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Schools Plus based at Virgo Fidelis, Croydon, UK

We have a venue that may be of interest to any groups that want to use it to rehearse or have it as a permanent venue.
Contact: Kevin Jones



Posted 05/07/2015


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Bev Clark

Plays by Beverley Clark:
New plays available now at
one-act festival plays, comedy dramas for both adults and youth groups
More being added each month please take a look

Online publishing house, New Flight Publications via in-house playwright writes original play scripts for professional & community theatre. performance licencing available brand new works for 2015
The Ghost Crib
The Ghost Crib
A spooky one act play script.
In The Ghost Crib, a family have kept a terrible secret for 18 years.
They fear their daughter may be possessed as she is haunted by the sound of a baby screaming.
A young stranger arrives with a scar and a story to tell… is all that it seems?
A ghostly apparation returns … has it come to claim or save someone?
see full details

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Reach Academy

Reach Academy, Feltham, Middlesex TW13 4AB


Contact: Paul Mills
Operations Manager
Reach Academy & Venue@Reach
T: 07788 255353
T: 0208 893 1099


New facilities for hire or for partnership
We are a new Academy with a stage/hall for hire. We have just had full Theatre sound and lighting installed.
Perfect venue for drama, music and dance.
Please contact me if more information required.
Paul Mills

Availability: As required

Posted 13/12/2015


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David Ian Productions and the Ambassador Theatre Group in association with Nullarbor Productions and MGM ON STAGE




Thursday 18th February in Plymouth
Production Company: David Ian Productions and the Ambassador Theatre Group in association with Nullarbor Productions and MGM ON STAGE
AUDITIONS: Thursday 18th February in Plymouth
Based on the Oscar winning movie The Adventures of Priscilla Queen of the Desert, the musical tells the funny and moving story of three drag performers who set off from Sydney across the Australian desert in a battered old tour bus, christened Priscilla. The show contains over 20 classic disco hits such as I Will Survive and I Love The Nightlife.

We are looking for ONE JUVENILE ROLE only.
We would like to cast boys to share the role in these venues:
TORQUAY performances week commencing 11th April (One day rehearsal 31st March in Torquay)
PLYMOUTH performances week commencing 9th May* (One day rehearsal 31st March or 12th April in Torquay)

CHILDREN MUST LIVE IN THE VICINITY OF THE VENUES: – within 45 minutes travel time.
*The same boys can do both venues, if they live between Torquay and Plymouth.

Children will live at home. Parents/guardians will be required to get children to and from the rehearsal and performance venues, but chaperones will be provided for the actual rehearsals and performances.

Son of Tick/Mitzi (Drag Queen) and Marion (Hotel Entertainment Manager). Marion has brought him up to be sweet and open-minded. Tick makes the journey across the desert to spend time with him, having been away in Sydney for his early years.

Male aged 7-10 years, playing age 7-8 years. Maximum Height 4ft 5in (135cm).

Acting and some singing - nice clear singing voice. Dance ability optional, not essential. Innocent and sweet, but with a natural cheekiness. Slight build. Needs to be confident with good energy and concentration.

Please send recent photo and CV, which must include details of age, height and any experience or training (Saturday school, drama/dance classes etc) AND MUST INCLUDE INFORMATION ABOUT WHERE THEY LIVE WITH REFERENCE TO THE ABOVE VENUES by email to:

Posted 13/02/2016


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Players Theatre

Players Theatre

FacebookTwitter 2016 - 2017 SEASON LAUNCH ~ A Season of Comedy

Touch and Go by Derek Benfield (of Hetty Wainthrop fame) 24th Sept - 1st Oct 2016

The Anniversary by Bill Macilwraith 19th - 26th November 2016

Hobson’s Choice by Harold Brighouse 11th - 18th March 2017

Lost in Yonkers by Neil Simon 13th - 20th May 2017

There will be a launch of the season at a ‘Wine and Nibbles Night’ on Wednesday April 6th 2016 in the theatre at 8pm.

Scripts will be available for people to look at. Members of the Play Reading and Casting Committee and Directors will be there to answer any questions. Should you wish to take any scripts away, there will be a refundable charge of £10 payable on the night by cash or cheque.

Please visit the website for any further information or email

Posted on 09/02/2016


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Reigate, Surrey

Contact: Please text Zoe (no calls/voicemails please!!) on 07988 493805 with any questions and I will call you back as soon as I can.


Feb 2016

TREAD THE BOARDS is having a spring clean, and donating over 300 costumes and accessories to any drama groups or individuals able to collect from Reigate, Surrey over the next 2 weekends (13/14 & 20/21 Feb) between10am and 4pm.
Tread The Boards

Posted 10/02/2016


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Monument Performing Arts School

Monument Performing Arts School

Stirling, Central Scotland

Contact: Craig email


For Sale or Hire

Feb 2016

We have a number of set/prop pieces for the Musical 'You're A Good Man Charlie Brown' for Sale.
They are - Snoopy's Kennel, fully weight bearing and mobile.
Lucy's 'The Doctor Is In' Booth
Charlie Brown's Mailbox
Schroeder's Miniture Grand Piano
Solid construction. All performed wonderfully under show conditions.
Available for £600 o.n.o.
Will consider short term hire if you can transport.

Posted 07/02/2016


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The Pride of Teesside

Author: Norma Phillips
Secretary of
Teesside Musical Theatre Company


A follow up to my article "Family Matters" to highlight the impact of one particular family dedicated to keeping Teesside Musical Theatre Company alive.

The Pride of Teesside

Following my article, “Family Matters”, which was posted on this website recently, I was inspired to disclose more about the family values that have been an integral part of Teesside Musical Theatre Company for decades. I originally intended to make specific reference to several of the families involved, but I realised this would probably just become a long list of names, and I could also be in danger of excluding someone.

I, therefore, decided to focus on our Producer, Alison Dale, whose family has been a part of Teesside Musical Theatre Company (previously known as Teesside Operatic Society) for most of its existence. Kath Dawson, Alison’s mother, was a leading lady for many years before retiring from the stage to take over as Business Manager and Wardrobe Mistress. Alison and her sisters were, therefore, brought up in the amateur theatre world, and Alison naturally started to take on leading roles from an early age.

In recent years, Alison decided that, as well as acting in productions, she would like to use her extensive experience to produce shows for Teesside Musical Theatre Company. This revealed that Alison has an amazing talent for visualisation, creating a masterpiece as an artist would with paints and canvas. The cast and crew can always be confident that following Alison’s direction will result in another spellbinding production that we can all be proud of. It is a joy to be part of the process, and it is heartwarming when Alison thanks the cast and crew for making her visions into a reality. She always expresses her appreciation and pride and commands the respect of all involved.

With the help of Stockton Stage Society, Alison introduced the use of back projection with minimalist sets, which makes scene changes so fluid and seamless, to great effect. I particularly remember our production of “The Sound of Music” when Maria changed from being a nun in the Mother Superior’s Office to walking through the streets clutching her guitar and suitcase, arriving at the von Trapp mansion, without leaving the stage (using a screen to allow her to change costume)! In “The Producers” Max Bialystock is transported from a prison cell to Broadway theatre land with minimal set changes.

Read more....

Posted on 06/12/2015

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Scripts 4 Stage

Contact via our website or
Wirral U.K.
Online publishing house, New Flight Publications via in-house playwright writes original play scripts for professional & community theatre. performance licencing available brand new works for 2015

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Harvard-Radcliffe Gilbert & Sullivan Players

Harvard-Radcliffe Gilbert & Sullivan Players


P.O. Box 382143, Harvard Square, Cambridge, MA 02238


The Harvard-Radcliffe Gilbert & Sullivan Players are proud to be the largest independent student-run theatrical organization at Harvard College. Each year, we produce two operettas from the grand canon of Victorian duo William Schwenck Gilbert and Sir Arthur Sullivan.


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Horsham Sports Club

Horsham Sports Club, Horsham, Sussex

Contact: If you need any information please call the office on 01403 254628 during office hours Mon-Fri or email

Murder Mystery Night!

Friday 11th March and starts at 19:30

Could you be the next Miss Marple or maybe Sherlock Holmes?
Why not try your detective skills at our Murder Mystery Night!
Tickets are £35 each which includes a 3 course meal and a great evening of entertainment! We have limited spaces so don't miss out!

Murder Mystery Night

Posted 13/02/2016


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The Orwell Players (TOPS)

The Orwell Players (TOPS)


Production: TBC

Contact: or 01223 208128


Dates Required: 2016

The Orwell Players is facing a crisis (sounds of shock and horror off stage). We have the actors (HOORAY), we have the technicians (HOORAY), we have a great village hall (YES) and soon it’ll have new toilets (YES, YES).

But we don’t have a Director (Aaaaaah).

Do you have what it takes to herd a group luvvies? Do you have the artistic insight to cut through the froth and see the nugget of inner truth? Do you have …… well do you have any experience in directing drama groups?

If so we would love to hear from you. We have a packed social calendar this year but would love to put on another production.


And the first of our tightly packed social events this year is an evening of play readings in the back room of Orwell Village Hall from 8:00 on Thursday 25th February. Three of our leading lights will be taking volunteers to read excerpts from three plays. Which will be fun, possibly helped along by the free wine and nibbles (he was my favourite hamster).

Come along and take part, or just sit at the back drinking. We’ve all been there.

Posted 03/02/2016


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28 Bramble Walk, Epsom, Surrey KT18 7TB
Contact: any enquiries please email or call me on 07788 421977
For Sale
Costume and Sheet Music Sale
I run a production company and we are selling lots of high quality adult sized costumes - a variety from Mamma Mia style to 1960s, to Grease, and many more.... evening dresses, shoes, accessories and sheet music of various standards and musical theatre. All at bargain prices.
Emma Morris

Sat 1 August, 2-5pm

Posted on: 24/07/2015

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McGill Savoy Society

McGill Savoy Society



Venue: Moyse Hall, 853 Sherbrooke St West, Arts Building, McGill University, Montreal, Quebec H3A 0G5

Box Office: Online
Students: 10$ -- Seniors: 15$ -- Adults: 20$

The Merry Widow

Author: Music by Franz Lehár
Original book and lyrics by Victor Leon and Leo Stein
English Version by Christopher Hassall
This amateur production is presented by arrangement with Glocken Verlag LTD

The Merry Widow

12 February - 20 February 19:00
The McGill Savoy Society proudly presents our 2016 mainstage production of Franz Lehár's classic operetta: The Merry Widow. We've got romance! We've got waltzing! We've got frenchmen!

Read more....

Posted 13/02/2016


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Post 46
Recent Post from one of our readers - 19/01/2016
Name: Matthew Day
email address: - Click here
Can anyone recommend a good media player to use for stage productions please? I need something for a musical next week, but I'm not happy with the regular media players. I want something where I can organise a playlist, and play individual tracks that will stop playing when the track ends (and not automatically play the next track), as well as play multiple tracks at the same time (background FX etc.), easily.

Peter's response:

Hi Matthew,
I don’t know of a media player specifically for stage productions, we’ve discussed this at my own group but so far come up with nothing. I’ve placed an entry for you in the #Advice section of the website. I hope you get some good advice. Do let me know how you get on.

Best Wishes,


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Farnworth Little Theatre

Snake in the Grass video

Here are some of Adrian Mottram's images from Snake in the Grass in a YouTube video along with the haunting music of Max Ablitzer's Ghost Song. youTube


Posted on 27/01/2016


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Triangle Players

Tilehurst Berkshire


Looking for scripts for Basinful of the Briny by Leslie Sands .... can anyone help please?

Date: Feb 2016

Posted 13/02/2016

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PRS for Music

We are a society of songwriters, composers and music publishers. We license organisations to play, perform or make available copyright music on behalf of our members and those of overseas societies, distributing the royalties to them fairly and efficiently. We promote and protect the value of copyright.
Performing rights royalties are paid to a songwriter, composer or publisher whenever their music is played or performed in any public space or place. This includes TV, radio, online, in a shop, an office, pub or restaurant, at a concert, a sporting event and thousands of other places.

Mechanical rights
MCPS represents our members’ mechanical rights, whenever a piece of music is reproduced as a physical product.
Mechanical rights royalties are different and are paid to the songwriter, composer or publisher when music is reproduced as a physical product or for broadcast or online.
What’s changing?
The PRS for Music brand now represents our members’ mechanical rights whenever a piece of music is reproduced for broadcast or online. MCPS will continue to represent the mechanical rights for physical products at this stage.

What’s staying the same?
The Mechanical-Copyright Protection Society will continue to exist as a legal entity, company name and as a brand for physical products’ mechanical rights. Cheques will come from the Mechanical-Copyright Protection Society Limited, you can still send cheques to the Mechanical-Copyright Protection Society Limited and it will continue to be registered at Companies House.