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June 2016

Sudbury Dramatic Society

Sudbury Dramatic Society


The Quay Theatre, SUdbury

Heartbreak House
by George Bernard Shaw
Directed by Trevor Laver

Any queries please contact Trevor via

Auditions Wednesday 1st June 7.30pm
Performance: Tuesday 1st November - Saturday 5th November 2016

There may be an impression that this is a serious piece. Shaw’s written word however, provides all the characters with a rich source of humour which we shall exploit to its full extent.
The play spotlights society on the brink of change. In his inimitable satirical style, manners, money, relationships … life, are under the microscope and are suitably lampooned as are the styles of notable members of the literati. See which you can pick out! On the face of it, a woman attending a house party and her decision to marry is the lynchpin for an insight into a dysfunctional household and the society in which it exists. It will be set against the backdrop of World War II.
The play has six male and four female characters for which I will be seeking a cast with the playing ages of 30+ (regardless of what the script may suggest!).
Please do not be deterred by the apparent length of the play – it will be suitably adjusted!
For the purpose of auditions, however, the full script will be in use, copies of which are in the Quay Box Office.
Click here for details of audition pieces
Captain Shotover: elderly, eccentric, confused and confusing; head of the family
Hesione: his elder daughter; a true bohemian
Hector: his son-in-law; a bohemian roué
Ariadne: his younger daughter; a straight-laced colonial product
Randall: Ariadne’s infatuated brother-in-law
Ellie: a naïve woman on the brink of marriage
Mazzini: Ellie’s father; a mild-mannered, failed businessman
Mangan: a ruthlessly successful businessman
Nurse Guinness: the family nanny/ housekeeper
The Burglar: a thief with a moral stance and connections to the household
Throughout the play, the cast remain true to the character descriptions above … or do they?!

Posted 29/04/2016


Harlow Theatre Company

Harlow Theatre Company


Passmore Academy, Harlow, Essex

Bad Girls

Please see the events on the our facebook page for further details, cast list etc. If you cannot make one or both dates and would like audition, please contact Jody Randall on email (

The auditions are being split to cover the following: 5th June: Acting and Vocal Audition – 10:00 to 16:00 12th June: Dance and Recalls – 10:00 to 16:00

Harlow Theatre Company (in Essex) are pleased to announce that auditions for their October production of Bad Girls will be taking place on Sunday 5th and 12th June @ Passmore Academy.

Posted 21/05/2016


Witham Amateur Operatic Society - WAOS

Witham Amateur Operatic Society - WAOS


Witham Public Hall, Witham, Essex


Please contact Emma Loring for more details

Auditions will be held on Sunday June 5th 2016
Performance: 24th to 29th October 2016

WAOS are almost set to start their next Am Dram adventure, but we are missing just one thing... YOU!
Why don't you get your 'Spamalot' on and come join us for some 'fish schlappling' fun on our quest for the 'holy grail' of casts this week!

Posted 02/06/2016


Banbury Cross Players

The Mill Arts Centre, Banbury, Oxfordshire

The Crucible

Open Auditions for The Crucible

For further information (or if you are interested but cannot attend the above audition) please contact Director, Chrissie Garrett on 01295 810412, 0755 723144 or

There will be a read through at The Mill Arts Centre, Banbury on 7 June 2016 at 8pm – all welcome.
Open Auditions are on Thursday 30 June 2016, 7.30pm, also at The Mill Arts Centre.
Performance dates are 2-5 November 2016 at The Mill Arts Centre. You do not have to be a member to audition but will be required to join if cast. Rehearsals will be on Monday and Wednesday evenings, commencing 1 August 2016 (consideration will be given for holidays already booked).

Banbury Cross Players announce Open Auditions for their forthcoming production of Arthur Miller’s challenging play, “The Crucible”.
Focussing on the fate of those caught up in the persecution surrounding the 1692 Salem witch trials and originally reflecting Senator McCarthy’s hunt for Communists in 1950s America, its meaning (says Miller) “is somewhat different in different places and moments”. Director, Chrissie Garrett’s vision centres on the themes of hysteria, fear of differences, and hunting out those who think differently, staging the play in modern dress and in a timeless fashion.

Roles available are as follows:Reverend Hale Minister; initially full of conviction and authority, determined to pursue witchcraft but ending the play with sympathy for the accused (any age)
Reverend Parris Selfish, concerned with power and position; not a spiritual man (any age)
Danforth Deputy Governor; powerful character- judge, jury and executioner (any age)
Giles Corey Brave, loyal, and shows moral courage in the face of torture and accusations
(40+ yrs)
Thomas Putnam Bitter, vindictive, narrow-minded, bearing grievances against the people of Salem (40-60 yrs)
Abigail Williams Strong, manipulative, arrogant, quick witted, dominant and very attractive
(16-18 yrs)
Elizabeth Proctor Fiercely loyal wife, calm, unshakable religious belief; cold initially but changes to show love and compassion (40-60 yrs)
Mary Warren Serving girl, easily influenced, subservient, lonely, afraid of Abigail, tries to stand up for herself (16-18 yrs)
Rebecca Nurse Strong character with moral courage, almost saintly (70 yrs)
Mrs Putnam Narrow minded, bitter, vindictive and petty minded (40-60 yrs)
There is an excellent opportunity for four younger actresses (16-20 yrs) to play the roles of Betty, Susanna, Mercy, and the important role of Tituba the slave.
Other smaller/doubled male and female parts are also available.

Posted 26/05/2016





If you or anyone else you know are interested in auditioning please email, or get them to email us, at

11th of June

Hi all!
So we are looking for an actor (again)!
We are taking a play up to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival this summer for a short but sweet run of 6 performances from the 22rd - 27th August.
The play is Bull by Mike Bartlett - it’s a 4 person dark comedy that centres around workplace bullying as three colleagues are about to go into a meeting where one of them is going to be fired. The play is about fighting for survival, and the sad truth that sometimes its easier to identify with the bully than the bullied.
We’re looking for an actress to play the part of Isobel, the dark and twisted and totally awesome female part.
Auditions will be held on the 11th of June (location TBA, but somewhere in London).
Don’t hunch. Stand up to him, stand up straight, smile a bit, you never know, you might win.
I mean you won’t.
But you might.

Posted 07/06/2016


Headgate Theatre Productions

Headgate Theatre Productions


Headgate Theatre, 14 Chapel Street North, Colchester, Essex CO2 7AT


Any thoughts or questions please just call me directly 07814 695598

Auditions 12th June 10:30
Performance: 5th - 8th October

Informal Auditions - The Play What I Wrote
If you or if you know anyone who might be intersted please pass this on. For the first time ever, I've been asked to direct a play - I've chosed the play about Morecambe and Wise - THE PLAY WHAT I WROTE - so I need three blokes 20 - 60. It's an amateur production so no fees I'm afraid and I'm afraid no parts for women - The Headgate say they have a series of women only plays this Autumn so I althougth this is a bit rubbish for my first choice I just chose the play I thought I could have a good go at for my first try. The show itself is running 5th - 8th October and so I'm imagining rehearsals will run 12 weeks previous to that - maybe a couple of days a week. Any thoughts or questions please just call me directly 07814 695598 - thanks - Ant

Posted 11/06/2016


Chelmsford Young Generation Amateur Musical Society (CYGAMS)

Chelmsford Young Generation Amateur Musical Society

Chelmsford, Essex



Contact our Membership Secretary Jan Toland on Tel: 01245 266492 / 07889 488771 if you are interested and want to know more, or contact us through our website by clicking on the ‘Get Involved’ tab on our home page.

Open auditions are on Saturday June 18th from 9.30am

Young Gen seeking boys for Fagin's gang...can you pick a pocket or two?
Are you a boy (or girl) between the ages of 8 and 18 who would love to get involved in putting on a show? This could be your chance!

Posted 05/06/2016


Westoning Players


Terry Pratchett's "Going Postal" written by Stephen Briggs.

Come along on the 19th June

Thursdya 19th June 2016

Next WP Production - Nov 24-26
We want to do Terry Pratchett's "Going Postal" written by Stephen Briggs.

Our Westoning Players club drama "year" runs from Sept to July and we normally have August off.

Because "Going Postal" is quite a massive production we shall probably do workshops and readings-in Thursdays through August, then weekly Thursdays in September, adding Mondays in October with some Sunday set-prop-build mornings with rehearsal afternoons.

It is quite a commitment we appreciate, and we are looking into whether some "doubling up" can be done. To ensure we have enough people, we need to try and attract new members - for Acting, Backstage/technical and Front-of-House.

If you know any "Pratchettophiles" or local actors who would love to be in it, or would like to help backstage please invite them along next week (Thurs 19/5) if possible.

Posted 05/06/2016


Headgate Theatre Productions

Headgate Theatre Productions


Headgate Theatre, 14 Chapel Street North, Colchester, Essex CO2 7AT

Entertaining Angels by Richard Everett
Director: Vince Webb

Further information: from Vince Webb at

Read Through and Auditions: 20th June 2016 and 21st June 2016 8pm Studio
Production Week: – 16th – 22nd October 2016 – performances Wednesday – Saturday (possibly with matinee, depending on casting)
Rehearsal Nights: Likely to be a mixture of Mondays/Wednesdays, but adaptable to suit cast availability
Principally Mondays and Wednesdays, with some Sundays

Grace, a clergy wife has spent a lifetime on her best behaviour. Now, following the death of her husband, Bardolph, she is enjoying the new-found freedom to do and say exactly as she pleases, much to the consternation of her daughter. However, the return of her eccentric, missionary sister Ruth, together with disturbing revelations about the past, force Grace to confront the truth of her marriage.
This is a sharp-edged comedy with probing wit and surprising twists and turns first performed in 2009, when the part of Grace was played by Penelope Keith. All the roles offer significant opportunity for development .

Posted 12/06/2016


Blackmore Players

Blackmore Village Hall, Essex

No Sex Please - We're British


Launch evening Weds 22nd Jun at 8pm
Auditions: Sunday 26th Jun 2016 4:00pm

Full details of the characters and audition pieces can be found on our website, under auditions.

The launch of the show takes place on Weds 22nd Jun at 8pm at Blackmore Village Hall, with a read through following the launch - everyone is welcome and it's a great opportunity to find out which parts you would like to audition for, and to meet some of the members of the group.

Auditions will take place from 4pm on Sunday 26th Jun 2016 at Blackmore Village Hall.

Peter and Frances could reasonably expect to look forward to a calm, happy start to their married life together. Owing to an unfortunate mistake, however, they find themselves inundated with pornographic material from the 'Scandinavian Import Company'. Senior bank officials, Peter's snobbish mother, and a prim, respectable bank cashier become inextricably entangled in the rumbustious even's that follow.

Posted 17/06/2016


Break A Leg Company

Break A Leg Company


Thorngate Hall, Gosport, Hampshire

Elf Jr

For an information pack, Please contact or send us a message via Facebook. This is a fully licensed production through Musical Theatre International.

26th June 2016

Break a Leg Youth will be auditioning for its production of Elf jnr being held at Thorngate Theatre, Bury Road. Whether you already attend a musical theatre School or your new to performing. We welcome everyone 18 and under to show Gosport how talented we are!!

Posted 06/06/2016


Sudbury Dramatic Society

Sudbury Dramatic Society



Treasure Island by Mike Fahie-Wilson & Bez Berry

Malcolm via for more details

Auditions - Wednesday 20th July, 7:30pm Quay Auditorium
Performance: December 16th - January 1st 2017

Director Malcolm Hollister - Workshop & Readthrough - Sunday Sunday June 19th at 2pm - Auditions Wednesday 20th July
Audition pieces will be available from the Quay Box Office for short term loan.

Posted 09/06/2016


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