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Failand Drama Circle

Failand Drama Circle

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Failand Village Hall, Oxhouse Lane, Somerset BS8 7TS

High Society

High Society

Contact: via our website or social media

Auditions: Sunday 23rd June from 6pm
Show dates are 3-7 December 2019

Open Auditions: Award winning Failand Drama Circle
Launch party for our next production, "High Society" with Barry Wiles
A Bunch of Amateurs was a resounding success, thanks to all involved; so, what shall we do now?
How about this joyous musical? High Society. Such fantastic Cole Porter songs as "True Love", "Who Wants to Be A Millionaire", "What a Swell Party This Is" and "You're Sensational" to name a few.
Barry Wiles, our Director for this production, and Sue Parker, our Musical Director, will be hosting a launch party on Sunday 23rd June at 6pm (with wine and cheese) - please come along to find out more, find out more about the show, hear some of the music, etc.
Show dates are 3-7 December 2019.
Everyone welcome for sing-along, social wine and cheese and a read through of part of the script/casting.
Would love to meet anyone interested in helping in any capacity.
If you can't come but are interested in being involved in the production, message us on Facebook or call Kay Hicken on 07748958485

Posted 18/06/2019


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Stage 27


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Radio Suspense Theatre

Author: Steve Cleberg
Directed by Brian Morris

Radio Suspense Theatre


Venue: Acocks Green Baptist Church (Alexander Road entrance), 39 Yardley Road, Birmingham, B27 6HG

Box Office: www.stage27.co.uk 0751 212 6594 or info@stage27.co.uk
Tickets: £8

Fri 5th & Sat 6th July 2019 7:30pm
Sat Mat 2:00pm

It’s 1936 and nail-biting thrillers like The Shadow and Lights out are all the rage in radio dramas. Tonight, the WSCC station might put itself on the map too, when the first episode of their own Radio Suspense Theatre takes the airwaves.
As love blossoms backstage, and a plucky sound technician steps in for an absent star, the company bands together to bring two original, thrilling tales of suspense to life, framed by music and ads of the era.

Join Stage 27 for tales from a bygone past……

Doors will open 30 minutes prior to performance, and there will be refreshments available.

Posted 18/06/2019


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TicketSource Ltd

TicketSource Ltd

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TicketSource is an easy to use, FREE online ticketing system for any type of venue or event. Promote, manage and sell your event tickets online - all for FREE!

TicketSource is completely free to use - all the costs are covered by a small fee paid by your customers. Check our calculator and what you could save. https://www.ticketsource.co.uk/pricing

Launched in 2004, TicketSource is self-funded and still run by its founders. We are a dedicated team with a passion for helping event organisers to run their events smoothly and successfully. Our aim is to provide a professional, friendly online ticketing experience to event organisers and customers.

It doesn't matter whether you sell 10 or 10,000 tickets for your event. If you ever get stuck or have questions about the service, our support team is on hand to provide you with guidance via email, live chat or telephone.

Contact: support@ticketsource.co.uk or via our website or social media


Recently Posted CostumeSwap
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Rachel Fawcett


Contact: regs74@icloud.com or 07866373161

army uniform

army uniform


Army Uniform

I am just about to get rid of my army Kakhi green Number 2 uniform and my mess dress dress and wondered if anyone would like them before I bin them

Posted 17/06/2019


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Theatre Workshop

Theatre Workshop: This is iT an experiential workshop! [ E-lab Studio, India]

29th and 30th June 2019

A doctor and theatre practioner Dr. Harshawardhan Shrotri would be taking a theatre workshop based on the THEATRE OF THE OPPRESSED methodology which was formulated by Augusto Boal.
The workshop is open for all; actors and non-actors.
About the workshop Dr. Shrotri says in a press release that: 'Theatre is a very safe space where one can project her/his real life problems and experiment with them in a realistic way to find out the possible solution. The workshop would deal with real-life-interpersonal-conflicts in a dramatic way.'

Image Source: Indian Express

You can register for the workshop here

For detailed info click here

Posted 17/06/2019


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Guilsborough Music and Drama Society

Guilsborough Music and Drama Society

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Guilsborough Music and Drama Society - in a village, with the village, for the village! Feel free to come and join us. We make a drama out of a drama!

Contact: info@gmadsociety.com


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The Essex Group

The Essex Group

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The Essex Group

CHICAGO - male dancer needed

The ESSEX Group are to present CHICAGO at the Witham Public Hall in October and we are looking for a male dancer who’d love to be involved in this Bob Fosse masterpiece for dancers.

Interested contact us by phoning (91376) 567677

Posted on 14/06/2019


Recently Posted Sets & PropSwap
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Martin Bradshaw

Wenlock Road, Shrewsbury, Shropshire



Antique Paraffin Lamp

I've recently had to clear my mum's attic and have found a really nice antique paraffin lamp that is totally unusable. Happy to give it away if you can use it as a prop. Including the glass it's 22 inches tall
I'll happily bring it to any location near by and donate it.


Posted 09/06/2019


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David Gardiner

David Gardiner


Contact sirat@davidgardiner.net or via www.facebook.com/EngineeringParadiseMusical/ or 0208 520 9542

Location: London

Engineering Paradise the Musical

A new work for the stage based on part of my (David Gardiner's) 2011 novel Engineering Paradise. The musical was created in a very unusual way and is in the Public Domain so that no Performing Rights fees are payable for producing it and a potential Director would have complete artistic freedom to adapt or amend the script to suit his or her specific requirements.
Although it has many lighter moments this is at heart a rather dark musical set in the war-and-hatred-torn Belfast of the 1960s and early 70s. It is dedicated to the memory of the approximately 3,500 people who lost their lives in these 'Troubles'.

It's essentially a coming-of-age teenage love story set against this background, and a major theme is what we would now call 'radicalisation'. A schoolboy without any strong views becomes seduced into IRA membership because of a love of pirate radio and solving technical problems. Seeing it all as an interesting game he makes a Faustian bargain from which there is no escape. This general theme could hardly be more topical.

For more information, including an account of the work's unusual genesis and demo versions of all the songs as well as a free download of the script, please visit the Showcase page above.

Latest Review
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River in the Sky by Peter Taylor

Reviewed by: Elaine Chapman @elainec46302904

Reviewed 30th May 2019

Venue: Lion and Unicorn Theatre, Kentish Town

Approaching a topic such as grief after the loss of a baby and multiple miscarriages is a difficult and triggering subject to write about and put on stage. As director Peter Taylor likes to tackle difficult and ambitious subjects this is a piece I would expect from him. For as a young writer/director he certainly pushes himself and this play is no exception.

As the couple played by Howard Horner and Lindsay Cross grieve the loss of their long-awaited baby. Neither can find comfort in one another and bounce off one another verbally each time they meet after she moves out of their home and retreats to her families owned place by the sea to try and come to terms with her loss.

The “bittersweet escapism from their mourning” manifests into storytelling, some of the stories are surreal in places and can be unnecessary. I understand their importance from the character’s perspective. However, they lose the dramatic effect with the quantity that has been packed into the play.

In one scene when the couple is writhing on the floor fighting an imaginary monster. It felt as if the play descended into a student practice production piece as appose to a professional off west end theatre production.

The role played by Cross as a grieving Mother did not altogether come over that convincingly. There felt to be something missing through her performance. Grief is an extremely personal experience and there are no rules on how someone should behave while going through the process. However, with the right actor, you can feel every emotion with them and for me, that part was missing.

Upon reading the press release and knowing how talented the director, Taylor is. I was expecting something very good but sadly this isn’t one of his best pieces on the stage. With some redrafting and some careful editing, this has great potential to be a very powerful play.

Three Stars.

Lindsay Cross
Howard Horner.
Technician- Rose Hockaday
Assistant Director-Tess Angus
Company Manager- Caroline Arundel
Written and Directed by Peter Taylor.

See the full review here theatreandartreviews.wordpress.com


Posted on 01/06/2019


Latest from our Advice Column
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Post 65
Recent Post from one of our readers - 26/03/2019
Name: Barns Green Players
Barns Green Players

Barns Green Players



From nfranciselectrical@btinternet.com

Hi we are staging a comedy play written by one of our members. In it, we want, desperately, to use rain and have created a prototype rain machine which works but we have been told by the village hall insurers that they will not entertain any water on stage.

Have any other groups successfully used rain in the past? If so can you contact me to advise on how you did it and how you convinced the insurers it was safe?
OR how can we create the effect of rain?

Really looking forward to hearing from you.

Neale – Chairman Barns Green Players

Peter's response:

Hi Neale,

Thanks for posting your question. I shall make sure it gets published in the #Advice section of the www.dramagroups.com website and its associated Facebook, Twitter and Instagram pages within the next 24 hours. I shall ask people to contact you directly if they can help or advise.

Personally I have no experience in this area other than to say I’ve seen Singin’ in The Rain performed with both water and a projected rain storm. The real water won hands down.

Best Wishes,


Would you like to comment on this? contact@dramagroups.com

claire catterson

Casting Call

We're looking for Teenagers & Kids based in or around the Essex area to appear in a new campaign for a well known Shopping Centre!!

Boys & Girls
14 - 16 years old & 4 - 6 years old

28th, 29th, 30th May 2019

Location Essex

Email hello@clairecatterson.com ASAP and include:-
- Recent Picture
- Contact details

Fully paid work.

Posted on 18/05/2019


Recently Posted Off/Back Stage Requirements
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Sawston Youth Drama (SYD)

South Cambridgeshire



Dates Required: as of September 2019

Talented Musical NODA nominated Youth Company based in South Cambridgeshire needs a Musical Director (Paid Position)

Contact: mark@sawstonyouthdrama.com

Posted 14/05/2019


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What We Did Next

What We Did Next

Facebook  Twitter  Instagram  

Be More Chill

Press release- Liverpool theatre company What We Did Next
presents the Broadway hit musical
at The Hope Street Theatre

What if popularity came in a pill?

Liverpool theatre company WHAT WE DID NEXT will be performing the North West premiere of the critically acclaimed musical Be More Chill from 8-11 May at The Hope Street Theatre in Liverpool.

'If you fed DEAR EVAN HANSEN to the LITTLE SHOP OF HORRORS plant you would get BE MORE CHILL.' The New Yorker.

The thrilling story of a teenage boy's quest to become popular and talk to the girl of his dreams with the help of a pill-sized supercomputer.
Be More Chill is the ‘little musical that could’. It started in a small theatre in New Jersey in 2015 and, thanks to an incredible fan following, opened on Broadway in 2019.
Liverpool theatre company, What We Did Next, has the unique opportunity to stage the musical at the same time as its Broadway run, meaning theatre fans in the North West don’t need to look further than Hope Street to see New York’s hottest new show.
And it was all thanks to Liverpool-based superfan, Jess Sutcliffe.

'I have loved this show ever since first listening to the soundtrack two years ago. I had never directed a musical before, but I knew I wanted to direct this show and bring it to Liverpool. Being a part of this company has helped bring all my ideas to fruition and it’s so incredible to see the show come to life. I can’t wait for audiences to see it!'
Jess Sutcliffe, Co-Director.

Jess is co-directing with Andrew Ab, who previously directed Rent and I Love You, You’re Perfect, Now Change for What We Did Next.
'It's amazing to work on a show that has only been performed a handful of times around the world. We get to be really creative and put our own stamp on a show that’s going to get bigger and bigger. The music is so addictive and we feel incredibly privileged to be bringing this show to a Liverpool audience who will hopefully leave the theatre humming the tunes.' Andrew Ab, Co-Director.
For What We Did Next it’s an exciting opportunity to perform at The Hope Street Theatre for the first time and to add to its extensive musical theatre repertoire, which it has built up over the last ten years.
The company has previously delighted local audiences with their take on several modern and classic musicals such as ?Pippin, Bonnie & Clyde, Bat Boy, Carousel,? ?Rent, The Last 5
Years, Company and Into the Woods.
What We Did Next was founded during Liverpool’s European Capital of Culture Year in 2008, by a group of recent University of Liverpool graduates looking for an outlet for their creativity, while starting out in various careers in and around the city. A decade on, they are thriving as a company and very much a part and a product of Liverpool’s vibrant cultural scene.
The company defines itself as a team of ‘Professional Amateurs.’ Members include doctors, teachers, photographers and those who are training for a career on the stage, who come together to produce professional-standard theatre that otherwise may not be seen in the city.

Tickets for Be More Chill are £12-£15 (plus £1 booking fee) and are available from the Ticket
Quarter Box Office website here.
The Saturday 11th performance has already SOLD OUT so get tickets quick so you don’t miss out!

Notes to Editors
Be More Chill | 8-11 May 2019, 8pm | Hope Street Theatre | Tickets £12 and £15 (plus £1 booking fee)
Tickets available from Ticketquarter.
Box Office: 0344 800 0410

Amy Gormall (Producer)

Posted on 28/04/2019

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Recently Posted Musicians Required, Music Services, Music Swap
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Kay Crawford

Contact: kaycrawford@talktalk.net

Vocal scores and libretti

I am doing a big clear out at home and I have a bundle of scores and libretti from various shows etc from my days in an amateur operatic club. I am attaching a list and I am happy to pass these on.


SCORE for:


Irving Berlin - Golden Years
The Best of Jerome Kern
Song Album - Carousel

Posted 03/04/2019

Recently Posted Publishers
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Comedy Plays

Comedy Plays

Whitton. DN15 9LH

All genres of play and panto. Download full scripts on line or read 10 page extracts from each script free of charge. Script submissions from new playwrights encouraged.

Contact: jude@comedyplays.co.uk or via our website

Royal Holloway, University of London

WPTS - Williams Building, Royal Holloway, University of London TW20 0EX

Family Guy

Family Guy

Contact: Please email: isaac.sims.2018@live.rhul.ac.uk or Ayazabadne99@gmail.com

Wed 28th March 2019 6:00pm

My name is Aya and I'm a first year Film Production student at Royal Holloway, University of London. I'm directing and producing two short films in May 2019
A short thriller/horror film about a family and a killer that is still at large on the streets.
Martin - male 30s, tall, central and improtant role. looking for a confident and expressive actor
Sarah - 30s, tall, confident and charismatic, looking for an actress to brind tension to the film.

Posted 21/03/2019


Recently Posted Theatre Facilities
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Crystal point mall, 213, 2nd Floor, link rd above star bazaar,
Andheri West, Mumbai - 53


Theatre Available

Contact: IRFAN HAMID 9820187443

A new entertainment venue 100 seater auditorium for
• Stand up Comedy
• Kids Plays
• All Genres Plays
• Dance shows
• Business events
• Presentation
• Learning space
• Non commercial movies
. Drama Workshops
Or any kind of events.

Posted 07/01/2019


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Mandy Gunter

Telford, Shropshire

Contact: Facebook


Does anybody have multiple copies of Same by Deborah Bruce that they would be willing to sell?
We would like to perform in the Wellington Drama Festival but the cost of purchasing 9 scripts is quite prohibitive as we would not recoup the costs from the performance. Thanks :-)

Oct/Nov 2018

Posted 05/10/2018

Recently Posted Theatrical Makeup
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Make-Up Artist Work Experience Required

I am a make-up lecture at Sussex downs college in Lewes. currently seeking work experience for my make-up group. They are all very passionate about theatrical make-up and I was seeking if by any chance they could have the opportunity in working together with the art performance in delivering make-up and gaining experience within the make-up industry in theatrical

yours sincerely

Nelia Mici
Level 3 makeup artists lecture
Sussex downs college, Lewes