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Extras for experimental video - Quick 2hr shoot - Camden March 6th

Seeking 15 x background extras for a restaurant scene. 2 x featured extra roles also up for grabs.

Experimental social video that may lead to other work.

Quick 2hour shoot, expenses (being a train ticket!) paid (as long as costs are prior approved) and refreshments provided of course.

Our real 'thankyou' will be that all participants will receive priority casting as extras in our upcoming psychological thriller web series that we start to shoot in March 2018, which will be paid on dailies.

Shoot Location: Camden.
Date: March 6th 2018
Deadline for Submissions: 6pm 1st March, 2018

We are using this shoot as an audition for future projects.

All ages (18 ), ethnicities and sex encouraged to apply.


Posted on 28/02/2018


Be an Extra in a Feature Film Near Cardiff –Fluent Spanish Speaking Males – can you help?

I am writing from Uni-versalEXTRAS Ltd - a company that places people as extras in paid roles for Film and TV across the UK. You can visit our website to see just some of the productions we have worked on.

For a new major Feature film we are looking for Spanish speaking males to play guards.

The Requirements:
You must be male aged 30-90
You must be able to speak fluent Spanish.
You must have easy access to Pinewood Cardiff for filming.

Filming Dates: To be confirmed- filming will be taking place in 2018.
Location: Pinewood Studios Cardiff
Pay Rate min per day: £97.90 per day minimum. (Payments may rise on the filming day in line with FAA union rates and are subject to Uni-versalEXTRAS Terms & Conditions which can be found on our website below)
Catering is provided throughout filming.

Taking Part
If you or anyone you may know fit the requirements and would like to take part in this amazing opportunity, please email the following information ASAP to
Subject: SPEECH

Full Name:
Contact number:
Basic measurements (Chest, Waist, Inside Leg, Shoe, Collar):
Whether you drive:
A current head-shot & full length photo of you (taken with a digital camera in front of a plain background such as a white/brick wall).

If you have any questions please call us on 0345 0090 344 and quote reference: Speech.

By sending in your details you are confirming that you agree to Uni-versalEXTRAS Terms and Conditions.

Kind regards,
Casting Team
Uni-versalEXTRAS Ltd

Posted on 27/02/2018


Drama/musical theatre teachers wanted

We’re currently looking for various specialists/to work with a company to deliver musical theatre sessions in a few of our schools in Winsford as of next week. Please see details below:

Winsford (CW7 area): Musical Theatre Specialist to teach Every Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday approximately 13:00-15:00. Rate of pay starts at £40 per day

Winsford (CW7 area): Musical Theatre Specialist to teach Every Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday approximately 13:00-15:00. Rate of pay starts at £40 per day

All planning is provided for our vacancies No QTS is required for these vacancies, however we are looking for someone with experience working in primary schools or in a primary school setting (ie. Afterschool clubs, workshops, classroom teaching, drama schools etc). You will need an enhanced DBS Check or be able to obtain one to work in any of our schools.

These vacancies are on a fixed term part-time contract until July 2018. Please let me know if any of these vacancies are of interest by emailing Libby Batchelor l.batchelor@primaryppacover.comor calling on 01530 566750

Kind regards,

Libby Batchelor
Recruitment Consultant
Primary PPA Cover Ltd

Posted on 26/02/2018


Hunting for 2 actors!

We are filming a short film for a university project, and really looking for 2 male actors in their 20-30s, good looking, tall (preferably!), lean, and laid back !!! Wondering if anyone can help at all?! We are located in & around Southend-on-sea, Essex. :)

ps.. it will be Wednesday 28th Feb 2018 from 2pm. We are going to cover transport & food / drink!!!!

Please call me. My number is 07895430330, feel free to text me too.

Alternatively you can send show reels and headshots to:

Pretty tight deadline, as I need to know ideally by Tuesday night 27th Feb latest!!

Posted on 26/02/2018


drama/performing arts group for adults with learning disabilities

Would someone be able to point me in thto right direction of a drama/performing arts group for adults with learning disabilities?

Marie Pilgrim-Yates


Posted on 23/02/2018


Be an Extra for a feature film – Looking for redheaded females – can you help?

I am writing from Uni-versalEXTRAS Ltd - a company that places people as extras in paid roles for Film and TV across the UK. You can visit our website to see just some of the productions we have worked on.

For a major TV series, we are looking for redheaded females to be extras in Edinburgh.

The Requirements
You must be female.
You must be aged 18-90.
You must have red hair.
You must have a Height: 5’0” or below.
You must have easy access for filming in Edinburgh.

Filming date: Friday 2nd March 2018 (you must be available on this day).
Pay Rate: £120 per day (payments may rise on the filming day and are subject to Uni-versalEXTRAS Terms & Conditions which can be found on our website).
Catering is provided.

Taking Part
If you fit the requirements and would like to take part, please email the following information ASAP to
Subject: Redheaded Female

Reference: FOG1
Full Name:
Contact number:
Basic measurements (Chest, Waist, Inside Leg, Shoe, Collar, OR, Dress, Bra, Waist, Hips, Shoe, etc.):
Whether you drive:
Attach Photos: a current head-shot & full length photo of you, taken with a digital camera to ensure high quality (mobile phone pictures are not acceptable); in front of a plain background such as a white wall in your house and with no light switches, cables, patterned wallpaper, clutter or other objects.

Please call us on 0845 0090 344 when you have sent required information and quote your reference: FOG1.

By sending in your details you are confirming that you agree to Uni-versalEXTRAS Terms and Conditions.

Kind regards,
Casting Team
Uni-versalEXTRAS Ltd

Posted on 23/02/2018


Be an Extra for a feature film – Looking for black males aged 20-90 – can you help?

I am writing from Uni-versalEXTRAS Ltd - a company that places people as extras in paid roles for Film and TV across the UK. You can visit our website to see just some of the productions we have worked on.

For a major TV series, we are looking for black males who are 6' or taller to be extras in the Glasgow area.

The Requirements
You must be aged 20-90.
You must 6' or taller.
You must have easy access to Cumbernauld film studios for filming.

Filming dates: Tuesday 6th March (you must be available on this day).
Pay Rate: £100 per day (payments may rise on the filming day and are subject to Uni-versalEXTRAS Terms & Conditions which can be found on our website).
Catering is provided.

Taking Part
If you fit the requirements and would like to take part, please email the following information ASAP to
Subject: REF CLUBS1

Reference: CLUBS1
Full Name:
Contact number:
Basic measurements (Chest, Waist, Inside Leg, Shoe, Collar, OR, Dress, Bra, Waist, Hips, Shoe, etc.):
Whether you drive:
Attach Photos: a current head-shot & full length photo of you, taken with a digital camera to ensure high quality (mobile phone pictures are not acceptable); in front of a plain background such as a white wall in your house and with no light switches, cables, patterned wallpaper, clutter or other objects.

Please call us on 0845 0090 344 when you have sent required information and quote your reference: CLUBS1.

By sending in your details you are confirming that you agree to Uni-versalEXTRAS Terms and Conditions.

Kind regards,
Casting Team
Uni-versalEXTRAS Ltd

Posted on 23/02/2018


Looking for a Drama Coach – Teaching primary school children

I am looking for a Drama Coach – Teaching primary school children, 3 hours on Fridays in the Luton area.

Term time contracts - £50 per session.

If of any interest to anyone please contact Natalie on 07889623001

Posted on 21/02/2018


Entertainment Ever After

Entertainment Ever After

Looking for female performers who are interested in working with children, must be able to sing and act in an American accent, DBS check and driving license is desirable but not essential.

Work is paid. Please email me if you would like more information

Full details Facebook Event

Victoria Rae

Posted on 15/02/2018


Dorset Dozen Portrait Group

Dorset Dozen Portrait Group

Photo Sessions

Hi ,
We are a group of portrait photographers in Dorchester,(The Dorset Dozen) who enjoy taking photos, we do not charge for the sessions or the sittings, as we all just enjoy getting together with models of all kinds, we do provide free images for the models. We meet at the Colliton Club in an upstairs room, where we normally have two ‘sets’, some of our group are professionals.

We enjoy character portrait photography of all kinds using various backdrops, therefore any drama members would be welcome in their costumes

We have a meeting this Friday 16th Feb. & sadly have a model cancellation due to illness. If any of your group members would like to come along we would be only too pleased to meet them, we start at 7-30, but I must have confirmation ASAP

Best regards Brad Matthews Tel : 01305 458981
clive bradley matthews

Dorset Dozen Portrait Group Dorset Dozen Portrait Group Dorset Dozen Portrait Group

Posted on 15/02/2018


Casting Call for Leeds Young Actors

My name is Alexandra, I am writing to you from University of the Arts London BA Film and Television. I am the Casting director for a short student film “A Mother’s Touch”.

We will be casting during the period of the next month and are looking to collaborate with some of your groups. The projects are non-equity and the cast payment only covers expenses. If any of your groups would be interested, please ask them to contact me and we will gladly forward more details.

Here are the character breakdowns and a brief synopsis of the project.

“A Mother’s Touch” is a 10-minute short film, which follows a journey of a young man as he tries to come to terms with his mother’s recent passing.

Rough dates:
5/6 days between 29th (March) - 8th April

- £60 per day for Chris, expenses only for the chaperone/parent.
- Exprences for all other roles

Chris, 15, is small for his age and frustrated with his lack of development, this leads him to reject his parents in an attempt to fast track himself to manhood. However, once his mother abruptly passes away, Chris must first come to terms with this and accept the new structure of the family before he can mature. We require a lead actor that possesses very youthful features and is able to speak in a Yorkshire accent.
Male (playing age: 12-17) from United Kingdom
Acting experience: Previous unpaid speaking roles - Previous paid speaking roles

Luke, an 18 year old man from Leeds
Luke attempts to take care of the rest of the family in the mother’s absence and throughout the father’s grief. Whilst he struggles to cooperate with Chris, a conflict grows between them, which eventually results in a large clash once Chris returns Luke’s ID after visiting a club, underage. We require an actor who can perform speaking in a Yorkshire accent.
Males, aged 18 to 25 from United Kingdom
Minimum Acting experience: Extra

Mother, a 45 year old woman from Leeds
The mother is shown through several past scenes within the film, which show the relationship she and Chris shared. The mother is understanding and gentle but whilst she is someone that helped keep the family together, she was also the main bread winner. The actor must be able to speak in a Yorkshire accent.
Females, aged 35 to 55 from United Kingdom
Acting experience: Previous unpaid speaking roles - Previous paid speaking roles

Father, a 50 year old man from Leeds
The father is grief stricken for the entirety of the story and is largely cared for by Luke. Towards the end of the film, Chris returns home and the two build a connection which they had struggled to form even before the mother’s death. This is a non speaking role, however, the emotions character are protrayed through body language in several scenes, especially with scenes interacting with Chris and Luke.
Males, aged 40 to 60 from United Kingdom
Minimum Acting experience: No previous acting experience

Kind regards,

Alexandra Malanicheva
Casting Director

Posted on 14/02/2018


Actors needed for art performance

I'm looking to recruit some actors to help me with an art project I am working on.

I am Leeds based artist, currently studying at LAU. My Practice is multimedia where I am presently tackling the crisis within masculinity at the moment.

I have been working on some spoken word pieces, which I am looking to develop with the help of some performers and hopefully move into a live performance piece.

Please contact me if you are interested in helping me with this project.

James Cox

Posted on 14/02/2018


ITV2 Celebrity Gameshow

ITV2 Celebrity Gameshow is BACK - APPLY NOW

Fancy competing against Celebrities for a chance to win a cash prize?

A returning ITV2 primetime Celebrity gameshow is currently casting for Series 2 and wants TEAMS OF FIVE to apply (teams must include both men and women, 18+)


For more details, contact the team on

Posted on 12/02/2018


Jimmy Carr

My name is Nick from CPL Productions; a TV production company based in London.

We are currently producing a brand new TV comedy run through with comedian Jimmy Carr and I thought I would get in touch to see if this is something anyone from any Merseyside Drama Group would be interested in taking part in?

The show will see award-winning comedian Jimmy Carr joined by celebrity guests before handing responsibility over to you, to ask the guests anything you like. No question is off-limit.

We are looking for people who can really speak their mind, people who would really enjoy chatting to celebrities and those who are unafraid to ask quite personal questions. We would love for some comedians to come along and ask Jimmy and his guests a question, in what is sure to be a fun evening of comedy.

The show is a non-broadcast run through, meaning it won’t be aired on television this time, but if it becomes a series we may well get back in touch with you to be involved again.

Please follow this link to apply.

Posted on 12/02/2018


UCB Murder Mystery Event

I am a student a University College Birmingham, contacting you regarding a charity event we are putting on to raise awareness and money for Make A Wish Foundation.

Our event idea is a Peaky Blinders themed murder mystery event. If anyone would be interested in helping us with our event by coming and acting out the murder mystery scenes, please get in touch.

The date of the event is 19th of April 2018. The venue yet to be confirmed but will be in central Birmingham.

Thank you,

Molly Durham-Evans
UCB Mystery Events

Posted on 12/02/2018


SP McArdle


1916: The Red-Letter Play

1916: The Red-Letter Play

Auditions (short Easter Rising play)

I am putting on a play written from the Easter Rising finale of my second Suitcases magic history adventure book, The Red-Letter Day.

1916: The Red-Letter Play
It will be staged on Easter Monday next, April 2nd 2018, at 3pm at Naomh Barrog GAA Club in Kilbarrack. It's been on there twice before.
It lasts about 40 minutes without an interval.
There are details and reviews about last year's performance on

Please like my Facebook page and share the post about this play, that would be fantastic.

The plot:
After Jenny the Adventuress introduces her fantastic time-travelling journeys, the action whizzes back to 1916 – from Kilmainham Gaol to Dublin Castle, and then to a nail-biting finale in the GPO, with lots of Dublin landmarks in between. Can Jenny and her guide, O’Flahertie (who might just be a famous writer!), save the day for Constance Markievicz, Padraig Pearse… and the historic Proclamation of the Irish Republic?

Actors needed:
* Jenny the Adventuress - she is 15 or 16 in the book;
* O'Flahertie - a young Oscar Wilde starting Trinity (he was 17 or 18 in real life when he did this). O'Flahertie also briefly plays a cranky printer of the Proclamation of the Irish Republic;
* Padraig Pearse (he was 36 in 1916 but there is flexibility given the context of it being a magical play - although best if he looks a bit older than Jenny and O'Flahertie);
* Constance Markievicz (she was 49 in 1916 but the same flexibility applies).

There is very little scenery needed as the backdrop is done by PowerPoint and some of these slides ask the audience to participate, which worked very well last time.

Anyone interested in acting, producing, directing or helping out in any other way please contact me?

Many, many thanks,

Síle/SP 087-2224060

SP McArdle

Posted on 11/02/2018


Kilmacud Musical Society

Facebook  Twitter  

Kilmacud Musical Society

Are you a tenor? Then we want you! If you are interested in more information about the role in our upcoming show, Funny Girl.

email us on

Posted on 10/02/2018


Casting Call: Extras needed for filming 12th Feb


I am writing from The Moment Content Company as we have an upcoming shoot on Monday 12th February in North West London that we are currently looking to cast extras for. We were wondering whether you know of anyone who would be interested in taking part?

We are looking for extras to make up a football crowd for our commercial piece which is being shot for a well-known brand. Usage on the film is still being confirmed but it is likely that the film will sit online and also appear in print media too.

If anyone is interested in taking part, please do send me an email.


Katie Sinacola
Production Assistant

Posted on 08/02/2018


Drama Group Required to present “CHELSEA’S WISH”


I am the Sergeant on the Child Sexual Exploitation team at Wakefield in West Yorkshire.

I am looking a putting on a play called “CHELSEA’S WISH” to make the parents of our school children aware of the dangers.

I am looking for a drama group who would be able to assist. I intend to seek funding from our partners so if this is something which may be of interest to you can you give me a rough idea how much it would cost ??


Richard Ord
Detective Sergeant
Wakefield District

Posted on 07/02/2018


The Woodland Players

The Woodland Players


Woodland Players

Do you or someone you know have what it takes to perform on stage or behind it?

The Woodland Players are looking for new talent to join our friendly drama group. It doesn't matter if you've never done any drama before , as long as you are keen and enthusiastic !
We do 2 or 3 productions per year and most of all we have a lot of fun !
Find us on Facebook @woodlandplayers or message Karen on 07581386500 for more details

Posted on 06/02/2018


Molesey Musical Theatre


Henry VIII


Molesey Musical Theatre (MMT) had a complete cast for our forthcoming production of "Henry - The life and loves of King", but due to unforseen family commitments, our Henry VIII has had to pull out.

This has left us with a golden opportunity for someone to step into the Big Man's shoes while he deals with all his wives.

'Henry - The Life and Loves of a King' takes place at the Cecil Hepworth Playhouse, Walton on Thames from 13th - 16th June 2018. This is a new musical based on the life of Henry VIII. It was initially performed 4 years ago at the Barn Theatre, West Molesey.

For more information email our Producer

Posted on 05/02/2018


Narrator Wanted for Animated Video

We are looking for someone to feature in an animated video I have recently created.

If someone is willing and can project their voice in an enthusiastic manner to suit the video we would be really appreciative of their help.

We would be willing to pay for their services, unfortunately we do not have our own recording equipment.

Kind Regards

Daniel Coe B.A.(Hons).ddm
Marketing Executive

Posted on 05/02/2018


Jack Sparrow Wanted

We are getting married in St Ives cornwall and have a bit of a 'Pirate Theme' going, it would be nice to have someone Jack Sparrow'ish just to be ad hoc around the guests. Unfortunately, we do not have a great deal of money left. We are also looking for a band or people that play instruments.


Posted on 05/02/2018


Mill Hill Musical Theatre Company
Facebook  Twitter  


The Boy Friend - Men Needed

MHMTC desperately needs TWO men for minor BUT VITAL roles in The Boy Friend - Pierre and Alphonse.

If you fit the bill, please let us know ASAP - or if you know anyone who is...

Show dates Fri 13 & Sat 14 April, rehearsals Mon & Wed 8pm


Contact 07798 670004

Posted on 02/02/2018


Holmfirth High School - Ace Day

Anyone interested in working with @HolmfirthHigh for their Ace Day on Friday 2nd March.

They are seeking for support with their year 7s who are looking at producing a small production in a day.

If you are interested please contact Ryan Blezard at for further details.

Posted on 01/02/2018


West Limerick Drama Festival 2018

Knockaderry, Co. Limerick, Ireland

Would like to welcome an act for Saturday 3rd of March.

Fee being paid.

Enquiries to 087 1230741

Judge: Tony McCleane Faye

Posted on 01/02/2018


Kings Langley Musical Theatre Company (KLMTC)

Facebook  Twitter  

Stage Door Johnnies needed

Help! We are in need of a few good men to play 'Stage Door Johnnies' in our next show Calamity Jane.

If you're interested please call 01923 263945.

Show from 25 to 28 April

Posted on 31/01/2018


New Hardy Players

New Hardy Players

Facebook  Twitter  


Male actor required, playing age 22 - 30, for the lead part of Bob Loveday, the sailor, in the New Hardy Players outdoor summer production of 'The Trumpet Major'.

Bob Loveday is an extrovert, light-hearted, infuriating character. He is one of the key roles, so the ability to learn text, and some experience of physical theatre would be very helpful. The play is set in the Regency period, and will be a large-scale costume drama with strong dance and music elements. The play will be directed by Tim Laycock. Details of previous NHP productions can be seen at

Rehearsals will be Thursday evenings and Sunday afternoons in Dorchester, commencing 12th April. First performance at Max Gate, Dorchester on Friday 29th June; final performance Sunday 15th July at Kingston Maurward for the Thomas Hardy Festival. Six performances in all, other dates and Dorset venues are currently being arranged.

Contact Andy Worth at

Posted on 22/01/2018


In a Land of Oz

In a Land of Oz

Actresses Needed for Play in Walthamstow

My name is Jessica and I am setting up an drama society in Leytonstone for my production, In a Land of Oz which will be performed on the 11th, 12th, 18th and 19th of May 2018 in Ye Olde Rose and Crown in Walthamstow.

I am basically calling out for actresses to play the roles attached: Scenes with Amber & Chris
Scenes with young Dorothy

"In a Land of Oz" Dorothy, a woman in her early 30s from San Diego who goes to her mother's house and has received a bag of her stuff from high school which fills her mind with bad memories.

She has autistic traits but was not diagnosed with autism because the resources were not provided to her parents when she was in school. The majority of the play takes place in her bedroom where she is confronted by her younger self and two characters from her favourite book ‘The Wizard of Oz’. When Dorothy is able to accept that she has issues the setting changes to a black set where she finally discusses her issue with a psychologist and also when she speaks to a past classmate who has autism.

The play focuses on her issues with the therapy sessions she had with her psychologist as an adolescent, her relationship with her boyfriend, Chris and her own insecurities.


Posted on 20/01/2018


Fresh Film Festival


Fresh Film Festival


We’re looking for the next Sofia Coppola or Steven Spielberg!

Do you know a Young Filmmaker?

The closing date for IRELAND’S YOUNG FILMMAKER OF THE YEAR is Friday 26th January.

Apply online or for more information check out

Posted on 18/01/2018


Kerry Drama Festival


Kerry Drama Festival need a group

Kerry Drama Festival need a group - Open or Confined - to fill Friday 2nd March - due to a group being unable to travel.

Can any groups who are interested please contact as soon as possible?

Posted on 18/01/2018


Casting for student short film in Liverpool

We are a group of Film and Moving Image Production students in our 2nd year at Norwich University of the Arts. This is a casting call for a male lead in an original short film for our school project.
Character: Robber of a sex shop
Name: Rob
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Homosexual
Playing age: 35 - 40 years old
Other physical characteristics: Any ethnicity, large frame (at least 6 ft. tall)
Personality traits(outside of scenario): Open minded, passive in his relationship, patient, giving
Personality traits(in scenario): Volatile and unpredictable, aggressive/impulsive, inexperienced, commanding
Wants: spend more time with his partner, a more active sex life, try new things, be in control
Needs: to get in touch on a more intimate level with his partner, to get outside his comfort zone

Rob is 10 years into a loving relationship with his partner, Owen. On the night of their anniversary, he has the owner of a local sex shop at knifepoint. When he tries to make his escape, it is revealed that the silent alarm has been triggered, the owner seems to have regained control of the situation. This pushes Rob off the edge and causes things to get physical. We see that he has hands his around the shop owner's throat, when a safe word is uttered. It is then when both Rob and the shop owner (Owen) plop to the ground and exchange notes about their performance. This was role-play all along, their romantic way of celebrating a milestone together.
**There is no nudity involved**

Shooting location: Liverpool

Shooting dates: 22 Jan, 23 Jan evening shoots

Payment details: Expenses only- Food, travel expenses and/or accommodation will be provided

Production title: Come as You Please
Production type: University project
Length: 7 minute short film

Contact Shirmaine if you are interested to audition and be part of our project!

Posted on 16/01/2018


Tullamore Amateur Dramatic Society - TADS



We are currently considering staging a McDonagh play and are looking for males and females between ages of 18-25 to audition.

If you know anyone in the surrounding areas of Tullamore who may be interested can you inform them to contact us via Facebook ASAP.

Posted on 11/01/2018



Amateur actress taking acting lessons needing real stage experience 50plus young at heart curvy female needing Character Stage Experience asap unpaid roles for small speaking parts in children's plays or student films (would consider all characters) must be stage work only .


Locations: Essex/London/Norfolk/Suffolk


Posted on 11/01/2018


Chelmsford Young Generation Amateur Musical Society (CYGAMS)

Chelmsford Young Generation Amateur Musical Society


West Side Story Dancers required

@CYGAMS are appealing urgently for teenageboys with a dance and musical theatre interest for sharks gang members in West Side Story @Chelmsford Theatres April 2018 production.

Thursday evening and Saturday commitment.

Come along this Thursday evening (11th Jan) or message us for details.

Posted on 10/01/2018



Hi I know this is an early one but I am looking to cast roles for 'A Christmas Carol'. I wondered if you would mind advertising this for me as it would be great to get some actors in this group involved. In order for you to audition however, you will need access to a home recording studio with a good mic.

I want as much time as possible to get this piece done to as near perfection as I can. This will be aired on my Radio Show in December 2018. We will be using a script from 1939 and that is the feel I want for the production, proper good old fashioned Radio Drama. The production was originally Narrated by Orson Wells and Scrooge was portrayed by Lionel Barrymore.

It will be a NON PAID ROLE for the actors, however full credit will be given at the start and end of the production which as I say will be aired on Radio.

I am taking auditions for all parts, which will be as follows:
Ebenezer Scrooge Old and young
Bob Cratchit
Child (Christmas Carol singer) can also play boy at the end to fetch Turkey
Fred (Scrooge's Nephew)
Gentleman (Collector for charity)
Ghost of Marley
Ghost of Christmas Past
Ghost of Christmas Present
Fezziwig (Scrooges old boss)
Belle (Scrooges old love interest)
Belles husband
generic girl
Mrs Cratchit
Martha Cratchit
Tiny Tim
Generic men x 2

Some of the parts may be able to be cast to one person i.e the charity collector may also play Belles husband for example. As long as the voice characterisation is slightly different.

If you are wishing to audition for a role please can you send the audition to by 1st February 2017. Can all audition pieces please be sent as either MP3 or WAV file clearly labelled with your name and character you wish to audition for i.e Gareth Severn - Fred.

For the audition purpose only please can you send the file as though it were a finished piece i.e VOCAL ONLY, REMOVE BACKGROUND NOISE etc. I wish to hear the quality of your recordings etc. I would also like the piece to be a few lines long not just a word or two.

At this moment in time I am not too worried what reading you send me, just as long as you voice it with the character you wish to audition for.

This will be produced by Studio Severn so if you have any enquiries please direct them to:

I look forward to receiving your auditions.

Many thanks Gareth Severn


Posted on 10/01/2018


Scenic art work experience

I'm a local oil painter specialising in land and seascapes and I'm interested in gaining some experience volunteering as a scenic artist.

I am looking for an opportunity within a drama group or company?

I'm based in North Swindon.

Scenic art is something I am interested in getting involved with but do not have any direct experience in which is why Im looking to volunteer.

Some of my work are shown below.

I can be contacted via or my Facebook page @jassarastudio

Posted on 10/01/2018


Casting Call for Short Film

My name is Jeff Donnelly, I am a final year film student at Griffith College Dublin. I am directing/producing a 15 minute short comedy film, filmed in Dublin, on 2nd, 3rd, 4th March 2018, and am looking for three roles to be cast in the film. If anyone would be interested, the story outline, character briefs, audtion and shooting dates are listed below. As this is a student film, it is unpaid.
Story Outline
A comedy, this 15 minute short film ‘Moonshine’ tells the story of Sharko and Will, two young men who are doing nothing with their lives. When they find themselves in a sticky situation, Sharko and Will must make their own moonshine for Sharko’s fierce aunt Big Kate, who is not someone to mess with.

Character Briefs
Sharko – Male, mid-twenties
Sharko is a bit of a slacker. Although he lacks any real direction in his life, he will happily put all his energy into stupid ideas. Likes to take risks.
Will – Male, Mid-twenties
Although no saint, Will has some sense on his shoulders. Does not like to take risks, but is easily swayed into doing things he doesn’t want to. Not a genius, but above average intelligence.
Big Kate – Female, 40s-50s
Sharko’s fierce, no nonsense aunt, Big Kate has a tough reputation. The owner of a ‘shady’ pub, Big Kate is known around town as someone not to mess with, or else. Her main focus in life is to make as much money as possible.

Audition Dates – 27th/28th Jan (at Griffith College Dublin)
Shooting Days – 2nd, 3rd, 4th March 2018

If anyone is interested, please respond with a headshot (or recent photograph), A CV (with or without acting experience), full contact details, availability over shooting days and audition days (as listed above).

Kind Regards, Jeff Donnelly.

Posted on 09/01/2018


Extra required for a shoot this Thursday in Churchtown, Dublin

Hi guys,

I'm looking for an extra for a shoot this Thursday in Churchtown, Dublin.

A woman aged 50-60...

Sorry for the last minute notice, but our cast extra had to pull out just now.

Anyone interested could you please email me asap with a selfie of yourself.

You can get in touch or call 087 9150986 - Thank you!

Catherine Richard

Posted on 09/01/2018


Elderly Couple - Photographic Models required for Hallmark Card Shoot

I work for Hallmark Cards as a Photographer in Bradford West Yorkshire, we are currently on the look out for models to take part in a Valentines themed Photo shoot.
Particulary an elderly couple who would feel comfortable in a “couples” shoot.
Scenarios would include holding hands, embracing, walking arm in arm e.t.c.

We could offer a small fee of £50 p.p. For 2-3 hours work on location around a city/park scenario. Exact location T.B.C. (West Yorkshire region)

Please contact me if you are interested for more details, attaching a photo of yourself. Or if you have one as a couple that would be ideal.

Kind regards,

Scott Dunwoodie
Senior Photographer
Photography Studio | Ideation

Posted on 08/01/2018


Murder Mystery

My name is Hayley Sutton.

I am a event's management student at Liverpool John Moores university, and during this academic year myself and others have to stage live events.

My group's idea is to produce a 1920s murder mystery night, for this to be successful we would need to have a live performance, of our story unraveling.

Our team name is eventcatchers, we are made up of 5 university students, at Liverpool John Moores. The event is being produced to raise money for YPAS (young persons advisory service) in Liverpool. So far my team and I have been able to acquire the venue for free, and caterers are willing to offer us a discounted price for their service.

The event will be held at Bridewell Studios. 101 Prescot Street, Liverpool L7 8UL.

Unfortunately any actors we will work with will not be paid, due to us raising money for charity.
The event will be held on Friday the 13th in April.

There is a facebook page for more information, titled event catchers. Any email enquirers can be made to

Thank you for your help.

Many thanks,
Hayley Sutton.

Posted on 07/01/2018


Actors needed for digital interpretations at Lulworth Castle

We are creating short pieces of film (5 minutes to camera), where actors have a short script, bringing to life the history of the Castle. We are looking to cast a young man (no beard, age 20 -40) as a historical character for a test shoot – with potential for more work filming with us in future.

The test shoot will entail a half day filming session (w/c 15th January), for which we are able to offer expenses and small pay.

To find out more, or express interest in this role, please email with brief details of your experience, your age and a recent photograph.

Lucy Mitchell
Marketing Executive
Lulworth Estate

Posted on 03/01/2018


Banbury Operatic Society

Banbury Operatic Society

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Calling all tenors!! We need you!! UrgentAppeal

Email for more information -

Posted on 20/12/2017



Date: 6th February 2018

Location: Telford

Brief: We require two to three people to be characters in a crime watch type film for a promotional campaign. The video is to recreate the following case study We are looking for someone to play the thieves and security guard.

Props: We will require the following props - Security Guard uniform, Plain hoodies

More information: To find out more or to take part please contact Vicky Brewin on 02476 641234 or email

Posted on 15/12/2017



NETG Director Award recipient Gary Sullivan is casting the 25th Anniversary Production of the musical THE HUNCHBACK OF NOTRE DAME and is looking for someone to play Quasimodo. This is a tenor/baritone role requiring a strong acting male capable of captivating audiences with the portrayal. (Playing age 25 to 40)

Rehearsals commence January for 7 weeks show week commencing 19th February.

In addition, the equally demanding role of The Archdeacon Claude Frollo needs to be cast. (Playing age 30 to 50)

To find out more call Gary on 07491 704707

Posted on 15/12/2017


PJ Studio

PJ Studio


Garrison Tailors / Peaky Blinders actors needed

Garrison Tailors

Garrison Tailors is a luxury menswear brand launched off the back of the hit BBC TV series Peaky Blinders by Steven Knight.

Garrison Tailors are showcasing at the British Shooting Show at the Birmingham NEC over 3 days (16th - 18th February 2018) and require 2 actors to attend the stand, entrance and public areas of the show dressed in Garrison Tailors tweed suits as the Peaky Blinders.

Key Points
• Dates: 16th, 17th, 18th February 2018
• Actor Requirements:
o Male
o Age: 18 - 45
o Confidence with the public
o Knowledge of the Peaky Blinders TV series a plus
o Experience at events/shows a plus
o Birmingham accent a plus

Please email with details of your experience, age, height and a head & full body shot and any addition photos/video you think may be relevant.

Posted on 15/12/2017


Sidcup Operatic Society

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Could you be our leading lady?

Thank you to everyone who auditioned for Quasimodo, we have a great cast but we are still missing one of our leading ladies.

We are looking for females over 40 to play older Paquette. She is bent on revenge on the gypsies who stole her child 20 years ago. She is a large part with several songs and a lot of stage time.

We rehearse on Friday evenings at Hurst Community Centre in Sidcup with the show being performed at the Bob Hope Theatre, Eltham 25-28 April.

If you are interested, please email

Posted on 14/12/2017


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