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Alexander Vargas


Contact: Wanted

A Proper Caper And No Mistake
I stumbled on an article in 2009 about a play called "A Proper Caper And No Mistake" by Anthea Roberts that was performed by the Buckfastleigh Drama Group. The story sounds absolutely fascinating and I was reaching out to see if there are any hard copies available of the play. Or even a digital copy. I would love to purchase one for reading.

Date Req'd: ASAP

Posted 24/04/2016

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PRS for Music

We are a society of songwriters, composers and music publishers. We license organisations to play, perform or make available copyright music on behalf of our members and those of overseas societies, distributing the royalties to them fairly and efficiently. We promote and protect the value of copyright.
Performing rights royalties are paid to a songwriter, composer or publisher whenever their music is played or performed in any public space or place. This includes TV, radio, online, in a shop, an office, pub or restaurant, at a concert, a sporting event and thousands of other places.

Mechanical rights
MCPS represents our members’ mechanical rights, whenever a piece of music is reproduced as a physical product.
Mechanical rights royalties are different and are paid to the songwriter, composer or publisher when music is reproduced as a physical product or for broadcast or online.
What’s changing?
The PRS for Music brand now represents our members’ mechanical rights whenever a piece of music is reproduced for broadcast or online. MCPS will continue to represent the mechanical rights for physical products at this stage.

What’s staying the same?
The Mechanical-Copyright Protection Society will continue to exist as a legal entity, company name and as a brand for physical products’ mechanical rights. Cheques will come from the Mechanical-Copyright Protection Society Limited, you can still send cheques to the Mechanical-Copyright Protection Society Limited and it will continue to be registered at Companies House.


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Schools Plus based at Virgo Fidelis, Croydon, UK

We have a venue that may be of interest to any groups that want to use it to rehearse or have it as a permanent venue.
Contact: Kevin Jones



Posted 05/07/2015


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Philip Ayckbourn

Philip Ayckbourn

OEDIPUS the musical.
Music by Colin Ash.
Book and lyrics by Philip Oak (Ayckbourn).
Ideally for a cast of 20+ (including principals and chorus.)
Running time 2hrs 30mins approx. (including interval.)

New musical completed 2015.

Adapted (and reimagined) by Philip Ayckbourn from Oedipus Rex by Sophocles. Three strong love stories and plenty of black comedy run through this tale of the King of Thebes who brought tragedy to his home town and ultimately to himself.
Not shying away from the epic nature of this tale, this is a musical, that will not only entertain but will also resonate across borders. It’s a story that highlights the accountability of our leaders and shows how we are connected in society. The actions of those in power affects us all on some level.

The eight songs on our demo give a taste of the variety offered. They have been arranged to give an idea of how they could sound with a fuller accompaniment, although we are aware that most productions wouldn’t have the resources for this. Printed piano and vocal scores are available as well as lyrics and script on request.

A great project to take on for a community based theatre with a few strong principal singers. Be the company to stage the exciting world premiere of OEDIPUS the musical.

To hear demo songs:


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Hanbury Hall

Hanbury Hall

Spitalfields, London


Hanbury Hall
Contact: Helen Skybak
M: 07803520102

Available now

Hanbury Hall - Performance Space

I would like to introduce our recently refurbished venue Hanbury Hall.
I am sure you are always on the lookout for new spaces to hold your performances and Hanbury Hall is a fantastic hidden gem in the heart of Spitalfields.

Helen Skybak

Hanbury Hall Hanbury Hall Hanbury Hall Hanbury Hall

see our Venue Fact Sheet here

Contact us for availability

Posted 13/02/2016


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Sudbury Dramatic Society

Sudbury Dramatic Society


The Quay Theatre, SUdbury

Heartbreak House
by George Bernard Shaw
Directed by Trevor Laver

Any queries please contact Trevor via

Auditions Wednesday 1st June 7.30pm
Performance: Tuesday 1st November - Saturday 5th November 2016

There may be an impression that this is a serious piece. Shaw’s written word however, provides all the characters with a rich source of humour which we shall exploit to its full extent.
The play spotlights society on the brink of change. In his inimitable satirical style, manners, money, relationships … life, are under the microscope and are suitably lampooned as are the styles of notable members of the literati. See which you can pick out! On the face of it, a woman attending a house party and her decision to marry is the lynchpin for an insight into a dysfunctional household and the society in which it exists. It will be set against the backdrop of World War II.
The play has six male and four female characters for which I will be seeking a cast with the playing ages of 30+ (regardless of what the script may suggest!).
Please do not be deterred by the apparent length of the play – it will be suitably adjusted!
For the purpose of auditions, however, the full script will be in use, copies of which are in the Quay Box Office.
Click here for details of audition pieces
Captain Shotover: elderly, eccentric, confused and confusing; head of the family
Hesione: his elder daughter; a true bohemian
Hector: his son-in-law; a bohemian roué
Ariadne: his younger daughter; a straight-laced colonial product
Randall: Ariadne’s infatuated brother-in-law
Ellie: a naïve woman on the brink of marriage
Mazzini: Ellie’s father; a mild-mannered, failed businessman
Mangan: a ruthlessly successful businessman
Nurse Guinness: the family nanny/ housekeeper
The Burglar: a thief with a moral stance and connections to the household
Throughout the play, the cast remain true to the character descriptions above … or do they?!

Posted 29/04/2016


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New Theatre Publications

Does anyone have any information on New Theatre Publications? I ordered scripts and a performing Licence about 4 weeks ago for a production that Stoke Climsland Amateur Theatrical Society are staging later this year. I have not received the items and have been unsuccessful in trying to contact them.
Any information would be welcome. Please contact either Paul Young (Director) at or Diane Young (SCATS Secretary) at
Many thanks
Paul Young

Posted on 29/04/2016


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Athenaeum Masqueraders




April 2016

Urgently need 2 furry mouse costumes age 14/15. Can anyone help?
Contact via Twitter

Posted 26/04/2016


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Orpen Players

Orpen Players


Contact: Debra Hornigold via Facebook



April 2016

The Orpen Players are looking to borrow two attaché briefcases - must look the same! If you have one could you lend it to us for our Spring production 'Funny Money' ?
Please pm me if you have one!

Posted 15/04/2016


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The Pride of Teesside

Author: Norma Phillips
Secretary of
Teesside Musical Theatre Company


A follow up to my article "Family Matters" to highlight the impact of one particular family dedicated to keeping Teesside Musical Theatre Company alive.

The Pride of Teesside

Following my article, “Family Matters”, which was posted on this website recently, I was inspired to disclose more about the family values that have been an integral part of Teesside Musical Theatre Company for decades. I originally intended to make specific reference to several of the families involved, but I realised this would probably just become a long list of names, and I could also be in danger of excluding someone.

I, therefore, decided to focus on our Producer, Alison Dale, whose family has been a part of Teesside Musical Theatre Company (previously known as Teesside Operatic Society) for most of its existence. Kath Dawson, Alison’s mother, was a leading lady for many years before retiring from the stage to take over as Business Manager and Wardrobe Mistress. Alison and her sisters were, therefore, brought up in the amateur theatre world, and Alison naturally started to take on leading roles from an early age.

In recent years, Alison decided that, as well as acting in productions, she would like to use her extensive experience to produce shows for Teesside Musical Theatre Company. This revealed that Alison has an amazing talent for visualisation, creating a masterpiece as an artist would with paints and canvas. The cast and crew can always be confident that following Alison’s direction will result in another spellbinding production that we can all be proud of. It is a joy to be part of the process, and it is heartwarming when Alison thanks the cast and crew for making her visions into a reality. She always expresses her appreciation and pride and commands the respect of all involved.

With the help of Stockton Stage Society, Alison introduced the use of back projection with minimalist sets, which makes scene changes so fluid and seamless, to great effect. I particularly remember our production of “The Sound of Music” when Maria changed from being a nun in the Mother Superior’s Office to walking through the streets clutching her guitar and suitcase, arriving at the von Trapp mansion, without leaving the stage (using a screen to allow her to change costume)! In “The Producers” Max Bialystock is transported from a prison cell to Broadway theatre land with minimal set changes.

Read more....

Posted on 06/12/2015

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Scripts 4 Stage

Contact via our website or
Wirral U.K.
Online publishing house, New Flight Publications via in-house playwright writes original play scripts for professional & community theatre. performance licencing available brand new works for 2015

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Ware Improv Society

Ware Improv Society

Ware Arts Centre


An informal and light-hearted meeting of people wanting to experiment in the world of improvisation through script-extensions, games and real-life situations. All levels/experience welcome.
Day and Time: Thursdays 7.00pm - 8.30pm (starting 12.04.16)
Contact: James Frecknall/ 710453


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THE GLADSTONE THEATRE, Greendale Road, Port Sunlight, Wirral CH62 4XB

Contact: Tickets
£8 for one evening performance (of three plays) - £4 juniors and students
£14 for both performances (six plays in total) - £7 juniors and students
BOX OFFICE 0151 643 8757


Sat 30th April (7pm) & Sunday 1st May (7pm)

Hand-in-Hand Theatre Company
by William Shakespeare, Keith Hill & Bev Clark

Northern Grit
‘BLACKOUT’ by Davey Anderson

Dewsbury Arts Group
‘THE BAY AT NICE’ by David Hare

Sedgefield Players Youth Section
by Celeste Raspanti

Saltburn ’53 Drama Group
‘FEDERICO’ by Barbara Vicente

Cumbria Amateur Theatre Society
‘ALAS, POOR FRED’ by James Saunders

Posted 28/04/2016


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Break A Leg Company

Break A Leg Company

Gosport, Hampshire

Dates Required: 14th May


Break a Leg Company in Gosport, Hampshire are looking for a volunteer to do our stage makeup on 14th May.Contact: via Facebook

Posted 24/03/2016


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MAD Group - Minshull Amateur Dramatics Group

MAD Group - Minshull Amateur Dramatics Group

South Cheshire

Good Old Days



Dates Required: Late Autumn 2016

Please please please. Pianist wanted for Late Autumn for Victorian Singsong "Good Old Days" performance. Please get in touch - our performance depends on YOU. :¬) Thankyou ever so much.

Posted 02/03/2016


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Swan Theatre Company



Venue: The Place Theatre, Bradgate Road, MK40 3DE

Box Office: Tickets for this show are priced at £9.00, with a concession price of £7.50

Duet for One

Author: By Tom Kempinski

Duet for One

11th to 14th May at 7:30pm
(Wednesday to Saturday)
Stephanie Abrahams is a renowned violinist, whose international career is cut short by multiple sclerosis. Encouraged by her husband, world famous composer David Liebermann, Stephanie seeks out psychiatrist Dr Feldman to help her come to terms with the loss of her career. Slowly her determination to put on a positive face unravels to reveal dark secrets from her past. Through it all a complex relationship grows with the enigmatic Dr Feldman.
This haunting play won the London Theatre Critic's award for best play and was described by the Financial Times as "A wonderfully sensitive play, positive and optimistic", and by the Daily Mail as "As moving a piece of theatre as you could wish for, or perhaps bear."

Posted 29/04/2016


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Post 53
Recent Post from one of our readers - 19/04/2016
Name: Kay Morland
email address: - Click here
Scenery for Pantomimes
Hello Drama Groups

My name is Kay and I am a set designer. With many years experience in the industry I am about to start out on my own, and I am doing some market research. I have a history acting in Amateur Dramatic groups and I have an idea that could help groups all around the country.

So my idea is this...

I would like to make a panto set, the set will consist of all the standard scenes, the village scene, the forest scene, castle interior and exterior etc, whatever your company needs I can provide.
The set will be made of an extremely light weight material and of course abide by all of the current scenic health and safety standards. The idea is that the entire set can fold down and fit easily into the back of an ordinary car. It will be easy to reconstruct the other end and also very versatile e.g. double sided flats.
I understand that a lot of Am Dram groups have a very extensive back stage support network and often produce their own scenery, certainly if the group has a storage facility to keep and recycle sets from other shows. However a lot of groups do not have the luxury of storage, or people who are willing to build and construct large items in their own homes, no matter how keen they may be to make their own sets, it is not always possible.
I want to encourage artistic people in groups to get involved and so there can be personalised elements to all of my sets that can be made and painted by members of the group. Such as the sign on the Inn or the name of Twankys laundrette or even a bush shaped like Shirley Bassy . I certainly do not want any local pantomime to loose its personal touch, I only want to take some of stress out of producing a large show, giving even the smallest group the opportunity to put on a show that is of a beautiful and professional standard.
For the hire of an entire set, which would include 4 large flats of your choice of decoration, each of which would be double sided giving your group 8 elements to use in any why you need (the sides are interchangeable) the hire cost would be £600 for 3 weeks (to cover your tech and dress and 2 weekends of performances) and you would need to collect the set from my workshop Bassingbourn near to Royston in Hertfordshire. the set can be delivered but at an appropriate cost to your location.
What I want to know from you is:
• Do you think it's a good idea?
• Is it something that you think your group would be interested in hiring?
• what could I do to make the idea better for Your group?
• have I got the price right? would it be in keeping with your scenic budget for your pantos?
I would really welcome any input that you have. It is very hard to keep the scenic industry going especially when there is such a large amount of people in the industry willing to work for free. I know so many extremely talented people who cannot get work because of this and end up leaving the industry for financial reasons. I want talented artists to have the opportunity to reach their potentials and develop their skills. I'm really hoping that you will be able to give me some feedback that helps me so that I can help others.

Kind Regards
Kay Morland

PS. Here are some photos of my past work, not all for panto, I make props as well. The Westie is a prop who pees on the audience he is also available for hire ?

Peter's response:

Hi Kay,
Thanks for your email, I’ve been pondering how to respond.

I think the best thing would be for me to place your email in our #Advice section asking people to contact you directly with their thoughts.

Once you have completed your research and are ready to start your business contact me again and we can arrange a space for you in our #PropSwap section where you will be able to advertise your services. There will be no charge all I ask is that you place a link to on your own website and that you Like and Follow us on social media.

Best Wishes


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Make Believe Productions

Make Believe Productions


Return of Neverland

Full Review

Production Reviews:

“The haunting and downright apocalyptic harmonies sang at the end of act one will blow audiences away”

“A well-thought out, well-written and well-performed production”

“The show was very good, flawless and smooth”

Return of Neverland

Musical Plot:
Peter Pan and Tinkerbell are struggling to keep the spirit of Neverland alive. Over the last thirty years the magic in Neverland has rapidly decreased, leaving Peter Pan and The Lost Boys grounded and Captain Hook and his crew docked. With nothing to fight for and no adventures to be had, Neverland has come to a standstill with no hope of a revival, or is there? With a little manipulation a secret is revealed that may not only save the island but create more power than Neverland has ever seen before. Will it end up in the right hands? Or will this be the end of Neverland for good? With twists in the tales and shocking revealing’s, Neverland is about to have its first adventure in years!


Posted on 19/04/2016