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West Moors Drama Society

In November my drama group performed the play 'DRINKING HABITS' by Tom Smith. It went really well.
If another drama group were thinking of putting on this play I can recommend it.
It was great fun to direct and the audience reaction on all three nights was so good.

Plus...we have the nun's habits, priests/Cardinals costumes etc which we are looking to sell for a moderate cost should anyone be interested in staging this play. (our wardrobe Mistress was very busy!)

Jane Hilliard


Posted on 05/01/2015


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Normanton Five Towns Musical Theatre Society


Venue: Alice Bacon Centre, Market St, Normanton, West Yorkshire,WF6 2AR

Thursday 21st & Friday 22nd May 2015 at 7:15pm. Saturday 23rd May 2015 at 2:00pm

Box Office: for ticket sales, contact: Tel: 01924 894480. Or see

Director and Choreographer: Sam Hayward. Musical Director: Elaine Oakley Celebration Showcase

Celebration Showcase, 90 Years In The Making. (Included many songs from the musicals throughout 90 years, 1925 - 2015).
For more information - Contact: Bernadette Cowley:
Bev Moore:

Posted 18/04/2015


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Kay Collins


Contact: Available

I have a number of stage show manuscripts that I need a home for My Mother produced many shows until she was elderly and they contain all notes moves etc I do not want to destroy them as I am sure performers would enjoy having them They are currently in Ipswich and in one good size box I am happy to deliver them within a reasonable distance.

March 2015

Posted on: 10/03/2015

Recently Posted Studio/Rehearsal Facilities
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Thorpe House School

Kajima Community, 12b Basset Court, Northampton, Northampton, Norfolk NN4 5EZ


Contact: SchoolBookings Team.
Call: 03330 110 476


Hire facilities at Thorpe House School
Host community sessions here at Thorpe House School
Great Facilities at Competitive Prices
Whether you are looking for a hall to host a bouncy castle party, go-kart party, football party, disco party or even a zorbing party, we have a whole host of halls, rooms and outdoor grounds to select from. Access to a small kitchen area can be provided for tea/coffee making!!
Check out our website for a closer look:

Please call to check availability

Posted 20/12/2014


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Michael Paling


I am a mostly amateur author of 18 novels and short stories, mostly twist in the tail type, I have 7 published works.

I am offering my comedy play "The Flower" for a limited number of performances free to an amateur group.

The play has 6 actors, Mary, her husband Richard, Evelyn his mother-in-law, June ( mary's friend) her husband Michael ( Richard's friend) and Rory, Junes grandson. The stage is 2/3 Mary's lounge and 1/3 their conservatory. mary likes her wine drinking mostly, all day every day, Richard is a budding gardener, or so he thinks and uses their conservatory as his indoor garden with lots of potted plants and flowers. He is a complete disaster . Evelyn is a little bit sarcastic in general, loves her knitting, Michael is thicker than two short planks and thinks Richard is fantastic at all he does both being friends since their school days, Rory in his late teens, bone idle, is unemployed and thinks that the world owes him a living. Richard buys a rare South American plant that is renowed for it being most difficult to get to blossom only 3 in the last century managing it, . But not for him, he is convinced that he will succeed where many others have failed.

The written play can be acquired from me via email.

The printed material which is copywrited will be posted to interested parties free of charge on application. First come first served will apply.

Recently Posted Theatre Facilities
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Leavesden Green JMI School & Nursery

High Road, Watford, Herts




I am a Governor at Leavesden Green school in Watford, which you may know is near the Warner Bros Studios and just off the A406 so very handy for the M1 and M25 and of course Watford (we are on the number 10 bus route) Our school has some fantastic spaces that we know we can make better use of to generate some extra revenue to continue to make Leavesden Green the best place for our children to learn and grow.
For example we have two large school halls which would be perfect for theatre groups - one has a large stage We are offering each space for £10 per hour/ £50 all day for community groups and £15/£75 for commercial ventures.
They are available after 4pm weekdays, all day on weekends and school holidays Full details including a brochure can be obtained from Jo Rogers in the School Office by email to or by calling 01923 484340.

As Required

Posted 26/03/2015


Recently Posted Back/Off Stage Requirements
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BROC - Birmingham Repertory Opera Company


The Mikado

Contact: Please contact us urgently via our website, Facebook, Twitter or Google+


18th April 2015
We are doing The Mikado on Saturday for charity, but we have not managed to secure a pianist for the show. Obviously this is less than ideal, and we really very desperately need a pianist who can sight read (/quickly learn) the Mikado score. There is a dress run 1pm and the performance is 7.30, in Erdington. If you can help please let us know ASAP!!

Posted 16/04/2015


Recently Posted Auditions
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St Augustine's Musical Theatre Company

Birmingham, West Midlands


If you would like to audition, please email us as soon as possible at, or ring Producer, Veronica Walsh, on 0121 705 3914.


St. Augustine’s Musical Theatre Company’s female cast for ‘Sister Act’, headed by Loretta Parnell as Deloris van Cartier, has already begun rehearsing hard for what promises to be an exciting and spectacular première production for Solihull in November.
We are now putting out an audition call for the male roles in the production, plus one remaining female role. There are six principal male roles to be filled, all of which require strong vocal, good movement ability and good comic timing.
We are also still to cast the fantastic role of Sister Mary Patrick, the scatty, larger-than-life nun who is consistently perky, perpetually enthusiastic and easily excitable!

The auditions will be held on Sunday 26 April 2015 at Mill Lodge Primary School, Aqueduct Road, Shirley, Solihull, B90 1BT, beginning at 7.00pm.
More information about the auditions, including character breakdowns and audition songs can be found on the Current Productions page of our website

Posted on 16/04/2015


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Casting Call for the Blue Birds Web Series

We are a small production company specialising in promotional videos and music videos, and we are currently casting our first creative project – a small web series – and we were wondering if any members of your company would be interested in being involved?

We have attached a small treatment of the story along with a list of parts we are currently looking to fill; the series would be shooting from August 1st to the 11th, with an episode featuring each character at its centre. The shoot itself would involve a commitment, but we can adjust the shooting schedule around work etc. All we would need is some headshots, and a body shot of any actors interested, preferably in colour at this early stage of casting.
As for our experience, the Spotted Mug team are all fairly young in age as is the production company, however we all have a wealth of varying experience working for larger production companies, with our crew used to working actors as well as on a variety of sets for clients as big as Thomas cook, but also many smaller bands and record labels, filming/directing a multitude of artists; whilst also working with local government, like Hertfordshire County Council producing promotional films.

This would be unpaid experience only work, we would provide a cold lunch but that unfortunately this is all our budget will stretch to. All the footage of any actors could be added to a show reel or a portfolio for professional actors; or even something cool to say to friends you were a part of whilst sipping a pint in the local pub.

If anyone has any further questions please email myself at or the company email
Kind Regards
Lexi Edwards
Spotted Mug Productions
Casting Call

Posted on 15/04/2015


Recently Posted Music Services, Music Swap
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Dom Stockbridge

Contact: or Tel: 01623 883097 Session Guitarist/Bassist available for musical theatre work.
Grade 8 standard by ‘Trinity College London’ and ‘Rock school’
Competent in most styles Jazz, Rock, Funk, acoustic... (See Examples in link Below).
Past Musical Theatre experience and many years gigging experience in functions bands and other ensembles.
Based in the Midlands but will travel anywhere in the UK if the price is fair
Evidence of ability -
Contact me to discuss:
Posted on 11/03/2015  

Recently Posted CostumeSwap
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Janet Bower

Morpeth, Northumberland

Contact: For Sale

April 2015

Sewing machines for Sale
We are currently emptying my Mother-In-Laws house as unfortunately she has had to go into full time care. She worked as a dress maker and we currently have two sewing machines for sale to help raise funds for her continuous care and wondered if you know of any production group who would be interested in purchasing them.

Posted 08/04/2015


Recently Posted Sets & PropSwap
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Aldenham School

Elstree, Herts



Wanted to Hire

11 May for two weeks

The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe
Does anyone have any set pieces for a production of The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe? I am particularly looking at Thrones, Sledge, Wardrobe.

Posted 16/04/2015


Latest from our Advice Column
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Post 45
Recent Post from one of our readers - 25/02/2015
Name: Denise McCormick
email address: - Click here
Hi Everyone !
I have a cute little story/play for pre-teen girls. I would love to see the story on stage. The story is to help girls who are being bullied. Any ideas on how I can get it to the stage appreciated.
Thank you

Peter's response:

Hi Denise, If you take a look at 'Post 2' in the Advice section of you will find some very interesting information from an existing author on how to go about getting your play published. Do take a look I'm sure you will find it helpful. Peter
Best of luck, let me know how you get on.


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Brand new Pantomime title available for amateur release this year (2015)

FREEZIN' ~ The Story of the Snow Queen

FREEZIN' tells the tale of two Princess separated during their youth due to the eldest obtaining a chilling curse. One is raised by King Bumble and the other is raised far away from the Kingdom by the villainous Jack Frost. The story unfolds revealing that Jack Frost is not the loyal obedient servant he was made out to be and he is in fact a traitor to the King. He raises the eldest Princess out of the Kingdom's harm but convinces her through a web of deceit that her Father is out to destroy her. The truth is King Bumble wishes to rescue his daughter - so with the aid of Patch (the village idiot) and Nanny Nelly (everybody's favourite) goodness is set to prevail. But will the heroes save the day? Will the Princesses be reunited? Will Jack Frost get his comeuppance? All is answered in 2015's most exciting new title for Pantomime audiences - FREEZIN'

For more information visit:

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D R A M A    H O L I D A Y S


Some time ago, I was in conversation with a friend who was extolling the virtues of a ‘singing holiday’ he’d been involved with.
I could say he was ‘singing the praises’ of this for those who collect bad puns. Interested in what he said, I began wondering if there was a ‘drama/acting’ equivalent.

After some research I discovered that there are, indeed, such holidays available. However, these mostly cater for school aged children who are transported to some exotic location, e.g. Greece or, say, Suffolk, where they both holiday and rehearse a play which is put on in a week.

Alternatively, there are acting courses for adults who wish to participate in a ‘Masterclass’ or gain entry into drama schools. These, though, do not generally have a ‘holiday’ element to them. I must admit to feeling a little aggrieved at this. Non-professional theatre is a very popular pastime/hobby for a large number of people and yet there seems to be very little on offer that might appeal to those amongst us who enjoy ‘treading the boards’ and wish to combine this with a holiday.

I’d therefore like to bring to your attention a new venture which offers the more adventurous soul the chance to travel to somewhere a little more exotic than Farndale Avenue Housing Estate and presents the opportunity of experiencing a different culture, enjoying spectacular scenery and good weather, drinking very good wine whilst at the same time pursuing one’s interest in thespian activities.

So, if you’d like a holiday that’s adventurous and different, takes you out of your comfort zone somewhat and allows you to engage in your chosen hobby, let me direct you to the following website - A few simple clicks and more will be revealed!.


Posted on 19/03/2015

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Recently Posted Theatre Links
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Peak Performance

Therapy Services for Actors and Crew Members Peak Performance. Helping you reach yours by treating the person as a whole offering sports, remedial, swedish and hot stones massage, nutritional advice, gait and posture analysis and manual lymphatic drainage. So whether you're injured or someone looking to be pampered, Peak Performance can help.
Friendly and professional therapist based in Toddington, Bedfordshire who is fully insured and qualified through the Federation of Holistic Therapists. Pamper parties catered for.
Please contact Karen at Peak Performance Therapy for more information:
Karen Murphy BA (Hons) MFHT
Peak Performance - Treating the Performer as a Whole
Swedish, Sports & Remedial Massage
Hot Stones Massage
Manual Lymphatic Drainage
Non-Medical Nutritional Advice
Fully insured member of the Federation of Holistic Therapists


Recently Posted Group Details
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Stage 84

West Yorkshire


The Yorkshire School of Performing Arts
Founded in 1984, Stage 84 is the leading force in the provision of performing arts training for young people in Yorkshire. We welcome boys and girls from 3 years of age upwards to early 20s, offering classes in performing arts, drama, contemporary dance, freestyle dance, speech and drama, singing & voice coaching and more. Thousands of young people have attended Stage 84, either for recreation or to train specifically for a career in the performing arts industries. Students are guided by experienced, professional staff. We aim to inspire enjoyment and achievement in the arts and develop the self confidence and expression of the individual. We are located in large, purpose-fitted facilities in Bradford.
Contact: or 01274 611984


Recently Posted Events
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Backwell Playhouse Theatre Company

North Somerset

Contact: Please visit for more information.

Backwell Playhouse Open Day

Saturday 2nd May 10am-5pm

In association with the North Somerset Arts Week, we are opening our doors on Saturday 2nd May for a unique look at the inner workings and archival history of our delightful theatre.

Explore the Playhouse's Archive and learn about our history though photos and press-cuttings. Try your hand at operating the lights and see props and sets from past productions; you can even have a play with some stage makeup! Our bar and pop-up cafe will be available on the day to provide refreshments.

Come along and experience our wonderful Little Theatre In The Orchard!

The North Somerset Arts Week runs from the 1st to the 10th May and sees over 80 venues hosting over 320 artists, who give the public access to their creative arts.

Posted on 17/04/2015