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Jonathan Roberts





Jun 2016

Portable lighting, large barrels, palm trees, anything large and piratey!

Posted 11/06/2016


Solomon Artistes




For Sale

June 2016

Grease Props
I'm producing Grease next week at the palace theatre westcliff and I was wondering if any other groups would like to purchase the large props we have made afterwards? We have a pt cruiser cut in half that is greased lightning two tv cameras for the hand jive contest (could also be used in hairspray) beauty school dropout head dresses and mirrors and wigs for frenchy and teen angel.
The props would have to be collected as rather big ??

Posted 31/05/2016


Chesham Bois Catholic Players


Contact: Liz and Steve Turner


For Sale

May 2016

Wooden extending dining table & 8 chairs (2 with arms). Table extends from 1.6-2.1m with central extending leaf section. The matching chairs are in good condition other than a few bumps. We used the table unextended in a production of 'Hay Fever' with a tablecloth as the surface has ringmarks on it. Ideal for another production. Available to look at and collect from Chesham Bucks, HP5. Please see listing on Gumtree for all photographs and measurements.

Posted 26/05/2016


Kings Langley Players


Contact: via socila media



May 2016

Has anyone got an old broken guitar they can donate to us to use in our play?

Posted 24/05/2016


Take A Bow

Take A Bow


Kilmarnock, Scotland



For Hire

May 2016 onwards

Take A Bow Kilmarnock have a set of Avenue Q puppets now available for hire.
Please email for details.

Posted 24/05/2016


Warminster School

Warminster School, Church Street, Warminster BA12 8PJ



For Sale

May 2016

An amazing lion commissioned for 'The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe' available to hire or buy. Made of plastazote so very light. Worn by three actors. Jaw opens and legs are jointed.

Click on photo to see larger version

Posted 22/05/2016


St Bernadette School

Bristol / Avon



For Sale

May 2016

we have just finished our school production of 'Hairspray'. We have many props, set and costumes available.

Posted 16/05/2016


CADS - Corvus Amateur Dramatic Society

Royston, Herts

Contact: If you can help, please contact:



Sept 2016

We would be interested in hearing from you if you have any props to share for a production of Abigail's Party in Sept 2016.

Posted 10/05/2016


KD Theatre Productions


Siesta, Northfield Park, Soham, Ely, Cambridgeshire CB7 5UZ

Contact: Daniel Bell


For Sale

Available: May 2016


Click on photo to see full size
We also have a washing machine and mangle used from ALADDIN in the set pack available.
The set was used only once this year.
They create two tri trucks showing
- Castle
- Dwarfs Cottage
- Forest Barn Wedding.
Then there are two infills.
One double sided castle/forest barn other side and the dwarfs cottage.
We then hired clothes to make up the other front clothe scenes.
We don’t have a photo of the finale as we didn’t use it in the end because of the order of our show… Its a ‘log cabin’ in the forest with glittered white tress in the background.
As they are built fairly new- just before Christmas, they are also in good condition to re-paint over the canvas should you want to in future years.
We are open to offers starting from £900 for the whole thing?

Posted 03/05/2016


Orpen Players

Orpen Players


Contact: Debra Hornigold via Facebook



April 2016

The Orpen Players are looking to borrow two attaché briefcases - must look the same! If you have one could you lend it to us for our Spring production 'Funny Money' ?
Please pm me if you have one!

Posted 15/04/2016


Loughton Amateur Dramatic Society

loughton, Essex

Contact: via Twitter



June 2016

looking for large barrels for production of Jamaica Inn in June in Loughton, Essex. Can anyone help?

Posted 11/04/2016


Leicester College of Performing Arts




Sweet Charity

For Sale or FREE

April 2016

Production: Sweet Charity
set from our recent production of sweet charity including signs, ferris wheel etc. etc.
Will be going in the skip shortly unless anyone wants it, we are looking for £200 if you want the wheels and castors leaving on or Free if we remove the wheels and castors

Sweet Charity Sweet Charity Sweet Charity Sweet Charity Sweet Charity

Posted 31/03/2016



Long Eaton Derbyshire

Contact: David Thompson


Wanted to Borrow or Hire

16th May 2016

Production: Hey Mr Porter!
We require a wicker style Laundry basket or mail basket on wheels. Must be large enough to fit a person inside.
Also 2 sack trucks. Old style (circa 1950’s)

Posted 31/03/2016


Headgate Theatre Productions


Contact: Steve Dunt via Facebook



April 2016

Headgate Theatre need to buy, beg, borrow or steal (hm, perhaps not the last) a pair of WWII style black ladies lace - up shoe size 5 to 5 and a half. Anyone out there who can help?

Posted 31/03/2016


The Manifest Theatre Group

Manningtree, Essex

Dates Required: 5th to 9th April


Accolade by Emlyn Williams

Manifest Theatre Group is looking for a Times newspaper from 1950, for their production of Accolade by Emlyn Williams 5th to 9th April. Thank you
Contact: 01206 391309

Posted 24/03/2016


Charity Ball

Holiday Inn Hotel, Brighouse, Yorkshire

Contact: Karen Popple



23rd April

I am currently organising our 2016 Charity Ball to be held at the Holiday Inn Hotel Brighouse on the 23rd April.
We are raising money for the Motor Neurone Disease Association and are expecting approx. 95 people to attend.
Our evening is having a Broadway theme and I am writing to ask if you have any props we could borrow for the evening to make our evening more exciting. Your company/group would be advertised on the night, we can also hand out flyers or leaflets that you may have.

Posted 23/03/2016


Drama Factory

Drama Factory

Lancaster, Lancashire LA1 4LD

Contact: Ginny on 01524 62819 | Mobile (text only) 07902 141 384 | email


For Sale

March 2016

FAKE PIANO for sale

Breaks into four pieces. Has a speaker inside. Based in Warton near Lancaster. Cost £100 to make. OFFERS?

fakepiano fakepiano fakepiano
Posted 08/03/2016


LHS Drama Club

East Anglia/Suffolk



Wanted to Swap/Hire

March 19-26 2016

Steel Magnolias
We are a high school drama club and will be presenting Steel Magnolias on 24 & 25 March. We are looking for salon fixtures (two stylists chairs, one portable sink, two stylists stations, manicure table) for our production. We have a small budget to cover possible rental costs, but would prefer to borrow.

Posted 02/03/2016


The Dedham Players


Contact: Ian Amos



April 2016

CHAISE LONGUE required for 'The Dresser' in April by Dedham Players. Can be old and battered as it will no doubt have throws over it. It does need to be small (probably 1.5m long max).

Posted 26/02/2016


Monument Performing Arts School

Monument Performing Arts School

Stirling, Central Scotland

Contact: Craig email


For Sale or Hire

Feb 2016

We have a number of set/prop pieces for the Musical 'You're A Good Man Charlie Brown' for Sale.
They are - Snoopy's Kennel, fully weight bearing and mobile.
Lucy's 'The Doctor Is In' Booth
Charlie Brown's Mailbox
Schroeder's Miniture Grand Piano
Solid construction. All performed wonderfully under show conditions.
Available for £600 o.n.o.
Will consider short term hire if you can transport.

Posted 07/02/2016


The Manifest Theatre Group


Contact: Leave a message here and I'll put you in touch with our props manager, Jude Hussey. THANK YOU



April 2016

We need to borrow your SOFA!!
Well, hopefully. If you have a small, two seater ‘ Chesterfield' type sofa and are willing to loan it to us for a couple of weeks for our production of Accolade, then we'd love to hear from you.
It doesn't have to be leather but a bit masculine as it's for a men's study.



Sue Elliott

Ingatestone, Essex

Contact: If interested please contact me at


For Sale

Jan 2016

Props from The Pyjama Game
We have the following props for sale that were used in our production of The Pyjama Game
6 sewing machines
6 small tables
Ironing board and irons
We are looking for £150 ono
Pyjama Game props Pyjama Game props Pyjama Game props Pyjama Game props
Pyjama Game props

Posted 31/01/2016


Chesham Bois Catholic Players


Chesham, Buckinghamshire

Contact: Liz Turner at


big fishClick on photo to see full size

For Sale

Jan 2016

Enormous Fish

We have just finished a run of a new show 'The Magic Toyshop' in Buckinghamshire, in which we had this amazing Big Fish feature in the show. It is about 15 feet long and several people can sit inside as it's being pushed along on a truck from behind. The jaw moves (as the fish spoke) and the tail can be pushed from side to side as well. For ease of storage the head and the tail can also detached. Here's a photo of it onstage. It is very sturdy and well built - the fish is actually built onto the truck.

I have a number of photos of it during construction and also finished together with an info sheet giving measurements etc. Here are the links (please note that when the fish was on stage the rounded part was cut away as above, so may look slightly different in the construction photos).

finished fish photos -

construction photos -

Info re sizes etc -

Do click on the links to have a view at the photos to give you an idea of how it looks. Obviously it could be repainted, or the exposed ribs covered over if you wanted more of a 'solid' fish design. Hope to hear from you soon - any questions please do ask,

Price £350 ono - collection from Chesham, Buckinghamshire asap

Posted 26/01/2016


Finchley & Friern Barnet Operatic Society

North London

Contact: People can contact me, Deborah Porton, about the set at


For Sale

Jan 2016

Into The Woods Sets
It is available now. It would need to be collected.
We would ideally like £600 for all of it but we are open to offers.
The items we have are:-
- A revolving kitchen - works as the 3 houses in the opening scene ie. Cinder’s fireplace, Bakers Oven and Jack’s house
- Rapunzel’s Tower
- Tree for Cinders mother
- Jack’s house with a beanstalk, which turns around to be the prince’s castle in the 2nd half
- A Woody prop which is useful for characters to hide behind
We also have a Milky White/alternative cow costume for 1 person which could be sold separately.

Posted 19/01/2016


Val Jordan

Sparcells, Swindon




Jan 2016

Vintage Bush Radio model no AC 34 free to any Local Amateur dramatic group who would like to use it as a prop.
Please note, this is no longer in working order.
This radio belonged to my Parents, so I was hoping if I was to give it to a local drama group, I may be able to come along and see a play and see it being used as a prop. I do not want to just give it away to just anyone.

Posted 18/01/2016


Lauder Amateur Dramatic Society

Scottish Borders

Contact: or 07714303064


For Sale or Hire

Jan 2016 onwards

Rotating Bookcase/Bar for The Game’s Afoot or Holmes for the Holidays
Click on the photo to see the video showing how the bar operates.
Lauder Amateur Dramatic Society did this play in 2015. We built a rotating bookcase/bar as part of the set and, as we are unlikely to use this again, offer it for rent or sale.

Our set is constructed from 8’x4’ stud partition flat modules which bolt together. The revolving bar takes up two modules , i.e. is 8’ wide by 8’ high and consists of a 6’ wide bar/bookcase supported and framed by 2 1’ wide side frames.

The bar section consists of a slightly larger than semi-circular turntable running on heavy duty castors on a plywood baseboard (think of a lazy susan. This has a steel pivot pole fixed to the top and bottom of the surrounding frame. The ‘bookcase’ is fixed to one side of the turntable - back to stage front (it is in fact a pair of bookcases with the backs papered with bookcase wallpaper). The real bookcase side forms the interior of the bar which is shelved and has mirrors and optics. There is an art deco style metal and ply semi-circular screen (to hide Daria’s body) and the bar platform can accommodate 2 bar stools (not supplied). The platform can support 250Kg+ - ample for three adults. We used two stage hands to turn the bar (need to move quickly) and we used a black curtain behind to minimise visibility. Depending on how this fits with the rest of your set, assembly will take about 1-2 hours for the bar.

Cost: To buy outright £450.00
To hire £250

Posted 15/01/2016


Richard Roques


Contact: @roquesrichard



Jan/ Feb 2016

second hand canvas floor cloth.

Posted 12/01/2016


Professional Theatrical Property Suppliers

Page One Design

I would like to bring your attention our new range of Real Wax LED RECHARGEABLE candles which are being used where real candles are either impractical or inconvenient.

They can be used in Lanterns and for decor where ordinary candles would make a mess and be a fire hazard. As they are rechargeable they can be used over and over again. There is no smell and with the candle flickering effect they look just like real candles.
These LED Pillar Candles are 15cm, 12cm and 9 cm tall and 5 cm wide. Most other REAL WAX LED candles require replacement batteries and therefore are less convenient as well as more expensive in the long run. Our rechargeable candles last 8 - 10 hours, then you just plug them into the base provided and recharge overnight or the next morning. You can use them outside as they will not blow out. They are very health and safety orientated.

We would like to offer you a special introductory price of only £29.00 delivered free.
We also have Rechargeable set of 12 tealights:
These replace real tealights which tend not to last a full service. Our tea lights last 8 - 10 hours, are rechargeable, come with non breakable frosted flutes. They will not blow out if used outside. The bulb flickers like a real candle so when it is concealed in the flutes, they will give the effect of a real tea light but for much longer!
These are £34.99 per set delivered free.

I accept credit cards or can invoice you for BACS payment. Delivery is free and quick. I sincerely hope to hear from you.

kind regards

Loretta Barnett
Page One Design, Meadow Barn, Outwood Lane, Kingswood, Surrey KT20 6JS UK
Tel +44 (0)1737 832622

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