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Emily Hastings


Gloucestershire and Worcestershire


I am a freelance drama teacher and one of the services I provide is writing adjudications for theatre companies and their plays.

Many people find having an independent adjudicator useful as you receive an honest and impartial account of what worked about your production, and what could be improved, to take on board for future enterprises.

On the one hand I could simply attend your play, write the critique, email it to you and remain completely anonymous to the cast and crew.

Alternatively I can do all the above but then return at a later date for a discussion about my findings with anyone who wishes to attend from the company.

This is usually a fun and informative post play get together for everyone, with the added opportunity to grill me.

I tailor all my work to suit my clients requirements enabling you to choose the best approach for your organisation .
I have attached one of my most recent critiques for your perusal here. Naturally I have changed all the names, date, and created a fictional theatre company name to preserve this groups right to anonymity but everything else is accurate.

The company really liked the review and were grateful for the feedback. I also returned for their following production.
In addition here is my company information to give you a better insight in to what I do as a whole.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact me and I will be very happy to help.

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