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Farnworth Little Theatre

Snake in the Grass video

Here are some of Adrian Mottram's images from Snake in the Grass in a YouTube video along with the haunting music of Max Ablitzer's Ghost Song. youTube


Posted on 27/01/2016


Southwick Players

Be My Baby, won several of the Brighton and Hove Arts Council Theatre Awards in December 2015

Wins at Brighton & Hove Arts Council
Awards Night, 10th Dec.

Huge congratulations to the Director
(Sally Diver), cast and crew of BE MY BABY,
with nominations for
Best Costume Design
(Milla Hills and Margaret Skeet)
Best Sound Design (Kieran Pollard)
Best Lighting Design (Martin Oakley)
Best Director (Sally Diver)
Arthur Churchill Award for Excellence
Best Supporting Actress (Alice Wesby)
and winning the following: Best Set Design: (Martin Oakley and Sally Diver)
Best Technical Achievement: (Martin Oakley / The Set Team)
Best Stage Crew: Southwick Players
Best Publicity: Gary Cook
and Best Overall Show

pictured l-r Kerry Williams, Phoebe Cook, Nancy Wesby, Alice Wesby

Cast, crew and backstage team receive their awards

L-R: Phoebe Cook, Milla Hills, Kerry Williams, Ian Churchill, Nancy Wesby, Sally Diver, Gary Cook, Alice Wesby, Martin Oakley, Debbie Creissen, Sharon Churchill, Anita Jones


Posted on 07/01/2016


Play Safe
by Jane Hilliard & Paul A J Rudelhoff

Play Safe, West Moors Drama - West Moors Memorial Hall

By Stour & Avon Magazine | Posted: November 27, 2015

West Moors Drama chose a comedy for its latest production but not a familiar farce as this was written by experienced player and previous director Jane Hilliard, together with Paul A J Rudelhoff. They created a very funny play.

The action takes place in a home for retired entertainers (a splendid set which complemented the storyline) where the residents endeavour to relive their television roles. Into this world of eccentricity come a couple of likely lads on community service. They are not what they seem to be and pandemonium ensues as the story unfolds.

Fairlawn is run by Lance Kennedy who was previously a game-show host and Peter Wright does a good job with the part. Matron, his wife, is well characterised by Shelagh Rundle with the forceful voice and persona of a real battle-axe. Completing the staff is domestic help Carina and Joan Harrison impresses as she cleverly makes this pivotal role her own.

Miriam Maplethorpe, previously a television detective, is ideal for Anne Maynard who is delightfully dotty. She is a perfect foil for Peter Legrand – the capable Alan Dester – who recalls his career as a Shakespearean actor and quotes the Bard at every opportunity. Another resident remembering his glory days is Charlie Chuckles (West Moors Drama stalwart Derek Kearey) and his first appearance unclothed except for a blanket brings the house down.

Neither Florrie Fortuna – Jeanie Ellis is admirable – or Mavis Fulbright (the multi -talented Jane Hilliard) are as mad as they originally seem, revealing secrets as the plot thickens. Teenage brothers Ben - well played by Alex Willmott - and Lee (Tom Clifford shows promise) are not in Fairlawn to pay their debt to society and the boys are vital to the intrigue. This pair are making their debuts with the group and will, hopefully, continue to gain confidence and learn from experienced actors.

Tom Martin directed and produced, he must be congratulated for keeping up a fast pace and using the cast to their best advantage. Also taking the cameo role of Barry the Brain, he epitomises the spirit of amateur theatre so look out for West Moors Drama productions in the future.

Play Safe continues until Saturday, there may be a few tickets left but don’t delay if you want to see an original comedy.

By Pat Scott


Posted on 13/12/2015


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