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Mendham School

Suffolk, IP20 0NJ

Contact: Julie Thompson


For Sale - Donation to School Please

June 2017

Stage curtains + gantry

I work at Mendham School IP20 0NJ, where the stage curtains and gantry mechanism have been taken down to make way for a new classroom wall.
There have been no plans made for the curtains, etc.
If you know of a group or hall that could use these please let me know as I am anxious these item find a new home rather than being discarded.
No particular price, but a donation to the school would be appreciated.

Very rough sizes:
The two blue velvet curtains span the hall which is approx 7 metres wide.
They are each approx 3 to 4 metres in length
there is a wide pelmet of matching fabric approx 1 metre which again spans the hall.
There is a gantry and mechanism with as many of the nuts and bolts as I could rescue when they were taken down. This come in two parts which slide together and are therefore adjustable.

Please give a shout if I can be of any more help, and particularly if you or anyone you are aware of, can make use of these items.

Posted 08/06/2017


Stephen Tickner




Follow up

For Sale

June 2017

Theatre Follow Spot

I acquired a theatre follow spot some years ago from a presentation and now I need to off load it as its taking up valuable shed space.
Im trying to find a home for the old, scruffy but in full working order light rather than taking it to the tip.
I live half way between Tonbridge and Maidstone off the A26. Id like 50.

Posted 23/05/2017


Professional Theatrical Property Suppliers

Page One Design

I would like to bring your attention our new range of Real Wax LED RECHARGEABLE candles which are being used where real candles are either impractical or inconvenient.

They can be used in Lanterns and for decor where ordinary candles would make a mess and be a fire hazard. As they are rechargeable they can be used over and over again. There is no smell and with the candle flickering effect they look just like real candles.
These LED Pillar Candles are 15cm, 12cm and 9 cm tall and 5 cm wide. Most other REAL WAX LED candles require replacement batteries and therefore are less convenient as well as more expensive in the long run. Our rechargeable candles last 8 - 10 hours, then you just plug them into the base provided and recharge overnight or the next morning. You can use them outside as they will not blow out. They are very health and safety orientated.

We would like to offer you a special introductory price of only 29.00 delivered free.
We also have Rechargeable set of 12 tealights:
These replace real tealights which tend not to last a full service. Our tea lights last 8 - 10 hours, are rechargeable, come with non breakable frosted flutes. They will not blow out if used outside. The bulb flickers like a real candle so when it is concealed in the flutes, they will give the effect of a real tea light but for much longer!
These are 34.99 per set delivered free.

I accept credit cards or can invoice you for BACS payment. Delivery is free and quick. I sincerely hope to hear from you.

kind regards

Loretta Barnett
Page One Design, Meadow Barn, Outwood Lane, Kingswood, Surrey KT20 6JS UK
Tel +44 (0)1737 832622

Verity Taster

Freelance costume designer, sourcer and maker and props, set designs, etc.

Rates negotiable.

Will travel.


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