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January 2016

The Cotswold Savoyards

Shurdington Primary School, Gloucestershire

Anything Goes

For further information please contact Carol Oddy, Production Secretary, at

Pre-audition rehearsals will take place at Shurdington Primary School commencing at 7.30pm on the following dates:.
Thursday 17th December 2015
Tuesday 5th January 2016
Thursday 7th January 2016
Principal auditions will be held on Sunday 10th January 2016 with Chorus auditions on Tuesday 12th January 2016, both at Shurdington Primary School.

Click here for music audition pieces.
Click here for dialogue audition pieces.
Click here for character descriptions.

Posted 04/01/2016


Chapel End Savoy Players

St John's Church, Walthamstowe E17 4LH

The Pirates of Penzance

via website, Facebook or Twitter

Open Rehearsal Tuesday 5th January 8pm
Auditions 12th January

Posted 25/11/2015


Lindisfarne Players

Clarence Road Baptist Church Hall

It Runs in the Family a comedy by Ray Cooney

Steve McCartney
phone: 01702312783 | 07519206223 or email: or Facebook

06 Jan 2016 - 19:30

Our next production will be Ray Cooney’s hilarious farce “It Runs in The Family” Ray is Britain’s foremost farce playwright with long running successes like Run for Your Wife and Out of Order.
Rd. David Mortimore, renowned neurologist, is about to deliver the most important lecture of his life. A knighthood is certainly within reach! When into his hospital sanctuary comes Jane Tate - ex-nurse and ex-girlfriend - with shocking news as to why she departed so hastily 16 years and nine months ago. Not only is Dr. Mortimore, the father of her son Leslie, but the strapping teenager is now in reception baying to see his long lost parent!
Trying to hold both his career and marriage together, there is only one solution for Dr. Mortimore – send for faithful friend Dr. Bonney. What ensues is a dangerous web of expanding lies and manic cover-ups involving a Police Sergeant, Dr. Mortimore’s wife, a severe hospital Matron and Dr. Bonney’s mother.
IT RUNS IN THE FAMILY is farce at its finest, spinning deliriously out of control and tickling the funny bones in traditional Ray Cooney fashion.
Auditions are Wednesday 6th January 2016 at 7.30 p.m. at Clarence Road Baptist Church Hall the director will be looking for your prowess in physical comedy and wanting to see good farce performers. As the group has a good reputation in this area.
There are roles for 7 males, 5 females. This is a very fast paced, crazy comedy with one set. There are wild situations with three males impersonating the Matron in drag. Except for two characters people are constantly coming on and off stage.
Characters (in order of appearance)
Dr. David Mortimore, 45-50 A successful neurologist at an important moment in his career. He is charming and a little pompous, flustered but quick to come up with ideas to cover his ever growing string of lies. He is hoping to become the head of surgery and get knighted as a result of the speech he is about to present. He is onstage for almost the entire play and it is a very physical role. He is Rosemary’s husband, Jane’s former lover and Leslie’s father. He ends up in drag as Matron.
Dr. Mike Connolly, 25. An exuberant, boyish doctor who loves acting and dressing up. Makes an attractive woman in the right dress. He is eager to please but is often frenetic! A great thespian, he is very involved in the hospital’s annual pantomime.
Rosemary Mortimore, 40 David’s attractive wife. She is refined and very outgoing and pleasant. She falls for many of her husband’s lies with concern and compassion. She handles the chaos that erupts around her with typical English resolve.
Dr. Hubert Bonney, 40-46 A doctor and David’s best friend. He is very low key but very likeable. Much to his dismay he finds himself in the middle of David’s lies ultimately having to say he is Leslie’s father. While he may be slow to realize some things, he can be quick to react in song etc. to cover up something. He always gives in to David and is totally afraid of his mother. He ends up in drag as Matron. He has lots of physical comedy.
Matron. 30’s or 40’s Used to giving the orders and having them taken. She is a no nonsense type of woman. She is robust, ample, strict, a rule follower. She can be quite intimidating but changes totally when she thinks Dr. Bonny has romantic intentions. She has lots of physical comedy.
Sir Willowy Drake, 50-60 He is a stern administrator who is a little out of touch with what really goes on in the hospital. Chair of the Board of St. Andrew’s Hospital, London. Very elegant –but ultimately succumbs to the gin in the end!
Jane Tate, 35-40 Very pretty, sexy and cuddly. A former nurse at the hospital who had an affair with David that resulted in her son Leslie. She is a middle class and very protective of her son. She is not a pushover.
Sister, 25-30 She is a very efficient nurse at the hospital. Only appears in Act 1.
Leslie Tate, 15-20 The tough, punk son of Jane and David who is now on an emotional rollercoaster finding out a doctor at the hospital is his father. He is very excitable but persistent. This is a very physical role but he is very sweet and loving when he thinks he has found his father and grandmother.
Police Sergeant, 25-30 He is a practical, down to earth cop who has arrested Leslie. He is revealed to be Mike’s uncle. He is the antagonist trying to get to the bottom of what is going on and haul Leslie off to jail.
Bill, 60 He is a patient at the hospital who gets thrown into the fray as a result of David’s lies. He is eccentric, fun loving and imagines him a swinger. He is confused into thinking the doctor’s lounge is his new hospital room and confuses everyone else. He is in a wheelchair, loves his liquor and women. He always becomes lucid when David is trying to cover something up.
Mother, 60’s Hubert’s mother. She is doting, amiable but strong willed where her son is concerned. She is feisty and becomes surprised that her son got a woman pregnant but is thrilled with her new grandson. She only appears in Act 2.

Posted 28/12/2015


Fusion Youth Theatre

Fusion, St Martins Church (Sutcliffe Ave/Scartho Rd, opp Scartho Baths), Lincolnshire

Tales from Narnia

to find out more or contact us, email, tel 07497 750694.

Come along to our open day between 10am-3pm on Sat 9th Jan

Join us for an amazing new theatre project this Spring. We need actors, musicians, dancers, volunteers and more to get involved to create a huge show in Grimsby: 'Tales from Narnia'. Adults and children welcome.

Posted 04/01/2016



Childrey Village Hall, Oxfordshire


Email for further info

Sunday, 10th January, 1pm
Performances:April 20th - 23rd at King Alfred's Academy Theatre, Wantage

Talk-in and auditions Sunday, 10th January, 1pm at Childrey Village Hall .... all welcome!
Please let your friends and fellow actors know.

Posted 10/01/2016


Mid Cheshire Musical Theatre Company



Please contact Annabel Fox: membership secretary to register your interest or 07526 328 583.

Auditions will take place 10.1.2016
Performance: Grange Theatre, Hartford 30 March-2 April 2016

Auditions: Men Needed!
We particularly need men as there are eight fabulous male singing roles! More details will follow.

Posted 09/11/20105


Huntingdon Drama Club

Huntingdon, Cambridgeshire

The Madness of George III

To find out more about auditioning, contact

Monday 11th January, Community Room, Tesco Huntingdon, PE28 2LA. 7.45-9.45pm
Tuesday 12th January, MS Centre, Bradbury House, Mayfield Rd, Huntingdon PE29 1UL. 7.30-9.30pm

Alan Bennett’s The Madness Of George III, to be directed by Mark Hebert. There are lots of roles in this play, male & female, large & small, so please come along and read!

Posted 06/01/2016


The Manifest Theatre Group

The Manifest Theatre, Colchester, Essex

by Emlyn Williams
via website, Facebook or Twitter

Read through 11th January
Casting 18th January
First get together of cast and crew on 20th January
All welcome and we love to see new faces!

Will Trenting is the central character of this intriguing drama set in the 1950s. He is a popular novelist who writes well researched stories and lives with his wife and teenage son in comfortable accommodation near Regents Park. Albert is Trenting's "right hand man" - valet, secretary and confidante. The publisher of Trenting's novels is Thane Lampeter; a charming, respectable gentleman.
This is a contented, wealthy establishment into which two "friends" from Rotherhithe, the area which Will uses to research his material, come and ultimately disturb the smooth running of this celebrity's household, where family and friends have just learned that their 'hero" has been awarded a knighthood for his contribution to literature.
Naturally this has attracted the praise of his readers, and the press. However, when Trenting's private life is exposed at this time the collision of his two worlds, private and public, demonstrates the double standards society displays as press and previous admirers turn against him. How does he and his family cope?
CAST needed:
Will Trenting - 45 -50 years old. A novelist. Lively and enthusiastic but quite modest, friendly.
Rona Trenting - 40 -45 years old. Will's wife. Pleasant, spontaneous and supportive, she has a good relationship with her husband.
Albert - Will's valet/chauffeur. 30 -40 years old. Londoner. Cheerful. Will's "right hand man".
Thane Lampeter - 45-50 years. Will's publisher. Kindly, with the manner of a sophisticated barrister.
Harold - 25 -30 years old. Londoner. Lively, enjoys "a good time".
Phyllis - Harold's wife, 25 - 30 years old. A happy, lively person who takes life as it comes. A Londoner.
Marian Tillyard – A friend of the Trenting family. Intelligent, with a warm and attractive personality.
Ian Trenting – A schoolboy. Son of the Trentings. An innocent teenager who is bookish and rather shy but polite.
Daker - 50ish Rather shabby and unremarkable looking. Somewhat subservient and careful of speech. Cynical in tone at times, especially when drinking.
Posted 22/12/2015


Sudbury Dramatic Society


Outside Edge

Any questions? Need further info?
…If so ask away by contacting me on:
Tel: (01787) 376211 / Mobile: 07976 639787

MONDAY JANUARY 11th 7.30pm

The following gives you an idea of how we’ll be tackling the play and basic character notes to help you in deciding, along with reading the script of course, whether being involved is for you.
The Play
Outside Edge is very much a character based comedy: it doesn’t rely particularly on ‘one liners’ and gags for its humour and neither is it a farce-type comedy
The better and more rounded the characters and how they relate to one another, the funnier and more ‘relevant’ the play will be. To be as entertaining as possible, it needs plenty of verve and this will be a major focus of rehearsals as we look at pacing and establishing and maintaining high energy levels.

The Characters - 5 men & 4 women
The characters undoubtedly have different attitudes to being at the cricket match: they range from thorough absorption in everything relating to the setting up and playing of the game to - variously - weary cynicism, detachment and timidity.

Roger: team captain and overall organiser (although long-suffering wife Miriam does most of the actual work) he lives and breathes all aspects of the match. Everything has to be ‘just so’ (his ‘to do’ list is his match day bible) and he’s only really bothered about the smooth running of the cricket match.

Miriam: Roger’s wife; she does most of the fetching and carrying as well as making the cricket tea. Fusses around and anxious that everyone ‘behaves’ so the cricket runs as smoothly as possible. Nurses a frustration that boils over eventually.
Bob: Married to Ginnie, he gets himself into a mess when absenting himself from the cricket to help his ex-wife with chores on the pretext that Ginnie is ill and he needs to look after her. A good cricketer but less good at running his own life; dislikes artifice hence his contempt for Dennis and especially Alex

Dennis: a social climber with no real class, brags about his new car, his ability to get things cheap (even though he can’t) and is a terrible cricketer. Married to the unseen Shirley but fancies himself as a ladies’ man despite failing miserably in assorted attempts to ingratiate himself.

Kevin: married to Maggie, he’s a good cricketer and in a reversal of stereotyped husband/wife roles he is the expert cook while Maggie possesses the practical DIY abilities. He’s sulky and child-like at times mostly due to Maggie’s fussing over him, and he’s outwardly rude to her but in reality deeply fond of his wife.

Maggie: myopic, wears a big fur coat and stack heels even though it’s a hot summer’s day causing her to lumber around, but she’s not as slow metaphorically as she may appear. More of a DIY and hands-on sort rather than cake making, she dotes on Kevin and does a good line in caustic put-downs.

Ginnie: married to Bob and perpetually annoyed with him for salving his conscience by attending to his ex-wife's domestic requirements. She has a weary cynicism of all things cricket and most of the others involved, and unexpectedly turns up to the match while Bob has told everyone she’s ill.

Alex: young and arrogant lawyer; a very good cricketer with a penchant for dating young and attractive but dim women - the latest being Sharon who he brings along to the match. Doesn’t care about much else other than his batting average and his car - pretty much ignores Sharon until she ultimately lets fly at him.

Sharon: young and pretty, met Alex the night before the match at the local disco. Completely out of her comfort zone in this environment and dresses more like it’s Ladies’ Day at Ascot rather than a humble club cricket match. Spends most of the time trying to access the loo and, when she finally does so, gets locked in.

Character playing range: all except Alex and Sharon can be 30s, 40s or 50s, and the casting will be influenced in part by the right actor ‘partnership’ combinations. Sharon and Alex are obviously younger than the others, so ideally need to look around mid-20s - although early or late 20s at a pinch is also possible.

Scripts are now available for short term loan from The Quay Box Office

Once basic blocking is finished, the bulk of the work will focus on character and building in energy and pace. A lot of ‘silent acting’ will be looked at especially for the second half where many characters spend time not speaking but are onstage for extended periods.

Work on body language and the specific delivery of certain lines for best effect will be experimented with, and most characters have lots of ‘business’ with props etc. For these reasons we’ll need to be books down sooner rather than later to maximise this work so we’ll be ideally off scripts by the end of March or very early April.

Posted 09/12/2015


Break A Leg Company


Compilation Show

please get in touch if you'd like to audition

Auditions are 13th January
Performance 14th May 2016

We are looking for acts and performers for a compilation show

Posted 30/11/20105


Cork City Musical Society

Firkin Crane Theatre, Shandon

Crazy for You

To book an audition slot please PM us or email with your requested day and optimum time.

ensemble and principal parts on Thursday 14 January, 6.30-9pm, Saturday 16, 2-6pm and 23 January, 2 - 4.30pm.

“Crazy for You” will run from 29th April – 1st May and will be directed by Cllr Kieran McCarthy, and Musical Direction by Michael Young.
Prepare one song from any musical; script material will be there on the day

Posted 06/01/2016


Banbury Cross Players

The Mill Arts Centre, Banbury

The Hollow a thriller by Agatha Christie

For further details see or get in touch at

Thursday 14 January 2016, 8pm

Banbury Cross Players announce Open Auditions for their April 2016 production of the classic Agatha Christie thriller – “The Hollow” - on Thursday 14 January 2016, 8pm at The Mill Arts Centre.
Gathered at the home of Sir Henry and Lucy Angkatell are various guests including Dr John Cristow, his mistress, Henrietta, his ex-mistress Veronica, and his wife, Gerda. Veronica wants to marry Cristow but he refuses to divorce Gerda. Veronica declares if she can't have him no-one else will. Within five minutes Cristow is dead. Nearly everyone had motive and opportunity but who actually committed the deed has to be discovered by Inspector Colquhoun and Sergeant Penny.
Re-creating the glamour of the 1930s with an Art Deco inspired set, coupled with the suspense of a sparkling Christie plot, the twists and turns of this play keep the audience guessing to the very end!
Henrietta Angkatell - Sir Henry Angkatell - Lady Angkatell - Gudgeon (Butler)
Midge Harvey - Edward Angkatell - Doris (Maid) - Gerda Cristow
Dr John Cristow - Vernoica Craye - Inspector Colquhoun - Sgt Penny
Casting is flexible with ages ranging from 30s to 70s. Rehearsals will be on Mondays and Thursdays from January to April 2016.
All are welcome to a read through of the play at The Mill Arts Centre, Spiceball Pk Rd, Banbury, OX17 5QE on TUESDAY 5 JANUARY 2016, 8pm.
You do not have to be a member to audition but will be required to join if cast. Performance dates are 20-23 April 2016 and you will need to be available for Technical and Dress rehearsals from 17 April onwards.

Posted 16/12/2015



Wavendon Gate Pavilion, Isaacson Drive, Bucks MK7
Witness for the Prosecution

details of parts and audition pieces and how to register:

Auditions: Friday 15th January @7.30pm or
Sunday 17th January @1pm
Performance: Stantonbury Theatre, Milton Keynes, April 13 to 16 2016

Witness For the Prosecution is a court room drama by the master of mystery - Agatha Christie.
The basic plot involves Leonard Vole, a charming but somewhat feckless young man who, in the face of almost incontrovertible evidence, is accused of murdering a rich old lady he has recently befriended, and the dogged efforts of his legal team to get him off. However, with this being Christie, things are never quite what they seem.

Posted 04/01/2016


Bath G&S Society




via website, Facebook or Twitter

Rehearsals begin on Friday 8 January 2016. Why not come along and join us?
Auditions for principal roles will take place on Saturday 16th January at 14:30, and Wednesday 20th January at 19:30.
Performances: Wed 1st - Sat 4th June 2016

Our main show this season offers a rare opportunity to take part in a fully-staged production of a work which contains some of Sullivan’s finest music.
Princess Ida tells the story of a princess who founds a women's university and teaches that women are superior to men and should rule there instead. When the prince to whom she had been married in infancy sneaks into the university with two friends, hoping to collect his bride, all soon face a literal war between the sexes.

Posted 13/01/2016


Birmingham Youth Theatre - BYT

Birmingham Youth Theatre - BYT



Sweet Charity

07588764370 or email or

Sunday 17th January 10.00am

Birmingham Youth Theatre are looking for talented youngsters between the age of 9 and 18 yrs to join our award winning company.
We rehearse every Sunday Morning from 10-1 and put on 2 professional performances a year at the Old Rep Theatre Birmingham
We are currently holding workshops in preparation for our next show Sweet Charity in June.
If you are interested in becoming part of this fabulous all singing all dancing show and joining our award winning company please contact us or come along to Westhouse School, St James Rd, Edgebaston this Sunday 17th January 10.00am to see what we are about!

Posted 13/01/2016


Sudbury Dramatic Society

Sudbury, Suffolk

The Tempest
by William Shakespeare

More details about the Tempest project from

AUDITIONS: Sunday 17th January & Monday 18th January
PERFORMANCE: Tuesday 5th - Saturday 9th July

Directed by Annie Eddigton

Posted 09/12/2015


Athenaeum Masqueraders

Athenaeum Theatre, Warminster

Roald Dahl's The Witches


Sunday 17th January 2016 3pm

Based on the book "The Witches" by Roald Dahl and Adapted for the stage by David Wood

This amateur production of “The Witches” is presented by special arrangement with SAMUEL FRENCH, LTD.

This is a faithful adaptation of Roald Dahl’s classic story in which Boy and his Grandmother defeat the Grand High Witch and her followers, who are holding a Conference in an English seaside hotel. During the struggle, Boy gets turned into a mouse. The Witches are nothing like the ones who wear pointed hats and fly on broomsticks – they look very much like ordinary women, which helps their deception.

The play offers many opportunities for illusions and inventive puppetry. Humour is provided by the vulgar Jenkins family whose son, Bruno, also becomes a mouse..
Auditions will be open to anyone between the ages of 8 & 19 and will take the format of a brief workshop followed by individual readings.
There is a cast of up to 21 roles plus extra witches for some scenes so there will be plenty of scope for a large cast.

We will be running 4 shows, Thursday 5th May, Friday 6th May plus a matinee and an evening show on Saturday 7th May.



Louth Playgoers Society

Studio Theatre, Riverhead Theatre, Victoria Road, Louth, Lincolnshire LN11 0BX

Sister Act

via Website, Facebook or Twitter

January 18 @ 7:30 pm
Production dates: May 18-28 2016

Audition pieces can be found by following the links below
The Director has made script selections for audition pieces, please review the two files below which are marked with the Character name they relate to.
Script Selection 1
Script Selection 2
A full list of Audition Music is available here:
Audition Music
Sample tracks for Audition Music are available here:
Audition Tracks

Posted 18/01/2016


Braintree Musical Society

Braintree College, Essex


via website or Facebook

Audition Mon 18th Jan 19:30
performances will be in June 2016

Directed by Debbie Marks
This is a fun retelling of the New Testament parables from The Gospel According to Matthew. The show is at times comedic, and at times sentimental as Jesus Christ recruits a group of followers and teaches them various lessons through song and dance. Featuring the well known numbers such as 'Day by Day' and 'We Beseech Thee'.
The performances will be in June 2016, with our first meeting on Monday 18th January at The College, Braintree. More details and dates to follow...
Please help us spread the word (just as Jesus did...!)

Posted 21/12/2015


Youth Music Theatre UK

Youth Music Theatre UK


Youth Music Theatre UK is auditioning THIS SATURDAY (23 January) in COLCHESTER (also auditioning in London)!

All the info and the full list of dates can be found here: or please call 020 8563 7725.

23rd Jan 2016

Open to absolutely anyone aged 11-21, YMT is looking for actors, singers, dancers and musicians to join the YMT 2016 Company and work with leading theatre professionals and star in a brand new musical this summer. No preparation or previous experience is necessary as everything will be taught on the day! YMT’s Colchester Audition is part of YMT’s National Auditions tour, where we are visiting 25 cities across the UK and Ireland – this is the UK’s largest search for talent!
PLUS! If young people use the code: MUSICAL2016 they can get £20 off their Audition Booking (paying just £20 instead of £40!) This code can be used online or over the phone.
Previous YMT Members include Ed Sheeran, Sam Smith, West End leading lady Lauren Samuels and over 8,000 others!

Posted on 20/01/2016


Saddleworth Musical Society

Uppermill Methodist Church, Lancashire

Jekyll and Hyde

For further details please contact Carole on 07595981852 or by e-mail

24 Jan 2016 14:00 to 16:00

Based on Robert Louis Stevenson’s classic thriller, Jekyll & Hyde is the gripping tale of a brilliant mind gone horrifically awry, set to a powerful pop-rock score by Frank Wildhorn with book and lyrics by Leslie Bricusse. In an attempt to cure his ailing father’s mental illness by separating “good” from “evil” in the human personality, talented physician Dr. Jekyll inadvertently creates an alternate personality of pure evil, dubbed Mr. Hyde, who wreaks murderous havoc on the city of London. As his fiancée Emma grows increasingly fearful for her betrothed, a prostitute, Lucy, finds herself dangerously involved with both the doctor and his alter ego. Struggling to control Hyde before he takes over for good, Jekyll must race to find a cure for the demon he has created in his own mind.

Posted 04/01/2016


Brigit Foster


Comedy Podcast

Please e-mail for further details.

Recording Saturday 13 February

I’m producing a comedy podcast in Oxford with a writing colleague and we’re looking for actors. Please can you post the below advert on your website:
Actors (male and female) wanted for podcast recording of comedy sketches on Saturday 13 February in Oxford.
Actors must be available for an evening read through in Oxford (TBA) and so will ideally be Oxfordshire-based.
Brigit Foster

Posted 25/01/2016


Grosvenor Light Opera Company (GLOC)

St Gabriel’s Halls, London

Pirates of Penzance


27th January at 6.45pm

Come along to our open rehearsal for Pirates of Penzance and find out more about what GLOC has in store!
Everyone is welcome, just come along to St Gabriel’s Halls on 27th January at 6.45pm to meet everyone, and have a sing-a-long!
Show week: Sunday 22 May 2016 – Saturday 28 May 2016.
Performance venue: Bridewell Theatre, 14 Bride Lane, London EC4Y 8EQ.
Rehearsals: Wednesday evenings 6.45-9.45pm, in Pimlico (SW1V 3AA), plus three Sunday rehearsals in the run up to the show.
Audition dates for principal roles provisionally on 3 and 7 February. Chorus roles are not auditioned for.

Posted 04/01/2016


The Lir


27th Jan 2016

Applying to study Acting or Acting & Theatre at The Lir? You can now audition in Dublin,Belfast,New York or London - Book your audition time online here

Posted 06/01/2016


Little Bridge Theatre Company

Tonbridge, Kent


Contact: OR CALL 07881 294371



Posted 25/01/2016


The Grange Players

The Grange Players


Party Piece

via Twitter

Performance: 9th - 19th March 2016


Posted 11/01/2016


Trinity Music and Drama


Fiddler on the Roof

If you are interested or know someone who might be please contact Gerald Hindes at for more info.

Performance May 2016

Trinity Music and Drama are still looking for a Motel, Perchik, Mendel and Fyedka.

Posted 12/01/2016


Stoke Youth Musical Theatre Company




Performances April 2016

WEST SIDE STORY is underway,
But we now need to complete the cast
- we are looking for TWO male actors for the pivotal 'adult' roles (non-singing/dancing) of 'DOC' & 'SHRANK' - playing age 30+
So if this is you please get in touch or if you know of anyone please pass this on.

Posted 12/01/2016


Maisemore Arts and Drama

Maisemore Arts and Drama



Over my Dead Body' by Derek Benfield

Contact: if you would like further details or are interested in joining our friendly team.

performance dates are 8th and 9th April

Cast Member required
We are currently casting for our next production
Over my Dead Body' written by Derek Benfield.

Following his wife's recent death Gerald hopes to spend the rest of his days alone with his memories. But he reckons without his late wife's "forward planning", which results in a series of unexpected events occurring that Gerald had not anticipated. With the help of his daughter and son-in-law, Gerald strives to maintain his independence and keep unexpected visitors at bay. But the recalling of memories revives events from the past that are both funny and sad.
We are looking for a mature man with experience of being on stage and taking a leading role for the part of Gerald, our performance dates are 8th and 9th April with our rehearsal on Thursday evening and also on Wednesday evenings during March.

Posted 15/01/2016


Heckmondwike Players



Pirates of Penzance

via Facebook or Twitter

Performances: 16 March - 19 March

We are looking for some more Pirates and Policemen/women!
Come and join us, we're a friendly bunch!

Posted 18/01/2016


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