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Schools Plus based at Virgo Fidelis, Croydon, UK

We have a venue that may be of interest to any groups that want to use it to rehearse or have it as a permanent venue.
Contact: Kevin Jones



Posted 05/07/2015


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Let’s Misbehave!
Murder Mystery Plays

Let’s Misbehave!


Liz Davey
Edwinstowe, Nottinghamshire

Contact: Liz Davey


‘Let’s Misbehave!’ Murder Mystery Plays are ideal for Am Dram public performances and fundraising occasions. They are full of ‘intrigue’, ‘pretence’ and, for the most part - ‘complete absurdity’. A truly hilarious time will be had by all – performers and audience alike!

*Performance permission rights are included in the purchase price.

Included in each Play Pack are a potocopiable script; EXAMPLE invitations; audience accusation sheets and advertisement flyers/posters. Substantial planning information is also provided, which includes prop, costume and music suggestions, along with detailed preparation support for the organiser(s). These can be purchased directly from the website, in either a downloaded or printed format. Downloads £29.99. Printed Packs £34.99.

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Crossley Club

Lightwater, Surrey GU18 5RA


Contact: or 01276 473889


Hire or use for free if applicable

Crossley Club in Lightwater is a fantastic village venue, ideal for touring theatre or small productions - we would welcome amateur dramatic groups to use our facilities to host their plays and training/rehearsal. We have a downstairs main area with stage and PA system, and an upstairs dance studio that can be used for a variety of requirements.

Availability: Various dates throughout the year
Crossley Club

Posted 12/10/2016


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Clacton Musical Theatre Society


Brunel Rd, Co15 4LP Clacton-on-Sea, Essex



Contact: via website or social media

Auditions will be held at our unit in Brunel Road, Clacton on Sea. Sunday the 26th February at 10:30am. Everyone welcome.
Our final pre-audition rehearsal will be Thursday 23rd February)

Clacton Musical Theatre Society are holding OPEN AUDITIONS this Sunday for our next production - 'ALL SHOOK UP' - featuring the music of ELVIS!

We're looking for Men, Women and Children from Secondary school age upwards for both principal roles and chorus.

Actors, Singers and Dancers required!

Posted 22/02/2017


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Actors needed for short film

I’m contacting you as we are in need of actors. We need 2 male actors between 25 and 35 and 1 female actor of about the same age.

The film follows Jack, a young man and recent survivor of a car accident that has left him suffering from severe memory loss. As large chunks of his life fly by Jack tries to do all he can to lead a normal life and ensure he has a good relationship with his son.

Filming dates will be from the 11th-15th March. it will be filmed in Lincoln and will be an unpaid role but expenses can be accounted for

Please contact me if you're interested in being part of this project.

Posted on 25/02/2017


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The South Devon Players



Brixham theatre & film team, shortlisted for national arts award & semifinalists in Los Angeles Cinefest film festival - In one day!

Some days just keep on getting better and better.

The day started pretty normally, until an email arrived from Voluntary Arts England. We, that is, the South Devon Players Theatre & Film Company, are shortlisted for the Epic Awards 2017. This is a national award for creative organizations - voluntary, CIC, etc, who do work considered to be especially adventurous in their community. We are delighted and very proud that we are are one of 32 organizations around the UK who have made the shortlist.

Making the shortlist this year was especially down to our film production Mordred, which we have been working on, sometimes alongside other projects, for the past year.
If anyone would like to vote for us, for the Peoples Choice Award - the link is at

This was exciting news. We had just told oursouth devon players members the great news, when another email pinged into the inbox. This one, was from Los Angeles Cinefest, a US based film festival, to tell us that the trailer for our film Mordred, has been selected as a semifinalist in that film festival. Alongside the other recent success of being selected as a finalist in the Thanksgiving IndieBOOST 2016 Competition, in which the trailer was given a rating of 9.5 out of 10, in terms of acting, cinematography, technical and creative aspects.

The team are running a crowdfund to raise funds for the final few scenes needed, which will be filmed in 2017.This will be launched on Friday Febuary 10th. (the link will be on our website

“I am what you made me become!” is the tagline of the film, spoken by Mordred.
Set in a heavily researched backdrop of early 6th Century Devon & Cornwall, and researched from many early Celtic sources, as well as later medieval texts, Mordred tells the tale of King Arthur’s illegitimate son, and how two equally honourable men were brought to war.
Once the majority of principal filming was completed, our main editor, Michael Mirsadeghi, put together the official film trailer with a haunting soundtrack created by German film composer Michael Klubertanz. The team decided to submit the trailer to several international film festivals during the autumn.
This production not only showcases very heavily researched Dark Ages history of Devon and Cornwall (the southwest peninsula of the UK) , linked to some of the very earliest and less known Arthurian legends, but also equally to showcase the amazing skills by local actors, filmmakers, and other production creatives. Since there are very few opportunities, we decided to make our own and that is how The South Devon Players Theatre and Film Company started, back in 2006. Now, years later, we have been able to branch into filmmaking, as well as theatre, reaching a much wider audience for our team.
Contrary to the usual glamourous medieval settings for many Arthurian adaptations, with knights in gleaming plate armour, and ladies in stunning court dresses; this is a very different production. Set in the early 6th Century, this drama is set within a very different landscape.
Following the departure of the Romans from Britain, the Southwest again became the Celtic kingdom of Dumnonia - what is now the southwestern peninsula of the UK comprising Devon & Cornwall. At this point in history, the Saxons were raiding along the coast, much as the Vikings did, centuries later. Set against this backdrop, Arthur and his warriors, fight to defend Dumnonia, against invasion.
The timeline for this film came originally from the entry for the year 537AD in the Annales Cambriae;
537 The battle of Camlann, in which Arthur and Medraut fell: and there was plague in Britain and Ireland. “Medraut” was the name that in later legend, became Mordred. We went with the later name “Mordred” simply so that it would be more recognisable to modern audiences.

The Southwest is linked to a wide number of legends connected with King Arthur, and as we researched, we found yet more old stories, both of Mordred, and and of other, Mordred-like characters who almost never appear in modern adaptations of the legend. Piecing these together, against this dramatic, ever-changing landscape of the Dark Ages, and using peripheral history of the times – for example; as the Saxons began to expand their kingdom of Wessex, Cynric, who was the first king of Wessex, is also an important character in our drama – we created our own version of the legend, with a lot of the backdrop which would have existed in the time it is set.
After months of research, rehearsing and training, the cast are really excited to begin filming at last!

The group running it, The South Devon Players Theatre & Film Company, from Brixham in South Devon, also founded by Laura Jay, has a proven track record over 10 years of producing historical theatre and film, working from the early days of raising £80 from a carboot sale and using the backroom of a pub for rehearsals.

large cast ranges from Julie Tetley playing Gitta; Morgan le Fay's maid and co-conspirator, and thirteen year old newcomer Reece Whitehouse playing King Arthur’s “legitimate” son, Duran, in their first ever major acting roles (in fact the first ever role for Reece), through our more experienced actors Rich Sandford who stars as Mordred, and Guillaume Rivaud, who plays King Arthur, right over to “Iron” Mike Mitchell, who, after holding 5 “Mr World” and 2 “Mr Universe” titles with the World Fitness Federation, went on to the world of acting and has appeared in films such as Gladiator, Braveheart, Skyfall, Apocalypse Z – and the TV soap Emmerdale.

The South Devon Players have an unusual raison d'etre; exemplified, in this project. The group, which started out as an amateur dramatics theatre group, specialising in historical and mythological drama, are a group of local career-orientated actors and creatives, who are unable, for various life reasons, or lack of resources, to move away to large entertainment hubs such as London, to make careers there.

It was considered very important to make sure that we were not making “just another King Arthur film”, and to find a unique adaptation. While novels have been written from Mordred's point of view, to our knowledge, this has never been transferred to film. That, coupled with spanning Devon and Cornwall, and delving into earlier and less known legends, has created an all new version of the legend.
Not that creating a production of this scale is easy. While grants were applied for, we found ourselves turned down by arts grants seeing this as a heritage project, and heritage grants seeing this as an arts projects, therefore cast and crew members are involved in a wide range of fundraising activities, ranging from small amounts from tombolas and face painting at fetes, and selling on ebay, through to a film/ scifi/ fantasy convention, grant applications, cabaret shows, ebook publications and more.
For costumes and props, It was also a case of keeping one eye on the history book and the other on what reclaimed fabrics and items can be remade, and adapted. We have to thank so many people who keep an eye out for second hand things that we can do this with.

This is an ambitious project, taking not just every ounce of creativity on screen, but also in the planning and logistics behind-the-scenes.

Posted on 08/02/2017

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Hilary Willcox


Contact: or 07834 601209


Feb 2017

Costumes and Props

My Mum ran an Olde Tyme Music Hall group in Chelmsford for several years where all proceeds were donated to the Air Ambulance.
Over this time she has collected a substantial collection of props (mainly hats, jackets, feather boas, birdcage etc).

Unfortunately she is no longer well enough to run the group, and I am looking for someone who could make good use of this collection.

I'd rather give them for free to a group that would use them, I just wouldn't want to donate and then see them sold (happens a lot on local recycling groups).

If you know of anyone who would be interested, please let me know

Kind regards

Posted 22/02/2017


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BWS Drama Department




For Sale

Feb 2017

Hairspray Props & Costumes

We've just finished our school production of Hairspray and have a number of props for sale...
GIANT Hairspray Can on castors to reveal opening for Grand Finale Tracy Turnblad bed on castors to turn with the Hardy Har Hut on reverse
3 x record stands all on castors
We also have full costumes including Grand Finale full sequinned Edna & Tracy Turnblad costumes
Please contact for full details & photos
We would prefer to sell as a complete package but will split into costumes & set if necessary
We are looking at offers @ £400 for everything (the Hairspray Can alone cost £180 so we're trying to recoup some of our expenses for our next production)


Posted 22/02/2017


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VG Plays

VG Plays


Book purchases can be made via our online store.

VG Plays for scripts for am dram and youth groups all tried, tested and staged worldwide

Most famously: ’The Magdalen Whitewash’.

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Dartmouth Players

Dartmouth Players



Plays & musicals - Age Range: 11+ - Rehearsals: Varies
Dartmouth Players is a non professional drama group based in the historical town of Dartmouth, Devon. We produce 2 or 3 productions a year ranging from serious plays to musical and pantomime, mainly at the Flavel Theatre, Dartmouth. Join in the fun and excitement of our creative projects. The Dartmouth Players is a friendly, go-ahead innovative group, often performing original work with technically advanced multi media productions. If you would like to get involved we are delighted to talk to you. We welcome new members for back stage, directing, acting, singing and dancing.
Your community drama group. 1929 to 2010.

Enquiries to 01803 832036

Phone: 01803 832036


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Thinking Actors

The Mercure Atlantic Tower Hotel, LIVERPOOL

Contact: Full details and sign up here

An Introduction to Acting for Film & Television



Let your career grow with Thinking Actors at MediaCityUK

"What an incredible experience! I have learnt so much from this workshop...Well structured and informative.Thank you!" MH

A fantastic day - lovely people - I learned a huge amount" GB

"A fun and friendly course" MR

"Was immediately put at ease. Found all the information so useful - can't wait to start my acting course next week!". LM

"Amazing!" SB

"Peter was very helpful and full of useful information...I had a really good time!" TR

Thinking Actors Acting COach Class Manchester Workshop MediaCityUK
*See Terms and Conditions
NEW PRICE £95.00 includes edited showreel scene.

Posted 24/02/2017


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The Brook Players

Brook Players


Copdock near Ipswich, Suffolk

Dates Required: Spring 2017


Dead Guilty by Richard Harris

After some weeks of read through's and deliberations, the Brook Players of Copdock near Ipswich have selected the thriller 'Dead Guilty' by Richard Harris for our Spring production, as things stand we have virtually no one to help with backstage work, therefore we are putting out an appeal for anyone who would like to do this to get in touch, the tasks concerned are not by any means complicated and the rehearsals so far have been great fun! Anyone interested please email me on or telephone Sandie on 01473 403116 Any help would be greatly appreciated and anyone with an eye on acting as well would be kept in mind for our Autumn show..

Posted 03/02/2017


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Junior AMDRAM Club

Junior AMDRAM Club

Southam, Gloucestershire

Production: Summer Revue

Contact: Gerry Jones 07823 883203 or


Dates Required: Feb 2017 on

Southam Junior AMDRAM Club are performing a summer revue with two choir songs, so we are looking for a singing teacher to help with two choir numbers, so if you are able to help, and live within easy travelling distance of Southam Call Gerry Jones on 07823 883203 or email me:

Posted 21/02/2017


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The Dedham Players

The Dedham Players



Venue: The Assemby Rooms, High St, Dedham CO7 6HJ

Box Office: Ticketsource or phone 0333 666 3366
Tickets £8
Tickets include a refreshment served during the interval.

God Of Carnage

God Of Carnage

Wed 26th to Sat 29 Apr 2017, 7:45PM
Two sets of parents meet to discuss an altercation that has taken place between their sons. Although discussions initially seem civilised, as the evening continues, the parents become increasingly childish until the evening dissolves into utter chaos! Originally performed in French, the English-translated productions won Laurence Olivier Award in London and Tony Award in New York. This contemporary comedy will amuse, surprise and ring-true with the audience as the relationship between the two couples unravels before our eyes.

Posted 21/02/2017


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Post 55
Recent Post from one of our readers - 01/02/2017
Name: Debbie Bell
email address: - Click here
Scenery Painting

I have recently been involved in scenery painting with our local Am Dram group here in East Yorkshire. My friend and I ( we are amateur artists) think we made a decent job of it, but would like to undertake a course to improve, if one exists for the likes of us!

Peter's response:

Hi Debbie,

I'm afraid you've stumped me, I don't know of any such courses. I’ll place an entry for you in the #Advice section of the website and on our Facebook, Google+ and Twitter pages and ask people to contact you directly if they can help.

I hope you get some good advice. Do let me know how you get on.

Best Regards,


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Cambridge University Gilbert and Sullivan Society - CUGSS

Cambridge University Gilbert and Sullivan Society - CUGSS


HMS Pinafore

see Review by John Elworthy of Ely Standard on 11 February 2017

See full review at

REVIEW: Cambridge University Gilbert & Sullivan Society offer a stylish performance of HMS Pinafore

There’s a lovely line in their programme notes explaining the plot of HMS Pinafore that reads ‘ it all works out in the end, hip, hip hooray!’
It does and indeed did quite satisfyingly on the opening night of the Cambridge University G&S Society’s production at West Road Concert Hall.

Jam packed with those studying everything from engineering to the classics, chemistry to languages, and from heart biology to behavioural science, you wonder how they find time, but grateful they have, for the subtleties, nuances and pure indulgence of a Gilbertian outlook.

The appetite for such light opera may have waned but the Cambridge audience – of an unsurprising large number of middle aged and older theatre goers who indeed looked capable of ‘whistling all the airs from that infernal nonsense Pinafore’ – were happy to feast on the increasing rarity of a G&S classic.

Musical conductor Tristan Selden was rightly being congratulated by his orchestra members on his robust performance as I passed them during the interval – his was a stylish and at times delightfully frenzied journey that allowed the production to get into gear. G&S is about delivery and pace – the cast responsible for the former, the musical director for the latter. Both got it right.

Tiffany Charnley as Josephine was captivating, charming and ever so slightly coquettish to ensure Max Noble, as her suitor Ralph, was never to going be dissuaded from the challenge of courtship and marriage above his class.

HMS Pinafore was first staged in the late 19th century at a time when class was a dominant force in the British way of life and challenges to it a pre-occupation of satirists into which the G&S tradition was conceived and flourished.

Coincidentally alongside the impish drama of G&S this week class and society at Cambridge was being played out in real life by the university student filmed burning a £20 note defiantly in front of a homeless man on the city streets.

William Gilbert and Arthur Sullivan would not have approved for Pinafore, and their other productions that came before and went after it, used literary devices and parody to challenge, and mock, the status quo.

HMS Pinafore has a shorter run than some years but brevity in performances has not stunted enthusiasm, production values and an outpouring of genuine zest and affection for a much loved and valued tradition.

Class is indeed alive and well – and being teased, tantalised and tormented with nicely.

You have limited opportunity to catch this show – take it if you dare.


Posted on 11/02/2017


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Alexander Vargas


Contact: Wanted

A Proper Caper And No Mistake
I stumbled on an article in 2009 about a play called "A Proper Caper And No Mistake" by Anthea Roberts that was performed by the Buckfastleigh Drama Group. The story sounds absolutely fascinating and I was reaching out to see if there are any hard copies available of the play. Or even a digital copy. I would love to purchase one for reading.

Date Req'd: ASAP

Posted 24/04/2016

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The Aston Academy of Magic

The Aston Academy of Magic


Professional magic shows and group or one to one tuition.

We are based in the village of Marston Moretaine and can provide individual one to one or group tuition on magical entertainment and presentation.