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Robert Sterne Casting (“The Crown”, “Chernobyl”, “Game of Thrones”) is searching for a talented young disabled male actor aged between 16 and 21 years old to play the lead role in an exciting major new film due to shoot next year about the early life of Martin Pistorius.

The film is based on Martin Pistorius’s extraordinary autobiography ‘Ghost Boy’ which charts the amazing story of his slow return to consciousness after 7 years with locked-in syndrome.

If you are a young actor with a disability and interested in this very special acting opportunity, please email catriona@robertsterne.co.uk using the subject line ‘Pistorius Casting Call’.

Please include your full name, age and a recent photograph (a selfie is fine) and a little bit about yourself - we will get back in touch to request either an introductory tape or a preliminary zoom.

*The deadline for applications is 10th April 2022
*All applicants need to be over 16 years of age by January 2023.
*No previous acting experience is necessary.

Posted on 31/03/2022


Church Performances

Dear Drama Groups

I am writing to you to enquire are any touring Amateur Dramatic Societies currently performing the Film of Sister Act, one please?
Thank you.

However many British Churches could really benefit from this Performance being performed in their Churches because this would prevent many British Churches closing permanently, and support regular Church attendance, because new ideas from the Performance could be implemented into all our Worship Services, (but I understand our Churches would naturally need all the Amateur Dramatic Societies, and Sister Acts permission for the ideas, thank you). I also understand that adapting our Churches for the Performances will come with some very difficult challenges, but however these challenges are (naturally) definitely worth overcoming. Moreover, if logistics are a current problem, Grants can be applied for through many different Companies, to purchase personal Buses for Amateur Dramatic Societies. However if any Societies cannot perform their Performances in our Churches (which I fully understand if Societies cannot perform for various reasons i.e., Health and Safety, Finances, and Insurances, etc.) However could any Societies be sourced that can perform in our Churches, please? Thank you. Moreover, I would not like to force Religious Views upon yourselves, but Churches can be used for various social occasions, not just for Religious purposes. I hope this supports you I am just trying to think outside the Box.

Thank you from Miss Melissa Smalley

Posted on 31/03/2022


NMAODS - North Manchester Amateur Operatic and Dramatic Society

NMAODS - North Manchester Amateur Operatic and Dramatic Society

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Keeping Up Appearances

NMAODS - North Manchester AODS North Manchester AODS are looking to cast the role of 'Milly' in their upcoming stage play, 'Keeping Up Appearances', playing from 6-9 July 2022.

The part is for a male in 30s or 40s and is a role created for the play rather than emulating one of the characters from the TV show.

Milly is a shy, retiring character and an IT buff. It is a mid size part and a treat of a role. Please message us if interested!

Posted on 30/03/2022


Artist Callout - Community Musical

Artist Callout - Community Musical

We’re producing a large scale community musical this summer! Looking for performers 16+ from Solihull!

Contact skylar@parrabbola.co.uk for more information!

We'd love you to be involved in our brand new community play.

Go to www.thecoretheatresolihull.co.uk for more details.

Posted on 30/03/2022


Shiphay Amateur Dramatic Society (SADS)

Shiphay Amateur Dramatic Society (SADS)

Facebook  Instagram  

One Man Two Guvnors

One Man Two Guvnors

SADS are a couple of cast short for our production of One Man Two Guvnors, if anyone fancies getting in touch

Posted on 30/03/2022


Kate and Lou + Ro Casting

Leading Skin Care Brand - Casting Opportunity

We are looking for confident, inspiring women to share their stories and experiences of menopause, for this well-known beauty brand campaign. We want to hear from people with vibrant personalities, who’s stories will uplift, inspire, and empower others. This opportunity is open to all who are interested. We are looking to celebrate diversity and welcome all ages, genders, abilities, and skin (freckles, wrinkles, scars, etc. are all welcome)! We are ideally looking for people aged 45+ but we are open to younger people.

Please note – we are not looking for actors/models with agents.

This is a very well paid opportunity. If selected to feature in the campaign, the fee will be £10,000.

For more details and how to apply, please head to:

Self Tape deadline - Thursday 31st March 12 noon

Check out our website www.kateandloucasting.com

Posted on 26/03/2022


Liverpool Hope University

Scarlet Soaked - Casting Call

Audition via email
Target Shooting dates for the film in April tbc

Scarlet Soaked is a docudrama short film which follows our lead character Ana and the other girls though their experience trapped in modern slavery and their escape. The film follows Anas journey to trust in others and take a leap to escape her life as a modern slave forced to work in a nail bar and as sex worker.

Age: 21
Gender: Female
Role: Modern day slave trapped in sexual exploitation
Ana is a young women who has become a modern slave. She is the focus of the film as she battles with her desire to be free and participate in the outside world, alongside the fear and abuse she suffers in the brothel and the fear of trying to escape.

Age: 18
Gender: Female
Role: Modern day slave trapped in sexual exploitation
Lily is a younger women who has become a modern slave. Lily is a shy girl who relies on the nurturing nature of Ana and the reassurance she provides during her time as a modern slave.

Age: 25
Gender: Female
Role: Modern day slave trapped in sexual exploitation
Christina is the eldest of the women. The years of abuse have given her a tougher shell and the loss of hope of ever escaping.

Age: 34
Gender: Female
Role: Undercover police officer
Sarah is an undercover officer working in the Liverpool area. She has been assigned a case where she will scout out and investigate nail bars in hope of reducing modern slaves, in this case Ana and the other women.

Please Contact Beth at 19004444@hope.ac.uk to schedule your audition, and receive the audition script.

This is a third year Student film, therefore all actors will not be paid for their work, but will be able to use this film and a reference to work if needed.

Thank you! We look forward to making this film with you :)

Posted on 24/03/2022


Belmont Theatre Company

Belmont Theatre Company

Facebook  Twitter  youTube  Instagram  

WANTED - a young woman 18-28 to perform in the Arthur Miller play “The Ride Down Mount Morgan”

A typical Miller play with comedic moments as well as thought provoking drama. The role we are looking for is the daughter of the protagonist.

Rehearsals at Carpenders Park Hall adjacent to the station Tuesday Thursday evenings

Performance date 25-28th May at Pump House Theatre, Watford

Carole (the director) on 07958427707

Posted on 22/03/2022


Money On My Mind

Money On My Mind

Are you and your family trying to budget while balancing costs of hobbies, family holidays, kids parties? Want to teach children the value of money?

We're looking for household aged 20-40 for an aspirational and positive new digital series about money management for Channel 4.

Maybe your finances are in a mess. Or you're finding it tough to save for your first home or to find the cash for the wedding you want? If you think you need help from some of the UK's top persoanl finance experts, we want to hear from you.

Get in touch on apply@storyboardstudios.tv with your name, phone number and a little bit about yourself.

Posted on 16/03/2022



Casting Student Short Film

“Attached” - a short film
Sarah’s date with her boyfriend Sam does not go as planned and the two break up after an argument over her jealousy.
Sarah (20) - protagonist - A young woman with insecurities that result in her being possessive of her boyfriend Sam whom she loves. She longs attention he’s not giving her.
Sam (21) - Sarah’s boyfriend. He does not give her the attention Sarah thinks she deserves and is texting with his female co-worker / friend. Deep down he loves her which he realises after she breaks up with him.
David (23) - A drink spiking predator on a hunt. He is a manipulative and well aware of the situation. That’s why he is able to notice Sarah’s and Sam’s argument and steps in with the care and attention Sarah needs.

Audition Dates: late March
Performance Dates: early April

Interested in one of these roles?
Unpaid job. Based in Newcastle upon Tyne.
Email me a photo of yourself along with your full name. We will send you a section of the script for an audition tape. You may then be invited for an in person audition.
My email: kamilac2000@icloud.com

Posted on 11/03/2022


Shakyra Dowling

LAST SWIM - Feature Film Casting

Iranian/ British actress playing age 18

ROLE: Ziba (London 6th Form Student)
Diagnosed with a life-changing condition, an ambitious and complex Iranian teen from London considers suicide. Will a eventful summer's day with her friends be the icing on the cake, or will it give her the drive to survive?

DIRECTOR: Sasha Nathwani
PRODUCERS: Campbell Beaton, Jezz Vernon
DATES: August 2022




Please email picture and details to: assistant@shakyradowlingcasting.com

Posted on 10/03/2022


Rom Theatre Arts Kids

Rom Theatre Arts Kids

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Rom Theatre Arts Kids

Rom Theatre Arts Kids Rom Theatre Arts Kids


Rom Theatre Arts are offering a free taster day, so your child can come and see what RTA has to offer.
We have a range of classes, Acrobatics, Jazz, Vocal, Acting, Musical Theatre, I.S.T.D Ballet, Tap & Modern, New Era Drama Exams, Audition technique.
We are based at The Arts Centre in the heart of Great Dunmow, with FREE parking and fantastic facilities.
Do you want to Act?
Do you want to Sing?
Do you want to Dance?
Do you want to Perform?
Do you want to build Confidence?
Do you want to make new Friends?

If YES, come along for your FREE taster day email kids@romtheatrearts.co.uk or call 01371 878020, Whatt's app 07720651485 or visit our website www.romtheatrearts.co.uk

Posted on 10/03/2022


Casting Feature Length Film CONCIOUS KREETCHURS!

It is an extremely ambitious project, and I am really just looking for passionate collaborators at this stage. The main role would be paid a small fee of at least £500, and the other roles a very small fee of £100.

I'm looking to fill the roles of

"Rona": female - early twenties - fairly strong/strong Lothian accent . Lead role.

"Ato Shigezawa": female - twenties/thirties - east Asian.

"Sam": Male - middle aged or elderly - north African or west/south Asian heritage.

"Mr. Ethical (older version)" : male - middle aged.

There are a few other characters, but these are the parts I'm still looking to cast currently.

All filming will be done in Edinburgh. No filming schedule has been arranged yet. I am really just looking to get a passionate team together for discussion/rehearsal.

Kindest wishes,


For further information please email Rabneil@outlook.com

Posted on 09/03/2022


Liverpool Hope University

Scarlet Soaked - Casting Call

11 March 2022 (2pm-5pm onwards at Liverpool Hope University Creative Campus, room COR108)
Target Shooting dates for the film in April tbc

Scarlet Soaked is a docudrama short film which follows our lead character Ana and the other girls though their experience trapped in modern slavery and their escape. The film follows Anas journey to trust in others and take a leap to escape her life as a modern slave forced to work in a nail bar and as sex worker.

Age: 21
Gender: Female
Role: Modern day slave trapped in sexual exploitation
Ana is a young women who has become a modern slave. She is the focus of the film as she battles with her desire to be free and participate in the outside world, alongside the fear and abuse she suffers in the brothel and the fear of trying to escape.

Age: 18
Gender: Female
Role: Modern day slave trapped in sexual exploitation
Lily is a younger women who has become a modern slave. Lily is a shy girl who relies on the nurturing nature of Ana and the reassurance she provides during her time as a modern slave.

Age: 25
Gender: Female
Role: Modern day slave trapped in sexual exploitation
Christina is the eldest of the women. The years of abuse have given her a tougher shell and the loss of hope of ever escaping.

Age: 34
Gender: Female
Role: Undercover police officer
Sarah is an undercover officer working in the Liverpool area. She has been assigned a case where she will scout out and investigate nail bars in hope of reducing modern slaves, in this case Ana and the other women.

Please Contact Beth at 19004444@hope.ac.uk to schedule your audition, and receive the audition script.

This is a third year Student film, therefore all actors will not be paid for their work, but will be able to use this film and a reference to work if needed.

Thank you! We look forward to seeing you at auditions :)

Posted on 08/03/2022


The Lir Academy

The Lir Academy

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MFA Playwriting Scholarship at The Lir Academy

MFA Playwriting Scholarship at The Lir Academy
Full scholarship for the 2022

Hello Dublin Drama Groups,
I am writing to you from The Lir Academy in relation to the Patricia Leggett Scholarship, which has been offered at the academy for the past six years.

This bursary is open to writers resident on the island of Ireland to support them to complete our one-year MFA in Playwriting at The Lir Academy, commencing later this year. The value of the support is up to €12,000.

We would really appreciate if you could circulate the details of this scholarship amongst your networks as we would like to open up this opportunity to as many people as possible. It is a great opportunity for a budding playwright to train under the expert guidance of tutors Graham Whybrow, Karin McCully, Gavin Kostick and Thomas Conway.

For more information on our MFA in Playwriting, please see that here.
In order to apply for the scholarship, applicants must be:
• Qualified to degree level
• Resident in Ireland or Northern Ireland.
Applicants can submit a 45-minute-long complete play to info@thelir.ie by Friday April 8th, 2022.

You can find us on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn where we promote this scholarship regularly, should you wish to share from our social pages.

This scholarship is made possible with the generous support from Janet and James Curley who have donated funds for this scholarship in memory of Patricia Leggett, Janet Curley's mother.

If you would like to learn more about Patricia Legget, please see that here.

Posted on 05/03/2022



Casting Call for Channel 4's new series of HUNTED

Hi there,

My name is Ben – I am a casting researcher at Shine TV, the makers of Masterchef, The Island and Hunted.

We are currently casting for the next series of the hit Channel 4 series Hunted, which
follows a number of volunteers as they try to go off grid and become a fugitive in the UK. We are looking for people of all ages to try and evade capture from a team of expert trackers. We are reaching out to people from a variety of backgrounds and professions who think they have what it takes to disappear in 21st century Britain. They could be going it alone or with friends, family or colleagues – as long as you think you can take on The Hunters, we’d love to hear from you!

A prize of £100,000 will be shared equally between the fugitives who successfully evade capture.
I wonder if you know of anyone, perhaps a member of your organisation, who may be interested in applying?

For anyone interested, they can apply here:
Closing Date 28th Feb 2022

We can only accept applications from people aged 18+.

Many thanks,

Ben Truckell
Junior Casting Researcher

Posted on 19/02/2022


PlayScripts Online


Royalty Free Sketches to download

Hello there,
Hope all is going well now that Theatres are getting back going again. Thought you might like to know that here at www.playscripts.online (formerly www.comedyplays.co.uk) you can now download all our comedy sketches completely free of charge. All we ask is, if you do use any you mention us and of course the author.
Whilst you are there check out:-
• One act and full-length plays
• Comedy
• Drama
• Pantomime

Best Regards

Steve Davies
LGF Playscripts and Comedy Plays

Posted on 18/02/2022

John Holroyd-Doveton

From East End to Downing Street

Following the Conservatives catastrophic defeat in 1945 Churchill appoints Lord Woolton to rebuild the party.

It takes him just six years for the Conservatives to win back power. One of the measures Lord Woolton took was to form a political youth movement; mostly social, but raising funds for the Conservative Party and helping with elections.

The play is written against the background of that movement, after being trapped in a broken down lift a budding member of the YC from the East End is trapped with a son of the aristocracy. Although deeply in love she refuses to have any relationship with him as he is married and does not want to damage her political career with a scandal as well as on moral grounds. In old age the Gentleman’s wife dies and they finally live together.

A subsidy of £1000 will be paid to the first theatre group who perform the play in public. If any further group wishes to perform the play, terms will be at my discretion.

For detailed terms and a script, please e-mail John at jodoveton@googlemail.com

Posted on 14/02/2022


Encore Theatre Company

Love the Theatre?

Thinking about joining a drama Group?

Encore Theatre Company based in Hemsby, will be presenting Sleeping Beauty 8th – 10th December 2022 and are looking for new members to join our group.
Although we are serious about the quality of our productions, we are a very social group, who believe in having fun while we rehearse and also meet up for events outside of rehearsals.
We meet every Thursday at 7pm in Hemsby Village Hall and are looking for people of all ages to join us (whether you want to act or help behind the scenes)

Interested? Come along on the 17th March (7pm Hemsby Village Hall) or ring Jan on 07786 124095 for more information

Hemsby Village Hall, Norfolk
Sleeping Beauty by Ben Crocker
Contact email: lazzapen@hotmail.com
Show Dates: 8th December 2022 to 10th December 2022

Posted on 09/02/2022


WOS Productions

WOS Productions

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WOS Productions

WOS Productions is thrilled to invite you to join us on stage for our next show - “I Say, I Say, I Say! A Tribute to Old Time Music Hall", devised by one of our own members.

Come and join The 'Wospian Players' who will be bringing the glory of traditional Victorian and Edwardian music hall, with authentic costumes, to our audiences in May 2022.
Music hall has more than just singing, so there are potential opportunities for actors, dancers, magicians and comics, as well as a vivacious and verbose Chairman to lead the proceedings.

The details:
* show dates 28-29 May
* Show location St Lawrence Church Hall, Eastcote.
* Rehearsals are held at our usual rehearsal hall in Kenton - Main rehearsal Mondays with some Wednesdays as needed for individuals working with the MD. Wednesdays for all likely as we get closer to show time.

If you are interested in joining our intrepid band of players, or just want to find out more, please contact wossecretary@gmail.com

Posted on 07/02/2022

Help Needed

This is a bit of a long shot but I am looking for a performer to dress up as a woman for a wedding next year. October.
The wedding is in Swansea, we are looking ideally for a man to Dress as a woman for a little bit of fun to keep everyone upbeat … there’s a song that’s on the internet called “it should have been me” and it’s creating a storm .. would be prepared to pay travel etc.
Is there someone who could help?

Karen Rowles rowleskaren@gmail.com

Posted on 06/02/2022


Extras Wanted for Dublin Shoot

Hey all,

I am reaching out to you in the hope of gathering a range of different extras for a shoot in Dublin on the 10th and 11th of February (that is next Thursday and Friday). The age range is between 25- and 50-years old, male and female from all kinds of cultures.

We are looking for you to send me a headshot of yourself and any in action shots you may have to my email at dean@piquant.ie

Dean Fitzgerald

Posted on 04/02/2022


The Power Foundation for Young People

The Power Foundation for Young People


The Power Foundation for Young People

The Power Foundation For Young People are looking for two local actors to play ROSHAUN and MANDLA


Contact: thepowerfoundationfyp@gmail.com

Posted on 04/02/2022

The Upchurch Players

The Upchurch Players

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The Upchurch Players

Would you like to be part of our 2022 PANTO?

We always welcome new members.

Acting. Set Design. Costumes. Backstage. Fundraising. Whatever your preference - there are opportunities for all.

Follow us on social media for audition and recruitment announcements.

Posted on 04/02/2022

LIT/ Technological University of the Shannon



I’m looking to cast a young Male actor aged 9-12 yrs for a Student short film.

Here’s my number for details on the short film: 0877562202

Kind regards,
Corinne Gibbons

Posted on 01/02/2022

Tenterden Operatic and Dramatic Society - TODS

Tenterden Operatic and Dramatic Society - TODS

Facebook  Twitter  Instagram  

Tenterden Operatic and Dramatic Society - TODS

Tenterden Operatic and Dramatic Society - TODS

Calendar Girls the Musical

A massive thank you and congratulations to everyone who has auditioned for Calendar Girls the Musical!

We are still looking to cast John & Rod.

If you’re interested in auditioning for these, email TODSenquiries@outlook.com for an audition pack and to arrange an audition.

Posted on 01/02/2022

Mature Actors Wanted

Hi- I'm the head of Performing Arts at The Carlton Academy and currently my students are working with the National Theatre on staging a play that will show for two nights at the school (late March) and one at The Nottingham Playhouse Theatre (Early April-see link below). The play Superglue is based around 'environmental political protest' and, in short, I'm looking for eight older (60+) actors to perform with us for these three performances and only 'one' has to learn a few lines. The commitment will be minimal and the rewards, I hope, great.

Please feel free to contact me to find out more and I can send you some links that will give you a greater insight into the play and The National Theatre initiative that it forms part of

Kind thanks

John Harris

National Theatre Connections Festival

Posted on 27/01/2022


Spotlight Stage School

Spotlight Stage School


Spotlight Stage School

Young Male Vibrant Performer REQUIRED for Stage School Show

We have our annual show on the 18th and 19th February at the Bingley Arts Centre in Bingley, Bradford. this show will be a compilation variety show with various dance styles and music from various musicals.

My senior jazz class (all girls) are performing the classroom song 'And you don't even know it' from the Musical 'Everybody's talking about Jamie'.
As I have no boy students at the moment, I was hoping that a former pupil of ours who is currently working professional would play Jamie. Unfortunately, this former student is currently working abroad so sadly unable to commit and be involved.

We, therefore, need an enthusiastic, ideally experienced young male performer to step in as Jamie!!

The song can be, either, lip-synced or sung - just lots of stage presence, personality, enthusiasm and commitment required!!

The scene itself is pretty much finished and choreographed, and a number of rehearsals would be required obviously, with the following dates being final compulsory rehearsals and performances:

Full Show Run-Through - Sunday 13th February - from 3.00pm-6.00pm
Dress Rehearsal - Friday 18th February at 1.00pm-4.00pm

Friday 18th February - 7.15pm Show
Saturday 19th February - 2.15pm Show
Saturday 19th February - 7.15pm Show

This is not a PAID role, however, we would make sure that the individual involved is looked after with free show tickets and help towards expenses, as well as a small modest fee at the end!

If you feel you have any individuals interested or who would like to discuss things further, please email or ring ASAP.

Many thanks - Gill Robinson (Principal - Spotlight Stage School)
Tel: 07803 176593 or steve.ceasar@hotmail.co.uk

Posted on 25/01/2022

Free Rain Theatre Company

Free Rain Theatre Company

Facebook  Twitter  Instagram  


AUDITIONS - for a few good men!

Due to the rescheduling of the season of Priscilla, we have a number of supporting roles to fill. If you're male or male identifying singer and dancer we want to meet you! Please prepare your favourite disco song to sing for us and bring your dancing shoes!

For more information and to send your expression of interest please email freeraintheatre@gmail.com

Priscilla Queen of the Desert will perform at The Q from 26th April - 22nd May 2022

Capital Territory, Australia

Posted on 24/01/2022

Guide Bridge Theatre

Guide Bridge Theatre

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The Cripple of Inishmaan

Casting call for The Cripple of Inishmaan

We are still looking to cast parts for the upcoming production of The Cripple of Inishmaan Guide Bridge Theatre.
This is a really great play by Martin McDonagh with some wonderful characters.

If you have ever wanted to tread the boards, this could be your time.

Contact us hello@gbtheatre.co.uk to arrange an audition with the director.

Posted on 24/01/2022

Brookdale Theatre

Facebook  Twitter  

Brookdale Theatre

Casting call for Young Maid in Gaslight at Brookdale

Name of Production - Gaslight
Venue - Brookdale Theatre, Bramhall, SK7 3AB
Production Start Date - 02/03/2022 Production End Date - 05/03/2022
Actor Required - Female Playing Age - early to mid 20s
Details of Play / Part / Character / Any Other Specific Requirements
Due to unforeseen circumstances we are looking for a young actress early/mid 20s to play the part of the young maid Nancy in Gaslight. With a stage age of 19 she must be flirty and sassy, have a cockney accent and kiss the leading man confidently!
Usual Rehearsal Days - Tues & Thurs eves and Sundays 2pm - 5pm.
Date Rehearsals will commence already started
Contact Name - Sheryl 07973 758091

Posted on 19/01/2022

Wishing you to start 2022 in the best way, BDA is ready to welcome you for a new Dance Festival / Competition in Barcelona (SPAIN) 2022: last places available!

Easter Spring Time Dance World Championship on 2022 in Spain for Dance Schools, Companies and Groups from all over is ready to welcome your dance group to BE PROTAGONIST by performing in specialized Theaters in dance activities, with all the prerequisites for Your artistic success.

An Event for Dance, Ballet, Contemporary, Modern, Hip Hop and each other kind of dance art,
Dance Team Showcases, Workshop Opportunities & International Dance Competitions.
..in order to be the protagonist of a great European Dance TOURNÉES in Spain!

To find out how to qualify, mail the office: in this year space has been limited and many groups have failed to register, so Directors should act right away for next year 2022
For Program and Fee:

Please feel free to forward to anyone who might be interested and to share our proposals with your networks and interested colleagues!

Posted on 18/01/2022


The Literal Challenge

The Literal Challenge

28 Plays Later - February Playwriting Challenge

My name is Alex and I’d like to share with you a writing opportunity for you to pass on to your members.

I work with The Literal Challenge - a small social enterprise that brings together a community of writers, wannabe writers and newbies through creative challenges.Over the last 7 Februarys, 28 Plays Later has inspired the writing of 44,745 plays!

Do note: We continue to offer our challenges on a commit-what-you-can basis, so everybody is welcome, and no financial obligation is required.

Registrations are now open through the website www.theliteralchallenge.com/28playslater and will be open until 28 January. There are more details online, on our social media channels, and in the registration invitation (attached). Thank you so much for your support and time. If you have any questions please do get in touch, I’d love to hear from you!

We’ve had some incredible successes from our previous years; some of those 44,745 plays have gone on to great things, including professional runs at theatres, readings, festivals, and adaptation into films. And we’re trying to get the word out to encourage as many people to begin, or develop, a relationship with writing for theatre.

Please see the fololwing document for further information 28-plays-later-202201.pdf
I hope that you will be just as excited as I am to share it with your networks.

Many thanks and have a fantastic week,

Posted on 16/01/2022

ESW Variety Shows


ESW Variety Shows

PERFORMER CALLOUT ... some places are available for performers!

• Singers • Musicians • Poets • Actors etc - Solos, duets, group pieces, all levels of experience and ability welcome!

Ever So Wonderful Variety Shows at Theatre At The Casa, Casa Bar Liverpool, Hope Street, Liverpool, L1 9BQ
Saturday 19th February 7pm
Saturday 16th July 7pm
Saturday 15th October 7pm

Fundraising for sickle cell care and support. This is an unpaid opportunity, as it is a charity fundraising show.

Videos and photos of your performances will be provided.

Posted on 14/01/2022

Hello Galway Ireland Drama Groups

I am Serra, a producer of an upcoming short film called Moishe based in the UK. I am looking for 18-21 years old teen boys who is playing age is from 16 years old but over 16 years old for the child license performance purposes.

We are filming in Portumna in mid February.

If any teen boys would be interested in playing a short film we would really be glad of your help to spread the word.

The roles are non-speaking and we're looking for 6 boys and one boy is a featured role and he is called Ezra. If you would get in touch with me on the email above, I can share the script with the school and you can see if it would be suitable for any of your students.

Briefly, the film explores the forgotten Jewish history of the Cantonists, young Jewish boys kidnapped from their homes and forced to convert to Christianity before serving 25 years in the army. These events took place in the Russian Empire in the 1800s.

I have attached the character description sheet as well. See here

This was our funding page: www.kickstarter.com

I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Best wishes,

Posted on 13/01/2022


Inspirations Theatre Company

Inspirations Theatre Company

Facebook  Twitter  Instagram  youTube  TikTok  

Moana Jr Into The Woods


Join Inspirations Theatre Company as we start working towards our triumphant return to fully staged musicals in 2022 with Moana Jr and Into The Woods.
Come along to these free, open to all, no obligation sessions and get to find out what we are all about as well as getting to meet the production team, explore the characters, hear a selection of the songs and start to develop the movement for both of these shows!
Moana Jr is open to all ages 16 and Under. Into The Woods is open to all ages 16+.
If you are interesting in joining our multi-award wining family then register your interest HERE!
Moana Jr: Tuesday 11th Jan 6:30 - 8:30pm
Into The Woods: Thursday 13th Jan 7:00 - 9:00pm
Both at: The Eagle Club, Newbold, Chesterfield S41 8QN

Posted on 13/01/2022

Drama Workshop of Waltham Forest

Wanted: Black male actor 35+ for play 'Ultimate Destination'

Group: Drama Workshop, a community drama group based in Walthamstow

Performance date: One performance during Waltham Forest Festival of Theatre, 22-26 March, 2022

Drama Workshop are looking for a black male 35+ actor to appear in a leading role in their entry to the Waltham Forest Festival of Theatre, to be held in Walthamstow, 22-26 March.

The play, 'Ultimate Destination', is an original work by Jacqueline McCauley about a racist incident at a BLM march and the court trial that results from this incident. It is a hard hitting and topical play about current events.

The play is being read on Saturday 22 January at 2pm and rehearsals will start after that.

If you are interested, please contact Sean Wilkinson 079 1939 7983

Posted on 13/01/2022


Eldorado Musical Productions

Eldorado Musical Productions

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Eldorado Musical Productions


It was lovely to see so many people at our first rehearsal after the Christmas break.
You've not missed the boat though, we are looking for more ensemble characters/dancers to boost our numbers.

Contact us via our website or social media

Posted on 11/01/2022

Seaton Starlights

Seaton Starlights

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Seaton Starlights

Calling All Performers

To appear in Seaton Starlights productions of The Producers

March 30th - April 2nd at uppingham Theatre

Have you always wanted to tread the boards? Now is your opportunity to join a friendly welcoming group who are looking for cast members to perform in the ensemble for their production of 'The Producers' at Uppingham Theatre from March 30th to April 2nd 2022.

For details contact: louiseandleecook@gmail.com or call Lee on: 07766582828

Posted on 11/01/2022

People Required for Role Play

This notice/request is a little different - my name is Emma Phelps and I am a Learning and Development Manager for a Cardiff based business. We will be delivering some interviewing skills for managers later in 2022 and would like to bring in some people who can play the people to be interviewed. This could be a recruitment interview for a job, a disciplinary or an appraisal interview.

We will be writing the brief but it would be a form of ‘role play’ thus requiring some improvisation. We want the training to be as real as possible for our managers which is why we would prefer external people to be the people being interviewed by them.

I would love to hear from anybody in the Cardiff area who might be interested in this or in finding out a little bit more. Please contact me at emma.phelps@eakinhealthcare.com

Emma Phelps

Learning and Development Manager
Eakin Healthcare Group


Posted on 07/01/2022


Greater Manchester Drama Federation

Greater Manchester Drama Federation

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GMDF 2022 One Act Play Festival

GMDF 2022 One Act Play Festival Entry Form A now available

Happy New Year Everybody, here's to a brilliant 60th Anniversary One Act play Festival (we are very excited)

The Part A entry form to next year's One Act Play Festival is here new.gmdf.org/2022-one-act-play-festival/
There has already been a lot of interest so far which is encouraging.
As this will be our 60th Anniversary year we are introducing (just for 2022) Monologues and Duologues which can be entered in Sections B,C and D. They must not be less than 15 minutes and not exceed 50 minutes.
We are looking forward to seeing the various entries in these categories.
Carver Theatre are all revved up for this Festival, there will be lovely refreshments available, the bar will be open and on the last night instead of having a play on stage and then doing the awards we will be dedicating the Saturday night to awards and celebration of an amazing 60year stint of the GMDF One Act Play Festival.

Thank you to all those of you who have already been in touch and we look forward to hearing from all those of you considering entering the North West's première One Act Play Festival.
Any questions please email me. paul@gmdf.org
Best wishes
Paul - GMDF One Act Secretary.

Posted on 07/01/2022

Encore Productions

Encore Productions

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Encore Productions


Encore is excited to announce the return of our Big Night Out event in April 2022 - celebrating the great movie musical!!



Posted on 06/01/2022

Coffs Harbour & District Eisteddfod Society

Coffs Harbour & District Eisteddfod Society


Coffs Harbour & District Eisteddfod Society

The RJK Optometry Coffs Harbour and District Eisteddfod Society is excited to announce that our June 2022 Eisteddfod entries are opening soon!!

Our updated 2022 general rules and section syllabui will be available on our website over the coming days.
You can also follow the below link to register and or enter through Comps-Online once entries are open.
Thank you to the support of our dedicated committee members and sponsors...2022 we are coming!!!

Posted on 06/01/2022

City Theatre Rep Theatre Group

City Theatre Rep Theatre Group

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City Theatre


Would you like to be part of a fun, naughty, adult comedy stage show in May? Looking for something new and creative?

If you’re open-minded, a team player and have a great attitude... why not join the cast of Bow & Arrow: The Ghosts of Sherwood ??.

Dance rehearsals will be every Sunday 7pm till 9pm at @liverpoolartsbar (top floor). Starting January 16th.

If you're interested and wish to know more, contact us today. Email: citytheatreliverpool@gmail.com or inbox us on here.


City Theatre Rep Company is sponsored by @liverpoollocalbusiness & @wirrallocalbusiness

Posted on 05/01/2022

Jazz Hands Glasgow Productions

Jazz Hands Glasgow Productions

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Peter Pan

Peter Pan

We are super excited to announce that we will be flying off to Neverland via Renfrew for our 2022 Pantomime. "Peter Pan"
This Panto is by James Barry, based on the story by J M Barrie.
If you would like to be part of the cast and over the age of 18 please get in touch. PM our page or email info@jazzhandsscotland.co.uk

Posted on 03/01/2022

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