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Billingshurst Dramatic Society

Billinghurst Dramatic Society

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Contact via our website or social media


Billingshurst Dramatic Society



We are looking for a small wheelable cannon for A Trip To Scarborough Can anyone help?

Posted 02/09/2018


Blue Star Associates/Productions

Central London



panto backdrops

panto backdrops panto backdrops panto backdrops

For Sale

Pantomime Backdrops

We have been touring children's musicals for many years and as age has taken over we have decided to close down. Perhaps some of your societies would be interested in some scenic cloths we have for sale at dramatically low prices. We now need the room!!!!!!

Unfortunately as we are based in Central London and the cloths are situated at our flat so we do not have the facility to open them up for inspection. You will just have to trust us in knowing they are all very presentable and in fairly good condition.

We would be grateful if you could send these details to anyone who you think might be interested.

Keith and Barrie

Posted 02/09/2018


Woodhouse Parish Council & King George's Field Charity

Loughborough, Leicestershire

Contact: Ann Irving


stage curtains

For Sale

Stage curtains for sale

Our parish council has just replaced the village hall stage curtains so that they match our furniture, so the old ones are for sale - any offer considered. I have attached a picture of them in situ, to give an idea of the size. They have fire retardant linings and are velvet.
They have seen better days, but there is nothing wrong with them, other than bits of fading here and there. They have a pelmet valance and tie backs. Ours were opened and closed by a winder, not by hand.

I would be willing to transport them to a suitable meeting place.

Posted 21/08/2018


Hassan Peymani


Contact via Facebook


For Sale

High Spec PCs, Pro Audio, Pro Video . Production Gear / Rigging / Drapes - SALE

Hi, I have a lot of equipment for sale (we are a former production company based in Edinburgh). I would like to notify your members about our list if possible. Is there a way to do this. For example, I have about 60m of serge wool drapes along with microphones etc.
Here is a public link to our list

Posted 31/07/2018


St Bartholomew’s School

Newbury, Berkshire

Contact: Rachael at


Props, Sets and Costumes Wanted for Grease

I’m looking for set/prop/costume bits and pieces for a production of Grease that we’ll be doing in December 2018. Particularly the car and if anyone has any costumes too that would be great!

Posted 23/07/2018


Crondall Entertainers

Crondall Entertainers

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October 2018

Wanted 1930s costume and set pieces for October show

Looking for single or multiple costumes and or set pieces to loan for a production set in the 1930s any help welcomed.

Posted 26/06/2018


Hyde Musical Society

Hyde Musical Society

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Contact: via website or social media


Hyde Musical Society

For Sale

June 2018

Stage Scenery

Want to see what we have in our secret lockup? We will soon be having a clear out of stage scenery used in HMS productions. If you are interested in anything / or in need of any items, get in touch and we will provide more information #hydemusical #hyde @TheatreHyde @ARTSyncHyde

Posted 20/06/2018


John Worland


Contact: Facebook


For Sale

May 2018

Grandfather clock for sale

I made this some years ago as a stage prop and it has been used in several productions. It's walnut veneer and has a quartz movement rather than a normal clockwork one. It received a comment in one adjudication in a play that shall remain nameless to protect the guilty - " ...the working grandfather clock seemed less wooden than some of the actors!....
7 foot tall, 17 inches wide and about 11 inches deep. breaks into 3 sections.
£50 ( where are you going to get a working grandfather clock for that sort of money?!)

Posted 25/05/2018


Newtown Musical Theatre Company

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Montgomeryshire, Powys, Wales



For Sale

May 2018

Props & Costumes from The Producers

cheques, programmes, dollar bills
• 2 3-D Tanks
• 1 - Motor bike and sidecar cut out.
(These have been fire proof sprayed but may need re spraying)
8 Prisoner ball and chain


The Producers The Producers The Producers

Ulla - Wig, blue transformation dress, follies costume, dress for Rio, prison uniform
Roger de Bris - Silver dress, silver headdress, silver shoes (size 7)
Little Old Ladies - Wigs (21), Skirts (21), shawls (21), ruffs (27), hats (21)
Usherettes - dress and jacket and hat ( 2sets plus one spare jacket)
Prisoners - dresses (7), trousers (8), tee shirts (10), hats (18 hard), (14 soft)
Stormtroopers - shorts (6), shirts (11), armbands (12), ties (7), belts (7), hats (7), leather belt (1)
Bavarians - shorts (2), wigs (5)
Chorus girl - basques (7)
Follies girls - walkyrie, Bratwurst, Pretzel, Stein
Buyer collects
£600 o.n.o

Posted 16/05/2018


@2k Theatre

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Contact via website or social media



17th May

The Thrill of Love

I am looking for six bar stools and 6 hooped back chairs for The Thrill of Love , can anyone local group help ?

Posted 30/04/2018


2nd Skin Theatre Company

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Northern Ireland

Contact: via website or social media



March/April 2018

Caravan Bunk Beds

We are looking for caravan bunk beds for an upcoming play

Posted 11/03/2018


Newcastle University Theatre Society - NUTS

Newcastle University Theatre Society - NUTS

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Newcastle upon Tyne

Contact: / / 07985539014



For Sale

March 2018


A prop used and made especially for Newcastle University Theatre Society's recent production of GREASE at northern stage 2. The bonnet can bear the weight of three adults. Would make a fab addition to a theme party, or to be used again in a production or alternatively, it could easily be transformed into a childs bed! Messures 1x2meaters, wooden frame and panelling, and steal rod.


Posted 08/03/2018


Jennifer Smith




1960's G-Plan Bureau
1960's G-Plan Bureau

For Sale

Feb 2018

1960's G-Plan Bureau

It's in 2 parts, the teak top lifts off the black metal base. Neither top or bottom is massively heavy.
It has brass handles to pull the bureau front down. It's in excellent condition, lovely teak wood. The odd fine scratch which wouldn't be noticeable for stage use I don't think, or could be teak oiled out easily.
It's complete inside with its drawers and leather writing surface.
My son in the photo is 6ft tall to show you height!
I'd like £30 for it.

1960's G-Plan Bureau 1960's G-Plan Bureau

Posted 25/02/2018


Michael Hemming


Contact: if anyone can help please contact Mike Hemming on 07522695282 or




Red Carpet Entrance

I am holding a charity stars in their eyes show and looking for entrance onto stage with a curtain coming onto red carpet and with rope pillars.
All in aid of breast cancer unit in Worcester

Posted 05/02/2018




Contact: or 07967607269


Tobia Birthday

For Sale

When: Jan 2018

Production: A Town is Bourne


Plus a couple of Stage/set Windows
Nominal fee only

Posted 27/01/2018


Jessica JOnes


Contact: Please can you email me on or call me on 07788294091



When: Saturday the 6th Jan 2018

1920s Props

My brother & I have planned a surprise 60th 1920s fancy dress party for my mum this Saturday the 6th at the Arlington Ballrooms in Leigh on sea SS9 3LL.
If anyone has any props that we can put in the room to add to the effects we would be really greatful & happy to pay.
Please can you email me on or call me on 07788294091.
Thank you

Posted 03/01/2018


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