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123space gallery





March 2015

Hello, I am from the 123space gallery in the heart of Bristol. Our latest exhibition is named 'into the Wild'. I was wondering if any drama groups from Briatol had any decor that may go with this theme? Is so get in touch, my email is:
Thank you! Sophie

Posted 16/03/2015


A Holcombe

East Sussex



Wanted to Hire

6-13 April 2015

We are looking to hire a large stage prop of a pirate ship for the period 6-13 April 2015 for an Easter children's event in East Sussex. Any ideas or contacts would be appreciated.

Posted 14/03/2015


Bedworth Theatre Company


Contact: Stella Niblock



We will need it for week beginning 22nd March 2015

Soda Fountain
We are looking for a soda fountain (1912) as a set dressing for a play set in an America corner shop.
We are based in Warwickshire and could pick it up if distance is not too great.

Posted 27/02/2015


Solomon Artistes


Contact: Anita Houser



Feb 2015

Hi our group is performing hairspray in may at palace theatre westcliff. Im looking for smoke cans for the hairspray can anyone recommend anywhere i can get them or an alternative that they cld use instead. Many thanks

Posted 24/02/2015


Ariel Company Theatre

West Sussex

Contact: 01444 250407


For Sale

Feb 2015 onwards

Avenue Q set and Puppets for sale
Call 01444 250407 for all details, amazing quality and price for quick sale.

Posted 12/02/2015


Kings Langley Light Opera Company


Contact: or 078 6090 5738



18th March - 28th March 2015

Production: Pajama Game
we need a “Knife throwing” machine for a scene in the Pajama Game.
What we are after is a “trick machine”, where someone pretends to throw a knife and it pops out of the board.

Posted 05/02/2015


Abigail Burrows

London (Tower Hamlets)




February 24th, one day

Midsummer Night's Dream
I'm looking for a simple set for a children's production with a forest theme (Midsummer Night's Dream).
I work for a music charity and we are putting on a modest production for some children in the local area. We need something relatively simple as we don`t have the manpower, budget or time to do too much, but the theatre is big and we certainly need some trees to pad it out at least!
Any help would be greatly appreciated!!

Posted 30/01/2015


Deborah King


Contact: Facebook



7th March 2015

set for 'Hairspray' for a school production for 1 week. Anyone have one for hire please?

Posted 20/01/2015


The Chelmsford Ballet Company

Chelmsford, Essex




March 2015

Ship for The Chelmsford Ballet Company
We are searching for a ship for Pineapple Poll. We’ve located some but they are too big for the stage at the Civic theatre Chelmsford.
Reasonably compact Ship’s deck required with stairs, balustrade and mast (rigging a bonus) for March production of “Pineapple Poll” at the Civic Theatre, Chelmsford, Essex. Truck depth ideally not more than 1 metre with ability to scene change quickly. Peter Pan, Robinson Crusoe or similar – other suggestions for hire welcome.

Posted 15/01/2015


GCSE A level group


Contact: Peter Sadler


Wanted to Borrow please

any date from Monday 11.1.2015 to end of May/mid June 2015

Own production for A level exam
Old car body, or, old car seats(front and back) from late 1980 to mid 1990s family style mid range car, which can be moved on and off stage easily. To be used as part of a scene of original drama sketch based upon a news item from early 2000s. Happy to collect and return. Many thanks in anticipation. Peter Sadler

Posted 12/01/2015


Rathcabbin Players

Ireland, Rathcabbin

Contact: FB Message



Jan 2015

Any one got a stuffed goose, normal size, for Rathcabbin players production of wild goose chase?

Posted 09/01/2015


Ballyduff Drama Group





Jan 2015

We are in desperate need of lots of vinyl records for our up coming circuit play!! These don't have to work or even empty record cases would do! If anybody records we could borrow for the play or has any unwanted record, it would be very helpful! We'll mind and mark them all and return them when the play is over!! If you could help us out please PM us!!!

Posted 09/01/2015


Westminster Under School


Contact: Alex -



January 2015 ASAP

The Wind and the Willows.
A CAR and BOAT, as costume or props for 10-13 year olds.

Posted 08/01/2015


Doonbeg Drama Group


Contact: please message Doonbeg DramaFB page or phone 0864015165



Jan/Feb 2015

HELP !!! Doonbeg Drama Group need the following items Urgently for their production of The Price
A 2- seater couch ( chaise lounge )
A Concert HARP ( an unlikely item I know but it doesn't need to be in good condition !!)
A few small fabric covered stools
A wooden coat stand
If anyone in the West Clare area has any unwanted items of furniture

Posted 08/01/2015




Contact: or tel 0146057690



performance 5-7 of march 2015 required end of January until performance over.

Market Barrow
wanted plans or complete thing collapsing market barrow
needs to collapse on stage as part of performance (during pyro flash).

Posted 05/01/2015



Cordes Hall, Berks



Wanted to Hire

February 2015

Aladdin Panto
We are looking for a telephone box, washing machine and tumble dryer (all big enough for one person to fit/get in and out of). Laundry scene of course for last 2 items!

Posted 02/01/2014


Showcase Drama

Long Eaton, Nottingham

Contact: If anyone can help please contact Elaine on or message me on here Facebook




Showcase Drama are looking to buy or hire set or bits of the set for Jungle Book.
We are also looking for a suitable back cloth of a jungle

Posted 31/12/2014


Hiplight Players Youth Theatre Company


Contact: Christopher Cresswell



Our Production is in March next year but would need the prop from February onwards for rehearsal.

Hi there, I'm the Artistic Director of the Hiplight Players Youth Theatre Company. We are doing a production of Grease this year and are looking for some prop swaps. The major thing we are looking for is a Grease Lightning car. It needs to be 3D and robust for the dance routine. We can hire or buy but have a modest budget for this prop which is less than the other online options.

Posted 20/11/2014


Incognito Theatre Group

North London

Contact: 0208 886 3274 or


Wanted to Hire

May 2015 - July 2015

Steel Magnolias
We have a 6 week rehearsal period commencing the middle of May 2015 and are looking to hire 2 backwash basins and 2 hairdressers chairs, one manicurist stool, a manicurist/hairdresser's trolley. We shall also need 2 hairdressing hairdryers.
Hope someone can help out!
Ruth and Sonja

Posted 21/09/2014


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