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Clive Scarff

Vancouver Canada

You've Got Male (comedy)

First you have to picture the set: a man's apartment stage left, a table and chairs representing a coffee shop stage right, and a very large flat screen monitor hanging above.
Dave is trying his hand at online dating, and we can see everything he sees on his computer on the large screen above. Dave provides commentary as he circumnavigates the dating website "Date Club" and we join him on his dates as he meets five very eclectic women at the local coffee shop.
Will Dave find love online? Is Liz really a princess? Will Cathy let Dave get a word in? Why is Dave's mom on the same dating website? And is that woman from Nigeria really in the US Army?
You've Got Male is a highly "produceable" 2-Act play that features one male lead, and five zany female characters designed to be played by one talented comedic actress, or five separate ones. Suitable for professional, amateur, even fringe groups.
For more information and to request a reading of the script contact the playwright.

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Performing Earth Arts Centre

Thornhill Edge, Dewsbury, West Yorkshire, WF12 0HD



Theatre & Studio space Available

Hosts monthly open night shows of live theatre, live music, live spoken word and media presentations. The venue, that is also available for other functions, comprises of its own theatre bar and 3 theatre studios, including a 23 seater theatre space with theatre lighting and PA.

As Requied / Available

Posted 14/02/2013


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Grosvenor Light Opera Company





Deadlines for applications are the 28th November 2014

Ruddigore – Director needed!

GLOC is looking for a Director for their summer performance of Ruddigore; Or, The Witch's Curse. Could it be you?
More details can be found on the GLOC website click here - or by emailing Laura at
Shortly after The Mikado became the greatest hit of their careers to date, W.S. Gilbert and Arthur Sullivan set about creating a new and original comic opera which was a pastiche of the popular Victorian theatrical melodrama. The result was Ruddigore.
Robin, the Baronet of Ruddigore, afraid of the family curse, has run away to be a farmer and fallen in love with a girl. But his rival in love reveals his true identity, meaning he must return to the family castle to replace his brother and fulfil the curse, committing a crime a day: "Each lord of Ruddigore, despite his best endeavor, shall do one crime, or more, once every day, for ever." Back in the gallery of Castle Ruddigore, Robin is surrounded by pictures of the former Baronets. His ancestors’ paintings come to life and torture him for his lacklustre criminality until he agrees to a major crime. Everything seems to be going wrong until Robin comes up with an ingenious solution to the curse.

Posted 27/10/2014


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Tudor Musical Comedy Society

St James Mere Green Road B75 5BW (opposite Sainsburys)

Jesus Christ Superstar

For more information please contact Nigel Gaunt, chairman at or call 07944 776831

Launch Thursday 6th Nov 7:45pm
Performance March 2015 at Sutton Coldfield Town Hall

Come to our launch event, where you will hear all about the story from our production team, listen to the music and meet current members.
From roman guards and leppers to the title role, there is something for everyone in this powerful and emotional rock opera. With exciting songs such as "What's the buzz" and "Hosanna" though to the passionate "Gethsemane", don't miss your opportunity to be part of this musical sensation.

Posted on 12/10/2014


Spend over £100 on technology, Get £20 off. Using Coupon Code RUKTECH20

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Southampton Airport Christmas video needs actors

We are filming the Southampton Airport Christmas video on Friday 7th and Saturday 8th November and desperately need two more actors to fill roles.
Actors from Hampshire drama groups – preferably Southampton, New Forest, Eastleigh, Chandlers Ford and Hedge End areas.
The roles we are looking for are a male late 20’s/30’s to play a soldier returning to meet his family for Christmas and a lady aged 60s – 70s waiting to meet her husband off the plane. Unfortunately we are not able to pay the actors so are looking for volunteers but it is a great project to be involved in and great on screen acting experience. The video will also be displayed on our website, YouTube channel and sent to local media.
I hope to hear from you soon.
Many thanks,
Holly Harvey
Digital Marketing Executive
Southampton International Airport Ltd | Wide Lane | Southampton | SO18 2NL
tel 023 8062 7230
Holly Harvey


Posted on 31/10/2014


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Rob Heslop
Graduate of Creative Music Technology BA(hons)
My name is Rob Heslop and I am a recent graduate of Creative Music Technology BA(hons), aged 22 with a strong multi-arts background - my forte being composition and music production.
Throughout university I have had a keen interest in arts productions and performances and have composed for classmates as well as performing arts groups.
I now work at Wreake Valley Academy, Syston, as a Music, Performing & Visual Arts Technician assisting with recording music and drama performances and supporting the development of musical compositions for GCSE & A-Level students.
I am writing today to offer my services as a composer and producer for any forthcoming projects which might require a soundtrack, soundscape or any sound-design.
I have included a dropbox link to a recent short composition of mine that combines composition, production and sound design to demonstrate my ability;
Dropbox Link
If there are any opportunities for me to get involved please do not hesitate to contact me, Rob heslop

Posted on 16/10/2013

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Shenfield High School


Wanted to Hire

12th – 23rd Jan 2015

Production: Beauty and the Beast
All main cast character costumes and any other ensemble accessories also
Any props/set too! Anything you have we would love to look at!!!

Posted 21/10/2014


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Garden Suburb Theatre


Contact: or Faceboo or Twitter



Dec 2014

Props needed for Frankenstein
• 1 x 'kidney' type or earthenware type dish (to look like medical dish)
• Powder Horn
• Ramrod for pistol
• 2 x plain white cloths (for covering hand in Act 1 and dishes in Act 4)
• Old fashioned flint and steel
• Suture needle/bodkin bent suture type needle (can make out of coat hanger if we need to...)
• Realistic looking (dead) rabbit
• Realistic looking human (or similar) heart
• Knives x 2 (Fake): 6ish inch blade Flat sided knife like a cooks knife plus smaller scalpel looking thing/surgeons knife
• A long shot (ha ha) but if anyone has blank firing:
o Musket with ramrod (Felix)
o Two pistols (Servant)
• old thick lightening conductor wires or cables that we can rip off covering from to look like wires that would run from lightening outside on roof to the monster
• Old garden hose/similar type 'thick wire' looking things that we can make an umbilical cord of wires out of from Monster Bride to machine (about 6 foot of)

Posted 17/10/2014


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Post 39
Recent Post from one of our readers - 07/10/2014
Name: Gill Jackson
email address: - Click here
Message: Group Insurance
Hi there,
My name's Gill Jackson and I am looking for information regarding a policy for an adult amateur drama group I’m involved with. We meet weekly in a local village hall, they have their own insurance, we stage two/three productions a year anything from Panto to Stoppard. Members are aged between twenty – seventy, we also store some equipment, lighting and backdrops etc.
I would appreciate any information you can supply to enable a purchase of a suitable policy for the group.
Kind Regards,

Peter's response:

Hi Gill,
I’m afraid I can’t advise you directly as I’m not qualified to offer advice on insurance. My own group does have such a policy which is I believe quite inexpensive and I would think any local insurance broker would be pleased to advise you and arrange suitable cover.

What I can and will do is to place your query in the Advice section of the website in the hope that a qualified person will make contact with you directly.

Do let me know how you get on.

Best Wishes,


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Axis Youth Productions

Autumn 2014 Newsletter
Dear All
I hope that you have had a lovely summer, although at the current time of writing this it feels like autumn has arrived already!

The Addams Family
Last term was at times a tricky term and we ended up with a smaller cast than we have had in a while due to many reasons. However what a cast and show week it was!

The help given from those parents and other friends who were able to help was simply amazing and truly appreciated, whether it was a few hours or several days. The cast really pulled together with many of the senior members coming in earlier to help and once again a special thank you to Jade Stygall for all the extra help that you gave. I know various members were excited and pleased with themselves that they had managed to actually paint some set some in block colours and others in more detail ;-)

A big thank you to Ricky for coming in and playing Gomez with only a few weeks to go. Ricky fitted right into the group who I know made a big effort to also make him feel welcome. Ricky faced a few difficulties during the rehearsal process as did a few of our cast members; your professionalism and will to carry on is never unnoticed and always highly thought of.

I think everyone will agree that the company looked fantastic in their make-up and wigs etc. Thank you to Hannah Parsons (one of our longest standing members, yet to fully escape) for doing the make-up. Hannah has now just finished her course at Brush Strokes, Shepperton Studios; a well-respected course. So if you ever want prom make up, or theatrical etc call on Hannah. Thank you too to Amy Milligan whom I know enjoyed making up the girls in her room; they looked great!

I would also like to congratulate the members of our cast who took their GCSE’s during the rehearsal process and who got excellent grades, some got several if not all A’s and many got A*’s as well. Proving once again that it is possible to do your exams while doing a show. Congratulations also go out to our other members/supporters, Reece Webster, Issy Hooke and Charlotte Evans for their excellent results too. Well done to anyone else who also took exams.

Winter Term
This term will be a busy one, in which a few of our members will be off taking part once again in Evita, this time in London. Some members will also be found in Pantomime at Windsor Theatre.

AYP however will be found at The Cecil Hepworth Playhouse (Walton on Thames, Dec. 18th – 20th. As some of you know, we will not be doing a pantomime as such again this year, nor a matinee. We will be doing instead another show based along the lines of A Kickin Christmas. This show too was lots of fun and the first show that AYP have ever done like that at Christmas. Our new Christmas show (yet to be named) will be a fully inclusive affair…… I would like to give members who may not always play lead roles etc the chance to do more in this show if they wish. As we discovered at our fundraiser we have a lot of talent in AYP that it is not always possible to showcase….. I would like this forthcoming show to provide opportunity for everyone with singing, dancing, acting and whatever other talents may develop. Like A Kickin Christmas I plan to have some close harmony singing and also a scripted work along the lines of a pantomime, which were very popular last time.

If you haven’t taken part in an AYP show for a while, now is the time to come along. We won’t be holding a casting day, but will see who comes along and go from there, building the show around the various different talents that we have, ensuring there is something for everyone! I am pleased to announce that Jade Stygall will be assisting me with the production side of this show, however if there is anyone else who would like to be involved more with the choreography, music, script writing, please do contact me.

Rehearsals and Dates
Rehearsals start on Sept. 14th from 2-5pm and will be held at Feltham Community College. The course fee will be £125.00 for the term working out at less than £2.00phr and is for ages from 7 to 21.
However if fees are paid by Sept. 21st then they will be £110.00. We will still offer help with payments where needed, as always please do come and speak to us, we don’t want anyone to miss out.
If paying the full £125.00 then we will require two instalments one on Sept. 21st £50.00 (as we are aware that there is often a lot to pay out in September). The following one will be due by Nov. 2nd.
Please do feel free to tell all your friends about the forth coming show, new members are always very welcome.

All that remains is for me to say enjoy what is left of the summer and that I look forward to seeing you all in Sept.

Kind regards
Frances Oldbury
Company Director
Susan Wynne


Posted on 03/09/2014

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The Young Actors Group

East Sussex


The Young Actors Group is a professional talent agency and acting school that runs weekly drama classes for 8 – 18 year olds (years 4 – 13) in Brighton and the South East.
Our aim is to provide the very best bespoke acting training, the most constructive and encouraging support base for parents and to be the go-to platform for professional casting directors who are searching for young talent.
With a unique three term curriculum and extensive contact base built up through over 20 years’ experience in the business, our vision is to equip young actors with the confidence, integrity and character to succeed in the acting business and beyond.
We run classes throughout the week outside of school. Do get in touch if you want to know more.
Contact Details:-
Email -
Phone - 01273 719 226


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KATS (Kennet Amateur Theatrical Society)

Bucklebury Memorial Hall, Berks

Contact: If you book and pay before the 23rd November you will also get a free glass of mulled wine!
So get booking via our website contact form

KATS at Christmas

Saturday 13th December at 7.30pm

KATS are organising a Christmas treat for you with a joint evening with Out of the Box to get yourself into the Christmas Spirit!!
‘It’s A Wonderful Life’ a live radio play performed by the Out of the Box theatre group will be on at Bucklebury Memorial hall on Saturday 13th December at 7.30pm.
KATS are providing the supper - jacket potato and various fillings, mince pies and chocolates - all for £10 a head.
There will also be a bar and a raffle for a Christmas Hamper.
We only have 80 tickets available so get your tickets early – don’t forget your friends and family too!!

Posted on


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The Devil and Stepashka

A very gripping and haunting production

Little Red Hoodie
Part of a set of three plays entitled 'Retold' with new feminist angles on fairy tales. It's actually my first all-woman play. Quite dark, quite striking.

Both plays produced by Goblin Baby Theatre Co.
View 5 min film 'Enemy'
Tel: +44(0)20 8673 6147

Posted on 13/08/2014


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The Playmakers


The Mytchett Community Centre, Mytchett Road, Camberley GU16 6AA

23rd & 24th January 2015
Friday 7pm, Saturday 2pm & 7pm

Box Office:
Adults £8, Children/Concessions £5 Box office 01252 375030, or
The Three Little Pigs

Do we know the Pigs mother was a nightmare? Yes, the wolf is well known, but what do we know about his motivation and obsession to blow down houses containing pigs? Who really is the baddie and will good triumph over evil?

Posted 31/10/2014


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Bedfordshire Drama Group

Leighton Buzzard, Beds

Contact email
For Sale

For Sale – Script Library
Our drama group are getting rid of our script library. We have approx 175 – 200 scripts of all genres on offer, to go as one lot.
Can provide all the details/ titles if you email
The majority of the scripts are in great condition, but some of them have previously been used & are either marked up for a cast member or for lighting etc.
You would need to pick them up from Leighton Buzzard, Beds as far too heavy to send.
If interested, make us an offer!

May 2013

Posted on: 27/05/2013

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Dugout Music Studios Ltd

Contact: or Tel. 01329 829809

Studio / Rehearsal Space for Hire

Music, band and solo practice. Recording services. Small drama group rehearsals.
We are a rehearsal and recording facility with two rooms available for hire. Rooms are approximately 35sq metres. Equipt with PA and microphones, portable seating. Completely soundproof. Kitchen and toilet facilities available. Car parking. Free wi-fi access.
As Required / Available
7 days a week 10am - 6pm Evenings possible if block booking days.



Posted 17/10/2014