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Eldorado Musical Productions


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Kipps – the new Half a Sixpence Musical

Kipps – the new Half a Sixpence Musical


Venue: The Bob Hope Theatre, Wythfield Road, London SE9 5TG

Box Office: www.bobhopetheatre.co.uk or 02088503702

1-4 April 2020

Kipps: The Story Of A Simple Soul, based on the his unhappy apprenticeship as a draper at Hyde’s Drapery Emporium in Southsea.
The updated musical of Kipps - the cheeky shopkeepers apprentice who suddenly inherits a fortune. Find out if he falls for the high society girl or his childhood sweetheart. Toe tapping songs including the show-stopping "Flash Bang Wallop", "Money To Burn", and the irresistible "Half A Sixpence".

Posted 16/01/2020


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B2 Productions

B2 Productions

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Leith Theatre, Ferry Road, Leith, Scotland

The Secret Garden

The Secret Garden

Contact: via our website or social media

Auditions: 31st May 2020 10:00am - 6:00pm
Performance: 8th - 11th July 2020

B2 is hugely excited to be expanding with the addition of a youth company (9-19) starting this summer !
For information email B2theatrecompany@gmail.com

Posted 14/01/2020


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Manor Musical Theatre Company

Manor Musical Theatre Company

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Ifield Barn Theatre Society


Due to a change in circumstance one of our cast members has had to drop out of Crazy For You and we need to recast A.S.A.P!

The role is the supporting part of Irene Roth. She plays the domineering fiancee of the leading man but, in the process of convincing him he should marry her, she falls for another character Lank.
Her song is 'Naughty Baby' (see link below) a sexy vamp number where she tries to seduce Lank.
Playing age of 25-35.

Rehearsals are Tuedays and Thursdays but you will only be called when needed.
Show week is April 29th- May 2nd.

For more details please do get in touch!


Posted on 13/01/2020


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The Railway Children

Reviewed by: Elaine Chapman @elainec46302904

Review date: 11th Jan 2020

The Blue Apple Theatre Company present The Railway Children based on the book by Edith Nesbit performing at the Theatre Royal in Winchester from the 10th-12th January 2020.

The stage has been designed by Mark Pyke to depict a fully functional working railway station complete with a working carriage train, you just need to suspend your disbelief. The steam train sounds effects worked exceptionally well along with the bellows of steam pumped onto the stage for additional effects.

The small house that the family move to in Yorkshire is called the Three Chimneys which is depicted by a changing sign in the style of an old railway crossing sign. This can be seen at the far right of the stage. The signs change depending on where the cast is based at that particular point allowing the audience to follow their location as the scene changes are subtle.

In the usual style of Blue Apple, the entire cast are energetic, dedicated and in the final song every single member of the cast sings along waves at the audience and you can see and feel just how much enjoyment and enthusiasm that comes from every single member. It’s an absolute pleasure to support and watch them performing on stage.

Katie Appleford who plays Roberta also known as Bobby claims that she is the favourite child of three Railway Children. She is an extremely strong female lead character and looked very much set in the time period in her royal blue dress.

Tom Hatchett who plays Mr Perks the stationmaster delivers some very funny one-liners throughout the performance his delivery and timing for comedy are brilliant. He is a strong articulate actor who delivers his lines with a lot of power and conviction.

Sam Dace who plays the brother Peter and Katie Francis who plays the other sister Phyllis all work together as a group ensemble as the three siblings along with their mother played by Anna Brisbane. Their father is played by James Elsworthy who only really appears at the end of the production when he returns home.

Although James he can be seen in a screened dance section where he’s dancing with the dream spirit (Amy Britt) this particular section is extremely well filmed and choreographed and the couple moves together very smoothly.

The choreography by Amanda Watkinson and Direction led by Richard Conlon is likely to bring it’s own challenges to this production working with a large cast who all have their own individual style and requirements. However, once on stage it all comes together and Theatre magic happens.

I have the privilege of going to rehearsals and watching the work in progress and I see behind the scenes too. The work and dedication that the whole crew put into working with this company are fantastic. Along with the huge amount of dedication given by the whole cast.

After the performance had finished I heard a couple of members of the audience talking afterwards saying how the last song that the cast sang at the end of the production they were still singing now and they enthused about how much they thoroughly enjoyed the play. Therefore it is not only my opinion that this company is worth going to support but it’s coming first-hand from the members of the audience.

If you are not in a position to see this particular production look out for their future shows and go and see one of those, you won’t be disappointed.

Photography courtesy of Mike Hall.

For more information on the Blue Apple theatre company and their forthcoming Productions and past Productions please check out the website link below.


Check out the link below for The Railway Children on at the Theatre Royal until Sunday the 12th of January 2020


See the full review here theatreandartreviews.wordpress.com


Posted on 12/01/2020


Latest from our Advice Column
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Post 67
Recent Post from one of our readers - 12/01/2020
Name: Sarah Miatt


From https://www.facebook.com/sarah.miatt

Hi, I hope this is okay to post. You are all my last hope.
I really want to do the stage play of dinnerladies! By Victoria Wood. I know there are two out there. Does anyone know where I can go to ask about the rights? I have tried everything. I contacted David Graeme who is he authors but he’s the wrong David Graeme. Has anyone had any luck tracking down the scripts or the rights for this?
Thanks in advance

Peter's response:

Hi Sarah,

I've had this query before from Thurrock Courts Players and as far as I am aware they couldn't find publishers details either. I shall put your question in the #Advice section of the www.dramagroups.com website and its associated Facebook, Twitter and Instagram pages within the next 24 hours. I shall ask people to contact you directly if they can help or advise.

Best Wishes,


Response from Sian Morris 13/01/2020

All Victoria Wood work is unavailable for amateur production

Would you like to comment on this? contact@dramagroups.com

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The South Devon Players Theatre & Film Company

The South Devon Players Theatre & Film Company

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Internationally, and nationally awardwinning theatre & film company based in Brixham. Specialising in classics, and researched historical dramas, and winning theatre/ arts awards across the UK and in the USA. We are a lively, ambitious and welcoming team who tour top quality productions, and provide ongoing opportunities for professional development, for actors and crew who wish to build careers in theatre and film. We are a friendly, positive group who welcome new people who would like to get involved.
We mainly rehearse on Wednesday Evenings and Sunday Afternoons at Chestnut Community Centre, 1-3 Poplar Close, Brixham, Devon, TQ5 0SA, then touring our shows to venues in Devon, and often to Bristol, with plans to expand further as resources permit.

Social media: Facebook: @sdevonplayers / Twitter: @sdevonplayers / @instagram: Sdevonplayers1

Recently Posted Off/Back Stage Requirements
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The South Devon Players

The South Devon Players

Facebook  Twitter  Pinterest  Youtube  Linkedin  

South Devon


The South Devon Players are looking for a Trainee Theatre Technician for their upcoming productions.

You'll learn a variety of new skills by shadowing main tech staff such as rigging, the setting of lighting and sound equipment and so much more!

Apply here: https://buff.ly/2Fn8axy

Posted 10/01/2020


Recently Posted Scripts & Playwrights
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Rob Davis


Location: UK
Telford, Shropshire

Contact: rob.davis@blueyonder.co.uk

One Act Plays

As a former Stage Manager for One Act Play Festivals in both Leicestershire and Shropshire, I have written several plays especially tailored for this type of event.

These scripts are freely available from my website and I ask for nothing more than a suitable credit and a free ticket to one of the performances!

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Victorian Costume

Victorian Costume




Victorian Costume

Victorian Costume has a great range of outfits for the victorian era, group picture is from a production of The Important of Being Ernest
Reasonable rates for amdram, small selection of steampunk outfits as well. Just a small selection of our stock is shown on the website.
I also do costumes for the amdram group The Outsiders ( based in Ulverston Cumbria) and we have quite a lot of costumes as well, mainly 30s/40s/50s/60s and onwards, can you do link to that as well please, contact would be me via facebook many thanls

Contact: Phone: Contact Pat on 07798 604897 or Email: viccossies@hotmail.co.uk or via our website or social media


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Banbury Cross Players

Banbury Cross Players

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Banbury Cross Players

Click above to watch the "Nell Gwynn" cast in Rehearsal

There’s nothing quite like a rehearsal room on a chilly, damp Sunday afternoon in January … for lifting the spirits. At least that’s what I discovered as I joined the cast of BCP’s forthcoming production of Jessica Swale’s Nell Gwynn.

The play charts the rise of Restoration heroine Nell Gwynn from her roots in Coal Yard Alley to becoming Britain’s most celebrated actress – winning the heart of King Charles II along the way. Premiering in 2015 at Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre, the play transferred to the West End in 2016 and won the Olivier Award for Best New Comedy. It is a bawdy, raucous and warm homage to a woman truly ahead of her time – one of the first female actresses on the stage.

As BCP’s cast gathered for the first time since their last pre-Christmas rehearsal, the camaraderie was evident. Not an easy thing to achieve with a cast of 19. Nell has certainly sparked the interest of Banbury’s acting fraternity. As the actors huddled around coffee mugs or grappled with rehearsal shoes, skirts and corsets, there was a great deal of banter. Something you might expect where members of the cast have known each other for a long time but this cast is made up of an exciting mix of experienced, young, BCP long-timers and complete newcomers.

The air of apprehension in the room was, I discovered, because the rehearsal was predominantly set aside for choreography. Led by the highly experienced Sharon Green, the afternoon was like watching a masterclass. The team were taken from zero to hero in a little under two hours. Coupled with an additional singing rehearsal from skilled Musical Director Kieron Galliard, the afternoon was certainly entertaining. The cast proved (to mangle one of the lyrics slightly) “they could dance and they could sing”.

Click the link in the video to see the cast in action. Licencing restrictions prevent sharing the music at this stage so if you’re curious what they sound like you’ll need to buy a ticket. And on that front, I’d just add that the Portuguese scene is hilarious - worth the price of the ticket itself!

Nell Gwynn opens at The Mill Arts Centre, Banbury, OX16 5QE on 12th February 2020 and runs until 15th February 2020. Curtain up is 7.30pm.

Tickets are available from The Mill Box Office on 01295 279002 or online

Visit BCP's website for more details of this and other productions this season.

We look forward to seeing you!

Linda Shaw

Posted on 09/01/2020

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Honley Male Voice Choir

Honley Male Voice Choir

Facebook  Twitter  

St Paul's Church, Armutage Road, Armitage Bridge, Huddersfield, Yorkshire HD4 7PD

Open Rehearsal

Open Rehearsal

Tues 14th January 2020

As we approach the end of 2019, if one of your regrets is not joining a choir then we have good news!
It’s never too late!
Our rehearsals restart on Tues 7th Jan & on Tues 14th we have another special Open Rehearsal particular to welcome visitors & prospective new singers.

Posted 01/01/2020


Recently Posted CostumeSwap
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Christina A Veasey

Ashford, Kent

Contact: christina.veasey@btinternet.com

For Sale

Black Cassocks

I have recently moved to St Hilda’s Church, Ashford as Organist and Music Director.
Whilst clearing out and finding what is what, I have realised that we have;
18 full-length worsted Black Cassocks; they are of various sizes (Child/Small Adult/Larger Adult)
button through; used and stored in a cupboard for some time, but no longer needed.
Hence they are advertised on Gumtree, trying to raise some monies for our Organ repair fund.
Please contact me if you are interested in buying.

Posted 01/01/2020


Recently Posted Performance & Rehearsal Space
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Create Studios

Create Studios

CREATE STUDIOS, 120A Hartopp Road, Clarendon Park, Leicester, LE2 1WF


Create Studios

Create Studios Create Studios Create Studios Create Studios

Create Studios Create Studios Create Studios Create Studios

Studio Space Available

Contact: info@createstudiosleciester.co.uk or 07976743858 or via our website

At Create Studios, we have 5 bespoke studios available for hire, which is perfect for Drama Groups/Dance groups. We have many rehearsals take place at our Studios, and our welcoming staff are always happy to help and go the extra mile for those in the Creative Industry!
If you have an event coming up in the future,or would like somewhere to rehearse and perform shows etc, Create Studios might be the perfect place!

We're located in Clarendon Park, Leicester. Create is somewhat like a tar-dis as you don't realise just how big it is until you walk inside!

With our bespoke studios, we have great working spaces for freelancers and groups to use for their creative purposes. Additionally, we have had an influx of musicians booking in with us as we offer a great music room for lessons and rehearsals in Studio 2, as well as larger choirs who rehearse in our larger studios for events.

Posted 20/12/2019


Recently Posted Sets & PropSwap
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Hilary Megginson

Shirley, West Midlands

Contact via https://www.facebook.com/hilarymeg


Board Board


Dec 2019

Free. Hand painted.
Great for nursery/ toddler group or amateur dramatics group.
Each board is 90cm x 1.8m. Will split.
Fairy castle board is slightly warped.
Must collect from Shirley, West Midlands

Posted 07/12/2019


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Sarah Flaherty


Contact: sarahpflaherty@gmail.com


Last Tango in Little Grimley

I'm looking for a copy of Last Tango in Little Grimley to read but cant seem to get it delivered to me as I'm based in Ireland

Posted 22/11/2019

Recently Posted Publishers
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Plays for Adults

Plays for Adults


Playstage, 140 Buckingham Palace Road, London SW1W 9SA

Plays for Adults

Tired of not being able to cast plays?
Playstage Senior plays have plenty of lead roles for actors aged 40 – 70+

Playstage Senior was formed in the UK in 2008 by playwright Lynn Brittney and friends and now our plays have been performed by English-speaking drama groups all over the world.

Unlike other companies that offer play scripts, Playstage Senior is committed to offering new plays that contain good parts for older actors, because we understand the needs of most amateur dramatic groups! The plays contain some younger parts but the majority of the roles are for actors aged forty and beyond (sometimes way beyond) – and not a Zimmer frame in sight!

We have comedies, dramas, murder mysteries, period costume plays – all in one act and full length formats – and we are adding new plays to our catalogue all the time.

And not only that but we have some of the cheapest licence fees in the business. Performing one of our plays is not going to break the bank, no matter how small your venue.

Contact via our website

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Kay Crawford

Contact: kaycrawford@talktalk.net

Vocal scores and libretti

I am doing a big clear out at home and I have a bundle of scores and libretti from various shows etc from my days in an amateur operatic club. I am attaching a list and I am happy to pass these on.


SCORE for:


Irving Berlin - Golden Years
The Best of Jerome Kern
Song Album - Carousel

Posted 03/04/2019

Recently Posted Theatrical Makeup
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Make-Up Artist Work Experience Required

I am a make-up lecture at Sussex downs college in Lewes. currently seeking work experience for my make-up group. They are all very passionate about theatrical make-up and I was seeking if by any chance they could have the opportunity in working together with the art performance in delivering make-up and gaining experience within the make-up industry in theatrical

yours sincerely

Nelia Mici
Level 3 makeup artists lecture
Sussex downs college, Lewes