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Online playreading group expands to keep more adults connected and entertained during lockdown

Press Release: 19th January 2021


With the latest UK lockdown meaning people are once again finding themselves socially isolated, disconnected from others and struggling to keep occupied, Dramatis Community Drama School has expanded its much-loved online playreading group to provide a wider variety of plays, dates and times so more adults can participate.

When lockdown was first announced back in March 2020, Dramatis was quick to adapt its programming and move to a virtual format. As part of its new digital offering, Dramatis launched ‘Wine and Wilde’ online playreading sessions.

This affordable online activity (which brought people together via Zoom sessions to read through an Oscar Wilde play) had such an overwhelming response, that Dramatis has expanded it for 2021. The new Plays and Pinot format provides participants with a larger range of plays from different playwrights as well as a wider selection of dates and times.

Plays and Pinot is ideal for adults who are interested in the literary classics but keen to explore them in a new way. The lowpressure environment means it is also perfect for those who are unfamiliar with acting; as there are no lines to learn, and no stages to perform on! Participants are pre-assigned characters in scenes from a play which they then read through together as a small group. In keeping with the informal nature of the group, participants are encouraged to bring along a glass of wine or alternative beverage of choice for a de-brief afterwards.

As Janet, one of the attendees, explains: “I was hesitant at first as I’m quite self-conscious, but I had so much fun!”. Marty, another attendee, adds “It’s been great to meet new drama lovers and have some social interaction to look forward to during lockdown” while Mandy says, “Everybody’s really friendly and supportive”. Whilst Dramatis is Sussex based, and so normally focuses on bringing the communities of Bognor Regis and Chichester together, the online Plays and Pinot group means adults from across the UK (including Liverpool and Eastbourne) have been able to join in too.

Dramatis Principal, Suzy Duxbury, adds: “it’s been a pleasure to welcome so many adults to our online playreading sessions since lockdown began and we’re excited to now expand the programme and utilise the power of drama to help more people through this difficult time”.

The first block of Plays and Pinot (A Country Wife) is already sold out but there are spaces available for upcoming sessions which include A Midsummer Night’s Dream, Pride and Prejudice, Heartbreak House, Lady Windemere’s Fan and What Every Woman Knows.

About Dramatis

Dramatis is the drama school with a heart for all ages! The Sussex based, multi-generational drama school provides drama fun for all ages. Dramatis views its pupils and participants as part of an extended family, and as such believes that nurturing their unique qualities, developing their social skills and having fun are just as important as improving their acting abilities. Founded by Suzy Duxbury ATCL, an experienced Trinity and LAMDA teacher, the Youth Drama programme is carefully structured to get the best out of pupils’ natural talents while the Adult Drama programme offers participants a low-pressure environment to explore their inner thespian!

Plays and Pinot (Upcoming Sessions)

A Midsummer Night’s Dream (starts Tues 19th Jan)

Pride and Prejudice (starts Weds 20th Jan)

Heartbreak House (starts Thurs 11th Feb)

Lady Windemere’s Fan (starts Tues 23rd Feb)

What Every Woman Knows (starts Thurs 4th Mar)

Price: £20 (per block of four sessions)

For further information, images or videos, please contact Maddy on madeleineduxbury@hotmail.com


Posted on 20/01/2021

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FIRST CUT 2021 Film Festival to encourage diversity in Filmmaking at FLAME UNIVERSITY!

Posted by Editor Deepak Sinha

What's so cool about the FIRST CUT 2021 FILM FESTIVAL at FLAME UNIVERSITY is, the festival wants you to use all the small and big equipment you have, to make stories. Be it mobile phones, DSLR or story-boarding, animations. FIRST CUT 2021 in collaboration with the FIRST CAT brings a curation of films from around the world, to bring out the curiosity in your stories!

Read more: www.rasaaurdrama.com

Posted on 10/01/2021

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