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The Anglo American Theatre Group of the Hague

The Anglo American Theatre Group of the Hague


The Hague

The AATG is an amateur group who enjoy, perform and support English-language theatre. It is not a group exclusively for actors and directors - we welcome anyone who is interested in any aspect of the theatre, on-stage or off. We also welcome members who do not want to take an active role in the society, but simply wish to keep in touch with English-language theatre in the Netherlands. We have about 150 members from all over Zuid-Holland. If you can understand English, you're welcome!
The AATG , Postbus 10239, 2501 HE Den Haag
Every year we hold three major productions - usually an evening of one-act plays in the spring, a major production in the autumn and our tremendously popular Christmas pantomime.
These take place in theatres in and around The Hague, mainly in the Theater aan het Spui.
We have also taken productions to London, Amsterdam and Brussels.
Poetry and play readings
We regularly hold readings at the homes of members of the group. This is a chance to try out a play for a future production, or perhaps to hear a play that may be too ambitious for the Group to stage. It is also an opportunity to meet other members.
We also hold occasional special events, such as poetry evenings or quiz nights, at which a drink or two has been known to be on offer.
The group arranges one- or two-day workshops dealing with acting, directing - or technical work, such as lighting. Many AATG members are regularsat a theatrical summer school, which is usually held in Luxemburg.
Social events
Apart from the readings, the AATG year is peppered with social events, such as the near-legendary Start and End of Season parties, where new members and old can meet, eat and drink together, enjoy each other's party-pieces - and disagree about things theatrical.
What can I do?
Even if you're not a performer, there's still a lot of vital work that needs to be done behind the scenes. Without costumes, make-up, lighting, sound, set building, publicity and ticket sales, the show wouldn't go on!
We don't ask for any experience for these functions - just enthusiasm, commitment and a sense of humour. You can fill out the application form to join the AATG on our website.
To join, please contact us at membership@aatg.nl

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