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The Company of Players

The Company of Players

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The Little Theatre, Hertford

The Invisible Men

The Invisible Men

Sunday 26th March from 10.30am
Tuesday 28th March from 7.30pm
PROPOSED PLAYING DATES – to be discussed with the cast
June 9th, 10th, 12th, 13th, 14th, 15th, 16th, 17th

Adapted from the original novel by H.G. Wells and directed by Laura Ilinca
Jack Griffin, a wannabe scientist who dreams to discover the secret to invisibility moved in with his friends Mr & Mrs Hall a year ago, after his long-time marriage fell apart. Mr & Mrs Hall manage The Cock & Bull Inn, a very unoccupied inn, especially off season, situated in a postcard beautiful but otherwise uneventful little English village. Having little to do with their time, and lacking other bright ideas, they spend their days helping Griffin plotting silly, and frankly a bit creepy revenges against his ex-wife and her new boyfriend. What could go wrong? Not much, as Griffin is known around the village for his idiosyncrasies. Until one day, when 2 unexpected guests arrive at the inn, bringing with them an unknown number of secret agencies that seem to be quite interested in the invisibility business as well.
How could a Russian emigree, an insectologist, a wannabe scientist and two nearly broke inn owners outsmart several secret agents that are interested in invisibility as well? Well, staying at home and not coming to the theatre won't help you find out...
In case you'd like to be part of this production, either on stage or off stage, here are some things you might want to know about the characters:
JACK GRIFFIN – THE INVISIBLE MAN, currently unemployed and unhoused, living at The Cock and Bull Inn after the split with his ex-wife, middle age
MRS CORNELIA HALL – runs the Cock and Bull Inn with her husband, middle age
MR NATHANIEL HALL – runs the Cock and Bull Inn with his wife, middle age
VLADMIR IVANOVICH RUBLIOV, aka THOMAS MARVEL – a middle age homeless man, with a strange accent, sometimes a very heavy foreign accent, sometimes a posh English accent (think Downtown Abbey), who claims he’s a scientist followed by the SVR (former KGB), who had to go offline and off grid in order to save his life. He adopted the name Thomas Marvel in order to hide his identity in the UK.
MILLIE HOLLAND – a young-ish insectologist, (or is she?), who comes to the inn for a one- week sojourn to study local dragonflies.
NARRATOR’S VOICE – although the character doesn’t appear on stage, he’s an important part of the narrative. He starts with a bit of interest in the play, gets very bored towards the end
The Invisible Men is a fast-paced comedy, inspired by the original novel by H.G. Wells, adapted and directed by Laura Ilinca, and will be presented as a world premiere at The Little Theatre.
We need help with everything that’s off stage, from stage manager, lighting, special effects (explosions, fires), sound design, props, costumes, prompting, ASM
Please contact Laura for more information and a copy of the script at: laurailica@yahoo.com / 07459676933.

Posted 22/03/2023


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Devon Drama Classes


Drama Workshops and Drama Classes for Kids and Teenagers and Adults in East Devon

We are a London Film Actors Agency and Film Production Company running weekly Drama Coaching classes for Kids and Teenagers in Ottery St Mary in Devon.

Incorporating Self Tape Techniques, Confidence Building, and how to approach a casting session. Industry Workshops with Casting Directors and Directors once a month and Weekly Drama Classes. Also how to pursue a career in Film and Television.

Run by MAA Agency Owner and WMR Films Producer & Casting Director Miles Anthony

Please register your interest by emailing or whatsapp Miles Anthony office@devondramaclasses.co.uk

Website: www.devondramaclasses.co.uk / Whatsapp: 07497209371

Posted on 21/03/2023


Recently Posted Events

Devon Drama Classes


Ottery St Mary, Devon

Film Workshop for Kids, Teenagers and Adults in Ottery St Mary, Devon

Sunday 2nd April 11am to 3pm

We are a Film Agency/Film Production Company based in London and Devon running monthly Drama Workshops and Weekly Drama Classes

Film Director David Creed Workshop on Sunday 2nd April 11am to 3pm in Ottery St Mary £25.00 per person. Age groups in different time slots. Working with a Film Director, Doing scenes from David’s next Movie. It will be taped and you get to keep your scene after the workshop.
Run by MAA Agency and WMR Films Owner Miles Anthony & JW Dance
Please register your interest on :
Website: www.devondramaclasses.co.uk / Office@devondramaclasses.co.uk
Whatsapp: 07497209371 / www.maa.uk.com

Posted 21/03/2023


Recently Posted Shows

Wellingborough Cooperative Amateur Dramatic Society - WCADS

Wellingborough Cooperative Amateur Dramatic Society

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Third Week in August

Author: Peter Gordon

Third Week in August


Venue: Star Hall, Laws Lane, Finedon, Wellingborough, Northamptonshire NN9 5LU

Box Office: Tickets £11 available via www.trybooking.co.uk/CEPY

27th – 29th April 7:45pm
Sat Mat 2:30pm

A comedy set on a caravan site. When Sue decides to take a holiday she is soon taken under the wing of expert but inadequate caravanner Neville when he’s not engaged in battle with his wife or trying to cope with his recently separated sister-in-law. Matters become complicated with the arrival of enthusiastic Tony and his sceptical girlfriend Jenny, who has joined him against her better judgement. In an effort to boost “camp spirit”, Neville decides that a communal barbecue is the order of the day….then things really do start to hot up!

Posted 19/03/2023

Latest Review

The Tell-Tale Heart by John Goodrum

Reviewed by: Elaine Chapman @ElaineC_reviews

Review date: 17th Mar 2023

Adapted from the original book by Edgar Allan Poe The Tale Heart gothic horror novel is a sinister story with a deadly twist. Clarry Straven ( David Martin) stumbles upon the lodgings of Roderick Bounty (John Goodrum), a strange gentleman with a rather odd collection of belongings.

Haunted by the “Raven eye” of his host Bounty, Straven is unsettled and struggles to sleep at night, waking between 3-4 am each morning to check that his host and the eye are asleep. He fears his host and is unnerved by his presence. Yet there’s no obvious reason at first, just a slightly eccentric host who rents out his spare room.

Staged in front of a dark background with curtains drawn to keep out the light, which Bounty claims is to prevent robbers from looking in to see his treasure chests placed under the window. However, as the story unfolds, this turns out not to be the only reason.

The performance is strong through the first fifty minutes. The second half would benefit from editing during the conversation, which takes place between Straven and Inspector Morgan ( Gordon Johum), who calls around after a neighbour heard screams coming from the house. The tension built up after the events between Straven and Bounty became diluted with the quantity of dialogue from the Inspector, and at times, I lost track of where they were in the conversation.

I especially liked the rain and thunderstorm raging throughout the play. Adding an air of danger to the situation, claps of thunder were placed at points to make the audience jump and heightened the tension building up between the characters, waiting to explode.

Poe’s writing certainly isn’t for the faint-hearted Theatre goer. I enjoy being challenged and gripped by the tales such as The Tell-Tale Heart. Many twists in his work make for compelling viewing.

For more information on about this play and future productions at Theatre Royal Winchester, please use the link below.

Three and a half Stars


See the full review here theatreandartreviews.wordpress.com/


Posted on 18/03/2023


Recently Posted CostumeSwap

Fairycroft Theatrical at Saffron Walden Musical Theatre Company

Saffron Walden, Essex

SIster Act Costumes



Full set of #sisteractthemusical costumes. Great quality. Up to 21 nuns, plus different finale & nighties with hoods, mother superior, monseigneur, Dolores, backing singers & Eddies ’rip suit’!!
£400 hire!!!
Your show will look fabulous baby!!

Contact Fairycroft Theatrical via Facebook

SIster Act Costumes SIster Act Costumes SIster Act Costumes SIster Act Costumes SIster Act Costumes SIster Act Costumes

Posted 17/03/2023

Recently Posted Group Details

Colwyn Abbey Players

Colwyn Abbey Players


We are a friendly/welcoming group who have been established over 50 years, presenting a whole range of material - from classical drama to comedy. As well as appearing consistently at our local theatre, we have recently 'gone mobile', presenting plays in local halls (and even a Retirement Home) for people who asked us to present an evening of drama/entertainment for them. We have competed regularly in both One Act and Three Act Festivals, and earlier this year were delighted when one of our older members achieved a Performance Award locally.
Colwyn Abbey Players meet and rehearse on Mondays and Thursdays at Colwyn Bay Cricket Club.
Email: colwynabbeyplayers@gmail.com

Recently Posted Off/Back Stage Requirements

NMAODS - North Manchester Amateur Operatic and Dramatic Society

NMAODS - North Manchester Amateur Operatic and Dramatic Society

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North Manchester

Director needed at North Mcr AODS for Blithe Spirit

Director needed at North Mcr AODS for Blithe Spirit

on stage 3rd - 6th June 2023

Due to unforseen circumstances North Manchester AODS now need a Director for Blithe Spirit.
The play is almost cast (last auditions for Madame Arcati are tonight via Zoom!) and will be playing at the Simpson Memorial Hall M40 9NB 3rd - 6th June 2023
All rehearsals will aslo be at The Simpson Memorial Hall.
Please contact Nick at NMAODS on nmaods@yahoo.com if you are interested in Directing Blithe Spirit or auditioning for Madame Arcati.
Thank you

Posted 15/03/2023

Recently Posted Articles

Passion Plays



What does a donkey, a Centurion and basket of bread all have in common? They are all found in a Passion Play and you might see them in your local town or city this coming Easter!

Free, live performances of the Easter story take place each year across the UK. Events from the last week of Jesus Christ’s life are retold by local actors working with professional theatre companies to create compelling live theatre that is free for everyone. For many people, they are the best way to experience the story at the heart of Easter. Whether you know the story very well, or know nothing at all, you can experience it in through drama and music as it unfolds on the streets around you.

Historically, the word ‘Passion’ was originally used to describe the intense anguish and suffering of Jesus on the cross and the word is used for the plays that focus on his death. Today, Passion Plays dramatize Jesus’ life, including his teachings and miracles, as well as his resurrection to show the context in which his death took place.

Passion Plays are examples of unique open-air theatre. People doing their shopping or taking a stroll in the local park have been surprised at the sight of people dressed in flowing robes and sandals or as Roman centurions with sword and spear. Or others have witnessed a scuffle on the high street that turned out to be actors in modern dress dramatizing a scene from the Easter story.
Whether you are familiar with the Easter story or not, watching a Passion Play is a way to experience the full story. You might be familiar with Pontius Pilate washing his hands like Lady Macbeth or Judas who betrayed his friend for 30 pieces of silver, but how do they fit into the full story? Seeing it enacted in familiar spaces is a unique and moving experience and many people come back year after year.

“It was so moving. It just brings everything to you. It blew me away!”

“I brought my brother who is usually quite critical of religious things but he said it was very impressive.”

“I’m not religious but what an amazing day…a wonderful project bringing a diverse community together.”

“It was the first time I thought of Jesus as my friend.”

“First Class! Thought provoking and challenging is the best way. I did not want it to end.”

Some people get so much out of the plays that they want to take part in them and being in the large community casts is a unique and rewarding experience. Whether they have had prior acting experience or always dreaded being on the stage, they work with professional actors and directors to learn new skills, meet new people and overcome any fear of speaking in public!
What is not commonly known is the fact that England once had a long and rich history of Passion Plays. Plays about the death and resurrection were performed within the medieval Mystery Play cycles that were performed in York, Coventry, Lincoln, Chester and other places around the country. Every Easter people who were often illiterate could see the story of Easter take place in elaborate productions that used expensive costumes and fake blood for the crucifixion as well as fireworks and a flaming hell mouth for the resurrection and the defeat of the devil.
There were also additional scenes, such as the ‘Harrowing of Hell’ which attempted to dramatize what happened on Easter Saturday between Jesus’ death and resurrection. Since the Bible hints that Jesus descended into hell and set free the devil’s captives, the imaginative creators of the ‘Harrowing of Hell’ scenes had great fun showing the devil getting his just deserts in the bowels of hell.
Unfortunately, the Mystery Plays came to an end during the religious upheavals of the Reformation when the plays were thought to be too Catholic because they were performed on a Catholic feast day. By royal proclamation, all dramatization of religion and politics was banned and the Mystery Plays were no longer performed in public.
Today, however, Passion Plays are enjoying a resurgence and can be found performed across the UK every Easter. The Medieval Mystery Plays began this resurgence when they were publicly performed during the Festival of Britain in 1951, and today they are performed regularly in York, Chester and Lincoln.

Find a Passion Play near you this Easter and experience the Easter story for yourself.
PT promo
You tube
Keep in touch via newsletter

Passion Plays Passion Plays Passion Plays
Passion Plays Passion Plays Passion Plays Passion Plays

Posted on 08/03/2023

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Recently Posted Sets & PropSwap

Tops On Stage

Tops On Stage

Facebook  Twitter  Instagram  

Grays, Essex


For Sale / Hire

Available from Monday 20th March


We have the following list of set & props available to purchase [see picture]
We may also have some costumes & additional props [TBA]
We are based in Essex [Grays RM17 - Near Dartford bridge] Set/props will be available for collection at the Theatre on morning of the 20th or at another location in close proximity if this date does not work.
Varied costs. Just comment or message me if interested in any items and I’ll confirm prices.
Pics will be available next week [Currently I. Storage] Just trying to gauge the interest for now.
If you’re looking for any specific items that aren’t listed, below, please send a message as we may have them available for purchase, also.
Contact https://www.facebook.com/MartyMcDoyle

Posted 07/03/2023

Recently Posted Performance & Rehearsal Space

Rutland Open Air Theatre

Facebook  Twitter  Instagram  TikTok  

Tolethorpe Hall, Little Casterton, Stamford, Lincolnshire PE9 4BH


Contact: 01780 754381

Excellent venue with a very professional feel

Posted 15/02/2023

Recently Posted Musicians Required, Music Services, Music Swap

Witham Amateur Operatic Society - WAOS

Witham Amateur Operatic Society - WAOS

Facebook  Twitter  youTube  



We commence rehearsals for our October show, Crazy For You, in May. We are looking for a Musical Director to work with us. We are based in Witham, Essex. We are a multi award winning society, having recently celebrated our centennial, having performed in the impressive Witham Public Hall for 100 years. We pride ourselves on being a welcoming society, with fun being as important as producing a quality show.

If you are at all interested in providing MD services for Crazy For You, or any of our future productions, let's have a chat.

Contact: Email: trevordrury@waos.org
Mobile: 07974000011

Posted 05/02/2023

Recently Posted Scripts & Playwrights

Scripts by Peter Travell

Peter Travell

Actor, Director, Producer involved in amateur theatre for 40 years.

Peter has also published several childrens' books on Amazon

Contact details:





Set roughly in the Victorian age.
Dame Hilda Owl has two sons Terry and Freddie. Terry is a schoolteacher and is engaged to Tabitha (Tabby) Kat. Freddie is a bad lot who ran away to escape gaol.
A Mr Fowl is the new Squire. It is none other than Freddie Owl who is now rich. He means to evict his mother from her cottage and marry Tabitha.
Terry and Tabby elope to Bong Island to get married where they meet the Pigg sisters. They discover that Periwinkle was recently married to Freddie Owl who stole her money and ran away. They confront Freddie, who is then arrested by the local village Constable. The Constable then asks Dame Hilda Owl to marry him. Cue celebration.
M/F 7, F 3, M 3, Chorus 6

Published by Upstage Publications https://upstagepublications.co.uk


Set roughly in the Victorian age.
Marmaduke Muffet, a rich man and the owner of a pickle factory, has a daughter, Molly who is in love with Peter Piper (Chief Pickle Blender). Widow Black and her son Jethro Black arrive in the village. The widow has a magical pendant necklace, which makes old men fall in love with her. She sets her sights on Marmaduke.
Darren and Davey Rotter are two market traders who fall in with Jet who cons them into getting Peter sacked. Dazzer and Davey discover Widow Black’s secret. With the help of Peter, Polly, Molly and Willy they expose her evil plan.
Peter and Molly marry. Marmaduke retires. Peter takes over as MD of the Pickle Factory. Widow Black is made to be the Cleaner and Tea Lady while Jethro becomes the Odd Job Man.
M/F 2, F 3, M 5 Chorus 4

Published by Upstage Publications https://upstagepublications.co.uk

Recently Posted Suppliers & Services

Bristol One Act Drama Festival



The Bristol One Act Drama Festival is a preliminary round of the All England
Theatre Festival showcasing some of the finest amateur performances in and around the Bristol area.

Contact: via our website

Recently Posted Publishers

Stage-Write Plays



Are you a writer?
Please contact us via email at: scripts@stage-write.com.au or via our website or social media

Queensland, Australia

Online scripts & plays - Something for everyone!
Stage-Write Plays, an online publishing website based in Queensland, Australia, showcases original stage plays and musicals. You can look for a vast range of stage plays of different genres. They have a remarkable team of writers who have written exceptional plays to entertain the readers.
They offer you a standard performance packages that include the complete script, piano, vocal scores, and SFX soundbites to support your theatrical performance. SFX sounds are the special effects that enhance a play’s visual and dramatic effects.
The website also provides a hassle-free way to decide which play and music suits your requirement by offering a free ready-only sample of the play with two audio song sampes. The sample script is a generous 50% of the full version, which is helpful for the reader to choose a play. The script samples are encrypted and cannot be printed. The sample tracks are rehearsal tracks which serve as a reference for you to imagine how they could sound as a part of full production.
You can easily search for a play by title or by the name of the writer. The website also has an Easy-Choose search feature. You can select from the options according to your preference based on options like genre, age group, and duration number of cast. You can contact us via email or use our live chat option. We encourage and welcome your feedback regarding our website and plays.Please contact me at admin@stage-write.com.au or leave a review on our website.

Latest from our Advice Column
Click here for the complete Advice Column

Post 69
Recent Post from one of our readers - 18/11/2021
Name: Sheila Spatcher


From spatchersheila@gmail.com

I am looking for.my cousin Janice Parfitt. I know she used to be a member of a amateur group and she was a lead in quite a few productions.
If anyone knows her please could you ask her to contact me. I would appreciate it.

Peter's response:

Hi Sheila,

I'm afraid I don't have any knowledge of your cousin.

I will post your query in the #Advice section of www.dramagroups.com asking anyone who is able to help to contact you directly via your email address.

I wish you luck in your search and would be interested to hear if you are successful in tracking your relative down.

Best Wishes,


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Recently Posted Script Swap details

Eileen Norton



I have a number of copies of well known plays, (in good condition) looking for a home. These include Noel Coward, ‘ Private Lives’ and Chekhov ‘ The Cherry Orchard’ and various others.

Do you know of any group that would like them? If so, please get in touch, my email is: elnorton49@gmail.com

Posted 03/05/2021

Recently Posted Theatrical Makeup

Make-Up Artist Work Experience Required


I’m Amanda. I’m currently doing make up artistry at West College Scotland. I am in my first year level 6.

I am looking for any work experience I could do. Anything at all would be great. Any local groups who need makeup artists for their productions do please get in touch.

Thank you


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