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December 2020

The South Devon Players Theatre & Film Company

The South Devon Players Theatre & Film Company

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The Taming of the Shrew

Author: William Shakespeare

The Taming of the Shrew



Box Office: Tickets: 10

Sat 12th December 2020 7:30AM

A project by some of our team members, this adaptation of the full, original text, creative challenge exploring 'further developing on the idea of creating digital performance and new techniques of expressing characters, with the roles being split between two actors. Through painstaking character development, innovative performance, video editing, and use of online media tools, this production is going to be one which presents a traditional comedy, in a very new, modern way.
,bR>This play is part of our lockdown "virtual season", and will be performed by our actors and crew in the UK and USA, via their home studios, connecting over video-conferencing and streaming to a broadcast link provided to ticket buyers. Please note that the scenes involving the younger actor will be pre-recorded and dropped in during the broadcast.
Viewers will be able to access the stream live, or watch for the subsequent two days (to allow for time zone differences), via a hidden link provided via email to ticket purchasers, the week before broadcast, on Tickets must be purchased before the streaming event.

The broadcast stream is designed to be accessible on all your home digital media, including computer, smartphone, tablet and internet-enabled TV.

Online - Streamed virtual theatre performed from the actors home studios

Posted 28/08/2020


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