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West Moors Drama Society

West Moors Drama Society


Love at Last

Author: a comedy by Raymond Hopkins

Love at Last


Venue: West Moors Memorial Hall

Box Office: Tickets £8 from Dixon Kelley estate agent West Moors, Dorset or on the door

11, 12, 13 April 7:45pm

Bar available from 7:00pm

Posted 20/03/2019


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Casting Call For Short Film

I’m casting for a short film, shooting in Bournemouth, and we are looking to fill several roles.

If you know of any actors who fit the following criteria and could pass on the information we would really appreciate it.

We are looking for actors to fill the following parts:
- Bobby: 18 - 21 year old Chinese Male
- Chen Jun: 40 - 60 year old Chinese Male
- Chen Li: 40 - 60 year old Chinese Female
- Doris: 40 - 50 year old British Female (ethnicity ambiguous)
- Beatrice: 40 - 50 year old British Female (ethnicity ambiguous)
- Andrew: 30 - 45 year old British Male (White British)

A brief synopsis of the film: 29th of July 1966, 14 year old Bobby is training to work at his family owned hairdressers. He cuts his fathers hair haphazardly, whilst being lectured about the ideals of his Chinese heritage, and how he must carry on his family legacy as a barber. Set in the backdrop of the World Cup Final and the rise of the Red Guards under Mao’s China, Bobby feels trapped between the trends of East and West, feeling confused as to whether he belongs. He attempts to find a culture that he can subscribe to without being influenced by his parents beliefs. We will be shooting in Bournemouth. The roles are unpaid however we will be able to cover the costs of transport, accommodation, and food throughout the filming period. The shoot dates are the 15/16/17th April 2019.

If anyone is interested then please contact us on 1700127@my.aub.ac.uk 07380333958 / 07498116797

Kind Regards,

Alex Howat

Posted on 19/03/2019


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Lucy Driver Publisher: Silver Birchington Plays

Silver Birchington Plays

Facebook  Twitter  

Contact via Enquiries@silverbirchingtonplays.com Location: UK

The Little Mermaid

A full length play suitable for youth groups to perform.

A large cast with opportunities for doubling in necessary.

Based on the much-loved tale by Hans Christian Anderson this play tells the story of Pearl, a mermaid who lives in the underwater kingdom with her father King Poseidon, her mother Queen Amphitrite and all her sisters. The younger mermaids are taught by school mistress Mrs Krill and Charles the lobster is in charge of party planning for Pearl's birthday. Pearl is now old enough to swim to the surface and see humans for the first time. Once she gets to the surface she sees Prince Stefan and it is love at first sight. She stays too long and her father, angered by her disobedience, whips up a storm which results in Stefan and his crew crashing onto the shores of the Kingdom of Durdle Dor. Pearl saves him from drowning but he is discovered and nursed back to health by Queen Cristabel. Pearl seeks the help of the Sea Witch Drusilla and her side-kick sharks, Fankie and Tony. In return for helping Pearl walk on land, Drusilla demands that Pearl gives her her voice. Once on land Pearl is rescued by Stefan but is unable to tell him how she feels and with the return of Queen Cristabel it appears that all is lost but with the help of her friends and sisters, the evil Drusilla is overcome and all live happily ever after.

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Never Trust a Man Bun by Katherine Thomas

Reviewed by: Elaine Chapman @elainec46302904

19 March 2019

Venue: Stockwell Playhouse

The brilliant writing, pathos, humour and heartache poured into this extremely well cast and performed 70-minute play is worth taking a trip to see. The stage is dressed with a sofa and a few pieces of functional furniture and a washing airer complete with washing all in keeping with a flat share.

Good friends from school Lucy and Gus now flatshare, who are pictured above. His ex who is now his current girlfriend Rachael upsets Lucy’s plans of a quiet night in to drink wine and watch Gogglebox. As Unbeknown to Lucy, Caps turns up at the flat on the request of Rachael to be part of a double date. Leading to some very unpleasant revelations and awkward moments as they all attempt to socialise.

Lucy played by the scriptwriter Katherine Thomas is sarcastic, blunt and very direct. During some of her one-liners its hard not to wince as she rips into the other three with cutting quips. Especially the “thick as shit Girlfriend ” Rachael. Who in many ways brings it upon herself with her unthought-out comments and unintelligent remarks. The raw honesty in Lucy’s part is for me refreshing.

Now enter the jealous double dater Caps and in keeping with the title of the play you really “…can’t trust a man bun”. He manipulates and divides the group to win back Rachael and in the process destroying the long-standing friendship between Gus and Lucy. While still managing to play the role of the hard done by the victim who mentions endlessly that he looks after his autistic sister for one hour a day.

Gus the kind and caring but quite naive and unsuspecting boyfriend realises that Rachael is not who he thought she was, as Caps flurts with her and lets the secrets slip on purpose. The innocent blonde who is so extremely nice certainly has a few uncomfortable skeletons lurking in the past. One of which is her past relationship with Caps.

Like Lucy, the play is very honest and blunt. The gasps in the audience behind me when the old flames share a late night kiss highlight the emotions that were provoked by this brilliant writing.

As with many modern plays, we are not witnessing a happy ever after or cheerful resolution. In life, some things are best left and this play finishes leaving me to believe that nothing else needed to be said or done at that point.

Thomas has clearly studied a lot of people around her and many I dare say were possibly her peers. As each character could easily be identified as someone you could have met, known and then more than likely disliked.

Four stars

Written by Katherine Thomas
Directed by Scott Le Crass

Gus-Calum Robshaw
Caps-Jack Forsyth-Noble
Lucy-Katherine Thomas
Rachael-Natasha Grace Hutt

Assistant Director-Henry Gilbert
Technical-Alexander Grieve.
Chidell Productions.

From 19th-24th March 2019

See the full review here theatreandartreviews.wordpress.com


Posted on 19/03/2019


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Brightlingsea, Essex

Contact: Leah Clarke via Facebook


April 2019

We are in need of a crocodile for our youth theatre company and wonder if anybody has one we could hire please? for Peter Pan

Posted 17/03/2019


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Ascot, Berks

Contact: 07710 494632




Available immediately

Cane sofa - NO CUSHIONS - Size W130cm D85cm H95cm

Collection from Sunninghill. Berkshire

Posted 17/03/2019


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Cheshire One Act Drama Festival

Cheshire One Act Drama Festival

Facebook  Twitter  



Cheshire One Act Drama Festival as part of the All England Theatre Festival

Contact: via social media


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The Manifest Theatre Group

The Manifest Theatre Group

Facebook  Twitter  

2 Oxford Road, CO11 1BP Manningtree, Essex

Of Mice and Men by John Steinbeck

Of Mice and Men by John Steinbeck

Contact: via our website or social media
Alison Baker

20th March 2019

***Actors Wanted***
Steinbeck's own version of this classic novel tells the story of George and Lenny, the fast talking farmhand and the simple giant who accompanies him on a life of casual labour in the California agricultural belt in the 1930s. They share a dream of a little place of their own where Lenny can tend the rabbits and they can "live off the fat of the land "But when Lenny unwittingly kills the young wife of a farm owners son , George must shatter their dreams , to keep Lenny from falling into the hands of the law.

This is an exciting and compelling story , if you are at all interested in helping me bring these amazing characters to life we would love to see you . We are reading through the play this Wednesday the 20th of March and auditions will be on Monday April 1st . We plan to present this play in October , dates to be agreed .
There are 9 male parts of varying ages
And 1 female role aged around 18 to 35
Hoping to see as many of you there as possible

Posted 17/03/2019


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Hyde Musical Society

Hyde Musical Society

Facebook  Twitter  



Born in 1940 - we are an amateur musical society based in Hyde, Tameside, producing one major show a year in spring at the Festival Theatre Hyde
Hyde Musical Society are dedicated to keeping live theatre in Tameside. Enjoy browsing our website and if you can remember the old days, have a show suggestion, or want to get in touch please contact us via our website or info@hydemusicalsociety.org.uk


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Braintree Musical Society

Braintree Musical Society

Facebook  Twitter  

Braintree, Essex


Production: The Sound Of Music

Dates Required: Performance: 16th-18th May 2019

Braintree Musical Society are looking for a COSTUMES COORDINATOR for our upcoming show 'The Sound Of Music' to be performed 16th-18th May.
We have the list, and some costume contacts, we just need someone to pull it all together :)
If you are interested, or know someone who might be, please get in touch! via our website or social media

Posted 06/03/2019


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Natural Theatre School

Natural Theatre School

Facebook  Twitter  Instagram  youTube  

The Hen & Chicken (210 North Street, Bristol, BS3 1JF)

Contact: 01225 469131 or via our website or social media

Natural Theatre School: Adult Classes

Wednesday evenings: 1st May – 3rd July 2019 7pm – 9pm

£95 per term

Coming to Bristol by popular demand!
Ten week performance course working with industry professionals, offering the opportunity to participate in a live street performance.
The Natural Theatre Company’s Adult Classes are coming to Bristol this summer after proving hugely successful in their home city of Bath, and are open to anyone aged 18 +.
The 10 week Performance & Theatre Skills programme is led by The Naturals’ world-class actors, and are a fantastic opportunity to learn from professionals, develop a variety of skills, meet some lovely new people...and have a lot of fun in the process!
Learn about:
- Comedy
- Street performance
- Improvisation skills
- Physical performance
- Costume
...and our world famous scenarios!
You may have an interest in acting professionally, you might want to build self-confidence in a fun and safe environment, or perhaps you simply want to switch off for a few hours and enjoy some stress-free fun with like-minded people.
No previous experience is necessary, everyone is welcome!

Posted 05/03/2019


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Silver Birchington Plays

Silver Birchington Plays

Facebook  Twitter  
1 Station Rd, Ilminster TA19 9BD

We are accepting scripts from new playwrights and we are ready to hear from you. Send in your script for us to read and offer suggestions to make your work performance ready. Your script will be read by a team of professional readers who will give a detailed review and format your script ready for inclusion in our catalogue. Please go to the shop and see 'Script Reading Service'.
Once the script is complete we may offer you an opportunity to put your play in our catalogue. All we will charge for this is a commission from the performance fees.

Contact: enquiries@silverbirchingtonplays.com or via our website or social media

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Regis Theatre Company

Regis Theatre Company


South Derbyshire


MD wanted for our next exciting musical

The position is paid, we perform at the Duchess Theatre, in Long Eaton, and rehearse in South Derbyshire.

Get in touch via Twitter for more info.

Posted 25/02/2019


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Post 63
Recent Post from one of our readers - 11/02/2019
Name: Mandy Rolleston
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/mandy.rolleston


From King Charles Mummers


We are The King Charles Mummers based in Falmouth, Cornwall.

We are looking to upgrade our sound system and wondered what you all would recommend, thank you.

We have 120 seater theatre an old PC with Jack plug and an amplifier.


website is www.kingcharlesmummers.org

Many thanks

Mandy Rolleston

Peter's response:

Hi Mandy,

Thanks for posting your question. I shall make sure it gets published in the #Advice section of the www.dramagroups.com website and its associated Facebook, Twitter and Instagram pages within the next 24 hours. I shall ask people to contact you if they can help or advise.

Best Wishes,


Would you like to comment on this? contact@dramagroups.com

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Crystal point mall, 213, 2nd Floor, link rd above star bazaar, Andheri West, Mumbai - 53


Theatre Available

Contact: IRFAN HAMID 9820187443

A new entertainment venue 100 seater auditorium for
• Stand up Comedy
• Kids Plays
• All Genres Plays
• Dance shows
• Business events
• Presentation
• Learning space
• Non commercial movies
. Drama Workshops
Or any kind of events.

Posted 07/01/2019


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Mandy Gunter

Telford, Shropshire

Contact: Facebook


Does anybody have multiple copies of Same by Deborah Bruce that they would be willing to sell?
We would like to perform in the Wellington Drama Festival but the cost of purchasing 9 scripts is quite prohibitive as we would not recoup the costs from the performance. Thanks :-)

Oct/Nov 2018

Posted 05/10/2018

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Copythorne Amateur Theatrical Society

Facebook  Twitter  

Press release- ‘Robin Hood and Babes in the Woods’

This Christmas Copythorne Amateur Theatrical Society are celebrating 50 years of Copythorne pantomimes with a production of ‘Robin Hood and Babes in the Woods’. In 1968 the local British Legion put on a panto to raise funds. It proved so popular that it became an annual event. In 1995 CATS was formed to continue the tradition when the Royal British Legion changed their fundraising rules. Over the years, hundreds of local people have been involved with the shows and thousands of pounds have been raised for charity.

This year’s show has been specially written to mark the occasion and includes all the characters you’d expect, plus quite a few that might surprise you, including some panto ghosts.

Robin Hood has returned from the Crusades to find that the people of Nottingham are in desperate need of help. The wicked Sheriff of Nottingham keeps taking their money in taxes and burning down their houses. Things get even worse when Prince John demands even more money and the Sheriff decides to get rid of his two young wards and marry Maid Marian so that he can get his hands on their lands.

Can Robin rescue the Babes and Marian and defeat the Sheriff? Maybe. With the help of his merry men (and women) and, of course, Nurse Nora, the dame, who knows everything there is to know about the soldiers in the castle, including the bungling Private Eye and Private Parts. A true village panto with plenty of songs, swash buckling and audience participation. The show also features dancers from the Jo Hyne School of Dance, who will bring some magic to Sherwood and a bit of Rock n Roll to Nottingham Castle.

Performances are: Saturday 24th November at 7.30
Sunday 25th November at 2.30
Saturday 1st December at 7.30
Sunday 2nd December at 2.30
At Copythorne Parish Hall, Pollards Moor Road, S04 2NZ
Tickets: Adults £8, under 16s £5, Family Ticket (2 adults and 2 children) £22
Available from Bartley Post Office, Landford Stores and Bramshaw Village Stores or by phoning our box office 02380 813415

Posted on 16/09/2018

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Make-Up Artist Work Experience Required

I am a make-up lecture at Sussex downs college in Lewes. currently seeking work experience for my make-up group. They are all very passionate about theatrical make-up and I was seeking if by any chance they could have the opportunity in working together with the art performance in delivering make-up and gaining experience within the make-up industry in theatrical

yours sincerely

Nelia Mici
Level 3 makeup artists lecture
Sussex downs college, Lewes