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New Theatre Publications

Does anyone have any information on New Theatre Publications? I ordered scripts and a performing Licence about 4 weeks ago for a production that Stoke Climsland Amateur Theatrical Society are staging later this year. I have not received the items and have been unsuccessful in trying to contact them.
Any information would be welcome. Please contact either Paul Young (Director) at or Diane Young (SCATS Secretary) at
Many thanks
Paul Young

Posted on 29/04/2016



Bonnie Brae Productions presents
“My Blood Moving” depicts the fears and power struggles at play in the life of an ordinary Dundonian woman as she suffers stalking, abuse and miscarriage.

Locations – Dundee
Dates – Weekends in June/July
Expenses and food paid, time unpaid

Bonnie Brae Productions is looking for:
Boab – Late 30s/early 40s, Stoic Dundonian, husband and father, a very straightforward man.

Mr McInnes – 40's to early 50's. Wirey, snide, petty, awful. An office manager whose power has gone to his head. He takes his relative success as an entitlement to transcend his status. Fake and insecure in all aspects of his projected demeanor.

Erica McInnes – early 40's, Mr McInnes's wife. Defeated in spirit but crushing routine and the thumb of he husband/boss. A sad emptiness hangs over her which over the years has turned to distrust and hatred. Unsuccessful with children and suspicious or awkward around Audrey situtation.

“The Beast” - early/mid 20s, a tall large, physically imposing man with special needs.

Audrey’s Mum – Late 50s/60s, Has been through the mill and has disconnected from life due to years of abuse from her partner Gerald.

Gerald – Late 50's/early 60's. A large, short tempered man capable of physical violence at the drop of a hat. An irredeemable waste of space. Chains smokes, drinks, grumpy and intolerant of people in his way.

Non-speaking roles
Office employees x6 – a range of ages.
One must be male employee early 20s like a mini Mr McInnes

Shop assistant/Midwife/office employee – between 30 and 60
Little girl – 3-5 (face will not be shown)

Anyone interested please contact Imogen James at

Posted on 28/04/2016


Ashford Arts Centre

Ashford Arts Centre

Ashford Arts Centre

Become a Member of Ashford Arts Centre and participate in voice-over's for everything from public service radio announcements to animated scenes to silent movies with live musicians accompanying the group! Ashford Arts Centre Actors perform at our festivals, participate in member-only workshops and sessions with industry experts. It's a club where you get to work and play behind-the-scenes as a community arts participant. It's just plain fun, great for your showreel (if you care about that) and a chance to actively support your local Centre for the Creative and Performing Arts in Ashford, Kent.
Ashford Arts Centre is a project of Kent Arts Television Film Music (KATFM) CIC.

Posted on 27/04/2016



I have a wonderful opportunity for Drama Groups. I am on the lookout for performers/actors to participate in pop up theatrical performances at Lunar Festival in Warwickshire.

I want to get this out to as many people as possible so that no-body is left out. Are you able to share this with your networks?

IMPE.Productions have an extremely exciting opportunity for eccentric, off-the-wall, confident and experimental performers who are free from the 3rd-5th June 2016 to take part in the enchanting odyssey that is Lunar Festival.
We need actors to take on the roles of;
• The Lunar mascots; Stag, Mouse, Fox and Crow
• Mascot followers; 1 – 2 per mascot
• Office Clerks
• Pub landlord
• Womb babies
• Three belittling pigs
• Characters for an adaptation of a Brothers Grimm Fairytale (short children’s play)
Each character will have 2-3 short pop-up performances in and amongst the festivities to engage with audiences in a mischievous and surreal manner.

Please visit or contact for more info!

Posted on 27/04/2016


Radio Verulam

I am a presenter and producer for Radio Verulam. A commercial radio station that covers West Herts on 92.6fm and online at

I present a radio show on Tuesday nights from 9 to 10pm. We cover musical theatre and plays both professional and amateur. I am looking to contact amateur drama groups around the UK to do features and to promote their productions on air with news, reviews, chat and music from the shows.

If any groups are interested in getting involved please contact Mark

Tel: 07861 299696
Mark Bilsby

Posted on 27/04/2016




Community Youth Drama Company Launch in Wrexham

Students 7-19 welcome. From June, new youth drama company in Wrexham.
Beginning w/c Monday 6th June
Contact Andy on 01978 851007
for YRS 4-6/7-9/10-13
£5 per hour

Posted on 27/04/2016


Bristol Gilbert & Sullivan Operatic Society

FacebookTwitter Trial By Jury


This is an open invitation to join BGSOS in a performance of Trial By Jury (and other G&S numbers) at the Newman Hall on Saturday 24th September.
Our intention is that we produce a semi-staged production of Trial by Jury in costume with principals performing ‘off-book’ and chorus members performing with a vocal score in one half of the performance, followed by a concert of other G&S ensemble numbers in the other half. We are going to perform a matinee and evening concert on the same day.
We are aiming to have eight rehearsals for this; the Tuesdays in July and September (with August off!) at our rehearsal venue in Bristol, and a final rehearsal on the day of the performance, and we would expect that singers taking part would be able to attend the majority of them.
In order to cover the costs of this event we are asking that visiting members pay £20 per person, which would help to pay for the hire of the hall, our accompanist and costumes for the performance.
If you would like more information then please contact

Posted on 25/04/2016


Filming music video in Portishead next week

Next week my group Record Scratch from Weston College will be producing a 40s style music video. Would any drama students want to attend for more experience.

We are looking for actors aged 16 - 50.
Pay would not be included but outfits would be as long as we could find out their clothing sizes as soon as possible.

Thank you very much.

Jacob Bryant - Record Scratch
Weston College

Posted on 21/04/2016


Actors Required for Short Film

Hi- I am a Creative Media Production student studying at West Suffolk College and I'm currently working on a short film for my final major project, which will determine my overall grade. I am trying to seek out two main actors to help.

The short film will be taken from my own story, a psychological thriller following the relationship between an orderly and patient. I have chosen to film a scene where two orderlies discuss the treatment of the patients and the events which transpire within the facility.

I am looking for two male actors in their early to mid-twenties. I aiming to film during the first two weeks of May at the college, and would be willing to work around the actors schedule.

Any response would be much appreciated.

Thank you,
Jamey Collier

Posted on 21/04/2016


Levin Brothers

Actor / Actress Wanted

Young actor or possibly actress needed to play the part of Robin (Roberta) Hood on Clumber Street Friday/ Saturday and Sunday 11:00 - 15:00
To promote the quirkiest new store place4

Sense of humour essential

City Centre Nottingham

Posted on 20/04/2016


Quince Players

Abigail's Party

Abigail’s Party by Mike Leigh

The Quince Players may have been a little quiet since Christmas, but busy nonetheless. Our Spring Show, Abigail’s Party by Mike Leigh is in the final stages of rehearsal.
I have attached two images alongside our press release for this week, in the hope you have some space to use something to help us publicise local theatre.
As always, I’d like to extend an invitation to you to come along and see the show on Thursday 5th May, our opening night in aid of charity. To book your ticket please contact Colin or Andrew at Box Office who will allocate you a complimentary seat.
Abigail’s Party by Mike Leigh is a much loved play and brings the Quince Player’s 70th year to a close with a certain 70’s style!!
Abigail’s Party by Mike Leigh is an iconic piece; many will remember the BBC Play for Today version which was aired in 1977 starring Alison Steadman as the glamorous Beverly, following a run at the Hampstead Theatre. An amusing satire then but perhaps now that almost 40 years have passed, there are laughs in places where there would not have been before. The 70’s was the first decade where the new middle classes invited neighbours in for drinks, often for the sheer pleasure of showing off their home and lifestyle.
This plot sees Beverly and Laurence entertain their new neighbours Angela and Tony and Abigail’s mother Susan whilst Abigail has a party. A formal beginning relaxed by a few ‘little drinkies’ lead to the couple’s true relationships being exposed. Of course the culmination of which leads to – well, if you don’t remember, you’ll just have to wait and see.
Retro fashion, for retro drinks, retro nibbles and retro music. Come and join the Quince Players for a gin & tonic, a bacardi & coke or a pint of light ale whilst being delighted by the talented cast.

For more information, visit our website.
Box Office 01344 874200

Posted on 20/04/2016


Make Believe Productions

Make Believe Productions


We are currently casting the role of HOOK in The Return of Neverland!

Males, aged 18 to 28, must have some stage combat training.

Must be North West based, rehearsals and show will take place in Liverpool. You will be needed from the middle of May!

Send us your CV, Headshot & Showreel (If you have one) to:

Posted on 19/04/2016


Strong Middle Aged Comedy Baritone Needed

We are looking to cast a strong middle aged Comedy baritone in a brand new musical called SWASH.
We rehearse in Braintree on Sundays and the show is being staged in Witham at the Witham Public hall in July.
Anyone interested can message me through FB
Gary Sullivan

Posted on 15/04/2016



The Feast

Click on poster to see full size

we're looking for families to take part in a new ITV food show.
Contact: or 0203 761 4659

Posted on 13/04/2016


Voice Overs


This is Roxanne from The Gate Films, Manchester. I wondered if you could help me please?

We are looking for some students that might want to help us record as Voice Overs.

We need to record some authentic Spanish (x2), Italian (x2), German/Austrian (x3), French/Belgian (x3) voices, chanting football chants.
We thought it could be an interesting experience for Arts, Media or Film students as it will be recording in an edit suite and it's for a commercial we have filmed, they could get some contacts, see how we run things etc.

The voice overs will be recorded on Wednesday 20th, 9:30-11:30, at Media City. Each person will get £150.

Thank you very much,
Roxanne Barker
The Gate Films, 4 Naval Street, Manchester, M4 6EW

Posted on 13/04/2016


Somersham Carnival need an Amateur Group to perform film scenes

Good morning,

I am part of Somersham Carnival Committee and this year the theme of our Carnival is “Great Films”. I had an off the wall idea that it might be fun to have a local Amateur Dramatic group attend and act out some scenes from famous movies (I.e. the jewellery box scene from Pretty Woman – that kind of thing).

Is this something Amateur Dramatic groups would be interested in? It is all for charity so we’re happy for you to drum up interest in your group at the time.

Am I totally off my head to ask?

Thanks and regards,

Gil Rodger

Posted on 12/04/2016


Looking for a specific actor


My name is Maddie du Boulay and I'm currently a student at Gloucester University at my first year studying Film Production. We're looking for a man to look to be in his sixties to be a part of our film and I was hoping you would know where I could find such a person.
The character this person will be playing will be called Arnold who will be going through the decades from the sixties onwards. Once we find someone then I'll be more than happy to send them a script.
Now as we are students, we can't really afford to pay him an hourly pay but we'll be more than happy to cover transport costs if there are any, and to provide food on the day.
We are filming on May 10th, I agree it's sudden notice, but we did have an actor but unfortunately he can't act for us anymore so if anyone can help us anyway then I would be really grateful.

Maddie du Boulay

Posted on 09/04/2016


OGLER! Casting call

Short 8 min psychological thriller about the deterioration of a middle aged woman mental health, and her obsession with her neighbours..
Looking for:
1 female (early 20's)
1 Male (early 20's)
Travel and food provided!
Based in Bristol (near centre)
To be shot between 12th and 20th of april. (sorry about short notice!)
Please get in contact! would love to hear from you

Posted on 09/04/2016


Bromley Little Theatre

Bromley Little Theatre

Need to cast an Actor (female role) for Old Times by Harold Pinter

Production Dates: Thu 16 – Sun 19 June 2016 at Bromley Little Theatre
Rehearsals are due to start at the end of April, rehearsals take place at the theatre during weekday evenings.

This is for the role of Kate, because the person cast has unfortunately had to drop out,

Quick Synopsis: Kate is the partner/wife of Deeley and a former friend of Anna. Kate and Deeley are staying at a cottage and Anna joins them, what is not clear is how they all met, how they know each other, and who has the greater claim on Anna. This is one of Pinter's memory plays, and the themes centre around knowing how much we see and understand about the relationships between the characters, and if the characters are reliable narrators.

Kate and Anna were friends in their early twenties, this is some time after - Kate's playing age is 40-45.

Also look at:

Contact: 07739 825321

Posted on 07/04/2016


St. George's day/Shakespeare day

I am an activity coordinator at Amberley Court Care Home (Birmingham). I am writing regarding St. George's day/Shakespeare day on Saturday April 23rd 2016. I'm wondering if anyone could spare a few performance hours as a donation for our residents? I am aware it's short notice, but the person who was volunteering has let us down. Our service users range from 18-100, and most of them are big fans of drama and entertainment. We would be very grateful if you could help us out in any way that you can? Thank you for your time. I look forward to hearing back from you.

Charlotte Davies.
0121 440 4450.

Posted on 06/04/2016


Child Actors needed for a Promotional Video

We are looking for a couple of local Bedford children, preferably approximately 6 years old, to take part in a promotional video for the launch of a new children's book by some local authors.

The shoot would take place on Saturday April 16th in Bedford, in a local book shop, and should take roughly half a day. It's very low budget, so I'm afraid there is no money in it though all expenses will be covered, but a good chance to be well featured and have a fun day filming.

If you have any interest please contact me at


Posted on 05/04/2016


Actors needed for a short film

I am currently a student at the University of York and I am studying film and television production. For our end of year exams we are making a short film of about 5 mins long.

I am the producer for our film and we are currently looking for a male adult actor. We are filming on the 30th of April and the 1st of May.

If anyone is interested in taking part please contact me by email.

Kind regards,

Georgia Bagnall

Posted on 05/04/2016


The South Devon Players

PRESS RELEASE: Announcing crowdfunding campaign for Devon & Cornwall indiefilm “Mordred”, showcasing local actors and local 6th century history /Arthurian legend

Announcing crowdfunding campaign for Devon & Cornwall indiefilm “Mordred”, showcasing local actors and local history /Arthurian legend

“I am what you made me become!” is the tagline of the film, spoken by Mordred.
How relevant that seems!
This production aims to not only showcase very heavily researched Dark Ages (6th century) history of Devon and Cornwall, linked to some of the very earliest and less known Arthurian legends, but also equally to showcase the amazing skills by local actors, filmmakers, and other production creatives - a lot of film work happens in the southwest but very often local people are passed over completely for roles, in favour of imported talent due to stereotypes of "local people being no-good". Since there are very few opportunities, we decided to make our own and claw our own way up.
There is a national campaign at the moment for the recognition of working-class actors, who on a national scale, not just locally to us, are often bypassed.
This production aims to prove that local Devon and Cornwall working-class actors are capable of great things, with a large, attention-grabbing project that has already been featured in the press not just locally, but in New York and Hollywood itself, and with interest, subject to the finished product from global film distribution companies.
In order to make the film the very best it can be, and to facilitate this high-quality showcase for local actors, the team are crowdfunding for the film to be the very best it can be. A wide range of perks are offered on the indiegogo crowdfund; ranging from £1 social media shoutouts through clothing, signed items, set visits, and film/ IMDb producer credits – all support is most gratefully received.
The crowdfund link can be found at
Read more....

Posted on 05/04/2016


Witham Music Theatre

Witham Music Theatre


Casting Call:-
We're currently on the hunt for a Mayor for our upcoming production of ROCK OF AGES! If you or anyone you know might be interested, please get in touch. Needs to be at least late 20's, early 30's or older. It's written as a male part, however if the right person comes along we could consider a female for the role as it's not too gender specific. Drop us a message on our page or email if you think you can help!
See detail here
Please feel free to message me Rhianna Howard via Facebook or email the address above should you be interested in this role ?

Posted on 04/04/2016


Open Casting - Paid Extras Wanted!

We are casting Extras for a film for TV called THE LAST DRAGON SLAYER shooting in and around the Oxford area from April - May 2016.
We are holding an open casting for people to pop along to on Monday 4th of April in Wallingford and would love to have as many local people involved as possible. It is a great opportunity for anyone remotely interested in film and TV or simply anyone who would like the experience and earn some extra cash!
If you, or anyone you know, would like to be a part of this exciting new project, and get paid for it, please come and say hello! We will take a photograph and contact details, very quick and easy!
What we are looking for...
Men & Women 16yrs and over.
You must have the right to work in the UK.
No experience is necessary.
All work is paid.
Please comment on Facebook (link below) if you are coming to the casting so I can get an idea of numbers.
Facebook Comment
If you are unable to make the casting, email
Please have the subject as 'The Dragon Slayer' with a clear photo and your contact details.

The Dragon Slayer

Click on the poster to see full size

Posted on 31/03/2016


British Theatre Challenge 2016


Just a quick email to let you know the submission deadline day for Sky Blue's 'British Theatre Challenge' is fast approaching - only three days remain...

If you are able to share news of this via twitter or facebook using #BritishTheatreChallenge with a link to our website we would very much appreciate it!

The British Theatre Challenge is an amazing opportunity. Sky Blue choose not one, but ten plays to be produced and filmed over two nights in a London venue. One of the winning plays is also chosen to be made into a short film!

John Mitton
British Theatre Challenge
Sky Blue Theatre Co.
British Theatre Challenge

Posted on 27/03/2016


Actors required

I'm currently studying at Furness College in Barrow in Furness and currently involved in the creation of a music video for a local musician. Throughout the production, we require 1 male and 1 female actors of around 30+, the two actors will be playing the role of a couple. Due to only being a student film, we will be unable to pay for the role, however we are offering actors the chance to work on a unique story, as well as give the experience and the opportunity to work with those with similar interests and the local music industry.
If you or know of anyone who is interested, email me at and I will reply with any details or respond to any questions you may have.

Thank you,
Georgia Gomersall

Posted on 23/03/2016


Space Monkeys Improv

Space Monkeys Improv


Space Monkeys is looking for new members
Contact via website, Facebook or Twitter

Posted on 22/03/2016


The Geoffrey Whitworth Theatre

Actress Required for Christmas Eve in Major Production of Avenue Q - Dartford, SE London/Kent

In May the Geoffrey Whitworth Theatre in Crayford (Post code DA1 4NP) starts rehearsals for their major production of Avenue Q, which is in performance from 23rd June to 2nd July 2016. We are currently seeking an East Asian actress to play the part of Christmas Eve. Please could anyone interested in performing or who may know someone interested in performing (!) please contact the Director, Ben Gaston, for more details!

Ben Gaston
Head of Managed Services or 07866 019938

Posted on 14/03/2016


Banbury Cross Players

The Hollow

Photograph courtesy and copyright Jim Muller Photography.
Thanks to Haidee Williams and the Upton House staff.


Tickets are on sale for what is being heralded as Banbury Cross Players’ most glamorous production this season.

Hot on the heels of an exciting (if chilly) photoshoot at Upton House, the Box Office has opened for Liz Riley’s production of Agatha Christie’s classic thriller “The Hollow” and demand has already been high.

Set in the Art Deco era, we would like to invite our audience to join us for a glamorous night out. Come along dressed in your finery and join the Angkatell family for 1930s style cocktails in the bar before the show.

The Hollow is the country home of the Angkatells. One Friday afternoon in September, six people arrive for a weekend stay - four cousins and the Cristows. Demanding film-star Veronica Craye is the seventh to – unexpectedly - arrive. The next morning, one of their number is dead. Everyone’s a suspect and it’s up to Inspector Colquhoun to get to the truth.

The show opens on 20 April 2016 and runs until 23 April 2016. Curtain up is 7.45pm - but do come earlier for that cocktail!

Tickets are available from The Mill Box Office on 01295 279002 or

If you would like further marketing information or higher resolution copies of the photographs, please email or call Linda Shaw on 07802 301726.

Posted on 14/03/2016


Birmingham Feature Film

I am producing a full feature film in Birmingham this year, and our shoot start date is the first Monday in August, lasting around four weeks. Our long term aim is to kick start a film making production company based in the Midlands. We have a very strong screenplay for our first foray.

I am looking to find local actors that are based in the Midlands. It fits in with the film set here and helps keep our accomodation budget as low as possible!

The budget for the movie is thirty thousand and we have a very talented film crew all onboard due to the strength of the screenplay.

We are paying a wage (£280 a week) and we will also be providing transportation costs throughout the shoot as well as being fed and watered on set.

We have a website that gives details on the story and we will be shooting on the Sony FS7 making it 4K.

These are the eight roles on offer.

Ashley - (22-30 age range)
The lead role and bad boy of the story. Confident, cheeky and without conscience.

Karen - (26-32 age range)
Single mother and girl next door type. Caring,loyal and lovely. As unaware of peoples deceit as she is of being guilty of it.

Sophie - (22-28 age range)
Karen's sister, the naughty slightly younger one of the two. Always happy to outdo her more worthy sister.

Danny - (22-30 age range)
Sophies boyfriend. Insecure, possessive and lacking confidence.

Charlotte - (8-12 age range)
Sweet and lovely.

Ashley as a boy - (8-12 age range)
Shown in flashback. He is shy and an innocent.

Ashley's Father - (28-35 age range)
Working class guy, a little conventional and struggles without his partner.

Ashley's Mother - (28-35 age range)
A flirty, non working woman who struggles with domesticity and responsibilities.

Can you help? Could a notice be put up at your acting classes giving details?

Mark Wilson

Posted on 14/03/2016


The South Devon Players

Press release: local actors appear alongside international star in Torbay-created Arthurian drama film

Castings for local film and theatre show “Mordred” announced, starring local actors alongside international star from Skyfall!


“I am what you made me become!” snarls Mordred, as he confronts his father, King Arthur.

How relevant that seems!

After already months of planning, research, scripting, and advertising, this production, created by local people, and being made soley in the Southwest, was cast at the beginning of March.
The audition day, which was widely advertised, was as well subscribed as we had hoped – in fact, due to demand, we had to run other sessions through the day, as well as the one advertised in the evening, in order to make sure everyone was seen.
There was a huge amount of incredible talent, to the point that discussions then ran until almost midnight, among the casting panel, but, after a non-stop 11-or so hours, we had a cast list. The next task was to contact all selected actors, and offer them roles. By Wednesday, that process was done, and the final cast in place.
And what an amazing cast. It ranges from Julie Tetley playing Gitta; Morgan le Fay's maid and co-conspirator, and thirteen year old newcomer Reece Whitehouse playing King Arthur’s “legitimate” son, Duran, in their first ever major acting roles (in fact the first ever role for Reece), through our more experienced actors Rich Sandford who stars as Mordred, and Guillaume Rivaud, who plays King Arthur, right over to “Iron” Mike Mitchell, who, after holding 5 “Mr World” and 2 “Mr Universe” titles with the World Fitness Federation, went on to the world of acting and has appeared in films such as Gladiator, Braveheart, Skyfall, Apocalypse Z – and the TV soap Emmerdale.
This amazing cast, have already begun working together in a highly energised, collaborative team, where regardless of experience, or age, everyone has come together to put a thousand percent into rehearsals and workshops for the production.
Rehearsals now happen twice a week, each time running over different scenes, alongside training sessions for historical combat, acting and all other skills needed by the cast to portray their characters.
“Mordred”, is set in the 6th century, a time of strife, after the Romans had withdrawn from Britain, and the native peoples are defending their shores against Saxon incursions. Careful research into what is known of the period, has been undertaken, and linked with some of the earliest legends about King Arthur, and Mordred, as well, to create this production.
King Arthur has ruled Dumnonia, the South-west peninsula of Britain, after being chosen as the Pendragon, after his defeat of the Saxon sea-wolves, at the Battle of Badon Hill, at the age of sixteen. His elder sister, once the Arch-druidess of Dumnonia, Morgan, consumed with jealousy, plots against the Throne, and is banished from Dumnonia after the deaths of Arthur’s first wife Anna, and his baby son.

Many years later, a young nobleman is found, poisoned, on the moors. Brought to the fort town Isca, by Arthurs warriors, he is revealed to be Mordred, illegitimate son of King Arthur and also the victim of plots by Morgan. Father and son slowly come to trust one another, and eventually, Mordred, who is well liked by most of Arthur's followers, is chosen as Regent of Dumnonia, as Arthur battles a second Saxon invasion.

Unfortunately, not all of Arthur's enemies are on the battlefield.
The drama tells how two equally honourable men came to hate one another, and how that hate to lead to a disastrous war.
Set against the backdrop of the post-Roman Celtic kingdom of Dumnonia, present day Devon and Cornwall, struggling to survive against the Saxon invaders, this is a dark, gritty drama, supported with an impressive team of performers, historical reenactors, historians, and a film crew ranging from students at Exeter College, through writing, research and direction, by Arthurian-afficiando, actress/director and Masters graduate from the University of Exeter; Laura Jury, and the ambitious Simon Knight, Director of Photography. The team is supported by the sound track composer, Michael Klubertanz, from Germany, the only team member from outside the Southwest of England, who is composing the film sound-track using only instruments which would have been in use in 6th Century Britain
The final aim of the production is to gain international exposure – and hopefully employment - for local actors and creative talent. As our team's history is also in doing theatre, a touring theatre production will take place in locations around Devon and Cornwall, in September 2016. The project already gathering international interest, with three articles in New York – based arts magazine NY Elite, and Hollywood-based film production magazine Max-It, as well as various online interviews and podcasts.
The South Devon Players have an unusual raison d'etre; exemplified, in this project. The group, which started out as an amateur dramatics theatre group, specialising in historical and mythological drama, are a group of local career-orientated actors and creatives, who are unable, for various life reasons, or lack of resources, to move away to large entertainment hubs such as London, to make careers there. For many years the Players have specialised in theatre, performing locally at the Palace Theatre in Paignton, and the Edge in Brixham, but now want to bring their work to the film circuit to publicise the fantastic skills of local southwest actors and “behind the scenes” creatives across the world. The belief of the Players is that in order to find opportunities, they must first create their own.
Filming will take place in May and June 2016 around Devon and Cornwall, with the theatre performances taking place in September 2016 .
It was considered very important to make sure that we were not making “just another King Arthur film”, and to find a unique adaptation. While novels have been written from Mordred's point of view, to our knowledge, this has never been transferred to film. That, coupled with spanning Devon and Cornwall, and delving into earlier and less known legends, has created an all new version of the legend.
Not that creating a production of this scale is easy. While grants are being applied for, and traditional crowdfunding sources are being applied to, you cannot put all your eggs in one basket. Cast and crew members are involved in a wide range of fundraising activities, ranging from small amounts from tombolas and face painting at fetes, and selling on ebay, through to a film/ scifi/ fantasy convention, grant applications, cabaret shows, ebook publications and more.
For costumes and props, It is also a case of keeping one eye on the history book and the other on what reclaimed fabrics and items can be remade, and adapted. We have to thank so many people who keep an eye out for second hand things that we can do this with.

This is an ambitious project, taking not just every ounce of creativity on screen, but also in the planning and logistics behind-the-scenes.

Posted on 14/03/2016


Are you single and looking for love?
Have you ever wondered if it was possible to fall for a stranger in just half an hour?

Hello, I hope you don’t mind me contacting you. I am Casting Researcher at a TV company called RDF. We have produced a number of shows including ‘Shipwrecked’, ‘Secret Millionaire,’ & ‘The Inbetweeners’ and are now looking for single men and women across the nation to audition for the hottest new dating show of 2016! If you know of a great single characters, please do pass our message on/share on social media!

This is a dating show with a difference that dares to ask if it's possible to fall in love with a complete stranger in just 30 minutes. Inspired by studies from American psychologist Arthur Aron, we’re aiming to carefully match two single people together in an exciting and unique scenario.
We're looking for lovely, fun and out-going individuals that are single and looking for love If this sounds like something which may be of interest to you, please email with a little bit about yourself:

• Name
• Age
• Telephone Number
• A bit about you (optional)
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Posted on 02/03/2016


Banbury Cross Players

The Regina Monologues

Be part of Banbury Cross Players’ Festival Production

The Regina Monologues

Calling all Ladies. There’s still time to be part of Banbury Cross Players’ Festival Production - the funny, moving and provocative “The Regina Monologues” by Rebecca Russell and Jenny Wafer. The play will be performed at The Lighthorne Drama Festival on 10 June 2016 and at the ODN Festival in Abingdon, the same week.
“The Regina Monologues” surrounds six modern women with one thing in common. Each tells their story and shares their experiences of miscarriage, love affairs and betrayal with humour, pathos and a great deal of wine. The lives of the six wives of Henry VIII are brought right up-to-date in this clever and contemporary re-imagining.

Available roles as follows:
Cathy (of Aragon) - the discarded wife (40s to 50s)
Annie (Boleyn) - the faded beauty, worn out by partying (30s to 40s)
Jane (Seymour) - pale and vulnerable, with an air of simplistic naivety (20s to 30s)
Anna (of Cleves) - striking and intelligent, looks older than her years, wears a wig (30s to 50s)
Katie (Howard) - sometimes vulnerable and childlike; sometimes the assured teenager (late teens/early 20s)
Katherine (Parr) - the composed widow, determined and single-minded (30s to 40s)

The main rehearsal period will start from 25 April and will be 1/2 rehearsals per week. There are no set nights currently and, due to the nature of the play (short monologues) there is flexibility in the rehearsal schedule.
If you are interested in being involved, or would like to have a look at the script, or talk to the Director about the production, please email:

Posted on 02/03/2016


Gantry Youth Theatre

The award winning Gantry Youth Theatre is looking for tutors to join our team.

Strong Drama/English/Dance background, teaching experience helpful but training can be given to the right candidates. Minimum 2 hour blocks of work available, early evenings at Bitterne Park and Regents Park. Holiday workshops and directing opportunities

All successful candidates will need a DBS check which we will fund.

We are a registered charity and we believe, Southampton's oldest youth theatre. Our ethos is to encourage children to develop, build confidence and be the best they can. (Whilst having a lot of fun along the way)

Please email Linda Fox at for further details

Posted on 02/03/2016


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