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Extras Needed for Russo Brothers Feature Film “Cherry” for Friday 10/25/2019

Please read carefully, entirely and follow all directions in order to be submitted.
Angela Boehm Casting is looking for background extras for a bank scene in the feature film "Cherry", directed by the Russo Brothers, filming in Cleveland this Friday 10/25.

If you have already been booked on a previous bank scene for this film, do NOT re-submit.

Project: “Cherry”
Location: Cleveland, OH area
Rate: $9/hour; guaranteed 8 hours of pay

Roles: Looking for background extras to play:
--Bank tellers, managers, clerks, customers, passersby
--Any ethnicity, Age 18+

Date: Friday October 25th, 2019
--Must have full day availability

To submit:
--Email angela@angelaboehmcasting.com
--Subject: Cherry Extras Friday 10/25
--City where you reside
--Include 2-3 CURRENT photos in good lighting; one must be full body. Use your phone to take these photos specifically for this. No filters, effects or old pictures, please.

If you have already been booked for a previous bank scene for this film, DO NOT re-submit.

Missing any detail will be cause for your submission to be deleted.


Posted on 21/10/2019


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Monday Players

Monday Players

Facebook  Twitter  


Author: Mr Harold Brighouse - The Classic Period Comedy



Venue: The Village Hall, Escrick

Box Office: Monday Players Members / 01904 728303 / tickets@mondayplayers.com
Tickets £8

Thursday 14th, Friday 15th and Saturday 16th November 2019 at 7.30pm

Henry Hobson, a British widower, is the overbearing owner of a shoe shop. His three daughters -- Alice, Vicky and Maggie -- work for him and all are eager to get out from under his thumb. When the headstrong Maggie announces she intends to marry Henry's best employee, Will, father and daughter engage in an intense showdown. As Maggie works on launching a competing business, she also helps her sisters free themselves of their domineering father.
This amateur production of Hobson’s Choice is presented by special arrangement with SAMUEL FRENCH LTD.

Posted 21/10/2019


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Eldorado Musical Productions


Facebook  Twitter  

Burnt Ash Hill, London, SE12

KIPPS - The New Half A Sixpence Musical

KIPPS - The New Half A Sixpence Musical

Contact: via our website or social media

Mon 21st Oct - KIPPS Get Together to find out audition pieces and characterisation etc.
Weds 23rd Oct - Dance Workshop & go through Musical audition pieces
Mon 28th Oct - Practise audition pieces (and alternative audition date if required)
Weds 30th Oct - AUDITIONS!

Flash, Bang, Wallop! The writing team behind the stage version of Mary Poppins re-unite to update this classic British musical.

Posted 21/10/2019


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Little Waltham Drama Group

Little Waltham Drama Group

Facebook  Twitter  Instagram  

Little Waltham, Essex

Contact: contact@lwdg.org



Jan 2020

Sleeping Beauty

Can anyone lend us a spinning wheel for our panto?

Posted 18/10/2019


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School Play Scripts

School Play Scripts



School Play Scripts

Mark thinking up some new old jokes

School Play Scripts offers plays for schools and youth drama groups. Only comedies are published. The scripts have been highly praised because they are so suitable for young people to perform. All for fun and fun for all!

Contact: marksplays@yahoo.co.uk or via our website

Latest Review
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Some Like It Hip Hop by Zoonation

Reviewed by: Elaine Chapman @elainec46302904

Review date: 16th Oct 2019

Some Like It Hip Hop is adapted from the book by Kate Prince MBE and Felix Harrison and performed by the extremely talented ensemble group of twenty-two dancers from Zoonation.

The narrator deserves a lot of credit for his performance he is very clear and concise. He is extremely charismatic and engages with the audience throughout the entire production it was clear why he had been chosen to play this role. A really likeable character and talented actor.

The story is about grief hurt and how we process these feelings after we have lost someone dear to us. The central character the Governor in this production after being introduced to the audience starts of the play by pulling a black blanket across the Sun which is centred at the rear of the stage and plunging his world into darkness.

There are four singers in this production made up of two ladies and two men. Although they are all very good the two females are the stronger voices. When they initially first started to sing the hairs on the back of my neck stood up.

The dancer who plays the governor is an extremely intimidating presence on the stage his strong demeanour and impressive dancing skills make him an excellent lead character. He has strong body language and carries himself perfectly although as the storyline unfolds you start to see a softer side to him and understand why he has become the way he is.

After the death of his wife he sinks into a long deep dark depression as well as turning the sun off at the beginning he then proceeds to ban all books by burning them and actively advocates the suppression of women within his environment. It’s repeated throughout the musical that “women should be seen and not heard!”

The plot is based around male dominance and we watch as two of the ladies are thrown out of the factory for rebelling against the men as seen in the picture below. They decide to disguise themselves as men in order to return to work in the safety of the factory walls. Their disguises are fairly obvious that they are masquerading as men but this doesn’t spoil the storyline.

Set designer Ben Stones has dressed the stage in a 1920s style. The scaffolding based structures are interchangeable and the scene changes are very smooth. It complements the production and the factory gates could easily pass as being real gates.

With such a high standard of dancing and movement in this production, it is hardly surprising that they were three choreographers Kate prince MBE, Tommy Franzen and Carrie-Anne Ingrouille along with two assistant choreographers for the large cast.

Overall this is an extremely good production although there should have been a warning advisory note put on the production sheet or a sign in the auditorium to warn against the scenes of violence against women, which I found uncomfortable to watch.

Four Stars.


See the full review here theatreandartreviews.wordpress.com


Posted on 17/10/2019


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The Haven Players




Contact: Diane Baker diane-baker@sky.com


January 2020

Camel Costume

Does anyone have a two man camel costume we could hire in January please?

Posted 17/10/2019


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The Palace Theatre Group

The Palace Theatre Group

Facebook  Twitter  

The Palace Cinema, Longridge, Preston PR3 3RR

For young people ranging from 7-16 years old
The Palace Theatre group has been set up by former Drama Teacher and Director of Expressive Arts, Claire Snowdon.
Over the past 10 years she has seen how the use of drama can have such a positive impact on young people and in some cases, transform their lives.
Join our new and exciting theatre group where young people come together to have fun and work creatively in a safe space. If you want to engage in a variety of performing arts activities to discover your full potential and expand your skill set then look no further-
The Palace Theatre Group is the place for you!

Contact: thepalacetheatregroup@hotmail.com via our website or social media


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Tullie House

Tullie House

Tullie House Museum, & Art Gallery Trust, Castle Street, Carlisle CA3 8TP

Contact: 01228 618718

Tullie Talks Lunchtime Lectures

Tullie Talks Lunchtime Lectures

5 November
Free entry. Talks start at 1pm in the Lecture Theatre

By Gail Jefferson
Well known in her field, Gail Jefferson will speak on the history and progression of forensic imaging and the lessons she has learned from personal experience.
She has been involved in Disaster Victim Identification Training in Dublin, presented to Australia Forensic Radiographers and co-authored an International Radiography text.
This talk covers her experiences from the Lockerbie Air Disaster to the present day and allows the audience to explore this specialist field of Forensic Imaging from a truly personal perspective.

Posted 16/09/2019


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Headgate Theatre

Headgate Theatre


Headgate Theatre, Colchester, Essex


Headgate Theatre

Headgate Theatre Volunteers Required

Are you interested in VOLUNTEERING at the Headgate Theatre in any of the areas below?

Then come and join us for our OPEN DAY on Sunday 22nd September, between 10am and 3pm and get involved!


There will be the chance to meet with sound/light technicians and take part in making some panto props, amongst many other things.

We are also open as part of the town's Heritage Open Day, so you can come and see our wonderful theatre and buildings!

Please spread the word!
We look forward to seeing you at the theatre.

Posted 13/09/2019


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Lucy Daniel Raby

Lucy Daniel Raby

Location: UK


Nickolai of the North

Nickolai of the North

Have you ever wondered who filled Santa’s stocking when he was a boy? Or why he carries out his Christmas mission every year? All is revealed in this two act Christmas play with music. A refreshing alternative to panto, it tells the magical story of Santa’s childhood. When villainess Magda destroys his home at the North Pole, young elf Nickolai is rescued by a flying reindeer. We follow his adventures as he grows up amongst humans, realizes he is different and returns to the North Pole to seek his destiny – and ultimately save the world’s children from Magda’s evil. Lucy has adapted the book and lyrics from her successful children’s book of the same name, with 16 sensational songs from established composer Geoff Tinniswood, including score, backing tracks and vocals. Containing traditional seasonal ingredients such as heroes, villains, witches, fairies, reindeer, wolves and goblins, ‘Nickolai’ is a sparkling family show that provides a fabulous opportunity for ensemble work.

Cast Size: 24 speaking characters with 9 leads and possible doubling.

Running Time: approximately 2 hours plus interval

Themes: family, childhood, destiny

Genre: Christmas family entertainment with music

Script, lyrics, sheet music, backing tracks and cast recordings available

The script has been published by Lazy Bee Scripts, and the full script is available for perusal here:


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10 questions with scriptwriter NEHA KARGETI on writing SUCHITRA KRISHNAMOORTI starring play EK HAAN!

August 24, 2019
Deepak Sinha

Panache Media has announced a new theatrical production titled Ek Haan starring seasoned actor and TV host Shekhar Suman and singer, actor, author Suchitra Krishnamoorti in the lead. The play is based on the story of the notorious life and times of the most influential writers of his time, Saadat Hasan Manto, showcasing the socio-political and emotional turmoil of the pre and post-independence era. RASA AUR DRAMA TIMES speaks to the writer in this interaction on writing the script for the MANTO play!

Q1.) Manto stories are so well known! Why should the audience listen and watch and watch MANTO stories again?

NEHA KARGETI: Manto’s work is a reflection of the soul of our society. It presents a clear picture of the world we are living in, without prejudice and bias, just like a mirror. Times change and so does the world, but the issues we are facing in today’s time are still the same: inequality, gender bias, religious hatred, hypocrisy, materialism, and division of the society based on prejudice, capital, power and religion. Manto’s stories touch the very nerve of the system we are a part of and provide a much-needed perspective. A perspective that is not only liberal and secular but also very human at the core! These stories are and will always be relevant. Manto’s voice needs to be heard..again and again..

Q2.) It seems that you have not adapted one single story of Manto, but many and with your understanding. Could you tell something on it! Which stories and maybe why!

NK: Manto’s writings have always been considered very serious and hard- hitting. This fact distracts us from the wide range and variety of his work. Randhir was sure, from the very beginning, of the three stories we have adapted. The objective was to include stories that are widely acclaimed and well known along with the ones that bring out a side to him that not many people are aware of. So, the main story (that is a blend of fact and fiction) brings out his personal ideologies and emotions, while the three sub-stories bring out three very different sides of his work: Toba Tek Singh explores the affect ‘partition of India’ had on people and the confusion and pain it caused, through the story of a mental patient in a Lahore asylum. Kali Shalwar explores the life and emotions of a prostitute, Sulatana, who has the same problems as any other woman or a man for that matter: financial difficulties, loneliness, love ,and betrayal. ‘Akal Dadh’ explores the monotonous life and arguments between a long-married couple that seems rather funny when you see it from an outer perspective. And finally, the climax (main story) reveals a side of him that is rather unknown.

Q3.) How long did it take to adapt the script?

NK: The first draft of the script took a few weeks of research and a few days of writing. However, it was a long process to reach the final draft from the first one, as ‘Ek Haan’ is not just an adaptation of Manto’s stories; its a fictional story starring Manto himself. So, everything that comes out of his mouth had to match Manto’s sensibilities. That was the biggest challenge. The script kept evolving as I kept getting more and more familiar with Manto. In fact, I did a final round of re-writing after the actors came on board.

Q4.) What are somethings writers could keep in mind during adapting/translating a work of literature? As the writer, Jerry Pinto once put it " Translation is like taking a ship loaded with salt across the sea, which is constantly eroding! Take as much as you can ." Any thoughts?

NK: The most important thing while adapting someone’s work is to first understand the very soul of it. A lot is lost in translation when you are actually ‘translating’. But when you are adapting something, you can always borrow the soul and use your own body and your own fresh perspective to present it to the world. Try to row a boat in a freshwater river rather than sailing a ship in the sea.

Q5.) So, Did one of you write the script separately and then put it together. Or together you sat and completed the script in one year!

NK:We wrote it separately and I then put it together after receiving Neeraj’s invaluable inputs through Randhir. In fact, I only got a chance to meet Neeraj on the day of our preview (first) show!

Q6.) Can both of you speak about your writing experience in more detail for Rasa Aur Drama Times readers?

NK: It was a wonderful and overwhelming experience. In fact, more than anything else, its been a great learning experience for me. I think it is very important for writers to read and understand other writers and their work. Thanks to Randhir, I got an opportunity to write a play on one of the most legendary writers the world has ever seen. While reading and researching Manto’s work and life, I feel I got one step closer to the ultimate craft of writing and the art of storytelling.

Q7.) What are the sources that you generally use while researching a literary script?

NK: The biggest source is Manto’s collection of short stories. Through his stories, Manto has said almost everything that he felt and experienced. The rest of the information comes from his old interviews, the writings of his friend ‘Ismat Chughtai’ and of course, many online news articles!

Q8.) Any tips on scriptwriting?

NK: Every story is different and there are a hundred different ways to express the same story. Hence, as a writer its important to be clear about what you want to say, how you want to say it and how can you make it as effortless as possible. Know that less is more, avoid spoon-feeding and always aspire to create something new and original! It is also essential to keep in mind the medium one is writing for: Cinema, digital platform, television or theatre, as different mediums require a different approach to writing.

Q9.) What creative freedom remains for the actors after a script is closed and frozen. As writers does it interest you?

NK: Yes, I was very deeply involved in the rehearsals and the preparation the actors went through for this play. Shekhar Sir’s impeccable command on the language and excellent sensibility proved out to be the biggest asset for ‘Ek Haan’. He is a perfectionist who doesn’t allow any loose ends in a script or performance so it keeps you on your toes both as a writer and as an actor. He sticks to the script and is always interested in understanding the writer’s perspective. Thus, when he improvises, even a small gesture has a deep meaning and a huge impact. On the other hand, Suchitra mam’s high-spirited attitude, her deep understanding of various emotions and her melodious voice, breathed life into the entire play! Her improvisations, especially in ‘Kali Shalwar’ and ‘Akkal Dadh’, added just the required quirk.

Q10.) What is writing to you in two lines! Rasa Aur Drama Times would love to hear that!

-Writing, for me, is a way to connect with my inner self; for my inner self to connect with the world; and for the world to connect with the divine!

Posted on 24/08/2019

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Recently Posted Suppliers & Services
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Rees Astley Performing Arts Insurance

Rees Astley Performing Arts Insurance

Facebook  Twitter  

Mostyn House, Market Street, Newtown, Powys, SY16 2PQ


Rees Astley Performing Arts Insurance

We specialise in Performing and Creative Arts Insurance across the UK and have thousands of policyholders under our Performing Arts Scheme including individual performers and groups. We know what we are doing and we can help drama groups!

The core products under our facility are:
• Public/Products Liability.
• Employers Liability.
• Material Damage.

Contact: 01686 626019 or Beverley Cooper bcooper@reesastley.co.uk or via our website or social media


Latest from our Advice Column
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Post 65
Recent Post from one of our readers - 26/03/2019
Name: Barns Green Players
Barns Green Players

Barns Green Players



From nfranciselectrical@btinternet.com

Hi we are staging a comedy play written by one of our members. In it, we want, desperately, to use rain and have created a prototype rain machine which works but we have been told by the village hall insurers that they will not entertain any water on stage.

Have any other groups successfully used rain in the past? If so can you contact me to advise on how you did it and how you convinced the insurers it was safe?
OR how can we create the effect of rain?

Really looking forward to hearing from you.

Neale – Chairman Barns Green Players

Peter's response:

Hi Neale,

Thanks for posting your question. I shall make sure it gets published in the #Advice section of the www.dramagroups.com website and its associated Facebook, Twitter and Instagram pages within the next 24 hours. I shall ask people to contact you directly if they can help or advise.

Personally I have no experience in this area other than to say I’ve seen Singin’ in The Rain performed with both water and a projected rain storm. The real water won hands down.

Best Wishes,


Would you like to comment on this? contact@dramagroups.com

Recently Posted Musicians Required, Music Services, Music Swap
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Kay Crawford

Contact: kaycrawford@talktalk.net

Vocal scores and libretti

I am doing a big clear out at home and I have a bundle of scores and libretti from various shows etc from my days in an amateur operatic club. I am attaching a list and I am happy to pass these on.


SCORE for:


Irving Berlin - Golden Years
The Best of Jerome Kern
Song Album - Carousel

Posted 03/04/2019

Recently Posted Theatre Facilities
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Crystal point mall, 213, 2nd Floor, link rd above star bazaar,
Andheri West, Mumbai - 53


Theatre Available

Contact: IRFAN HAMID 9820187443

A new entertainment venue 100 seater auditorium for
• Stand up Comedy
• Kids Plays
• All Genres Plays
• Dance shows
• Business events
• Presentation
• Learning space
• Non commercial movies
. Drama Workshops
Or any kind of events.

Posted 07/01/2019


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Mandy Gunter

Telford, Shropshire

Contact: Facebook


Does anybody have multiple copies of Same by Deborah Bruce that they would be willing to sell?
We would like to perform in the Wellington Drama Festival but the cost of purchasing 9 scripts is quite prohibitive as we would not recoup the costs from the performance. Thanks :-)

Oct/Nov 2018

Posted 05/10/2018

Recently Posted Theatrical Makeup
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Make-Up Artist Work Experience Required

I am a make-up lecture at Sussex downs college in Lewes. currently seeking work experience for my make-up group. They are all very passionate about theatrical make-up and I was seeking if by any chance they could have the opportunity in working together with the art performance in delivering make-up and gaining experience within the make-up industry in theatrical

yours sincerely

Nelia Mici
Level 3 makeup artists lecture
Sussex downs college, Lewes