dance)
Performed: Glór Theatre, Ennis Co. Clare + Tour.
(Arts award commission by Clare Co. Council.)



Full Length Play
(Celebrating artist Suzanne Valadon)
(in collaboration with Mia Gallagher & Nathalie Rafal). Cast: 2 F + chanteuse.
Performed: Samuel Beckett Centre, Trinity College, Dublin;


Moorside Music

Two new musicals? 'The Ballad of Tippling Down' is a 'Ealing' type comedy/drama set in WW11. Eight adult leads, six child leads, 'big'chorus work for both adult and junior chorus(evacuees). Operatic, choral, ballad, instrumental.

'My Gap Year' is a comedy set on holiday in the 70's. Pop in the style of the time, rock, ballad, 'the chorus of typical tourists' and with some Greek dancing.

Please visit MoorsideMusic.com for synopsis, sound tracks, and libretto, or email tonysimister@hotmail.com for a script and CD


The Musical Director's Handbook

"The Musical Director's Handbook is a comprehensive guide for musicians who want to learn more about Musical Direction in Theatre. Chapter by chapter, this handbook explores the different skills required of the Musical Director, from the early stages of score learning and pre-production, through auditions and rehearsals, right up to opening night and beyond. As well as offering help and advice, based on the writer's own experience working in amateur, youth and professional theatre, each chapter contains exercises and suggestions for further study. Whether you are approaching this as a keen amateur, a school or college music teacher, or a professional musician, the Musical Director's handbook with help to ensure that your journey to opening night is a happy and fulfilling one."

"As a professional musician approaching Musical Direction for the first time, this handbook was an invaluable aid to me, and one which I would recommend to anyone who wants to learn more about MDing."
Steve Holness, Assistant Musical Director - Rock of Ages (London)

"The first time I worked closely with Stuart Morley has made me hope it won't be the last. His marshalling of enormous forces to produce a marvellous vocal sound was an essential contribution to my concert production of 'Chess' at the Royal Albert Hall working so well"
Sir Tim Rice, Lyricist and Author

"I have known Stuart from student to maestro, a brilliant musician whether as player, arranger or conductor. This book shows his dedication and high standards."
Clive Swift, Actor

Stuart Morley is currently Musical Director of the Olivier Award winning production of "We Will Rock You" Other theatre credits include "Cabaret" (Lyric, West End), "Tommy" and "This is Elvis" (No. 1 UK tours), Ray Cooney's "Times Up" (Yvonne Arnaud), "Release the Beat" (Arcola), Brian May and Kerry Ellis' "Anthems" (Royal Albert Hall and UK Tour). Stuart is Musical Director of Millfield Youth Theatre, based in North London and a Musical Theatre Vocal Coach at the Royal Academy of Music, where he was made an honorary Associate in 2011. He recently re-orchestrated and produced the re-issue of Freddie Mercury & Monserrat Caballe's "Barcelona" Album for Island Records/Mercury Songs and also conducted former Royal harpist Claire Jones' new album "The Girl with the Golden Harp" for Classic FM with the English Chamber Orchestra.


Titles by Christopher Owen


Christopher Owen



Visit my blog at www,christopherowen.co.uk/my-blog
Contact: info@christopherowen.co.uk


One-Act comedy set in Wales. First performed in 2009 by Cranwell Amateur Theatrical Society whose production was adjudicated WINNER of the Royal Air Force Theatrical Association Festival of One-Act Plays at Whittle Hall, RAF Cranwell, Lincolnshire. Cast of three: Su Toogood, Malcolm Jones, Peggy Reading. Director: Pamela Jones. Comment: “The comedy is dry and understated with the occasional eruption of emotion I can hardly remember when I last saw such committed eating on stage. It was a great moment of theatre and beautifully handled by all concerned.” Adjudicator: Paul Fowler GODA

Beware! Danger Zone!

A one act comedy on Health and Safety. First performed in 2012 by Cranwell Amateur Theatrical Society at the Royal Air Force Theatrical Association Festival of One-Act Plays, Lincolnshire. Previously performed script-in-hand at Actors and Writers London at the Polish Centre on Monday 21 March 2011.


by Christopher Owen and Susan K Monson. A full length comedy-drama performed by New Live Theatre in the North West Women In Comedy Festival, Manchester 2013.
Cast: 6 female, 1 male. The ages of the women range between 70 and late 20’s. It is about a feminist a cappella choir, whose depleted membership is struggling to keep the choir in existence. While maintaining the intentional humour of the play, the relationships between the women are put under considerable strain. Traditional feminist songs ‘music and lyrics’ available.
‘I really enjoyed it - and admired you for being able to write such wonderful and natural sounding dialogue.’ (Kathleen Armstrong, member of Velvet Fist)
‘Very original and enjoyable. I enjoyed myself from the beginning to the end.’ (Julian Lamoral-Roberts, film producer)


This full length play received a rehearsed reading at the Old Vic London with Dame Penelope Keith as Edith Sitwell and Malcolm Sinclair as Noel Coward, directed by Jonathan Church.
Edith Sitwell’s flat. A morning in September 1962. With the encouragement and care of Elizabeth Salter, Edith Sitwell prepares herself physically and mentally for her 75th birthday celebration at the Festival Hall. Throughout the play she battles with old age and increasing infirmity and with her memories of the ill treatment she suffered as a child at the hands of her father and mother, Sir George and Lady Ida Sitwell, and her undiminished need for recognition and acclaim. She is anxious for reassurance that her life’s work is and has been of significant value. It is for this last that she turns to Noel Coward, whom, on account of his ridicule of her and her brothers 40 years earlier, she has pronounced her enemy.


A one act two hander comedy. GILLIAN is forty year old concert platform singer specializing in popular classics and songs from the shows. TREVOR is Gillian’s middle aged piano accompanist. They are in a bedroom of a standard modern hotel. Gillian is worried about her throat, Trevor has fractured his wrist. They are desperate to find a replacement for him for tonight’s concert in Liverpool. It’s been a long tour!
Review by Playwrights Studio Scotland: ‘This is a funny and well written comedy which demonstrates an ear and flare for witty, well-timed dialogue. The premise works well dramatically – piling stress and time constraints on an already fraught relationship and situation. The characters are well paired as an odd couple in mutual exasperation.’
If preferred there is a version of this comedy with an additional two disruptive roles of hotel manager and cleaner.


A five minute sketch. (1 m. 2 F). Winner of the Lost Theatre Five Minute Festival 2011. Subsequently performed by New Venture theatre, Brighton. Adapted to a short film by XYZ. Some strong language. A psychiatric consulting room. A consultation. There is an issue regarding silence, when to remain silent and when to speak.


a one-man play performed by Christopher Owen between 1995 and 2004, it played in well over 100 venues up and down the UK and in the Gulf States.
Brilliant – a masterpiece of sustained characterisation – The Surrey Advertiser.
An evening of comedy – totally engrossing – a must see - The Bordon Herald.
By the end of the evening it felt we were taking leave of a dear friend - Lichfield Mercury.
Outstanding - much enjoyed by the audience - a prolonged ovation – The Stage.
Since 2013 this show has been performed intermittently in North West England under a non-exclusive contract by actor Bob Young.
The year is 1895. The Rev. J.T. Smith of St Peter’s, Mulworth, has just arrived at the Parish Hall in the village of Norton. It is a very special occasion: the celebration of the rebuilding of the Old Bell Tower at St Peter’s. A Guest Speaker is expected, songs are to be sung by Rev. Smith’s wife and his former curate Mr Rashleigh – but none of them have turned up!

Richard Kinnaird

Contact: richkinnaird@hotmail.co.uk or 07482 735237
Derbyshire UK

The Gates

A man stumbles on the gates to heaven and hell and is told by 2 angels who are guarding the gates, that to find out where you’re going when you die, you must take a test. After taking the test and passing, Steven then has a long journey of many choices, being pulled by forces of “good” and “evil”, he has no idea that the choices he makes have a profound effect on the whole world.


Mike O Halloran


A Queens Speech

A Queen’s Speech is a delightful blend of comedy and drama set in the summer of 2011 when Ireland was lifted from the gloom of recession by the promise of a State visit by Queen Elizabeth II. The action takes places in a pub which also houses a small barbershop run by Jimmy, a vulnerable soul who really gets into the spirit of the occasion. Jimmy’s excitement is shared by two kind women, who help him through life, indulging his idiosyncrasies and encouraging his dreams. But his idyllic life is threatened by the business aspirations of the conniving pub owner Declan. Will an innocent triumph over a shady dealer?

This is an ideal play for an amateur drama group to produce. A Queens speech played to a very receptive audience in Siamsa Tire Theatre Tralee (The National Folk Theatre of Ireland) in November 2015.
The cast is:
2 women in their thirties
2 men thirties forties
1 man in his sixties.
The set remains the same for all scenes
The running time is 1 hour and 10 minutes approx.
Scripts are available from halomic@hotmail.com.

A Queen’s Speech is a new play by Mike O’Halloran. In 2010 he premiered his first play, September ’82, a story about Kerry Football fans, which delighted audiences around the country. This new offering moves away from the sporting theme, but stays in the world of the small town pub. It’s an offbeat comedy with plenty of twists in the tale, which is sure to find many fans.



Looking for a free musical for your theatre group?
WORKhouse based in Loughborough and Derby have a new musical (tried and tested).
We performed our first musical last summer 2010. Several people asked what we were going to do with it after the run had finished, and this is what we decided:
It's available to anyone who would like to perform it - FOR FREE!!!

We have a set of scripts and musical scores at no charge - our aim, and delight, would be to see what someone else does with it!
"Worlds Apart" is the bitter-sweet story of a mother and her son, both looking for something when what they really needed is staring them in the face all along.
17 songs and a lively script unravel what happens to them.

Check out our website for further details or workhouse1@live.co.uk


Antony Franchi

New Musical Available Free
Global Warming - The Musical

I am looking for any theatre group who would like to stick their neck out and put on a new musical by an unknown writer (me!).
See Global Warming - The Musical or contact me via antony.franchi@gmail.com

Malcolm Noble

Market Harborough Leics
Contact malcolm@bookcabin.co.uk

Titles by Malcolm Noble

Take Seven Cooks

Take Seven Cooksis a whodunit adapted for the amateur stage from the authors series of Timberdick Mysteries

Four lines from a traditional nursery rhyme guide seven suspects through this entertaining whodunit. Jealousy, resentment and ambition emerge as likely motives, but its old fashioned observation and deduction that solve the case.

The press has praised Malcolm Nobles successful mystery novels as beautifully written and darkly funny with strong characterisation. In Take Seven Cooks he has weaved some of his readers favourite episodes into a new storyline for the small stage
A cast of tried and tested characters gives players scope for interpretation and projection within the structure of a detective drama.Take Seven Cooks is a play set in the early 1960s and features characters who regularly pop up in Malcolms popular Timberdick book series.
MALCOLM NOBLE served in the Hampshire Police, a chapter of his life that provides some background to his crime fiction. He has written eleven mystery novels set in the south of England from the 1920s to the 1960s. Reviews have emphasised his sense of place and atmosphere, his strong characterisation and first rate storytelling. Malcolm lives in Market Harborough where he and his wife run a secondhand bookshop
Malcolm Noble.
Author of the Timberdick Mysteries: "Parochial Policing at its Best" (Shropshire Star)

Lizzie Waldron's Day Return

A 20 minute play for radio, or suitable for staged reading. It will be produced on 102.3 Hfm on 18 February 2016 and is available for performance after that date

"A great success. We look forward to a sequel very soon" (102.3 Hfm)

Publisher: Bookcabin Press
ISBN 978-0993270055
Amazon Link Amazon

John's Scripts

Real Love
Free Script Available

‘Real Love’ was recently staged at the Underground Theatre, Eastbourne, with great success.
Now we are offering the musical to groups country wide to stage.
‘Real Love’ has 7 charactors ranging from 18-60 and a chorus. The musical contains 10 songs and dance routines and comes with backing tracks, guide vocals, dance music and is easy to to stage.
for your free copy of the script just johnsscripts@yahoo.com
some of the songs from the show (guide vocals only) can be heard here

Paul Mathews

Free Play Available

‘Celebrity’ is a sharp, witty and often touching insight into the modern phenomenon that is celebrity.
This full-length comedy received its premiere when the Centralian Players performed it over three nights in October 2010, playing to packed houses on all three nights.
The action focuses on an eventful 24-hours in the lives of science-fiction writer Max Kettell and his PR guru wife Amber as their friends, family and clients get drawn into various celebrity disasters and intrigues. As well as exploring the modern world of celebrity, it also touches on familiar themes such as parenting and childhood.

‘Celebrity’ is most certainly a modern comedy, which will appeal to regular theatregoers, as well as those people who might ordinarily prefer ‘X-Factor’ or ‘Britain’s Got Talent’ to a night at the theatre.

All profits from ‘Celebrity’ - a very healthy £1,000 - were donated to the Watford-based Peace Hospice.
The author, Paul Mathews, is prepared to make the script available for performance for no-charge, on the basis that groups performing the play donate the profits to a local hospice or other local charity.
Excerpt from NODA review: 'This was a great evening’s entertainment. The piece, although full of humour, certainly made you think about relationship problems in all aspects of life, particularly within families.'
If you would like to receive a review copy of the script, please email the author via mrpaulmathews@aol.co.uk

Miles Tredinnick

has worked extensively in film, TV, Theatre and music

'Comedy Plays by Miles Tredinnick'

Contact: milestredinnick@aol.com

Titles by Miles Tredinnick

Up Pompeii

If you're looking for a fun play to produce then check out UP POMPEII.

It has a cast of 11 (M6, F5) and is published by Josef Weinberger Ltd.
Up Pompeii stage rights released
The worldwide stage rights (amateur and professional) to Up Pompeii are now available for production.
Contact Josef Weinberger Ltd for more information.
Up Pompeii - Paperback


Twist is published by Matador Books and is available from Amazon
Twist, my stage comedy thriller, (originally produced at the Pentameters Theatre in London under the title Getting Away with Murder) is a six hander - 3 men and 3 women. It uses one set of a London apartment.
David Woods is a mild-mannered accountant who sees a sensational way of making a fortune by writing a kiss-and-tell biography about his bitchy wife Sarah, the nation’s favourite actress from the hit soap Doctors and Nurses. He then realises that his book will do even better if she is murdered first! Unfortunately a few obstacles get in his way...
Twist is a hilarious spoof of the much-loved theatrical thriller where nobody is what they seem and nothing is what it should be! With all the ingredients you’d expect of a first class thriller, the cunning twists and turns will take you on a corkscrew ride of suspense and excitement. And just when you think you know what’s going to happen next think again, as Twist catches you out one more time before the breath-taking dénouement.

Other titles by Miles Tredinnick
Topless, Laugh? I Nearly Went to Miami, Fripp, Topless in Philadelphia


John Jackson

Coming Home - a musical

The musical is set in World War One and is about a group of friends who decide to join up. One of the group is dead against this and stays home with his sweetheart, which leads to a bitter parting of the ways.
The one who stays home is soon faced with the dreadful news of casualties from the front and is overcome with guilt and grief. He makes the decision to serve on the front line as a stretcher bearer and endures another bitter parting from his girlfriend.
The girlfriend, then finds out she is pregnant and faces bringing up a child without a father. There is a twist in the tale, which leads to the climax of the show.
I am 60 years old and was born in Lancaster. I have lived most of my life in the Blackburn area of Lancashire, but now reside in Flookburgh Cumbria.
Please listen to the link from utube. It is "Sing Me A Lullaby" one of the songs from the show.

Lorraine Mason

These are my pantomime scripts to which I am the author. I began writing pantomimes for my local amateur dramatic society Centre Stage Company, Haverhill and found I was pretty good at it, so I got in touch with an online script publisher and... hey presto! All my pantomimes stay true to the origins of the stories they come from with plenty of music, magic and mayhem woven into the plot. I always like to add a little twist here and there with lots of cheeky innuendos, slapstick and a touch of sentiment without getting too slushy.
All published by Lazy Bee Scripts. The links are as follows;


The Pied Piper Of Hamelin [version 4]

Lazy Bee Scripts

A charming piper comes to town causing all the ladies to swoon - all except the evil Queen Rat, who he swiftly and stylishly defeats with his musical magic. Aided by her bungling henchmen - Gunk and Sludge, she plots her revenge. Yodelling and traditional Bavarian slapping dance all included.


Beauty And The Beast [version 4]

Lazy Bee Scripts

No singing teapots here! But you do get two aristocrat toffs, trying (and failing) to win the heart the same girl while sucking up to her poor father who has fallen on hard times, two larger than life panto dames (sisters to said girl,) Trying (and failing) to win the hearts of said toffs while harassing said father for new clothes, jewellery, shoes, sports cars - you name it. At the centre of it all is the lovely old story of how an innocent girl learned to tame and love a ferocious beast. Watch out for the feuding fairies and creepy castle servants.


Puss In Boots [version 4]

Lazy Bee Scripts

The hilarious donkey bathing scene alone makes this panto well worth producing. With Olaf the 'Orrible Ogre stealing Fairy Poppins wand, he can change himself into any creature, kidnap Princess Bethany and terrorise the kingdom! It's up to the three brothers - Hickory, Dickory and Jack to save the day with the help of Puss and their carrot crazy donkey, Dipsey.

Keith Dyer

Panto Script Available
Spanish Panto

I live in Campo near Cartama and have written this, my first panto script including a couple of songs. An excerpt from the script can be read here.
Anyone with a genuine interest in knowing more should contact me via millolarose@hotmail.com


Henry Harding

The Bells Of St Mary's

The Bells Of St Mary's is a romantic comedy with a supernatural twist that follows in the footsteps of timeless Christmas tales such as A Christmas Carol and It's A Wonderful Life.
It is an intimate play with a small cast (5 male, 2 female) that could be realised on a very small budget.
synopsis and more information here: www.reticentblog.blogspot.com

Contact henryharding@hotmail.co.uk


Sharon Waring & Helen Landau

Sharon WaringHelen Landau

Life In Space – a quirky comedy

Life In Space – a quirky comedy

1 hour and 30 minutes running time
5 females, 5 males and optional extras
It is 1970s outback Australia and the unceremonious arrival of Joel, a young Yorkshire lad raises more than an eyebrow amongst the locals of Bolden Creek. It is getting close to Alien day, a big deal for the residents, during which people flock from miles away to celebrate the alleged UFO activities in the area. Mutual feelings are developing between Joel and local girl Cath however; Joel appears to ruin his chances when he has an encounter of the close kind with the earthy Nadine. This has explosive consequences on Alien Day, driving a shamed Joel out of town. Will Cath now get together with Damo, a likeable but crazy car mechanic who earnestly believes that the aliens are coming for him? Will Joel have the courage to stop Cath from making an astronomical mistake?
Many things have shaken out of the tree in Joel’s absence and all is not as it seems. There are some huge shocks in store for everyone, and it appears there are stranger secrets on earth than in space by gum
“…As the play unfolds, we realise there are revelations that complete the roller coaster ride of emotions that the play invokes!
I feel sure the audience that share this absorbing experience will leave the theatre in a very happy state of mind!”
Norman Reynolds
Production Designer – BAFTA and twice Academy Award Winner
For a FREE two-scene taster contact me at: hello@sharonwaring.com
The full-length play can be sampled and purchased through New Theatre Publications at: https://www.plays4theatre.com/
Contact: Sharon Waring hello@sharonwaring.com or Helen Landau helen.landau@tinyworld.co.uk

Kieran Carroll
Kieran Carroll

Melbourne, Australia
Contact kierancarroll@hotmail.com

Australia's Oldest Man

requires a middle-aged to older male actor. It's a comic monologue and is a lot of fun to play. The piece also requires a cameo at the end from a female who is the long suffering wife. Age is not so vital for this role.

Bruno Lacroix

Contact brunolacroix@bell.net

Lofty Larceny

2 hours comedy.pdf (725769)
Comedy in II Acts. 2 hours. Eleven characters. 7 men and 4 women or 8 men and 3 women.
A rich industrial on the verge of financial breakdown, imagine a way out to avoid drama. Different characters will visit him in his penthouse and will try either to help him or to make his day a nightmare. Very funny and rich visual numbers. Ideal for summer play. For the whole family.

Haut Vol comédie. 2hres.pdf (667377)
Comédie en II actes. 2 hres. Onze personnages. 7 hommes et 4 femmes ou 8 hommes et 3 femmes.
Un riche industriel au bord de la faillite imagine un stratagème pour éviter le drame. Défilera dans son penthouse une série de personnages colorés qui essaieront de l'aider ou de lui nuire dans ses projets. Les numéros physiques et visuels sont très drôles. Comédie idéale pour un théâtre d'été. Pour toute la famille.

Contact brunolacroix@bell.net

The Pink Pearl

Tony is a cat-loving vegetarian and has dreamed about opening a vegetarian restaurant for a long time. He finally agrees with owner Bert to rent his closed restaurant… and just in time too, because he's already invited Lisa Chan, the noted international food critic to inspect and dine in his new veggie restaurant in three days time with a view to winning the coveted 'Golden Tofu' plaque.
Victor arrives to help Tony get the place ready for its opening night and meets Sacha, the long-standing tenant in the flat above the restaurant. She is a lady of French descent who is vibrant and energetic, despite being in her 70s. She regales Victor with tales of her rural upbringing and how as children they were scared of the ‘bogeyman’ who made adults scream, but was nothing more than an osteopath who visited farms to re-set dislocated joints.
Lisa arrives two days early to inspect the restaurant, which is clearly nowhere near ready. Trying to instil confidence in her, Victor comes up with a minimalist ‘concept’ for the restaurant, and inspired by Sacha’s stories the place is transformed into a hunting lodge with stags heads and bizarre animal print drapes. Bert is pressed into service as a waiter and Victor persuades him to also act out the part of the mysterious bogeyman to add a bit of ‘local colour’.
Disaster looms when the meat balls that Sacha made from scraps for Tony’s cats are mistakenly given to Lisa as her main course. Assuming it to be a vegetarian meatball dish, Lisa decides she likes it! “What is it?” she asks. Tony and Victor splutter and cough until Victor, seeing the stags head on the wall confides that they’re ‘stagballs’ made solely from organic material that wild deers eat. Lisa buys into this and fame beckons for Tony and Victor, but only if they carry on serving meat to vegetarians. They decide though to recreate the dish using non-meat ingredients… but don't tell Lisa!
Time passes, and with their newly received Golden Tofu plaque, the restaurant becomes a huge success with the public and celebrities alike all clamouring for reservations, but what would happen if Lisa were to come back for another meal of stagballs?
3m 2f
Stagescripts Ltd represent Bruno for this play in the UK and Ireland. Scripts and rights can be sourced through us. here

Mike Atkinson

Free Script - Shangri-La

My name’s Mike Atkinson and I’ve just written a musical called, Shangri-La; it’s set in the present day, with the action taking place in an inner-London school.
There’s 17 characters and rather a lot of tuneful songs: I have very quickly come to realise that my writing the show was the easy bit - the hard part is getting it staged.
A friend in the business has advised me - as a first step to having a ‘package’ to present - is to get it produced by a really good Am-Dram Society and take benefit from the experience.Anyone with a genuine interest in knowing more - reading the script & hearing the songs - should contact me via mike.atkinson@fremantlemedia.com Or: (020) 7691 6006 - weekdays (020) 8374 4974 - evenings/weekends


Jonathan North

I have just set up my new drama website, where I've posted details of some of my plays and sketches (including a 45-min drama centred on the Titanic -- very appropriate for a drama group in this centenary year) and random musings on theatrical themes.

If you're seeking something entertaining that hasn't been done to death on the am-dram circuit, please take a look.
Contact via drama@imaginise.net


Andrew Ings


Andrew has extensive experience in theatre including acting , directing and reviewing



A Nipperkin Of Bunkum


A Nipperkin Of Bunkum by Andrew Ings

The series of short scripts are set in a variety of different situations.
In one play a talk show host meets his antithesis in the guise of art critic Hughe Perciman-Smythe, and in another an eighty five year old man is planning his stag night with his friends.

Throughout, satire can be found regarding the art world, Health and Safety regulations gone mad, the annoyance of calling directory enquiries, a cross dressing initiative at a rather forward-thinking office and many others.

In these days of Political Correctness, are you sick of not being able to say what you would really like to ?
Andrew has written a collection of comedy sketches and monolgues for performance that speak for many of us.
Based on some of his own experiences of life they are topical and some might say slightly outrageous saying what many of us are thinking but in a very funny way.

They are very simple to stage and have casts of just two or three.
If you believe in giving your audience a good laugh you will certainly enjoy staging these sketches and monologues.

In these days of Political Correctness, aren’t you sick of not being able to say what you would really like to ?
Andrew has written a collection of comedy sketches and monologues for performance that speak for many of us. This collection of short humorous scripts is set in a variety of different situations.
In one play a talk show host meets his antithesis in the guise of art critic Hughe Perciman-Smythe, and in another an eighty five year old man is planning his stag night with his friends.
Throughout, satire can be found regarding the art world, Health and Safety regulations gone mad, the annoyance of calling directory enquiries, a cross dressing initiative at a rather forward-thinking office and many others.
Based on some of his own experiences of life they are topical and some might think slightly outrageous but they say what many of us are thinking, but in a very funny way
They are very simple to stage and have casts of just two or three.
If you believe in giving your audience a good laugh you will certainly enjoy staging these sketches and monologues.
Andrew has extensive experience in theatre including acting , directing and reviewing


If you would like more info Contact: Andrew.ings@talk21.com


From Page To Stage

Wanted - Layabouts, Ladies of Ill Repute, Drunks, Luvvies and Hams for a New Theatre Group.

A Nipperkin Of Bunkum by Andrew Ings

Raymond Hopkins


Raymond Hopkins lives in Oxfordshire . United Kingdom.

In 1998 he started writing farcical comedies and donating his royalties to Multiple Sclerosis Research.
His plays have been extremely successful in the U.K. with hundreds of productions and summer season runs. The plays are also very popular in Australia and Europe.
At the present time, nearly thirty thousand pounds has been raised for MS research.

Publisher: Hanbury Plays, Worcestershire


Looking For Love

Published 2012
M4 F5 - £7-50 - ISBN:- 9781852053292

After twenty-one years of marriage, James Beale walks out on his wife, Molly. She is devastated and after four months of being alone, she has reached rock bottom. Her best friend, Fiona, persuades her to try the “six-step miracle cure” for abandoned wives. The idea being, on completion, she will be guaranteed to get her life back together.
Molly agrees and finds that it works. Not only does her husband want to come back, but she has two other suitors vying for her affection. The twists and turns, the intrigues, the misunderstandings on her road to recovery, all add up to a hilarious evening’s entertainment.


Buy it at Amazon
Love Begins at Fifty: A Farce in Two Acts

Published: 1998 - M3 F6 - £ 7-50 - ISBN:- 1852052295

Matrimonial mix-up in the funniest farce we have ever published. Featured in the ‘Play Produced’ feature in Amateur Stage. Hundreds of performances to date.
Anita and Clive Debanks have been married for 28 years and have led an uneventful life. But all that is about to change. Although in a loveless marriage, Clive has never been unfaithful. However, as preparations for his fiftieth birthday are underway, Clive feels that life is passing him by and has a yearning for one last fling. To this end, he chooses three prospective partners from the ‘lonely Hearts’ column in the local paper. By a strange twist of fate, the same paper is offering a Caribbean cruise, as the first prize, in a competition to find the perfect married couple. Anita enters the competition but keeps it a secret form Clive. A photographer arrives to take pictures of the happy couple the night Anita is away, and Clive is busy at home, entertaining one of his new dates. From that point onwards, things get a little complicated, to say the least. The action is fast and furious in this hilarious farce.


Buy it at Amazon
The Love Nest: A Farcical Comedy

M3 F7 - £7-50 - ISBN:- H185205 258 9

Set in a seaside guest house where misfortune follows misfortune – but ’all’s well that ends well’. Or is it? David and Janet Thompson were deeply in love when they married thirty-two years ago. Their future seemed destined for marital bliss. That was until Janet’s mother, Marjorie, moved in with them. From that day onwards, things started to go downhill.
Their relationship has now reached an all-time low. In a last attempt to save the marriage, the couple have decided to return to the guest house where they spent their honeymoon. The idea being that they will rekindle the lost feelings of warmth and affection they used to share and live happily ever after. If only life was that simple!
The second honeymoon is doomed from the beginning. The guest house is going through a bad patch. Marjorie’s decided to come along and upset everyone. David is pursued by an over-zealous waitress, a frustrated newly-wed and an admirer from the past. The result being, the whole week turns into a farce! Will true love win through in the end? Only Tyson, the mouse, has the answer.


Love and Money: A Farcical Comedy in Two Acts

M4 F4 - £7-50 - ISBN:- 1852052686

A farcical comedy from the master of the art who’s previous plays have been a runaway success, being performed hundreds of times to full houses of delighted audiences.
What happens when the family have a robbery and try to claim the insurance payment? Not a subject for a farcical comedy? Don’t you believe it!
Derek and Pauline Felton have been married for twenty-seven years. Their only child, Amy, is a nineteen-year-old petite girl,whose main interests are boys and animal rights. Life has been passing by fairly smoothly for the Felton’s, that is until they return home one evening to find that their house has been burgled.
Derek, who has always had a materialistic outlook on life, decides that their new house insurance will yield a lucrative pay out. Pauline becomes increasingly unhappy about his subsequent course of actions. The ensuing friction is exacerbated when Amy’s latest boyfriend turns out to be the thief. Joyce Clements, their next door neighbour, has witnessed the robbery. She calls in daily to offer support, advice and unwelcome comments. To add to the mayhem, The Reverend Peter Jones, who has unexpectedly called round to invite Derek to read a lesson at a televised service, falls hopelessly in love with the Scenes of Crime Officer investigating the robbery. The hilarious confusion which follows has a surprising twist at the end. This means the Feltons’ lives will never be the same.
And all of this takes place in one simple set.


Love And Perfect Harmony

M4 F5 - £7-50 - ISBN:- H1852053062

This is the fifth play by Raymond Hopkins whose first play LOVE BEGINS AT FIFTY has been performed many times both in this country and, more recently, in Australia. On at least two occasions, it has been chosen for the summer season at seaside towns and has played to large audiences. His plays that followed IT MUST BE LOVE, THE LOVE NEST and LOVE AND MONEY have been great successes.


Make Time for Love: A Comedy in Two Acts

M2 F7 - £7-50 - ISBN:- 978185205 3208

A comedy in two acts. The sixth play by this highly popular playwright whose plays have topped our charts in the UK and Australia.
They say behind every successful man is a supportive woman, and Julie Hardisty is certainly that. Her husband, Brian, is a pillar of society and well respected in the local community. For her part, Julie enjoys the status their lifestyle brings.
However, all is not as it seems in this idyllic family. Brian feels trapped in their loveless marriage. He also resents the endless civic commitments he has taken on.
Completely out of character for this stable, upright citizen he decides to make a clean break from everything. He secretly starts planning to leave the marital home and travel around the world alone.
Unbeknown to Brian, a local television company has organized an award ceremony in recognition of his outstanding work in the community.
By a twist of fate, the presentation broadcast is due to go out live on the same day that Brian disappears to begin his travels. From that point onwards Julie’s life is destined to change for ever.


Love At Last

2010 - M 3 F 7 - £ 7.50 - ISBN :-9781852053291

Frank and Rose Saunders have been married for fifty-two years, and are now living in a small retirement complex along with five other residents. On the day a young female care assistant starts working at the apartments, a spate of robberies ensue. Frank Saunders takes it upon himself to prove that the new girl is the thief. However all is not what it seems. The twist and turns which follow add up to an hilarious evenings entertainment.



It Must Be Love

M6 F4 - £ 7-50 - ISBN:- 185205 257 0

Jason Taylor; a quiet unassuming person, is one week away from marrying Lucinda, his childhood sweetheart. The overzealous bride’s mother, Stella Parsons, has turned the wedding into a personal crusade. No expense has been spared and a year’s preparations have all come together to make it the event of the decade. Lucinda, who has always been dominated by her mother, has gone along with the lavish arrangements. As the wedding looms ever closer, everything is on track. That is, until Julie, a girl from the local florists, calls at the Taylors’ to make some final arrangements. By a twist of fate, Jason is at home alone. Their inevitable first meeting sparks off that magical chemistry which makes two people fall hopelessly in love. From that point on, the plot twists and turns in a frantic manner, making the wedding a far more memorable occasion than even Stella could have imagined.



Love and Mistletoe A Farcical Comedy in Two Acts

M2 F6 £7-50 ISBN:- 9781852053293

It is Christmas Eve. Sue and Tom Millard have invited Sue’s dad, Brian, round to spend the happy festive season with them. However, all is not as idyllic as it might at first appear. After twenty-five years of marriage the couple are going through a bad patch. Unbeknown to Brian, who is a widower, Sue has invited three ladies round with the intention of finding him a partner. To add to the mayhem, one of Sue’s school friends arrives asking if she can stay for a couple of days after the breakdown of her marriage. The twists and turns, the intrigues and misunderstandings all add up to a hilarious evening’s entertainment.

Tasmin Jahan


I am a local playwright based in Tonbridge, Kent.

I have written and published four plays-A Stinging Affair; The Root of All Evil; Stinging Filth and Bloody Hands and It's All About John and Marion(E-book). My plays range from tragedy, murder mystery, comedy to psychological thriller.
Please let me know if you would like to use any of my material for any of your forthcoming shows. As an example, some scenes from the 'The Root of All Evil' have been performed-Opening scene at Artemis Theatre in Bournemouth and Scene Seven at the Hazlitt Theatre in Maidstone. Scenes from A Stinging Affair have been used by students for their course work.
The plays are available to view on Amazon and many other sites.

Clive Scarff

Vancouver Canada


You've Got Male (comedy)

First you have to picture the set: a man's apartment stage left, a table and chairs representing a coffee shop stage right, and a very large flat screen monitor hanging above.
Dave is trying his hand at online dating, and we can see everything he sees on his computer on the large screen above. Dave provides commentary as he circumnavigates the dating website "Date Club" and we join him on his dates as he meets five very eclectic women at the local coffee shop.
Will Dave find love online? Is Liz really a princess? Will Cathy let Dave get a word in? Why is Dave's mom on the same dating website? And is that woman from Nigeria really in the US Army?
You've Got Male is a highly "produceable" 2-Act play that features one male lead, and five zany female characters designed to be played by one talented comedic actress, or five separate ones. Suitable for professional, amateur, even fringe groups.
For more information and to request a reading of the script contact the playwright.

Christoper Kell

Plays for drama with comedy and humour. Ideal for amateur dramatic groups and societies entering drama festivals and competitions or presenting showcase productions.

- Winner of the Somerset Fellowship of Drama Playwriting Competition
- Winner of the South London Playwriting Competition
- Second in the Bognor Playwriting Competition
- Second in the Cornwall Drama Association Playwriting Competition
- Finalist in Somerset Fellowship of Drama Plays Festival
- Productions performed in the Somerset County Drama Festival, winning awards for best production and the Lydia Durston Trophy for Endeavour .
- Productions performed throughout England, Scotland and Wales.

One Act Plays - A Way to Manadalay - Going To Hell In A Handcart - A Life Worth Having - Identity Crisis - Innocent Eve - No Concessions - Careless Talk

Full length Plays
Baggage - Innocent Eve - All Sweetness & Light

Download or view reading copies from website


Titles by Christoper Kell


3 One Act Plays

Now available through Amazon as Kindle e-book or paperback:
Paperback £4.40
Kindle £0.99

This book contains three very different plays which have won writing commendations and have been performed successfully at drama festivals throughout the UK. One is contemporary, another set in the Great War and the third set in 1850s. Each brings charm, humour and, of course, drama to the stage.

Comments from independent adjudicators about Christopher Kell plays:
' … superior, well-crafted play penned with panache and humility, which builds to a stunning conclusion.... sure to make a riveting piece of theatre...'
' …the flow of dialogue is very impressive indeed …splendid characters… switch of time and character is one of its great strengths…an underlying pathetic quality behind the humour that I found most appealing…manifests itself effectively in the dénouement…'
'…beautifully drawn characters and splendid variation in emotional attack ….The pace of the dialogue is quite breathtaking….I'm sure there are many societies that would welcome the opportunity to tackle such a fine piece of dramatic work. '

Innocent Eve


This comedy drama is a three act full length stage play.

When Rowan comes into their lives, Eve and Gerald learn basic truths about their own materialistic lifestyle and their marriage (and home!) is taken apart brick by brick.
Comments from independent adjudicators about Christopher Kell plays: ' …a superior, well-crafted play penned with panache and humility, which builds to a stunning conclusion.... sure to make a riveting piece of theatre...'
' …the flow of dialogue is very impressive indeed…splendid characters… switch of time and character is one of its great strengths …an underlying pathetic quality behind the humour that I found most appealing… manifests itself effectively in the dénouement…'
'…beautifully drawn characters and splendid variation in emotional attack ….The pace of the dialogue is quite breathtaking….I'm sure there are many societies that would welcome the opportunity to tackle such a fine piece of dramatic work. '
Details of award-winning one act and full length plays written by the author are available at www.christopherkell.com

All Sweetness and Light


This comedy drama is a two-act stage play with three female and three male characters.

Two middle-aged punk rockers find themselves out of their depth in the contemporary club-dance scene... A clash of generations... a clash of popular cultures.

'...We have 'real' people in these characters...fine dialogue...interesting differences in sentence structure and characterisations. '



This comedy drama is a two act full length stage play.

Viv and Wilf return from holiday to find their flat has been mistakenly emptied by council workers. How can they rebuild their lives when their valuables and memories have been discarded? Comments from independent adjudicators about Christopher Kell plays: ' …a superior, well-crafted play penned with panache and humility, which builds to a stunning conclusion.... sure to make a riveting piece of theatre...' ' …the flow of dialogue is very impressive indeed…splendid characters… switch of time and character is one of its great strengths…an underlying pathetic quality behind the humour that I found most appealing…manifests itself effectively in the dénouement…' '…beautifully drawn characters and splendid variation in emotional attack ….The pace of the dialogue is quite breathtaking….I'm sure there are many societies that would welcome the opportunity to tackle such a fine piece of dramatic work. ' Details of award-winning one act and full length plays written by the author are available at www.christopherkell.com

A Way to Mandalay


As we approach the centenary of the First World War your group may be thinking about a suitable play with which to commemorate this.

May I suggest my 40 minute play 'A Way to Mandalay' which is set in a field hospital and described as ' …a superior, well-crafted play penned with panache and humility, which builds to a stunning conclusion ... a riveting piece of theatre.'
A young soldier struggles to regain his memory after being found shell-shocked and with no identification tag. The soldier, Horace, had been an actor and entertainer in the Music Halls and local theatres, and his identity is confused with many characters real and imaginary. This play mixes drama with music hall turns of the time.
It can be performed by an ensemble cast of ten or seven if some roles are doubled.
You can find more details on https://www.christopherkell.com/whereismandalay

Jim Lassiter

Allenstown, NH USA

The Tavern and The Storyteller

The Tavern and The Storyteller is a royalty-free tale about a tavern visited one night by the Storyteller.
He tells a story to the local fishermen about "A tavern just like this with fishermen just like you".
The fishermen and the Tavernkeepers become characters in the Storyteller's story about Lily, the daughter of the Tavernkeepers.
Lily is loved from afar by William, a poor boy who lives in the forest and she is lusted after by the Baron's evil son Caducias.
The story weaves in and out between the 'real' world of the tavern and the Storyteller's story, maybe even blurring the lines at times.
Is it just a tale or is there something more to the story?
Comedy, happiness, sadness, death, rabbit assassins, singing wall mounted stuffed fish, an arrow that looks a lot like a chicken.
There's also a tattered Fairy Godmother and her Golden Spatula and the far reaching magic of love...
2 Acts, 20 Scenes, 10 Songs (9 of the songs are meant to be played by a single acoustic guitar, the 10th (the Fairy Godmother Rap) is a pre-recorded piece meant to be played over a PA system)
10 Males (minimum, additional parts can be doubled, 13 w/out doubling - see PropsnChar page)
5 Females (minimum, additional parts can be doubled, 9 w/out doubling - see PropsnChar page)
There are no set changes (see below...)
Minimal costume changes (notably, Sarah's dress, Henchmen outfit/bunny costumes and Caducias' pants) 2.5 hours long (per the 2007 production videos)
The webpage has a read-only pdf script with authors notes, full production video and short clips, demo songs, lyric/chord sheets, production & set pics and as much info as I could stuff into it!
Michael Paling

Contact: michael58037@gmail.com

I am a mostly amateur author of 18 novels and short stories, mostly twist in the tail type, I have 7 published works.

I am offering my comedy play "The Flower" for a limited number of performances free to an amateur group.

The play has 6 actors, Mary, her husband Richard, Evelyn his mother-in-law, June ( mary's friend) her husband Michael ( Richard's friend) and Rory, Junes grandson. The stage is 2/3 Mary's lounge and 1/3 their conservatory. mary likes her wine drinking mostly, all day every day, Richard is a budding gardener, or so he thinks and uses their conservatory as his indoor garden with lots of potted plants and flowers. He is a complete disaster . Evelyn is a little bit sarcastic in general, loves her knitting, Michael is thicker than two short planks and thinks Richard is fantastic at all he does both being friends since their school days, Rory in his late teens, bone idle, is unemployed and thinks that the world owes him a living. Richard buys a rare South American plant that is renowed for it being most difficult to get to blossom only 3 in the last century managing it, . But not for him, he is convinced that he will succeed where many others have failed.

The written play can be acquired from me via email.

The printed material which is copywrited will be posted to interested parties free of charge on application. First come first served will apply.


Titles by Robert Scott

Website: www.scottwrite.co.uk

Contact: photos@scottwrite.co.uk

Published Full Length Scripts, One Act Plays & Sketches by Robert Scott at affordable prices.
READ BEFORE YOU BUY AT www.scottwrite.co.uk
Publisher: Lazy Bee Scripts www.lazybeescripts.co.uk/

'Robert Scott is an award winning playwright currently selling in 20 countries worldwide. His scripts vary from thriller to farce but always carry the gift of gripping an audience.' Jasmin Norris - Director.

A Spy With A View (Award Winning Comedy)

David and Vicky are on holiday, but the weather has trapped them in their hotel room.

The monotony is broken by the delivery of a mysterious briefcase, with a recording that self-destructs! Where's the real spy? AASCA Best Scene Award 2014.
Cast Size - 3 (2 Males, 1 Female)
Estimated 25 Minutes.

According To Rumour (Comedy) NEW!

Carter Sutton wakes on his sofa with no memory of the night before, a mysterious girl upstairs and fifty thousand pounds in the fridge.

There’s a lot of explaining to do but throw in his mother, sister, a policeman, a pair of identical twins (who happen to never be on stage at the same time) and the postman and you’ve got all the ingredients for mayhem, misunderstandings and a whole lot of confusion. But this is only the start. As tongues wag, exaggerations and overstatements make this a 24 hours that no-one will ever forget.
Cast Size – 8 (3 Males, 4 Females, 1 Non-Gender Specific)
Estimated 1 Hour 35 Minutes

All By Myself (Comedy)

"Larry the Loner" has been stranded for the past seven years on an island.

Destitute, alone and without a friend. However, in all these years he failed to discover the rather overcrowded civilisation just around the corner. If only he had looked a little further! Yet he is soon to discover that due to his annoying new neighbours this island was better when he was isolated.
Cast Size - 5 (1 Male, 4 Non Gender Specific)
Estimated 25 Minutes

The Act Of Living (Comedy/Drama)

Perfect for drama festivals.

Tom and Evelyn were born in the mid 1930’s and we follow their story through childhood to the present day

by witnessing snapshots of their lives, or at least the events that surround their special place. We discover Tom and Evelyn at the ages of eight and nine as they meet for the first time, unaware of how significant this first meeting is. Shaped by the ever changing world around them and their own personal challenges, we continue to travel with our two friends throughout their lives. Only glimpsing the moments shared at this ordinary park bench which has become such a special place for them.
Cast Size – 2 (1 male, 1 female)
Estimated 50 Minutes.

Some People (Comedy)

Things are busy enough at the Lucky Star Hotel, what with the lift being almost as unpredictable as the guests and staff,

but now there are two jewel thieves returning to claim the loot they buried years before... under the kitchen floor!
Cast Size – 16 (6 Males, 10 Females - although some genders changeable)
Estimated 1 Hour 40 Minutes.

12hr Life (Light Drama)

A One-act drama for a cast of two and minimalist setting.

Dylan should be going to a conference, but a chance encounter with Samantha and some forthright discussion, and he's playing truant and having the time of his life. Is it possible to live a life in one day?
Cast Size - 2 (1 Male, 1 Female)
Estimated 35 Minutes.

Scarlett (A Ghostly Thriller)

A devastating bus accident on a rainy night leaves a small group of survivors stranded in an abandoned barn with little hope of immediate rescue.

As the group waits for help, unnerving knocking sounds and chilling songs echo through the empty barn, causing the survivors to wonder if they are victims of a cruel prankster or something beyond the earthly realm.
Cast Size – 6 (2 males, 2 females, 1 non-gender specific and "The Ghost")
Estimated 1 Hour and 15 minutes.

A Charming Affair (Award Winning Sketch)

Snow White and Cinderella meet for the first time in years and talk about their husbands, but soon notice a startling similarity.

It's no fairy tale, but things get worse when Sleeping Beauty pops in to tell them about her new man... Short+Sweet Festival . Judges choice winner 2014
Cast Size – 4 (1 Male, 3 Females)
Estimated 8 Minutes.

The Angry Doctor (Sketch)

An anxious patient meets a doctor whose bedside manner is, to say the least, unusual.

Cast Size – 2 (Non Gender Specific)
Estimated 4 Minutes.

A Fairy Trial (Sketch)

We are all entitled to a fair trial. Nursery rhyme characters get a fairy trial.

In this case, Wee Willy Winkie is in the dock for indecency and causing a public nuisance. His future looks bleak, but things look up when a prosecution witness goes to pieces. Without Humpty, is there a case against Wee Willie? Can the prosecution or defence sway the jury - played by the audience?
Cast Size – 5 (2 Males, 3 Non-Gender Specfic)
Estimated 8 Minutes.

Deja Deja Vu (Sketch)

You know the feeling you get that something has happened before? Well Derek's had that feeling before - and for good reason.

You know the feeling you get that something has happened before? Well Derek's had that feeling before - and for good reason.
Cast Size – 2 (1 Male, 1 Female)
Estimated 4 Minutes.

Rene Batetakang

New Play Script Available

Rene Batetakang is seeking an organisation to perform a new screen play.
A sysnopsis and the first 15 scenes of the drama/screenplay are available here: - Synopsis
Chapters 1-3

Script and details of licence costs are available from Rene via renetakang@yahoo.com


Titles by Kat Ravlic

Location: Chelmsford, UK

My Child

Publisher: Off The Wall Plays
Contact: katerina.alice@gmail.com

My Child

A short drama script that deals with both the anguish of being a woman who is unable to have her own child, as well as the emotional turmoil surrounding a teenage girl when she finds out that she is pregnant.
Link to preview: Click Here

Thicker Than Water

Publisher: JD Drama Publishing
Contact: katerina.alice@gmail.com

Thicker Than Water

Rose didn't know how to react when her son told her that he was gay, and in her lack of understanding she neglected him when he needed her the most. Now, three years later, she wants to make amends. Can Jeff forgive his mother's past mistakes and let her back into his life?
Link to preview: Click Here

Ray Galton and Alan Simpson

Contact David Pibworth phone: 01234 241357 or davidpibworth@googlemail.com

The scripts of Galton and Simpson are now available for amateur theatre companies.

These include ‘Steptoe and Son’ Hancock’s Half Hour’ and the stage adaptation of Up Pompeii (By Miles Tredinnick).
The original episodes of Steptoe and Son and the Hancock scripts have been specifically adapted to the stage by Ray Galton, Alan Simpson and David Pibworth.
They also advise as to where to locate the stage props such as the bear and the skeleton and advertise your production on their web site.

Alan Simpson, David Pibworth, Tessa Le Bars and Ray Galton.

Titles by Doc Watson

www.doc-watson.com doc@doc-watson.com
Doc Watson
Photo: Bath and North east Somerset Council


These deliciously mischievous short plays have a 21st century twist in their Nursery Rhyme tales.
From the boldly satirical "The Happily Never After Case" to the darkly comic "Stepped In A Puddle",
plays in this collection have been seen around the world, winning prizes and accolades as they go.
Simply staged with only a few sticks of furniture, they can be performed in any order.
And with small casts, they lend themselves to doubling and trebling.
(‘simple, effective and sharp as a razor’ - Aussietheatre.com)

Doc Watson


Winner of the first Cornish One Act Play Festival, November 2012. Winner of the Segora One Act play Competition 2015 .
Performed at Arundel Theatre Trail August 2015.

Michael Simkin, writer, actor and adjudicator wrote: “Terrific structure and the interplay between them all, each offering their own compelling version of the truth, was perfectly carried off.”
Gordon Sims, adjudicator of Segora One Act competition called WHAT’S THE TIME, VIRGINIA WOOLF? : ‘An excellent piece of craziness, surreal and great fun.’
George and Martha are living on a campus in the Mid-West somewhere and seem to have the ideal lifestyle, that is until Alice comes to call. Then they all have a take on what happened that afternoon. But who is telling the truth? A simple setting with three armchairs (one should swivel) a drinks table and a few props. A three actor (2f,1m) comedy with more than an acknowledgement to Edward Albee in the plot and text.

Doc Watson


Runner up in the Cornish One Act Play Competition, December 2013. Winner of best submitted play for the Arundel Theatre Trail organised by Drip Action Theatre Company,August 2014.
Rehearsed reading performed at the Lion and The Unicorn Pub, Kentish Town, April 2014 by KDC Theatre Co. and then as part of a double bill by KDC in June 2014 at the Rosemary Branch pub in Islington. Performed at Arundel Theatre Trail 2014


Nostalgia - The Musical

(a rock & roll-er coaster of a show)

We are offering the script of NOSTALGIA - THE MUSICAL - FREE to a good home: From teenage pregnancy ..
Shirley looks a picture in the family way
Walking down the aisle fully bloomed
.. to headlining at Glastonbury
The present passed, the future could wait
Behind the times was up-to-date
NOSTALGIA – THE MUSICAL (Working Title) is a snapshot story of a young man’s realisation of his father’s dream …..
And the fortune that is buried there
Will be mine to mine
From the rock-and-roll Teds …..
Slick back your hair; give your D.A a wipe
….. to the anarchic Punks
Our wisdom’s lost its wit
In the profanities we spit
The F-word’s had its day

NOSTALGIA, follows 25 years of musical trends and fashions. From the post-rationing excesses …..
And we’re topping the bill at the end of the pier
With the shipwrecked acts who get washed up here
….. to the reality of Live Aidv
But with no miracle to be bought
… that was food enough for thought
The story is told against a backdrop of the numerous economic …..

The Teds shook off the post-war blacks
Youth and fashion rocked the news
….. social
The Hippies made the spirits high
The Skinheads spat their battle cry
….. and political changes faced in that quarter of the 20th century
The lights went out, the mood turned black
But Glam Rock brought the glitter back
But most of all, it’s about the music …..
What passes by, comes back around
It’s hard for youth to break new ground
And everything’s a pick-and-mix
Old boots filled for teenage kicks
The Skins and Glams both shed their skin,
Cross-dressed, so Punk could pogo in
Some looked to the Mods washed up before
And a New Wave broke onto the shore
The love-child of the Glams and Teds
Brought New Romantics from their beds
[excerpts from NOSTALGIA -THE MUSICAL, words & tunes by Andy Calloway & Mark Gibbons]
For more details and the link to some sample tunes, please contact: andy.calloway@tesco.net

Julian Pugsley

Script available free via

Mr. Slater’s Parrot - New Comedy/Farce available

Julian Pugsley is looking for a group to perform his new comedy farce ’Mr. Slater’s Parrot’. 6m 4f
Four sociology students share a house in 1970. Three of them share a passion for sex, drugs and rock n roll. Colin thinks of himself as a ladykiller, April grows strange looking plants in her bedroom and Jimmy wants to be Jimi Hendrix. Deborah, however, quite likes sociology. Mr Slater is their grumpy landlord whose talking parrot holds a secret that puts him in danger. But from whom? The hip-flask swigging Welshman Doctor Thomas or the sultry and mysterious Miss Thigh? Will the party that the students throw represent the hippy ideals of free love or will something more sinister occur? An ex-parrot perhaps?
roles: 4 female; 6 male
Running time: approx 75 mins

Alan Provost

Available to any amateur theatre companies free of use

20 Women at a Table for Two

I am a playwright who wants to get in touch with women's acting groups and offer them a play of mine, free of use. The play is 20 Women at a Table for Two and it is ideal for up to 20 women to perform or fewer playing many roles, or even two brilliantly versatile actresses. It's fun, it should be an audience pleaser and it costs you nothing.

Contact me for a reading copy allanprovost@comcast.net

Tom O'Brien


Here are details of all my plays, which are available to drama groups. Any of them can be e-mailed on request to groups by contacting me at tomobrien2004@yahoo.co.uk

I am a native of Co Waterford, but currently live in Hastings UK

My website is www.gorgeousgael.com

www.kathykirby.info (production details)


MONEY FROM AMERICA – The Tabard, Pentameters, Old Red Lion
JOHNJO – Kings Head, The Old Red Lion, Buxton, Touring.
BEHAN’S WOMEN – Pentameters theatre London
ON RAGLAN ROAD – Old Red Lion – New York – Irish Tour.
OF MICE AND MEN (adaption)
DOWN BOTTLE ALLEY-White Rock, Hastings, Irish Centre, Camden (published by Circaidy Gregory Press 2010)
KAVANAGH - Irish Tour, Winnipeg
I’LL TELL ME MA… Irish Club, London, Pentameters, London
FALLING FROM GRACE ( the life/times of Shane MacGowan of The Pogues)
KATHY KIRBY – ICON (Etcetera Theatre, Camden, The White Bear, Kennington
NO BLACKS, NO DOGS, NO POLES Pentameters London
GILMARTIN - the greed and corruption at the heart of Irish politics


Simon Corble

simon corble
Website: www.corble.co.uk
The Byways, Church Street, Monyash, Derbyshire DE45 1JH
01629 813083 - 07930 266218 (mobile)

The Hounds of the Baskervilles

My script of The Hounds of the Baskervilles is now published by MX publishing and available on Amazon. I attach a photo from a professional production.

After four professional productions (1995 - 2007) my play of The Hound of the Baskervilles is finally available in print and for general performance, courtesy of MX Publishing.

MX Publishing - Sherlock Holmes Books - Hound of The Baskervilles: The Play
MX Publishing

Also avaiable from: Amazon Book Depository (free worldwide delivery)
It is performable with a minimum of 10 actors, (inc.3 or 4 women) in almost any kind of space (it was originally scripted for promenade performance, but this edition includes notes on staging for a conventional theatre) and is huge fun, while also providing moments of genuine suspense.

BBC Radio 4's Kaleidoscope reviewing it in 1995 said it was "better than being in a film...It was tremendous...the language seems to live and be real.... a wonderful balance between the dramatic and the humour and the eccentricity...a terrific evening"
- Brian Sibley and Viv Gardner.

It has been a BIG hit and crowd-pleaser over the years and I would now like to see the play more widely performed, both indoors and out.

If you are interested, please go to either to MX or Amazon using the link at the bottom of this email, read further reviews there, order a copy and then contact myself with a view to performance rights. (Contact details at bottom of this email.)

Simon Corble. - You might also like to see photo's of the play on it's facebook page:-

Alan Cliff
Available to any amateur theatre companies free of rights and royalties


A new self-published, full-length play is now available to any amateur theatre companies free of rights and royalties.
The play, with a cast of four (2M, 2F) follows the relationships, experiences and pressures of three workhouse inmates and a contentious new arrival – a nurse – during mid-nineteenth century Ireland.

Let your audiences witness the extreme poverty and harrowing circumstances these inmates were challenged by as they try and harness one objective: survival. Enthrall them as friendships are developed and destroyed, pacts are created and regretted and God becomes the final aspiration of the damned. These characters travel on a gruelling journey which includes elements of oppression, cruelty, blackmail, fever and love. When they discover that their last remaining hope has turned their back on them, will any of them find salvation?

With the help of Waterford City Arts Office SALVATION became playwright Alan Cliff’s first self-published play.
Any groups interested can contact alanmcliff@gmail.com for more details. Some paperback copies are still available!

William John Adger PMA

Phone 01337 810213
Cell - 07818 498891
Address; Bagira, The Row, Letham, Fife KY15 7RS

The play is a sequel to The Crucible.

The script is FREE for use if e-mailed to the receiver by W.Adger, though the copy right is retained by W.Adger. If a hard copy is required a charge of £8 + postage is required to cover my costs.

Nurse's Retribution

Set in the 1690s, Frances Nurse prepares an appeal on behave of his wife Rebecca Nurse who was wrongly convicted of witchery and publicly hanged by Judge Hawthorn, influenced by the Deputy Governor Danforth, both known more for hanging than providing justice.
The appeal papers are collected from Frances Nurse and delivered to the court by two young clerks, Blythe Danforth, the grandson of Deputy Governor Danforth, who sits in judgement, and a witness, Osmond Trueman. Unknown to Frances Nurse his two older sons, working on the edge of legality, devise a devilish plan to expose the unjust judiciary, and the Reverend Hale, whose self preservation rides where the wind suits, by adorning a blood dripping sheep skin to pose as the devil. After delivering the papers young Blythe and Osmond accidently witness the judiciary talking with what they believe to be the devil before he disappears in a flash of light. Frightened by what they have witnessed they take to their heels straight to Frances Nurse’s farmhouse a few miles from town. Not waiting for an invitation to enter they burst into the living room where Frances, Adger Risng, his solicitor, the two younger sons, Nathan and Breca Nurse, were discussing the appeal. Shocked by the uninvited intrusion Breca and Nanthan restrain the intruders. Shaking in the brother’s grasp they shout out the sight they witnessed.
On hearing the boy’s story Agder Rising, a well respected solicitor and friend of the Governor Gourlie, has never lost a case, recognises how this can work in the appeals favour, offers to take the boys to the Governor. As they leave the mother of Blythe enters worried to why her son has not returned home after delivering Nurse’s appeal. Frances tried to reassure her both Blythe and Osmond, had already left and are in good hands and health. The words not long passed his lips when Goody Trueman, the mother of the young Osmond, entered screaming at the top of her voice demanding to know the whereabouts of her son. At Goody Trueman’s request following not far behind is the Marshall Herrick, to ascertain the whereabouts of the boys. Frances continually refuses to divulge the boy’s whereabouts leaving Marshall Herrick no choice but to arrests him for kidnapping, at great protest from Breca and Nathan.
In the courtroom Frances, to the annoyance of Judge Hawthorn, refuses to answer to the case until his solicitor arrives. It was only at the end of the courts patience Adger Risng arrives with the Governor Gourlie, who dismisses the court and puts Judge Hawthorn, Deputy Governor Danforth, Reverend Hale, and Cheever, the court recorder, on trial. Adger Rising calls witnesses from Rebecca Nurse’s trial who testify that Deputy Governor Danforth and fellow accused held dread over them should there testimonies not lean towards Rebecca’s guilt. Governor Gourlie threatened the defendants with removal from court if there continual interruptions did not cease. Finally found guilty and sentenced to the gallows. Frances Nurse, a man of God, had no stomach for more public hanging, intervened suggesting a sentence of banishment, without nourishment or weapons of defence, to a place where devil worship and witchery are a way of life, and let them either convert the people to the Good Book, or join inhabitants in the ways of the Devil. Only time will tell if they truly repent or have indeed adopted the ways they have been today found guilty of.

Marilyn Grose (Mrs)
Encore The Show Business (formerly Loopy Looks)

Contact Marilyn 07960 125947
21a Brunel Road, Saltash, Cornwall PL12 6LF
07715 557757

Looking For a Script?

If you are looking for a Script for your next production and can’t find what you are looking for to suit your group, have a read of the attached ‘tasters’.
I would be delighted to hear from you to answer any of your questions on cast size, number of copies required, video/photography, ‘rewriting’ of particular parts/names etc and, of course, your budget or any other concerns
My scripts have won numerous awards and accolades from the Cornwall Calor Pantomime Competition, Cornwall Drama Association and NODA and are waiting for you to perform then!
I look forward to hearing from you again soon
With kindest regards
See sample scripts below
A Bit of a Pantomime
Anything Can Happen
Cats of the Caribbean
Cockney Cocktail

Roger Wood

Contact: rojan@rowood.plus.com


The play is a comedy/farce entitled DARRA`S COFFIN. The running time is approx 94 mins. The story is set in an Undertaker`s workshop and revolves around the firms three main employees in the workshop, Gladwyn, Tom and Terry. When the boss of the firm, Darra Driscoll is tragically killed after he is run over by one of his own hearses, the three men wonder what will happen to them after Darra`s flirty, money-grasping wife, Winnie takes over the firm. When they find out her shocking plans things take a drastic turn which leaves the three men petrified for their future.
Number of cast members: 8 (6m - 2f)
The play was recently performed `down under` to an `enthusiastic` audience. Unfortunately one of the lead players had to drop out at the last minute because of sheep shearing duties! We`ve all got to start somewhere...
The play can be seen at www.lazybeescripts.co.uk

Titles by Derek Webb

See some reviews of Derek's plays here

You and Me Both

1-act comedy


You and Me Both

Gareth and Daisy have been invited to stay for free in a holiday cottage – a renovated barn – by the affluent owners, David and Fleur, who live next door. The trouble is Daisy knows David all too well: she used to be his wife, until he had an affair with Fleur. Now they are expected round for dinner and Daisy is beginning to worry what her ex-husband might let slip. While next door, in David and Fleur's house, they have just received some very worrying news from an unexpected quarter. And so the stage is set for an hilarious comedy of personal relationships.
You and Me Both is the latest 1-act comedy from Derek Webb, author of the very popular 'Calling Time' and the full length comedy 'Agatha Crusty and the Village Hall Murders'.
'You and Me Both' is published by comedyplays.co.uk

'Calling Time'

1-act comedy - running time approx 45 mins


'Calling Time' - the most flexible 1-Act play - ideal for festivals

1-act play worthy of Ayckbourn
As a 1-Act play, 'Calling Time' by Derek Webb offers any company great versatility. Not only does it have variable casting (from 2M,2F to 12M, 12F) but it can vary in length from around 30 minutes to an hour. So it's ideal for festivals as well as a one-act evening.
Set in a pub, Calling Time is made up of five linked short plays that take place the same evening. They are all two-handers varying from straight comedies to more thought-provoking ones, together with a short intro and outro scene. And, by dropping one or more scenes, the running time can be easily reduced if necessary.
"Worthy of comparison with Alan Ayckbourn's Confusions"
That's what the review of Calling Time in Amateur Stage magazine said. And press reviews of past productions have been equally effusive.
"A series of perfectly pitched dark-light comedies... this was quality from start to finish... a great show." Salisbury Journal
'Calling Time' is published by New Theatre Publications. For a FREE evaluation script, available as pdf download, click here: One Act Plays

'Needle Time'

1-act comedy - running time approx 45 mins

The play is mainly a two hander between a radio station disc jockey and a wannabe young woman who is working at the station. Rob Peters is content to describe himself as an ageing hippy. He is happy with his lot working for a small local radio station, having spent a lifetime spinning discs. It's another day, another show, when a new recruit to the station, Suzie Hughes, turns up, eager to promote her brother's new record. He?s more concerned in scoring points and showing off, but is anything he says actually true? Characters: Rob Peters: A disc jockey - early to mid fifties, warm but cynical; Suzie Hughes: Young, mid twenties, smart young woman who wants to work in radio. There is also a small part for a Night Manager, (m or f) and a number of pre-recorded parts of a Station announcer, station ident and two radio commercials.
'Needle Time' is published by New Theatre Publications. For a FREE evaluation script, available as pdf download, click here: One Act Plays

'Agatha Crusty and the Village Hall Murders'


'Agatha Crusty and the Village Hall Murders'

A brand new, murderously funny full length comedy!
Cast: 4m 6f (or 3m 7f) Running time: 1h 45 mins

Agatha Crusty is a crime novelist. She's also pretty adept at solving crimes. And when her sister-in-law Alice invites her to spend a few days with her in the village of Chortelby, it's not long before she gets caught up in a series of murders which seem directed at members of the All Saints Village Hall committee.
From Toby, the Vicar, and Eleanor, Chair of the committee, to Harry Knott the caretaker and identical twins Olivia and Oliver Truscott-Pratt, there are plenty of suspects. And with an investigating officer as incompetent as D.I. Twigg, there are plenty of laughs as the murders begin to pile up.
But, while packed full of wit and very funny scenes, this is also a genuine murder mystery with an ingenious plot which will tax the little grey cells of the audience at the same time.
"Agatha Crusty and the Village Hall Murders" is published by New Theatre Publications and a FREE evaluation script is available as a pdf download. To find out more, click here: Full Length Plays
Contact email info@derekwebb.co.uk

'The Chimes'


The second of Charles Dickens' famous 'Christmas stories', set on New Year's Eve
In a new adaptation by Derek Webb

(70 mins approx running time - 4m 1f (with doubling) or 8m 3f)
'The Chimes' is the second of Charles Dickens' Christmas books, published in 1844, a year after 'A Christmas Carol'. And, like its predecessor, it has wonderfully funny and memorable Dickens' characters.
Set on New Year's Eve, it is the story of humble Toby Veck, ticket porter, who spends his life running errands for other people, while trying to support his daughter Meg.
Toby seems to be one of society's victims, proceeding inevitably towards death with little hope of self-determination. But, on New Year's Eve, his outlook is converted from despair to hope by the spirits of the chimes.
In this new adaptation of the classic Dickens' tale, Toby learns the importance of love and hope in a most extraordinary way.
The play has been written with minimal set requirements, much being achieved through light and sound, making it suitable for a wide variety of venues. It is also offers flexible casting, able to be performed by a small cast of 4m 1f (with doubling) or 8m 3f.
'The Chimes' is published by New Theatre Publications and a FREE evaluation script is available as a pdf download. To find out more, click here: One Act Plays
Contact email info@derekwebb.co.uk

'Losing It'

1-act comedy - running time approx 45 mins

Jack is an actor who's lost for words. Now he's also lost his leading lady – and the way things are going, he's also losing the plot and he feels he might be on the verge of losing his mind too. Things start off well enough until it's clear that Jack's other actor has not turned up. His attempt to keep the play going soon gets too much for one member of the audience, who begins remonstrating with him then gets sucked into appearing in the play herself... Characters: Jack: a very earnest young actor; Woman: a self-assured woman
"Fluellen Theatre Company's new Lunchtime Theatre season got off to a flying start with this nicely observed two-handed comedy from the pen of Derek Webb" South Wales Evening Post
'Losing It' is published by New Theatre Publications. For a FREE evaluation script, available as pdf download, click here: One Act Plays
Contact email info@derekwebb.co.uk

'Roy Brown: Untitled'

1-act comedy


The new satirical comedy from Derek Webb

Roy Brown is a man always on the lookout for an easy way to make a living. And modern art looks just the ticket... Seeing how much money there is to be made, and seeing how easy it looks to him, Roy reckons turning out a few pieces himself will be rather a doddle. Needless to say, encouraged by his friend Jane (and ably hindered by his mate Rhys) things don't quite go to plan.
'The word “comedy” isn'’t good enough for it, so true and accurate are its perceptions of the art world and its emperor'’s clothes.' Robat Gruffudd
Length: one act. Cast: 2m 2f:
CORDELIA LANSBURY – 30 -50 Art gallery owner and performance artist
ROY BROWN – Carpenter, opportunist and wishful thinker
JANE – Roy's friend who's just a mate but we detect she might desire something more
RHYS – a drinking mate of Roy's and a useful sounding board for his ideas
'Roy Brown: Untitled' is published by New Theatre Publications. For a FREE evaluation script, available as pdf download, click here: One Act Plays
Contact email info@derekwebb.co.uk

Dirty Business

(2F 1M - 50 mins festival version)

Cuts are on their way big time at the local County Council as it struggles to find ways to meet Government spending targets. Josie and Angela are cleaning the office of one of the Council's Department Heads one evening when they come across a file which seems to show that their jobs are on the line too.
They also discover some incriminating evidence which seems to show the same Department Head is guilty of marital infidelity. Armed with this, they set out to try and persuade him to change his mind about some of the planned cuts. But not everything goes quite according to plan...
"Derek Webb consistently produces funny and highly accessible comedies, and Dirty Business is perfect for a one act festival." Amateur Stage Magazine review
'Dirty Business' is published by New Theatre Publications.
A downloadable evaluation script is available at no cost. Click here to find out more
Contact email info@derekwebb.co.uk

Paul Surridge

Royalty free scripts available
One act/three act - Comedy/drama scripts available for royalty free performances.

For more information PHSurridge@aol.com.
About the Author: Paul Surridge
Like most people subscribing to this site I'm passionate about theatre, especially the work of amateur theatre groups that embellish people's lives and play an important part in community life. I very much enjoy working with individuals to expose their acting talent and as a result contribute to successful group productions. Over the years I've acted in a wide range of roles in both dramatic and musical productions. Today, I concentrate on directing and playwriting offering my services on a voluntary basis.

Laura Park

'Her Will be Done'
Free Comedy Script

Laura Park is looking for a group to perform her new comedy
Script available free via laurapark@web.de

A black comedy about a mother who continues to dominate her two daughters even after death.
roles:4 female; 2 male
Running time: approx 90 mins

Alan LeBoeuf

Script available free via alanl@athabascau.ca.
There will be no royalties for the first two groups in the UK to perform this play

New Comedy/Farce available
Not a Leg to Stand On

Alan LeBoeuf is looking for two groups in the UK to perform his new farce 'Not a Leg to Stand On'. 4f 4m.

Len Pivnik thinks he’s a pretty upstanding guy but when an insurance investigator comes to visit he has to be anything but up standing. You see, the insurance company thinks he’s confined to a wheelchair. When Gladys Hurt, the investigator arrives, Len, literally, has to think on his feet and he explains that he is, in fact, his best friend Rajinder. Of course, it’s a mistake anyone could make. Rajinder is East Indian and Len is Jewish. Rajinder emerges from the bathroom to find out he has changed not only his religion but his race. When a second investigator arrives, life becomes very complicated for all concerned.

'The play is very funny' in a few years this could become a staple of British farce - Louis Hobson Calgary Sun Theatre Critic 2009
Running time: approx 105 mins

About the Author: Alan has been involved in all aspects of amateur theatre for 30 years. He is the author of five plays and despite living in Canada still retains a very English sense of humor, if not spelling.

Matt Maisey Pantos


If you are looking for new pantomime scripts, with lots of laughs, traditional stories and characters, but with a fresh approach, then you are in the right place!

All the Pantomime scripts you will find here are full of what you want in a pantomime. Best loved characters, well known storylines and a healthy mix of old and new jokes. There is slapstick, callouts and most of all a general sense of fun.
The scripts are ready for you to use as they are, but sometimes the best laughs come from what you add!
Matthew has been performing on stage since school age. At some point he started writing and directing things too! Having been in many pantomimes both as a child and adult he knew that being stupid on stage was a passion and wanted to help others do the same. Recently he has played Billy the Butler in 'Sleeping Beauty,' (in what was voted NODA's best Pantomime for the South West) Sergeant Feng in 'Aladdin' (which he also directed) and Silas Slime in 'Puss in Boots'. So he's done the Good the Bad and probably the Ugly.

Alan Richardson



Alan Richardson was born and lives in Edinburgh, Scotland, with his wife, Karen.

He caught the "amdram" bug back in 1969, serving his theatrical apprenticeship with local group Edinburgh People's Theatre.

He moved on to become a founder member of Edinburgh Youth Theatre, and worked with several other groups. Since 1978, he has mostly worked with the Mercators, one of Edinburgh's oldest drama groups. During his forty plus years in amateur theatre, he has acted in over seventy plays, directed nearly forty, and been actively involved in at least another thirty. He has also been a film extra, has appeared four times in the world famous Edinburgh Military Tattoo, and works as stage director at local and regional drama festivals. His most recent project was filming at Edinburgh's 18th century Georgian House.
Since his first play was written in 1973, he has won eight playwriting competitions including the Geoffrey Whitworth Trophy for the best original play entered in the British One Act Festival. His One Act plays have won numerous trophies at Drama Festivals including many best actor/actress awards.
Alan's plays have received over 835 performances, mainly in the UK, including six Edinburgh Festival Fringe Productions, but also in Ireland, Holland, France, Spain, Canada, USA, Malaysia, Indonesia, Australia, New Zealand, Malta, Cyprus, Gibraltar and South Africa.
See One Act Plays, Scottish Plays and Dramatised Readings on the website.
He has also collaborated with another writer and close friend, Alistair Ferguson, on many Pantomime scripts. For details, please contact AA Pantos via the website.

Claire Booker
www.bookerplays.co.uk or www.bookerplays.wordpress.com

Claire Booker has written twenty stage dramas, which have received more than fifty separate productions by professional and amateur theatre from as far afield as the UK, Australia, Spain, Romania and France. Her work includes one act and full length comedies, hard-hitting dramas and adaptations of the classics. A number have been translated into Spanish and French. She has also had plays broadcast on Radio Four and local radio stations.
Recognition of her work includes winning The Douglas Clarke Award; coming first in The Leicestershire Playwriting Competition twice; third place in The Wandsworth All London Literary Competition twice; runner-up in The Southampton International Playwriting Festival; being nominated for a Writers’ Guild of Great Britain MacAllan Award; being short-listed for The Arts Council of Great Britain’s John Whiting Award, being short-listed for the Drama Association of Wales Playwriting Competition, and being nominated three times for The George Taylor Award.

She has designed and run creative writing workshops and adjudicated play writing competitions for a number of organisations, including The Greyshott & Hindhead Literary Festival, Nottingham and Notts Drama Association and The South London Theatre.
Her commissions have included a one act play for The Festival Fringe Theatre Company; an abridgement of Prophesy to the Wind by Norman Nicholson for The South London Theatre; a full length drama for The Bunbury Theatre Company; a devised piece for Mind’s Eye Theatre, and three short television plays for The Mountview Theatre School.

Reviews of her plays include:
"Finely written. Astutely observed characters." The Independent.
"A fully-rounded drama by highly-regarded writer, Claire Booker." The Guardian.
"Compelling. One of the highlights of the Fringe," The Sunday Times.
"Cleverly constructed, with strong characters," The Stage.
"Compulsive watching." The Scotsman.
"Superb material. That rare gem, a genuinely funny feminist play." Amateur Stage.
"A tightly written and engrossing new play, recommended." Time Out.
if anyone would like to read excerpts of my one act or full length plays with a view to production, do check them out on my website.

Click on the link to see the full review

The Devil and Stepashka

A very gripping and haunting production

Little Red Hoodie
Part of a set of three plays entitled 'Retold' with new feminist angles on fairy tales. It's actually my first all-woman play. Quite dark, quite striking.

Both plays produced by Goblin Baby Theatre Co.


Ken Marshall

Playwright from Northumberland




The play revolves around the Guest Tutor Charlie Cluff an X Council Bricklayer. His Partner Marlene is Rumoured to have wrote the book he is credited with. Clifford has arranged a tea with some very odd food & Champagne much to the Disgust of Peggy. Charles & Marlene are involved in clearing a blocked drain and subsequently are delayed. Mayhem runs throughout. With laughs a plenty.

Please get in touch if interested

Song and Dance Kidz

I would like to introduce myself and my fledgling company. I have created a musical production company www.songanddancekidz.com which is dedicated to providing MORE ROLES FOR GIRLS.

We are based in Sussex with myself (Brighton) scripting, Mike Gatton (Steyning) writing the songs and the brilliantly talented West End Musical Director Dominic Ferris (Shoreham) arranging and recording the music.
We have created all the resources - professionally recorded backing tracks, technical scripts, artwork and licences - for two amazing musicals which are now available to produce.
So if you, or a youth theatre group you know, are looking for an original musical as an alternative to the 'done to death' musicals which everyone does, then please check out our website where you can listen to the songs and download the scripts for FREE!
Our shows have been specifically written to provide meaty FEMALE ROLES to reflect the take-up of most youth theatre groups.
Break away from the crowd, give your girls decent parts to play and support local talent.

Jonathan Rice
T: 01903 765018

Shakespeare Right Now!

Read Shakespeare’s plays as novels
for free!

All of the speeches, without the annoyances

Today, addition of The Two Gentlemen of Verona completed the set of 37 “novelized” plays of William Shakespeare, each including his characters’ complete dialogue, offered free as downloadable documents and e-book files at the website Shakespeare Right Now! (www.wsrightnow.com).
All of the standard canon’s titles are now available, free for personal use: as documents—Microsoft Word (.doc), portable document (.pdf), and rich-text (.rtf); in Web browsers’ hypertext markup language (.html); and in the e-book formats EPUB, MOBI, LRF and PDB. The files use no DRM (digital rights management) scheme, and no registration is required to download them or to read on line.

For each play a footnote-free narrative conveys, as in a modern novel, what the reader needs to know in order to understand the action, and makes clear where scenes are taking place, who is speaking, and what’s happening in the dramatic context.
Actors and directors, students and teachers, especially, will enjoy being able to read a full presentation of Shakespeare without the interruptions that mar experts’ editions, with their divided lines and scholarly apparatus—annotations more about obscure detail than meaning.
Each “novel” includes the play’s full speeches, from the long-standard 1864 Globe edition, “modernized a bit for today’s reader,” according to Paul W. Collins, who wrote the framing presentations. Italics and updated punctuation help to clarify the dialogue, which is displayed as prose rather than lines of poetry; and a few words whose meanings have changed since Shakespeare’s day are replaced by others he could have chosen—for example, visor is used instead of beaver, which was an Elizabethan/Jacobean term for that part of armor’s helmet.
“As the director, in effect, for his plays at the Globe just outside London, Shakespeare apparently had little interest in the dramas’ printed ‘text,’ but he would have cared very much how actors performed them on stage,” Collins said. “I think he’d approve of clearing away interruptions that interfere with our full, intense involvement.”
Launched in 2010, www.wsrightnow.com offers files at no charge for the plays All’s Well That Ends Well, Antony and Cleopatra, As You Like It, The Comedy of Errors, Coriolanus, Cymbeline, Hamlet, Henry IV, Parts 1 and 2, Henry V, Henry VI, Parts 1, 2, and 3, Henry VIII, Julius Caesar, King John, King Lear, King Richard II, Love’s Labours Lost, Macbeth, Measure for Measure, The Merchant of Venice, The Merry Wives of Windsor, A Midsummer Night’s Dream, Much Ado About Nothing, Othello, Pericles, Richard III, Romeo and Juliet, The Taming of the Shrew, The Tempest, Timon of Athens, Titus Andronicus, Troilus and Cressida, Twelfth Night, The Two Gentlemen of Verona, and The Winter’s Tale.
Contact: Paul Collins, paul@wsrightnow.com

Ron Nicol

Contact: mail@ron-nicol.com

Plays by Ron Nicol:

37 tried, tested and published plays and pantomimes - 14 One Act Dramas & Comedies, 9 One Act Plays for Young Performers, 4 Full Length Plays and 10 Pantomimes. Most of the one act plays are suitable for festivals, five have won writing prizes, and various productions have collected a total of forty-nine festival awards between them. For details and a brief synopsis of each play, please see my website. View my tried, tested and published scripts at my website

Jan Harris

Contact: cadogjan@aol.com


Publisher Samuel French Ltd
£5.25 ISBN 978 0 573 120558

If you're looking for a One Act or Festival Entry This play has done very well in One Act Festival around the UK. 2 strong female lead roles. 1 Male

Frances, a spinster in her fifties, has been living alone since her mother died, now she is eagerly anticipating the arrival of her idol, Ezzlie Harlow, an ex-singing star who has fallen on hard times and to whom she has offered a home. Ezzlies agent has led her to believe that she is moving to a mansion and when she arrives Ezzlie is horrified to find herself in a terraced house, in a little village, miles from anywhere. She makes it clear, in no uncertain terms, that she has no intention of staying. Frances is shocked at Ezzlie’s attitude to her and her home, especially when she realises that Ezzlie feels that life has treated here badly, and that the last place she wants to be is living with a frumpy middle-aged woman in a house with no whiskey and no ice! However, from this bad beginning the women move on to form a mutually beneficial relationship, and they find that life still has plenty to offer them. Ezzlie introduces Frances to a world of glamour, and with new found organisational skills, Frances helps Ezzlie realise a life-long dream.
An enjoyable play to read, and I would think, even more enjoyable to perform. It moves along at a good pace, the women’s characters are well drawn, there is plenty of humour but also some pathos, A good festival play.
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He’s Behind You


The comedy love story is available ROYALTY FREE either as a full length or one act version.

A six handed play (3m / 3 fm) with minimal props required.
Starting life as "Heaven's Above" this comedy love story was reprised at Hull Truck Theatre in August 2012, to great reviews.
Taster version on www.spookytree.co.uk or for full script contact martin@veg.karoo.co.uk

Reviews so far:
"We loved the fact that the script is really modern with lots of up-to-date references. It is quite different from anything we've produced before, not least because it is so modern".
"Have read over your full script, and I've got to say its very very funny"
"I have just had an enjoyable post play Sunday afternoon reading your play. Must say I loved it"
"We were delighted with the play. We also liked the conversational style and short scenes that'll keep the audience on their toes".


Free Pantomime

Continuing our work to improve the lot of AMDRAM groups we are making available the new 2012 version of Aladdin written by Martin Gore to interested groups.
Martin Gore said 'I’m delighted that Peter Till who commissioned the Aladdin script has agreed that it can be made available FREE to other groups outside of the local Staffordshire area. I have tried to make the script topical, and it includes suggested songs which link to the plot, with some reworded to add to the fun. I see panto not just as panto, but as a complete musical show'.

Interested groups should email martin@vega.karoo.co.uk for further details, or for details of Martin’s other works go to www.spookytree.co.uk


The Road to Cromer Pier

Royalty Free
After two years of work, and seven rewrites, the production version of the end of the pier show play is now available, royalty free for the first six groups to perform it.
Fresh from a successful debut at Hull Truck Theatre’s Playwrite Showcase, East Yorkshire based writer Martin Gore said “I would thank everyone who has given me feedback on the previous versions, and to Hull Truck Theatre for giving new writers their opportunity to get their work performed. The Road to Cromer Pier play which has developed is a heartwarming human love story with comic moments. I look forward to working with groups to get it performed”. A musical version is planned for next year, and several musical collaborators have already come forward to assist.

A taster of the Play, along with details of Martin’s work in Pantomimes can be found on his website or contact Martin on martin@vega.karoo.co.uk


Titles by William Rocke

Neatly bound copies of all my plays (the 3 one-acts in one vol.) may be purchased from me at:
Rocphil Publishing (2007),
3 Hazelwood Drive,
Artane, Dublin 5,
Rep. of Ireland
(Tel: 01-8475593) email: rocphil@live.ie
Price:€7 (£5stg) per copy, postage incl

Try Anything - Twice!

Dublin 01 8475593

A 2-hr. saucy comedy about Josephine, vivacious 40-something year-old housewife married to boring hubby Michael, who wins a Glam. Gran. Contest. Her prize - a week on the town with womanising tv star Clive Cartwright. Chaos at home as hubby meets sexy Paula and seeks to prove he still has it - with hilarious results. Staged wth success in Ireland, U.K., America , Belgium.
Sitting room set. Cast 3m., 4f. £60 per perf.
Publisher: Rocphil Publishing, 3 Hazelwood Drive, Artane, Dublin 5, Ireland.


(2-act comedy)

Dublin 01 8475593
Cast 4m, 2f. One set.
Widower and Public Relations exec. Gerard Morley has it all...a luxury apartmen, a studious son Jonathan not interested in the female sex, a discreet manservant Herbert, and Father Joe, his brother who is a long term missionary saving sould in Africa - far enough away not to interfere with Gerard's nightly adventurew with a succession of lovely young ladies...
But Gerard's world is turned upside doen when he gets a phone call from Fr. (Vican) Joe, saying having saved enough should he is now returning home to quit religious life and join the 'swinging scene!
All this just as man-hungry Matilda Picard is storming into Gerard's apartment eager to know what he was up to last night with her lovely daughtr Jacinta... When Matilda meets handsome Fr. Joe things begin to happen - and Gerard and Herbert have to take drastic action. It makes for a laughter-filled evening!


Dublin 01 8475593
(comedy/drama) Cast 4m, 4f.
Sex, scandal and high comedy when multi-millionaire businessman P.J. Dexter and his boozy wife Tara host a dinner party for his three executives and their wives/girlfriend.
P.J has an big job in his Tamaval Corporation to fill in America, but before he makes his choice he has several games to play - involving his former secretary, Tom's wife Teresa....
(Staged with success in Ireland, the U.K., and translated into Flemish for a producton in Antwerp)

(One-Act Plays)

Dublin 01 8475593
SUMMER BELLES (comedy, all-female cast (7)
Chaos ensues among family and neighbours when Josephine returns home from winning a Glamorous Grandmother Contest.

NEIGHBOURS (comedy/drama, all-female cast (6)
Ladies' group meet to celebrate their good neighbours award....then a stranger arrives.)

YOU CAN'T LOSE THEM ALL (comedy/drama; cast 2m, 1f)
Patricia is not the only one in for a surprise when she bids to replace long-time boyfriend Gerry with Stephen...)

Fee Per Performance One Act Plays:: (£25stg-----€30

Jimmy Keary

Jimmy Keary Irish Playwright


Michael Hartley

01539 722873
Contact mehartley0@gmail.com

Mossop's Choice:

By accident I discovered that the famous play (and later a film) “Hobson’s Choice” by Harold Brighouse had originally been written as a novel. The play ends when Maggie and Willie Mossop take over Henry Hobson’s (Maggie’s father) shoe business. At the end of the novel Maggie and Willie have a son called Henry. This is my attempt at a sequel.

Titles by Philip Ayckbourn

Philip Ayckbourn
Contact: philipayckbourn@icloud.com

OEDIPUS the musical.

Music by Colin Ash.
Book and lyrics by Philip Oak (Ayckbourn).

Ideally for a cast of 20+ (including principals and chorus.)
Running time 2hrs 30mins approx. (including interval.)

New musical completed 2015.

Adapted (and reimagined) by Philip Ayckbourn from Oedipus Rex by Sophocles. Three strong love stories and plenty of black comedy run through this tale of the King of Thebes who brought tragedy to his home town and ultimately to himself.
Not shying away from the epic nature of this tale, this is a musical, that will not only entertain but will also resonate across borders. It’s a story that highlights the accountability of our leaders and shows how we are connected in society. The actions of those in power affects us all on some level.

The eight songs on our demo give a taste of the variety offered. They have been arranged to give an idea of how they could sound with a fuller accompaniment, although we are aware that most productions wouldn’t have the resources for this. Printed piano and vocal scores are available as well as lyrics and script on request.

A great project to take on for a community based theatre with a few strong principal singers. Be the company to stage the exciting world premiere of OEDIPUS the musical.

To hear demo songs: www.oedipusthemusical.co.uk

Contact: oedipusthemusical@gmail.com


Philip Ayckbourn

A new comedy by Philip Ayckbourn.

M 2 (or 3) F 3
Genre: comedy
Length: approx. 2hrs with interval
The play takes place in the present, thirty years in the past and thirty years in the future.
Middle Aged Eddie and Paula arrive at their timeshare property to discuss their future. Eddie’s infidelity with an escort has not only caused deeper, wider cracks to show in their already fissured marriage, but it has also led to the severing of all communication with their aspiring MP son, Rick.
After the sound of an electrical buzzing and a distant cry, the action jumps back thirty years in the past. Young Eddie and Paula arrive at the property for the first time. Eddie is keen to propose and the holiday seems like the perfect opportunity to do so. Paula however is less sure about a future spent with the homely and unambitious Eddie.
After further electrical interferences, (due to an unfortunate electrocution that continues to cause a local anomaly in the time space continuum) and further oscillation between present and past time periods, Paula and Eddie finally come face to face with themselves.
After the initial shock and confusion, older Paula sees this meeting as an opportunity to alter the course of her past – and present – by persuading younger Paula and Eddie to go their separate ways. A whole new life, including a new book of memories, could be hers to enjoy. Perhaps a life spent with her real, true un-pursued love: David Potts.
However, will Paula manage to persuade Eddie to go along with her plan? And if so, will they manage to break through young Paula and Eddie’s denial of the situation? And if so, might they just be in danger of repeating the same mistakes they made the first time round? Perhaps themselves thirty years in their future can point the way.
Philip Ayckbourn’s lively new comedy explores the desires, dilemmas and difficulties involved when attempting to embark upon the road not taken.
To have its first performance with Alexandra Players 1st – 4th June 2016.
To obtain a free script and to discuss and arrange a production please contact Philip Ayckbourn at leweswriters@yahoo.co.uk
Please visit website www.philipayckbourn.com for details about author and other available scripts for performance.


Philip Ayckbourn

A comedy by Philip Ayckbourn.

M 2 (or 3) F 3
Genre: comedy
Length: approx. 2hrs with interval

A mother and her daughter; a father and his son find themselves on neighbouring hotel terraces in Marrakech. The ‘holiday in the sun’ soon threatens to be clouded by the usual family tensions. Middle-aged Martin, a divorcee and perpetual skirt-chaser, is an embarrassment to his angry, young artist son, Tom. Meanwhile, on the adjacent terrace, the hedonistic Diana, a fellow divorcee and amateur thespian, equally infuriates her diffident daughter, Gemma. Encountering a local street trader, Diana receives a gift of a powerful love potion and decides to put it to the test. Initially she considers using the potion to help her daughter, but can’t resist the temptation of getting attentions for herself. A few drops added to Tom’s water bottle has the young man instantly besotted. The unlikely new couple venture out to explore the souks, leaving Martin to try his sweet-talk on the unfortunate Gemma. While choking on a peanut, it’s Gemma’s turn to imbibe some of the spiked water, which has her falling unreservedly for Martin. Act One culminates with the two being discovered in passionate embrace, much to the horror of the returning Diana… and Tom.
Act Two finds Diana in a quandary. Obtaining an antidote, she intends to remedy things, but again falls victim to her own desires. Complications ensue, fuelled by misplaced affections. Is the love that Tom declares for Gemma genuine? Will Martin get over his newfound self-obsession? And can Diana act beyond her own self-interests in order to rectify the situation?
The play is a lively comedy-farce that takes a wry look at the madness of infatuation and what remains when passions have run their course.
A CD of incidental music especially composed for this play is available and having been used during the premiere production, is recommended for use at future productions by the author.
Reviews: www.remotegoat.com and amdram.co.uk
To find out how to obtain a free script and to discuss and arrange a production please contact Philip Ayckbourn at leweswriters@yahoo.co.uk

Please visit website www.philipayckbourn.com for details about author and other available scripts for performance.

Daniel Bell
Daniel Bell 07411435554
KD Theatre Productions

danielbell@kdtheatreproductions.co.uk Contact panto@gmail.com

Mother Goose:

This pantomime follows the traditional Mother Goose story. It has a contemporary, modern edge while still retaining the original plot and characters with a few extra pieces of slapstick and ideas. Outstanding is the Rocking Food To Go Van.
Mother Goose is poor and ugly, and wishes to become rich and beautiful. The nasty Squire Moneybags is after her to pay the rent, along with his two batty bailiffs Ben and Jerry. Fairy Snowdrop fulfils her first wish by giving her Priscilla, the Magic Goose which lays golden eggs. The Demon of Discontent fulfils the second, by offering her beauty in return for her soul and the Magic Goose. The situation is resolved in true panto style with the help of her two sons Tom and Billy, and Toms sweetheart Mary.

Jack and the Beanstalk:
A new version of the classic tale featuring Jack Trott, his mother Dame Trott, their cow Daisy, Giant Blunderbore, and the Giant's evil henchman Fleshcreep.
Dame Trott and her sons Jack and Steve are threatened with eviction if they don't pay the rent. Meanwhile Jack has fallen in love with Princess Jill. The land is terrorised by Giant Blunderbore and his henchman Fleshcreep. When the Princess is kidnapped by Fleshcreep, Jack is given the chance of climbing the beanstalk to Cloudland, defeating the Giant and rescuing the Princess.

I also write under my own managment and have scripts for: Aladdin, Beauty and the Beast, Robin Hood and the Babes in the Wood if these are okay for adding to the list.

Vic Mills

Vic Mills Playwright


Mandy Raikes-May

Panto - Little Bo Peep - Word Count - 16924 including songs and some stage directions - (Duration approx 2.5 hours) - Characters - 8 Main , 9 subsidiary and numerous minor chorus parts - which can be doubled up on
See 'Reviews' section for a NODA report on the Pantomime.
Contact: ajrm70@yahoo.co.uk


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