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Let's Misbehave!

Let's Misbehave!


Murder Mystery Players

ACTORS WANTED for our autumn/winter murder mystery: ‘A Platform For Murder’, which is scheduled to be performed in local Nottinghamshire/Lincolnshire restaurants between middle of October to middle of December 2017.

Contact: or 07980317739

Posted on 22/05/2017


School Fair


I am a member of Broxbourne CofE Primary School, we are holding a summer fair on the 24th June (12.00-15.00).

I wondered if anyone would be interested in performing on a voluntary basis at the fair. The time duration of your performance can be as short or long as you like.

Some of our acts are only 30 mins long.

You would be able to freely advertise and sell any merchandise.

Please let me know if this would be of any interest to you.

Thank you for your time.


Rikki-Leigh Kenny

Posted on 19/05/2017


St Augustine's Musical Theatre Company



St. Augustine’s Musical Theatre Company, based in Solihull, is looking for 3 to 4 male dancers to play the Russian soldiers in its current production of ‘FIDDLER ON THE ROOF’, which performs at The Core Theatre in November this year. You will also need to be able to sing, but it’s primarily dance ability that’s required.

If you are interested, or can pass this information on to others who might be, please contact us by email at, or send a message through our Facebook page.

Get in touch - as soon as possible!

Fiddler on the roof

Posted on 18/05/2017


Des Hamilton Casting

Break A Leg Company


We are a casting company for film and television called 'Des Hamilton Casting'. Our previous work includes 'Bronson' (Tom Hardy), 'War Machine' (Brad Pitt) and 'Only God Forgives' (Ryan Gosling) for more examples of our work please visit our website.

Just to give you some background, we are well known within the industry for our unorthodox methods of casting, often visiting community centres and drama groups etc. when casting for films, rather than going via the traditional actor/agent route. Therefore, I cannot stress enough that NO PREVIOUS PROFESSIONAL ACTING EXPERIENCE IS NECESSARY.

We are currently casting for a FEATURE FILM by a renowned Australian director.
We are looking for A MAN IN HIS LATE TEENS TO EARLY 20's to play the lead role. The director is particularly interested in seeing boxers or people with that physique.

Anyone who fits the brief and is interested in this project should email with a photograph. We would really appreciate it if you could circulate this exciting opportunity to as many people as possible. I have attached a flyer which can be printed or posted on social media.

For more information on the company please visit
Olivia Rage

Posted on 18/05/2017


Break A Leg Company

Break A Leg Company


Could you be our gangster preacher, Moonface Martin or wealthy tycoon, Eli Whitney?

Anything Goes

If you think you can, please get in touch! or through the Facebook page.

We're also looking for cast members so, if you enjoy a bit of a song and dance, get in touch. Better still, come along to our next rehearsal and see what we're all about.

Posted on 16/05/2017


Theatre/Drama Students

I'm looking for a group of young actors who would like to take part in a promotional video and photoshoot to promote Chelmsford College and feature in our next prospectus. We are looking for young people aged between 16 and 25 to take part.

We have yet to confirm a date, but it's likely to be end of June/beginning of July. The day would start around 09:00 with a finish by 17:00. We'd need actors to sign a media release form so we could retain copyright of images and film.

Best wishes


Sarah Cousins
Marketing Consultant
Moulsham Street, CM2 0JQ

Posted on 16/05/2017


Active Animus Theatre - Improvisation Workshops

Active Animus Theatre are going to be running improvisation workshops open to everyone, from people completely new to improvisations to pro's. Whether you want to improve your skills or simply get more confidence, this workshop is for you. Great fun to be had all round with several different styles/techniques looked at.

£2 per session

Please call/text the number or email to register your interest.

Active Animus Theatre - Mansfield/Nottinghamshire area, contact 07482 735237 -

Posted on 15/05/2017


Casting Call for Studio Musical!

Hi there!

I'm a third year TV Production student at Bournemouth University and I'm currently producing a 20 minute studio based comedy musical for my final project. I was wondering if you could send this round to members of your theatre course? The shoot dates are the 24th - 26th May, but the actors will be needed for one or two days next week to pre-record the songs.

The songs will be professionally recorded in a Foley studio and the actors will receive copies of the final show, I am also available to edit together showreels as a thank you! Due to the fact that this is a student production, I have a very limited budget so will not be able to pay the actors, but food will be provided on the shoot days and they will also receive a small budget to pick out costumes for their characters.

I am looking to cast 7 characters, 1 male and 6 female. All need to be able to sing and must look like they are in their late teens.

Casting Call
All characters must look between 16-18 years old, and be able to do an American accent.
Each character also features on at least one song, listed below.
Blair - Loud, unapologetic and brutally honest. Dreams of making it big in Hollywood. -
Rachel Berry from Glee?
Heather - Always spaced out, not very smart. Very good at martial arts though. - Karen from Mean Girls/ Brittany from Glee?
Heather (2) - Desperately tries to befriend the girls, but they’re never nice to her. - like Lavender Brown from Harry Potter but evil?
Carrie - Cautious, very intelligent, so much so that she can sometimes come across pretentious. - Felicity from Arrow/ Quinn from Glee
Tiffany - Popularity is everything. Gretchen Weiners from Mean Girls/ Santana from Glee?
Lillith - Constantly picked on, mainly by Heather. Clumsy but sweet. - like Charlotte from
Geordie Shore?
Freddy - Tiffany’s creepy older brother. Goes to the same school as the girls. - like Kilgrave from Jessica Jones

Everyone’s Invited - upbeat pop song ft. Blair, Heather, Carrie, Tiffany, Lillith
Ode to a Pretty Girl - slow, creepy song ft. Freddy
(Whodunnit song) - fast paced spoken word, a bit like Your Fault from Into The Woods, ft.
Freddy, Blair, Heather, Heather (2), Carrie, Tiffany
Confessional - starts off slow then turns into power ballad, ft. Heather (2)

If anyone wants more information about the project then feel free to email me at!

Mila Hrisimova

Posted on 14/05/2017


Piece of Cake Casting

Piece of Cake Casting


Film Extras Wanted - Open Casting 20th May - Men/Women 17-99 Years




Piece of Cake Casting are looking for men and women aged 17 to 99 years, all ethnicities with natural coloured hair, no visible tattoos or piercings.
No experience Necessary.

You must be over 16 years and legally allowed to work in the UK with a National Insurance number.


Minimum of £110 per filming day.

Many Thanks,
Piece of Cake

Delivering who you want is a “Piece of Cake!"

Posted on 14/05/2017



Real Love

Would any musical drama group like to stage this musical for FREE!

To listen to the whole musical just press the link below. And if you would like to stage ‘Real Love’ just email for your FREE! Script. Or pm me…

by John Collings and Darren Hughes. Cast: fm 3 - m4

Real Love’ is a light romantic musical comedy. It tells of a young girls dream to find real love, and the obstacles she has to overcome to reach her goal. Comes with FREE! backing tracks & guide vocals on cd (all I need is a postal address to send the CD to).

Author – John Collings – (winner of the “Steyning Play Festival” 2009, judged by Sir Arnold Wesker). Composer – Darren Hughes – (Runner up in a worldwide “Song of the Year Competition”). Real Love’ was first produced at the Under Ground Theatre. Director – Bronwen Carr “Cat on a Hot Tin Roof” Lyric Theatre. Musical Director/actor – Matthew Bates (“Bridget’s Jones Diary). Plus a professional cast including Brian Blessed’s daughter Rosalind Blessed.

‘Real Love’ was also produced by the Sky Blue Theatre Company, Cambridge.

Posted on 10/05/2017


Wanted - Room hire for public speaking events - 20-100 capacity

Real Social Dynamics, the largest dating company in the world are looking for a place to hold various events, mostly for public speaking.

The requirements are as follows:

• In central London and as close to an underground station as possible.
• Room sizes: small = 20-30 people, medium = 50 people and large = 100 people (the small, medium and large events do not need to be at the same location).
• Time: 19:00 - 22:00 (generally).
• We need a venue for at least 50 people on Friday or Saturday this week 12th / 13th May and for: 23rd or 24th of June. - Preliminary room size and time: 30 people and 19:00 - 22:00 respectively.

I need anyone interested to me what the price would be for small, medium and large events? - These are mostly free events for the people that attend, therefore RSD are looking for the cheapest possible prices.

If you have any questions please let me know.
Max Troy
Venue Organiser

Posted on 08/05/2017


Kapow Parties


Male Actors Required

We are a locally based party planning company who are currently looking for male actors.

Kapow Parties

Production Type - Roleplay
Characters - Male Superheroes
Salary - Paid
Availability - Part Time Evenings & Weekends
Location - Dorset
Closing Date - 30.05.17

Male Actors/Children's Entertainers required 18 years plus wanted to play the roles of Superheroes/Skin Characters for a local party planning company. The role will involve bringing some of our best loved superheroes to life appearing at various PA's across the south and at children's birthday parties.
Part Time Evenings & Weekends.
Fight Combat and Acro trained preferred but not essential.

To Apply Email Contact;


Posted on 08/05/2017


CASTING CALL: Multiple Roles for Brighton Based Feature Film



I am casting several roles for a feature length film Nightwaves directed by David Irons who sold his first feature at Cannes last year.
The film will be shot in mainly in Brighton. The project currently is expenses only. However, we are in the process of securing funding, and some requires actors to be onboard.
Many thanks,

Character Briefs

Kirsten is intelligent strong but gentle ex-¬-model who quits the industry after being pushed too far by an unruly client. She moves to Brighton to join her cousin Simone and concentrate on her illustrating work away from the banal modeling world which she has grown to despise. However, something in the sea has been waiting for her…

Simone (Kirsten cousin and Geena’s girlfriend) is independent, strong willed, loud-mouthed and often abrasive, although she has soft-¬-spots for her favorite cousin Kirsten and long-term girlfriend, Geena. Simone works as a designer in Brighton running her own business of designing and crafting neon signs. Instead, she is dragged into a world of nightmare, shadowed by the creatures from beneath the sea.

Geena is Simone's dependent and bratty girlfriend. She’s a tease who gets through life on flirtatious behavior and the philosophy that playing dumb will get you out of everything.

Mickey is the introverted, troubled young man who works as a janitor in Simone's apartment building. He is an upbeat depressive with a dry wit and realistic look at the world. He has an eye for the girls not that he has the confidence to do anything about it.

Charley is a girl who has just found her voice and is ready to up and leaves her abusive boyfriend, Darren. Once a victim she is now hard headed and independent, beginning to take steps into a new life, one that may not last very long.

Charley’s loud, obnoxious and abusive boyfriend. Darren is more interested in his car and other girls that his relationship with Charley, he is oblivious to her recent transformation.
Note: there are no sides for Darren so, please send in your headshot and link to your show reel if you have one.

About the film
Nightwaves: A gothic neon noir horror story. Imagine H.P Lovecraft painted by Patrick Nagel.

A kind of a cross between the Argento/Bava Demons.

It Follows with a dash of The Neon Demon mixed with Invasion of the Body Snatchers and Blood Beach. Mixing a stylish blend of night skies and seaside neon, with a soundtrack of haunting eerie saxophone and dark synth pads.

About us
Director David Irons is a Brighton based photographer, author, and director who sold his first feature Cassette at Cannes last year. You can see more of David’s work on his website
Actress Lucy Drive has worked on many international films and TV shows. Lucy will play the support role of Melissa, the clairvoyant, view Lucy’s full credits IMDB
Assistant to the director Rebecca Lunato has assisted directors on varied projects including assistant producing several films for NOWNESS and is currently producing a short film supported by the BFI.

About the job
We are in the process of applying for funding and will ensure this job is at least all expenses paid job we are aiming for NFTS / Equity minimum. However, we would like applicants to be interested enough in being part of the project to be flexible to the idea of this changing.
Our aim is to film in the summer July/ August, but this does depend on when we get the funding so it is possible the shoot would be next Spring/Summer. The shoot will run for around 14 days of filming for leads and 5-¬- 10 days for support actors.
We will be making a short to help gain funding using a scene starring DARREN AND CHARLEY to be shot early June over one evening in Brighton.

How to apply
Please upload your self-¬-tape to a private Vimeo/YouTube link and email with access information by Monday 15th May by 5 pm at the latest. Send an email to let us know we can be expecting your tape.
Film yourself in medium shot or medium close-up shot to ensure we can see your face clearly. You do not need to be totally off-book, so you can use the script for reference.
We will be in contacted shortly if you are invited to an in person recall in Brighton/ London depending on your location.
Note: You are welcome to tape for more than one character or in pairs if you know of other actors who are suitable/interested in the project.


Posted on 02/05/2017


Partners in Rhyme

Partners in Rhyme

Saturday Night Game Show

Brand new game family show. We are looking for outgoing, fun-loving people (aged 18 or over) to take part.

It's all about rhyming, so if you can identify a pug in a mug, or Snow White flying a kite, then this is the show for you.

Here's how to apply, why not give it a try?

Contact us for an application form: email
call 0141 4406758
By post: Partners in Rhyme Contestant Team, Panda TV, Objective Media Group Limited, Film City, 4 Summertown Road, Glasgow GS1 2LY

Posted on 30/04/2017



Filming in May 2017

My name is Rosemary and I am an Associate Director at the National Theatre. I have a casting opportunity that may be of interest.

We are currently touring with our production of 'My Country, a work in progress' which will be playing at The Birmingham Rep from the 16th-20th of May. In the days following the Brexit vote, a team from the National Theatre spoke to people nationwide, aged 9 to 97, to hear their views on the country we call home. In a series of deeply personal interviews, they heard opinions that were honest, emotional, funny, and sometimes extreme. My Country puts their words centre stage.

These real testimonials are interwoven with speeches from party leaders of the time in this groundbreaking new play by Carol Ann Duffy, Poet Laureate, and Artistic Director of The National Theatre Rufus Norris.
While we are in Birmingham we will begin work on the film version of the play, which is being created for BBC2 by Cuba Pictures directed by Rufus Norris. In addition to the 7 actor from the stage version, we are looking for 48 background actors to feature in the film. We need to find a broad range of performers, from 18-97(!), from all backgrounds and of all ethnicities. Performers will be featured closely in the film as the real people who gave interviews for the project, however these are non-speaking roles.
No experience is necessary, but you will need an interest and passion for drama and/or film, a positive attitude and some patience!

The filming will take place over 3 days from the 16th-18th of May and you will need to be available for all 3 days and provide your own transportation to the filming location (or the nearest public transport stop).This is a paid opportunity.

Those who are available for the dates above can apply by Thursday 4th May simply by sending an email with their name, age, contact phone number and a recent photograph to

Posted on 30/04/2017



Ambiguous Utopia

Ambiguous Utopia

Looking for three performers to take part in a performance inspired by Ursula Le Guin's 'The Dispossessed' at The Northern Charter on Friday 26 May 2017

Seeking performers of any gender and or those who identify as non binary. Performers must be over the age of 18, older performers welcome. The performance will entail reciting three texts and a series of movements workshopped together during rehearsals.

This is an experimental but structured performance work, not based on characterisation. Ideally the performers will be interested in working alongside Gayle to develop the performance during a series of exercises.


Casting call - Thursday 4 may, 7 pm
Rehearsals - evenings of Monday 15 May through to Thursday 18 May (tba)
Performance - Friday 26 May

This position is unpaid and is part of Gayle Meikle's PhD research. To say thank you, she would like to cook you dinner.

There will be a casting call at BALTIC39 at 7 pm on Thursday 4 May
Please contact for more details.

Posted on 30/04/2017


The Casting Collective

The Casting Collective


Men & Women age 16 – 80 wanted to be film extras in a major new feature film shooting at Cardington Studios Bedfordshire in Summer 2017


Apply online using this link and Casting Collective will be in touch asap


Posted on 30/04/2017


Piece of Cake Casting

Piece of Cake Casting






Piece of Cake Casting are looking for men and women aged 17 to 99 years, all ethnicities with natural coloured hair, no visible tattoos or piercings.
No experience Necessary.

You must be over 16 years and legally allowed to work in the UK with a National Insurance number.


Minimum of £110 per filming day.

Many Thanks,
Piece of Cake

Delivering who you want is a “Piece of Cake!"

Posted on 27/04/2017


cineflix Media

cineflix Media

Short Documentary Reenactment

We’re looking for a female 40’s slender, lighter skinned African American for a short documentary reenactment for Thursday/Friday (27th, 28th April 2017).
Pay $50.

Please email Shelby at sverheyen@cineflixcom

Shelby Verheyen – The Eleven
Assistant Production Coordinator

Manchester, NH, USA

Posted on 25/04/2017


Mystery Play in Bolton Priory

Dear Yorkshire Drama Groups

I'm contacting you on behalf of Bolton Abbey Players with 2 messages /news items.

1. We are staging the Mystery Play in Bolton Priory and in the nearby ruins this July (8th & 9th), and we are looking for players. The Mystery Play (formerly the Pageant) has a long history, and is staged once every two years. It's a simple but moving story of the adult life of Christ in 11 scenes which moves around the ruins and begins and ends in the church.

You don't have to be a churchgoer or a Christian to take part, and in fact many who do aren't. It is planned to begin rehearsals in May. If you are interested in taking part, please get in touch -

2. Secondly, Are you interested in starting a drama group, but short on resources? We are based in a venue with a stage, rehearsal space, a good wardrobe stock, catering facilities, car park and starting funds for an enthusiastic leader.
Bolton Abbey Drama Group began as an energetic and thriving community of adults and children, Although we continue to stage the Bolton Priory Mystery Play, we are now hoping to find a volunteer who can re-establish the tradition of a yearly pantomime and regular productions.

We don't want our resources to go to waste, and particularly, the opportunities they offer to bring together the small communities of Lower Wharfedale.

If you or someone you know is interested , please get in touch. Contact

Kind regards
Jo Craven

Posted on 25/04/2017


K&L Casting CDA

K&L Casting CDA

K&L Casting CDA


Do you know someone who really deserves a very special surprise?

Well we have the perfect opportunity for you to do it!

We are looking for people to take part in a secret surprise…beginning with an overnight break in London or Sheffield (all travel and hotel expense covered and £250 spending money) then…well the rest is a secret!

REMEMBER make sure you don’t tell … it’s a BIG surprise!


To stay overnight in London on 1st, surprise on 2nd May.

To stay overnight in Sheffield on 7th May, surprise on 8th May.

Please make sure you are free for these before you apply!

Please apply below.

Once you have applied we will send you an email with more info…

As it’s a surprise we can’t give too much away!

Posted on 21/04/2017


Filming Opportunity


I am contacting you on behalf of my production team in regards to actors. We are creating the pilot episode for a comedy sitcom in mid May.
We require a woman aged 18 - 22, another aged 30 - 40, two men aged 18 - 22, another 20 -25 and another man aged 50+. All ages are approximate though, so please feel free to apply if you don’t fit exactly.

We’re a student production team and so couldn’t pay a wage to you, but all actors will be credited and you will be free to use the film as an example of your work, should you wish to.

If you would like a copy of the script please email me.

For any further enquires or questions, don’t hesitate to contact me at or, alternately, my colleague


Danny Kane

Posted on 16/04/2017


Britain's Next Top Model - Series 12!

TV show Britain's Next Top Model, we will be filming our 12 series of the show very very soon! And as one of our challenges we have a celebrity guest who is launching her new range of kids clothing and we going to get our contestants to work with a group of children and teach them how to strut their stuff on the runway and then will walk the catwalk together for this guest judge. So it is very exciting.

We are looking for 6 year old children who live in Essex for a days filming with a celebrity guest on Saturday 6th May.

We will cover travel costs and also feed and water them on the day as well as their chaperones.

If anyone is interested in taking part please contact me on as soon as possible so we can sort out licensing.

Best Wishes
Ryan Mellin

Posted on 10/04/2017


Casting Call

I'm Sophie, the Producer of a short student Film at Westminster Film School called 'Midnight Kebab.' This is a black comedy revolving around an accidental murder of a customer in a local kebab shop, and although very funny it is also heartwarming, with themes of unlikely friendship and teen struggles/family themes.

Synopsis: Mert works in his family owned kebab shop one night. After denying his daughter Rabia's request to go out to a party he begins a late night shift by himself. He serves 3 teenagers, Felix, Ike and Jamie, as well as a rude drunken man. After receiving several words of abuse from the drunken man, Mert turns around in a state of frustration and accidentally kills him with his carving knife. Throughout the night the teenagers help Mert to dispose of the body but none of their plans seem to work.. One of the teens, Jamie, comes up with the idea to disguise the dead customer as kebab meat. They return to the kebab shop, cut up the customer and leave. The following night, Mert enters his shop only to notice that his employee has unknowingly assembled the human body on the kebab skewer, which is being served as doner meat. Mert keeps quiet and drives Rabia to a party where he happens to see Charlie, Jamie and Ike,and gives them a knowing wave.

We are on the lookout for some talented young actors aged 18+ for three of the roles: 'Ike' (Male, 18-21), 'Jamie' (Female, 18-21) and 'Felix' (Male, 18-21) (University age).

Also, we are searching for talented Turkish/middle eastern actors for the lead part of 'Mert' (Male, 40+), Rabia (18-21) and 'Zeynep' (30+).

Further, we have a part available for that of the 'drunken man', who gets accidentally killed by Mert when being verbally abusive, and a policeman of any age and nationality.

Unfortunately this would be an unpaid job due to it being an on course filmbut we would pay any travel expenses within London and catering would be provided, along with a DVD and online copy of the film, stills from production and of course this is fully credited. We will be submitting to festivals where our films at Westminster Film School do very well so this would also be great exposure and showreel material, and shooting in 2K on Arri Alexa, with professional lighting, grading and mixing.

I can send the script on request. The shoot is May 8th-13th with one day (flexible) of rehearsals the week beforehand.

My email is, please get in touch if you are interested!
Best wishes,
Sophie Hadley

Posted on 10/04/2017


TLC Wedding show
TLC Wedding show


I wanted to inform you about our latest TV Programme, as there may be some ladies that are getting married or have family & friends getting married who may be interested in this opportunity.

If you could spread the word, pass on any interested brides to me or post on social media:

We're looking for curvy brides who are having trouble finding the perfect wedding dress for TLC. It's a really heart-warming and upbeat show, where our 2 experts help curvy brides find their Dream dress in their Wedding Boutique, in Essex.

Any questions, please ask.


Jenni Crane

angel eye

Posted on 05/04/2017


Drama Teacher Wanted

Hi work for the charity Mind, we help people who suffer with mental health, we are looking to find someone to come in for an hour a week possibly more to teach drama either for free or at a low cost as we are charity run or if names and number could be forwarded to myself who may offer this type of service.

Tara Johnston

The Phoenix Project

Brynmawr, Gwent South Wales 01495 3311445

Posted on 05/04/2017


ITV Countdown Audience
ITV Countdown


At Countdown, we have the opportunity for groups to attend live studio recording sessions at Media City UK in Salford, with both morning and afternoon slots available.

Upcoming guests in the Dictionary Corner which may be of interest include Greg Rusedski, Suzannah Lipscomb, Chris Packham, Janet Street-Porter and Gloria Hunniford.

If you are interested in organising a group booking or a tour of the studio, or require any other information please don't hesitate to email me back or alternatively call me on 0161 952 0408.

Many Thanks,

Sarah Woolley

Posted on 05/04/2017


Actor Wanted for Three Day Shoot

I am a student at Bournemouth University, studying Film Production, currently in the pre-production stages for a modern day adaptation of Game Of Thrones, set in a woodland location.

For this project, we need an actor for a three-day shoot in a Salisbury woodland between 9am-5pm from the 25-27th April, including a script read-through on the 18th. Would you be able to relay this acting opportunity to any of your drama group?

We would need a man between the ages of 35-55. Travel and food expenses would be covered.

If anyone that matches the criteria from your drama groups would like to a part of this, they can contact our Director and I here:

Immy Evans - Director:

Elliot Fane - Producer:

I look forward to hearing from you.

Kind Regards,

Elliot Fane
Game of Thrones Adaptation - Producer

Posted on 04/04/2017


Aspire Drama

Hi we're a theatre company that rehearse in Ruislip Manor and we're looking for actors and actresses to join our group.

Anyone interested???

Please contact via Twitter

Posted on 03/04/2017


Clacton Amateur Dramatic Society (CADS)


CADS are looking for a young male to take supporting role in our next production Run For Your Wife

If you're interested please contact us 01255 432307 or via our website or Facebook page.

Posted on 02/04/2017


Oldham Audi need actors for their Grand Opening

Oldham Audi will be opening on the 31st July. Our customers are at the heart of everything that we do and we want to create a Wow factor for them on the experience they have with Oldham Audi. We will be providing support and training to our new colleagues who will previously not have come from a car industry background, but will be experienced within a retail environment and truly focused on customers. We are looking for actors to pretend to be customers during our practice time of week commencing 17th and 24th July.

Different customer profiles will be created to encourage conversation, but we are looking for as many natural requirements as if you were one of our customers and to go away feeling you were truly looked after.

Please contact me if you are interested in being part of our team during this time

Anita Marsh
Group L&D Manager
Jardine Motors Group
Mobile: 07824 151 501

Posted on 01/04/2017


Waddesdon WI in desperate need of help

Waddesdon WI are hosting a small production of a murder mystery called "OVER MY DEAD BODY". We have made up most of the cast from local amateur actors which is fantastic! We are however struggling to fill the role of Roger, the dearly beloved future husband (if the pot of gold is large enough) of the young innocent Daphnia. The characters age range is ideally around 21 to 28, and he is rather a rogue with a very dubious nature! However age can be outside this as long as they are willing. We know this is a big ask but we wondered if you knew of any keen actor who would be willing to play this pivotal role? We know the notice is short to say the least (we had the role filled but unfortunately they have had to pull out and we are left in rather a pickle).

My contact phone number is 07704294143. We are meeting on Thursday evening as a group for a practice and we could get the script to anyone interested as soon as possible.

The date of the performance is Saturday 22nd April (just the one date) so we are cutting it close to the mark! We are in Waddesdon village near Aylesbury Buckinghamshire- post code HP18 0JD and the performance will start at 7.30pm although we can have the hall from 5pm to practice. We have some dates in our diaries for rehearsal but can pass that onto anyone in person and find times to suit. The play isn't long - around 20 minutes then there will be opportunity for the audience to ask the cast questions to guess who the is guilty.

As you are probably aware Waddesdon WI is a registered charity and this is a fundraiser so unfortunately we can only offer our deepest thanks as reward to any fellow actors you may find, along with a lot of fun and friendship.

Yours rather desperately

Jenny Connor

Posted on 31/03/2017


Musical Mayhem

The Boar's Head

A Charity Showcase

Performance: 12th - 16th July 2107

We need you!!

Do you love to Sing? Dance?

Musical Theatre workshop where you will have a chance to register your interest and meet the production team.

Sunday 2nd April 2017 3:00pm

Bailey's Bar, Braintree

All proceeds to Little Havens Children's Hospice

Please come along and support us.

Posted on 31/03/2017


Holland on Sea Theatrical Society (H.O.S.T.S.)

Cat's Cradle

Actress Urgently Needed

Holland on Sea Theatrical Society urgently need an actress aged 18-30ish for the role of Sarah Fulton in the stage play Cat's Cradle by Leslie Sands.

Rehearsals start Sunday 2nd April.

Production dates are 14th and 15th July.

Apply now 07773 269899

Posted on 31/03/2017


British Theatre Challenge Friday 7th April

We at the British Theatre Challenge invite you to an evening of performances on Friday 7th April. Shortlisted plays from the BTC 2016 will take to the stage at the Lost Theatre, Stockwell, London.

The lineup gives us a glimpse of a 'Big Brother' future, the misogynistic past, and what life is like living as the poster boy for the WWF (a panda)...

We would like to offer a complimentary ticket to playwrights who have entered BTC 2017. Just get back to me by email as soon as possible to reserve your ticket as of course available tickets are limited.

When you arrive, please introduce yourselves to us, we'd love to meet you.

Additional tickets can be purchased here

Remember, the deadline for submitting your play for the BTC 2017 is today, only a few hours left...

To an inspirational year of celebrating new writing,

Christina Bartram
Administrative Coordinator
Sky Blue Theatre Co.

Posted on 31/03/2017


Manchester International Festival
MIF17_Opportunity_What is the City but the People? Recruitment Day


Be a part of MIF17’s free opening event

Created by the People of Manchester Directed by Richard Gregory In association with Islington Mill From an idea by Jeremy Deller
29 June, 6.30pm Piccadilly Gardens

What do you always tell people about yourself?
When people look at you, what do you imagine they see?
What would you like us to know?

We’re looking for hundreds of people to participate in What Is the City but the People?, the big free opening event for this summer’s Manchester International Festival. Taking place on 29 June, What Is the City but the People? will be a vibrant self-portrait of Manchester featuring local residents of all ages, backgrounds and parts of the city. By taking part, you’ll have a chance to share your story with the people of Manchester as you walk along a runway stretching more than 100 metres through Piccadilly Gardens.


We'd like to invite you to join us on Saturday 1 April in Manchester City Centre for a special open-day to introduce you to the project. Please follow the link to register for this event : or email

Don't worry if you can't attend on 1 April - you can still be part of this exciting project. Follow the link and simply complete and submit the form, highlighting that you're unable to attend. We will then be in touch with further details.

We look forward to meeting you soon!

Best Wishes,

Karen Jupp
What is the City but the People??
Manchester International Festival

Posted on 29/03/2017


Looking for supporting artists / extras


We’re in search of some extras (around 50) for our Sci-Fi Dystopian kickstarter funded short film called Biopunk.

We’d pay for any travel expenses (up to £15) and feed everyone on the day and we’d be shooting the 26th & 28th March at Fort Borstal in Rochester.

Please do get in touch if you are interested.

Thanks very much!

Rebekah Renford
Production Coordinator, Biopunk
Mobile: +44 (0)7428256299

Posted on 24/03/2017


Be an Extra in a Major Feature Film directed by Mike Newell – Devon Open Casting


I work for a film extras agency based at Pinewood Film Studios called Uni-versalEXTRAS. We are holding an Open Casting for a major new feature film directed by Mike Newell (Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, Four Weddings and a Funeral).
Uni-versalEXTRAS :: Film & TV Extras Casting Agency
Our company website is
The film, from the producers of The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel, is based on the bestselling novel, The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society.

Want to get paid as an extra in the production? Uni-versalEXTRAS are holding an Open Casting in Devon, Bideford. Please find all of the details below (and the poster attached) and please feel free to share this information with any family and friends who might also be interested.

The open casting is open to everyone with easy access to Devon, particularly North Devon so anyone interested can come and visit us on April the 1st.

Open Casting in Bideford, Devon on Saturday 1st April 2017

Location: Bideford Arts Centre, The Quay, Bideford, EX39 2EY

Timings: Arrive at any time between 9am-5pm

Facebook Event
Join our Facebook event for news and information about the Open Casting.

We are looking for men and woman of all ages over 16 years old.
You must be entitled to work in the UK.
No experience necessary.

Q. Who are Uni-versalEXTRAS?
A. Uni-versalEXTRAS is a film and TV extras agency that supplies extras across the UK and Ireland for films such as Beauty and the Beast, Danish Girl, Guardians of the Galaxy, & Les Misérables. For more information about us, please go to
Q. What happens at an Open Casting?
A. Uni-versalEXTRAS will take your photos so that we can cast you in suitable roles for Film & TV. All you need to do is bring yourself!
Q. Should I attend if I am already a activated member of Uni-versalEXTRAS?
A. No, if you are already a member you are already being considered for this production.

We look forward to seeing you at the Casting – remember to tell your family and friends!
By replying to this email you are confirming that you agree to Uni-versalEXTRAS Terms and Conditions which are stated on our website:

Kind Regards
Uni-versalEXTRAS Ltd

No. 1 for supplying Supporting Artistes across the UK and Ireland
Tel. 0845 0090 344 | |

Welcome to Uni-versalEXTRAS - Supplying TV and film extras for the UK & Ireland
Register today for free, A professional agency offering paid background artist work in the tv/film industry for students & non students

Posted on 24/03/2017


Pink Panther Productions

Pink Panther Productions

Casting Call from the maker of super hit serials Nilavilaku, Bhagyalashmi, etc. the Serial Legend, Dir. Purushothaman Sir's new Venture with Pink Panther Productions for a leading Malayalam TV channel.

Urgently requires new or not so new familiar faces for the lead roles.

Male (28-30) Female (20-25) Female (34-45)

Send your profile and recent photo to or call 7012334366

Posted on 24/03/2017



Fancy working with a former bluecoat entertainer? Want to raise money for your group? If so read on! I’ve had a meeting with a local social club and instead of forming a panto company I’m keen to work with an established group.

“Christmas is coming the Goose was rather fat, for Panto Party Nights just call Matt”

At Christmas time many companies have Christmas do’s and I thought it would be a great idea to have an evening where they could eat, drink, dance AND see a panto! (a shortened version) I want the panto to be educational (they’ll be heard to mutter on the way out ‘that taught me a lesson!) seriously I want them to say that it was a fun night out, very professional and great value for money!

The pantomime that I have penned is Cinderella (In my opinion THE best pantomime) and it’s a shortened version but it has all the essential ‘ingredients’ singing, dancing and comedy and during the ballroom scene the audience could be guests at the ball! It could work in a similar way to a murder mystery (scenes in between courses) or after the meal.

I envisage us holding two possibly three panto party nights at a local Social Club- Dec 1st/2nd or 8/9 or 15/16. (It’s a totally unique idea, will require promoting, people committing their time and we want a Full House!)
To promote the night I was thinking of possibly a launch at the club for the press? They could take pictures, meet the cast, see a snippet of the show and run an article about us! We would also need to promote it via social media, posters etc.

I'm based in Kings Heath and the party nights will be in south Birmingham.

These are my thoughts/ramblings and I hope you like the idea, If so I would welcome the opportunity to meet with you all and answer any questions that you may have..Oh yes I would!

I look forward to hearing from you.


Matt Franks
Matthew Franks

Posted on 22/03/2017


Ingatestone Musical and Operetta Group

Rehearsals held at: The Ingatestone, Community Club, Theatre, High Street, Ingatestone CM4 9ED every Tuesday

Show week: October 12th to October 14th 2017

Wanted - people to join us in our performance of Calamity Jane

First rehearsal: 2nd May at 8pm

Don't forget jeans,check shirts and stetsons!!

Ring Anne on: 07815132369 or visit if you would like to join us

Calamity Jane

Posted on 20/03/2017


Variety Youth Theatre Productions

Variety Youth Theatre Productions


Variety Youth Theatre Productions is very excited to announce that its debut variety show will be staged later this year and we are on the lookout for talented young stars!

We are looking for 40 enthusiastic stage-loving ‘reps of youth’, between the ages of 7-18, to perform in this fun-filled variety production.

So if you, or someone you know, has a love for singing, dancing or maybe has another specialist talent, then we need you!

This production promises to encapsulate the essence of ‘variety’ and will include song and dance from all different genres as well as magic, illusion, comedy and more.

For further information, please join our group at our facebook page

We are located in Newcastle-upon-Tyne

Posted on 19/03/2017


Acting opportunity

I am a student at Hallam currently on the Ba(Hons) Film and Media course, as part of the module Creative Project, a small group including myself are producing a 5 minute drama.
This drama is about a broken relationship between a man and a woman, which of one finds out something that they never knew about their partner.
With this I am looking for 3 actors, two female and one male. There is one main female and the other female is a small extra, the male is the main actor in the whole film. If you know anyone who would like this oppurtunity please forward this email and say that they are free to email me at any time

Hope to hear from you soon

Chloe Hirst
Ba(Hons) Film and Media Production
Sheffield Hallam University

Posted on 18/03/2017


Opera Volunteers Needed

Don Giovanni at Opera Holland Park, London
Volunteers are needed to help sell raffle tickets, usher guests to their seats & represent Child Bereavement UK before enjoying the performance.

When: Monday 12 June from 5:00pm to 9:30pm
Contact Emma Riley at

Very best,

Emma Riley
Senior Event Fundraising
Child Bereavement UK

Posted on 18/03/2017


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