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July 2015

The Manor Players


California Suite

Sue Ford Secretary, Manor Player - and Director

7.45pm Wednesday 1st July

Just a reminder to say please come along to the read through of our next production - a delightful comedy called California Suite. It will be part of the read through evening organised by Robin Whitbread.
It's one of my personal favourites and has some truly great parts.
We will need 5 women and 5 men as well as help backstage so whatever your talent or preference please come along to see what it's all about.
Hope to see you at 7.45pm Wednesday 1st July, meet in the Bar area - reading in the upstairs meeting room.

Posted 30/06/2015


Clacton Amateur Dramtic Society (CADS)

Clacton, Essex

And Then There were None

via website or Facebook

read through will be held Monday 29th June at 7.30pm, with auditions on Wednesday 1st July at 7.30pm, both at The Wick Lodge, Jaywick Lane, Clacton, in the Function Room (entrance through conservatory).

This is a traditional murder mystery, possibly Christie's most famous one after 'The Mousetrap'. We think it will be a rewarding production and one our audiences will enjoy. There are parts for all ages, large or small, depending on when/if your character gets bumped off!
Synopsis of the plot: Eight guests, who have never met each other or their apparently absent host and hostess, are trapped on an island with the two house servants. A mysterious voice accuses each of having got away with murder. Then one drops dead, poisoned! Based on a nursery rhyme of ten little soldiers, this means one down and nine to go!
Cast - with approximate ages:
Mr & Mrs Rogers - the house servants - any age
Fred Narracot - delivery man - any age
Vera Claythorne - secretary - 20s/30s
Philip Lombard - ex -army Captain - 30s/40s
Anthony Marston - rich young man - 20s
William Blore - ex-policeman 40s/50s
General Mackenzie - old retired army officer 60+
Emily Brent - embittered elderly spinster, 50s/60s
Sir Lawrence Wargrave - ex- judge 50s/60s
Dr Armstrong - ex-surgeon 40s - 60s
To find out 'who dunnit' - come to the read-through!

Posted 10/06/2015


Banbury Cross Players

The Mill Arts Centre, Banbury


Anyone interested is invited to a read through at The Mill Arts Centre on Tuesday 23 June 2015, 8pm. Further information is available from director, Brenda Williams – or 01295 271345.

Auditions: Thursday 2 July, 8pm
Performance: 21-24 October 2015 at The Mill Arts Centre, Banbury


Banbury Cross Players are delighted to announce Open Auditions for their 2015/16 Season opening production of Alan Ayckbourn’s “Absurd Person Singular” on Thursday 2 July, 8pm at The Mill Arts Centre, Banbury.

Set in three kitchens over three Christmases, the play follows the fortunes of three wildly incompatible couples charting the relentless rise of the socially aspiring Hopcrofts at the expense of two other couples.

Housing developer Sidney Hopcroft wants to make a good impression on his guests. His wife Jane is more interested in making her kitchen spotless. The party peters out when she gets herself locked out of the house.

Architect Geoffrey Jackson and his pill-popping wife, Eva, aren’t at all prepared. Geoffrey has just told Eva he’s leaving her. Her reaction is to try and kill herself - in five different ways!

At the Victorian home of banker Ronald Brewster-Wright and his alcoholic wife, Marion there’s no party in prospect. Ronald’s bank is failing and he can’t afford to heat the house. Meanwhile, Marion is drunk in the bedroom.

Geoffrey and Eva drop by to commiserate, closely followed by Sidney and Jane who are now successful, dressed to the nines and determined to make the upper-class failures dance to their middle-class tune.

Sidney & Jane – late 20s/30s
Geoffrey & Eva – 40s
Ronald and Marion – 50s

More about Banbury Cross Players can be seen at: or

Posted 08/06/2015


Barn Theatre Club

The Barn Theatre, Welwyn Garden City, Room One

The Innocents
by William Archibald
Directed by Jan Palmer Sayer

Scripts are available from Jan, or please contact Derek if you are keen to help backstage.
Jan Palmer Sayer: Director
Telephone: 07768 431870

Derek Palmer: Stage Director
Telephone: 07860 573896

All email contact via website

Auditions will be held on the following dates:
Friday 3rd July at 7pm in Room One
Saturday 4th July at 10am in Room One
Performances: 13th to 21st November 2015
It is 1860. A young woman becomes governess of two orphans. Removed from the world in an idyll of apparent purity, things darken as the governess perceives, or perhaps merely imagines, that the children’s last governess and her Heathcliff-esque lover have returned from the dead to possess the children. Then a darker fear comes into her mind: what if the children are complicit in their corruption? What if they comprehend the presence of these beckoning ghosts, and welcome them? What do the children know?
This version was written 60 years ago and was made into a film starring Deborah Kerr. Harold Pinter directed a revival on Broadway in 1976. Of the versions that I have read, this seemed to me to be the truest to Henry James’s beautifully ambiguous original story and, in itself, is a gripping read.
The play offers some astonishing opportunities for the whole company. We have to find a way of presenting that most difficult of genres: a ghost story. I’m going to need a strong company of brave people who want to do something different and that company has to include two children – the 'innocents' of the title.
The age of each character is fairly immaterial. Mrs Grose has to be older than Miss Giddens. Miles has to be older than Flora, and each of these roles offers a tremendous and exciting challenge for a young performer who is keen to take a major role. Miss Jessel and Quint have to be sensual beings, but at least there are no lines to learn and their presence will not be required at early rehearsals! I will want to cast folk who look right relative to each other and who can sustain these demanding roles.
Mrs Grose – The housekeeper, 40+
Miss Giddens – The governess, 20+ Huge, super role
Flora – Ideally, she should look about 8, but just needs to look angelic and younger than Miles
Miles – Ideally he should be 12, and definitely a boy, not a man.
Quint – The valet. Non-speaking.
Miss Jessel – The former governess, 18+. Non speaking
I would welcome seeing you at one or other of the auditions, and I would also welcome knowing which you were planning to attend. Please note that, if necessary, there will be a recall on Saturday 11th July at 10am in Room 1.
I am aware that, for the children, they are going to need supportive stage parents who understand how the process works and the necessity of rehearsal – probably three times per week. If you are such a parent, and you have a talented child who you are keen to support through the process, please don’t hesitate to ring me to chat the whole thing through.
Although we will have a read through before the summer break, rehearsals will start in earnest, hopefully, at the beginning of September. Since we will necessarily have two children in the cast, I may have to rehearse slightly earlier in the evenings than is usual (hence the early time for auditions), and may well have more rehearsals on Friday/Saturday/Sunday than is comfortable!

Creative team:
I have already been lucky enough to recruit a super creative team in the making and I am delighted to announce these:
Stage Director – Derek Palmer
Stage Design – Eric Farlie
Lighting Designer – Trevor Wallace
Sound and Music – Ian Cullen
Costume – Penny Coyston
Properties – Sheila Grimmant
Production Manager – Sophie Bowman
I still need more offers of help backstage, though. In particular – lighting board operator, prompt and ASMs.

Posted 30/06/2015


Loughborough Town Hall



Applications will open soon, so please keep checking the LTH website for regular updates.

Auditions will take place on Sunday 5th July:
8 - 12 year olds- 9.30am, ready for 10am start
13-16 year olds- 1.30pm, ready for a 2pm start

Published Thu 2nd April, 2015 by Loughborough Town Hall
Following on from the huge success of last year's pantomime, we are once again looking for talented youngsters to appear in the show alongside the professional actors.
We are looking for kids with bags of energy and personality. Acting, singing and dance ability is required but previous theatre experience is not essential.

Posted on 23/04/2015


Bocking Theatre Club

Bocking Village Hall, Essex

Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs

Please leave a message on this Facebook page if you are interested

Thursday 9th, Monday 13th and Monday 20th July.
Production week. 14th to 21st February 2016

Posted 15/06/2015


Woodley Light Operatic Society - WLOS

Rivermead School Woodley, Berks

HMS Pinafore

Come along and meet the production team and find out more about the show.

Preview Evening: Tuesday 23rd June 7:30pm
Audition: 9th July
Performance: 9th - 12th December 2015

Posted 17/06/2015


Saxon Amateur Theatre Group


Lord Arthur Savile's Crime

Please contact or by email if interested.

Production Dates: 22nd to 24th October

Saxon Theatre Group in Frinton is trying to cast Lord Arthur Savile's Crime, based on a story by Oscar Wilde, but are desperately in need of the eponymous character. We had three possibles, but all backed out just before audition! Anybody done this before and want to have another go? Or know someone who'd be interested? Arthur is 30-ish (Max age 40).

Posted 16/07/2015


Ruislip Operatic Society

St Martin's Church Hall, Eastcote Road, Ruislip HA4 8DG

Around the World in 80 Days

If you are interested, please give our Director Helen Bailey a call on 07518 067096

Production: 30th September - 3rd October 2015

Ruislip Operatic Society are currently rehearsing a new musical version of Around the World in 80 Days. The show dates are Wednesday 30th September to Saturday 3rd October, at the Winston Churchill Theatre. We are looking for a young lady Soprano, mid 20s to early 30s to play the part of Princess Aouda. We are also looking for any men (or women) that may be interested in joining us. There are still a few parts yet to be cast, and there is plenty to do in the chorus!!! This show has witty dialogue and catchy tunes, so we would be pleased if you would like to come and give it a try!

We rehearse on Mondays and Thursday's at St Martin's Church Hall, Eastcote Road, Ruislip HA4 8DG

There will be 3 Sunday rehearsals before the show

Posted 17/07/2015


University of York

York, Yorkshire

15-minute short mystery story


Audition Dates: Between 17th-19th July
Performance Dates: 4th August to 10th August

Two actors needed.

This is a 15-minute short mystery story happening in a small town. Rachel is a 25-year-old woman, who suffers from a car accident and loses memory. She wants to find her memory back while she feels that a mystery man is spying on her. At the same time, new truth emerges that force her to question people around her. Rachel gradually discovers the man’s identity. However, it seems that the truth is not what she thought…

I'm currently looking for two actors,Rachel and Claire. Unfortunately, this is a no paid job, but expenses will be included!

Please feel free to contact me and discuss details if you are interested.

Rachel ----She experiences a car accident and loses memory. In order to return her memory, she has to question people around her. She gradually finds she used to have a boyfriend called Jack. She doesn’t have image about Jack, she misunderstands that the stalker is her boyfriend and puts herself into a dangerous situation. However, she finally escapes and finds out the truth. Basically she’s weak and delicate and easy to trust others.

Claire----Rachel’s best friend. She broke up with Rachel because she’s misunderstood by Rachel three years ago.

See script here.

Posted 16/07/2015



Electric Theatre, Guidlford, Surrey

Les Miserables - School Edition

For more information visit our website

Sunday 19th July 2015

If you are aged between 14 - 19 years old, and would like to be part of our next production, please click on link below where you can fill out our application form for an audition slot
Auditions will be held on Sunday 19th July 2015, at The Electic Theatre in Guildford. Audition slots are limited, so please apply now to guarentee your slot

Posted 30/05/2015


Young Actors Theatre

Islington, London

Young Actors Theatre Performance Foundation Course

Please contact us to register your interest in our course or fill out an application form. You can also download our prospectus.


If you've always wanted to do a foundation course in performance and get that all-important professional training, apply now to take part in our next round of auditions! Course starts in September... ?#?dontdelay? ?#?drama? school
Performance Foundation Course | Young Actors Theatre
Young Actors Theatre Performance Foundation Course. An introduction to professional acting and performance training.
Do you want to be an actor but worried about the cost?

Is drama school right for you?
Want to know what it's really like having a career in the performing arts?
Young Actors Theatre Islington (YATI) is thrilled to introduce a brand new year long performance foundation course from just £50 a week (£36 concessions).
Our course will run mornings only for 36 weeks from September 14th so you can work in the afternoon & evenings
Auditions will take place from June 2015.

Posted 14/07/2015


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