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BROS Theatre Company

BROS Theatre Company

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St Michael’s Hall, Elm Bank Gardens, Barnes, London SW13

2019 Annual General Meeting of BROS Theatre Company

9pm on Tuesday 19th November 2019

A reminder to all VPs and members you are invited to arrive at St.Michael's from 8:45pm for tea and cake before official proceedings start at 9pm. The trustees and committee are looking forward to seeing you there!

Posted 17/11/2019


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Little Waltham Drama Group

Little Waltham Drama Group

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Sleeping Beauty

Author: Ben Crocker

Sleeping Beauty


Venue: Memorial Hall, Brook Hill, Little Waltham, Essex CM3 3LW

Box Office: 07910 534090 or lwdg.org
Box Office opens 20th November 2019

Sun 19th & Sat 25th Jan 2020 2:30pm
Wed 22nd to Sat 25th Jan 2020 7:30pm

A dream of a panto

Posted 16/11/2019


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When The Rain Stops Falling at John Cooper Studios by Rigmarole Theatre

Reviewed by: Angie Millard

Review date: 14th Nov 2019

Tonight I saw an exceptional new play: memorable, poetic and resonant.

When The Rain Stops Falling is a drama about family betrayal and forgiveness spanning four generations and moving between Britain and Australia. It consists of a series of connected stories which explore the way people deal with their past in order to make sense of their future. Patterns emerge of betrayal and abandonment and the sins of the father inevitably seem to be visited on sons, The past shapes the future in this epic play which stretches from 1959-2039.

It also explores environmental themes in a study of the nature of time which couldn’t be more relevant to us today The cast begin the play sheltering under umbrellas as flooding in Bangladesh continues.

The last time I saw a play by Bovell it was Things I know to be True performed by Frantic Assembly. In this York premiere of ‘When the Rain Stops Falling’ Bovell uses complex structures to explore his chosen themes and does not shy away from controversy. Maggie Smales confronts the material presenting it to as clearly and with theatrical skill. She has vision but shows this subtly, not leading her audience but allowing us to come to terms with the facts. In order to achieve this, Smales uses the placement and movement of characters rather like a musical fugue; props are minimal and furniture is moved into place as part of the action.

The language of the play is remarkable in its use of repetition and echoed imagery. A fish falls from the sky in an end sequence and fish is used as food throughout. One mother (Beryl Nairn) and her son (Adam Sowter) share a meal of fish soup and in clipped Pinteresque dialogue repeat banalities over a meal which will subsequently make him vomit. This use of a shared reference reappears over generations as people try to redecorate their homes. They paint, clean and scrub but finally the room looks the same as it always did.

The actors have created multiple roles with intelligence and insight. The standard of acting is high and is at times painfully moving. Beryl Nairn holds a strong line as mother of Gabriel and there are poignant scenes where she is on stage simultaneously with her younger self. The younger Elizabeth (Florence Poskitt) plays the realisation of her tragedy with confused emotion and the scenes with her husband (James Coldrick) are a master class of understatement.

Their son Gabriel (Adam Sowter) acts as a link between the continents. His search for his father takes us to the York family and further loss. Louise Henry and Sally Mitcham play out a horrific plot twist with intensity and Sowter is drawn in as we knew he must be. Maggie Smales turns in a moving performance as Joe, playing across gender as the unloved partner and we all feel her pain. I imagine there were reasons for this but, personally, I would have preferred a male casting.

The play ends as it began with Mick Liversidge meeting the son he has no right to want or love and his monologues were a finely-judged acting exercise of precision and tone. We catch ourselves pitying someone we should condemn but this is family and Bovell’s resolution.

Phew! When do we leave a theatre so full of questions? This is a play which makes one confront uncomfortable facts and gives no answers but when did I last come out of a theatre buzzing?

When The Rain Stops Falling is a Rigmarole Theatre Company production now playing at the John Cooper Studio until 16 November 2019. The Director is Maggie Smales.

See the full review here https://yorkcalling.co.uk/2019/11/14/review-when-the-rain-stops-falling-at-john-cooper-studios/


Posted on 15/11/2019


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TicketSource Ltd

TicketSource Ltd

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TicketSource have scoured the globe to reveal
the "Top Musical" in EVERY country of the world.

Using unique data gathered from Google Trends and Adwords*, we have found the top three most searched musical productions in every country*.

Hover over the countries in the World map to reveal the "Top Musical in that Country".

Top Musical by Continent

Splitting the top musicals by each continent, there is a clear worldwide divide between High School Musical, which is most popular in Asia, Africa and Europe, and The Lion King in the Americas, with Australia/Oceania bringing School of Rock into the top three.

Top Musical by US State

In the USA, international hit Wicked dominates the accolade of "Top Musical", with Shrek: The Musical and Chicago coming at number one in a few states each. Award-winning Menopause the Musical, somewhat surprisingly, pops up as the top musical in Nevada.

This Map Shows The Top Musical In EVERY World Country

Click on this map to go to the full article at www.ticketsource.us

The Top 100+ Musicals in the World

Using a unique index scoring system**, TicketSource has also predicted the 106 most searched for musical productions in the world, over the past 15 years.

Disney dominates the very top echelons, with first-place took up by Elton John's blockbuster The Lion King, with High School Musical coming in a close second, even though it's limited to junior performances. The legendary musical composer, Andrew Lloyd Webber, sees his School of Rock production making up the top three.

Having been recorded in a whopping eight different languages, Notre-Dame de Paris is fourth on the list. Even though it failed to live up to the hype, particularly on the West End, it's clearly still popular amongst French speaking countries and Asia. The much-loved and well-travelled Cats completes the top five.

Despite its recent rise to world-wide popularity, Lin-Manual Miranda's phenomenon Hamilton doesn't have quite enough punch (at least yet) to break the top ten, coming in twelfth position behind musical stalwarts such as Wicked, Chicago, Les Misérables and Abba-inspired Mamma Mia!

You can find the "Top 20 Most Searched for Musicals" over the past 15 years in the league table graphic, with the full list of 106 underneath.

For more information https://www.ticketsource.us/blog/top-musicals-around-the-world

and to sign up for a TicketSource account www.ticketsource.co.uk/signup

Posted on 14/11/2019

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St Bernadette's Parish Players

St Bernadette's Parish Players

Facebook  Twitter  Instagram  youTube  

St Bernadette's Parish Players


We are an amateur dramatic society based in Bispham, Blackpool, Lancashire.

The society was formed by a group of like-minded friends with a love of amateur theatre and with over 100 years of amateur dramatic experience between them.

We perform 3 productions each year; plays in Spring and Autumn and a pantomime in February.

There are plenty of roles within the group -
Acting, Directing, Stage management, Prop making, Set design, Costume & stage make-up, Advertising & promotion and Hospitality & house management.

Get in touch: 07846 629766 or 07505 998868 a warm welcome awaits you.

Posted on 14/11/2019


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Hi everyone,

we have a wide range of theatre lighting available for hire to support your Christmas and new year performances with discounted rates for charities and amateur dramatics groups.

If you'd like a copy of our hire list, please DM me, info@o-films.com or check out our catalogue at our website.

Contact: via our website or social media


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Bernice Procter

Stratton St. Margaret, Swindon just by the A419 and A420




I have a lot of material that I go not need, silk, taffeta, voil, satin 1 metre or more did not know if anyone would like it for costumes, free just want see if someone can use it, do not just want to through it away.

Look forward to hearing from you


Bernice Procter beeprocter@gmail.com

Posted 13/11/2019


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Dorking Dramatic and Operatic Society (DDOS)

Facebook  Twitter  

Dorking Green Room Theatre, Dorking, Surrey



Contact: via our website or social media

The open meeting for this 60’s tragicomedy is Monday 25th November 8:00pm with AUDITIONS on Wednesday 27th 8:00pm.
Production dates are Wednesday 26th - Saturday 29th February 2020.

DDOS proudly introduce our next play: Abigail's Party by Mike Leigh, a wonderful 60's tragicomedy directed by Geoff Brown.
Beverly and her husband Laurence host a drinks party for a few neighbours in their suburban house. The guests - Angela, her husband Tony, and Sue, a divorcee whose daughter Abigail is having a rowdy party nearby - are subjected to Beverly's desire to be an exemplary hostess.

Character Profiles:
Beverley (acting age 35-40): Beverley is an aspirational working-class woman who is totally preoccupied with appearances and received notions of behaviour and taste. She’s a bundle of contradictions, and espouses the idea of people freely enjoying themselves, yet endlessly bullies everybody into doing what she wrongly thinks they’ll enjoy, or what is good for them. Whilst she may be perceived as monstrous, she is in fact vulnerable, insecure and overall sad.
Laurence (acting age 35-40): The hen-pecked, workaholic husband of Beverley. Questionable whether he’s from a working-class or lower middle-class background. If you met Laurence, you might not guess, but he’s more likely to be working-class. He and his prize-catch wife are on the way up, materially successful (with a struggle), sexually and spiritually unfulfilled, and at odds about pretty much everything. Laurence yearns for the highbrow, whereas his wife just wants a good time and the goods!! Laurence dies in a dramatic scene towards the end of the play.
Angela (acting age 25-35): A newly-moved in neighbour of Beverley’s, she’s working-class, essentially honest and unpretentious. Underneath Angela’s silliness is the tough, practical reliability of a working nurse. One knows that before long she will become a responsible, loving parent, unlike Beverley and Laurence who are locked into their loveless battle forever.
Tony (acting age 25-35): Athletic in build, Tony is the husband of Angela. Like Angela, Tony has a respectable job but used to be a budding football player. At the moment he is having that classic of tough times with his new house, the mortgage, acquiring furnishings, and is relatively out of his depth in his new neighbourly role. Shyness and self-consciousness are responsible for Tony’s aggression.
Susan (acting age 35-45): Susan is middle-class, genuinely honest, but fearfully polite. She has seen better times, and is finding it difficult since splitting up with her husband and being mother to Abigail, her 15 years-old daughter (whose first party at home gives the play its title). It is patently obvious Susan doesn’t want to be at Beverley’s cosy get-together and battles her way through the evening bravely.
We hope to see many of you there at the auditions, if you have any questions then come along to the open meeting or send us a message!

TICKETS ARE ON SALE NOW: here or call 01306 881717 from Dorking Halls box office!

Posted 11/11/2019


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Droitwich Theatre and Arts Club Ltd (Norbury Theatre)

Droitwich Theatre & Arts Club LTD (Norbury Theatre)


Volunteer-run venue for amateur dramatics productions, variety shows, film screenings & satellite events. 176-seat main auditorium plus a 45 seat studio theatre.

Contact: info@norburytheatre.co.uk or 01905 770154

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Loughton Amateur Dramatic Society

Loughton Amateur Dramatic Society

Facebook  Twitter  Instagram  

Essex / London

Contact: lads.chairman@gmail.com


Props for Pressure by David Haig

Available to Hire


Props for Pressure by David Haig

We have just finished our production and have the 5 weather charts required available for hire - they have been professionally painted and measure approx 10' x 8'. For more information please email lads.chairman@gmail.com. We also have handmade props of the Barograph and anemometer for hire

Posted 10/11/2019


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Post 66
Recent Post from one of our readers - 04/11/2019
Name: Sarah Flaherty


From https://www.facebook.com/sarah.mullinsflaherty


Would anyone be able to help with a contact number for Carol King who wrote the play "The Stations".
I can't seem to find a contact for her.

Any help would be appreciated
kind regards
Sarah Flaherty

Peter's response:

Hi Sarah,

Thanks for posting your question. I can't find any reference to Carol King the author I'm afraid. I shall make sure your question gets published in the #Advice section of the www.dramagroups.com website and its associated Facebook, Twitter and Instagram pages within the next 24 hours. I shall ask people to contact you directly if they can help or advise.

Best Wishes,


Would you like to comment on this? contact@dramagroups.com

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Plays for Adults

Plays for Adults


Playstage, 140 Buckingham Palace Road, London SW1W 9SA

Plays for Adults

Tired of not being able to cast plays?
Playstage Senior plays have plenty of lead roles for actors aged 40 – 70+

Playstage Senior was formed in the UK in 2008 by playwright Lynn Brittney and friends and now our plays have been performed by English-speaking drama groups all over the world.

Unlike other companies that offer play scripts, Playstage Senior is committed to offering new plays that contain good parts for older actors, because we understand the needs of most amateur dramatic groups! The plays contain some younger parts but the majority of the roles are for actors aged forty and beyond (sometimes way beyond) – and not a Zimmer frame in sight!

We have comedies, dramas, murder mysteries, period costume plays – all in one act and full length formats – and we are adding new plays to our catalogue all the time.

And not only that but we have some of the cheapest licence fees in the business. Performing one of our plays is not going to break the bank, no matter how small your venue.

Contact via our website

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Failand Drama Circle

Failand Drama Circle

Facebook  Twitter  

Failand Village Hall, Bristol BS8 7TS


High Society

Production: High Society

Dates Required: 3-7th December 2019

HELLO!!! Is SOUND your thing?
Failand Drama Circle (Bristol BS8 7TS) are seeking a sound engineer for their upcoming production of High Society 3-7th December.
Please contact kayhicken@btconnect.com or 07748958485

Posted 25/10/2019


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Peter Drake

Location: UK



Hi everyone

My name is Peter Drake and I am the writer of GSOH, a two act play that tells the comic adventures of three men in middle age who, for reasons explained in the play, set up an escort agency 'for the discerning woman who refuses to settle for second best'.
The play has done some decent business here in the north east and if I may say so, is pretty funny.
Cheap as chips to put on and needs three men and either one or two women.
If you fancy a look at the script, please PM me with an email address and I will send it down the wires.
Thanks Peter

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Kay Crawford

Contact: kaycrawford@talktalk.net

Vocal scores and libretti

I am doing a big clear out at home and I have a bundle of scores and libretti from various shows etc from my days in an amateur operatic club. I am attaching a list and I am happy to pass these on.


SCORE for:


Irving Berlin - Golden Years
The Best of Jerome Kern
Song Album - Carousel

Posted 03/04/2019

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Crystal point mall, 213, 2nd Floor, link rd above star bazaar,
Andheri West, Mumbai - 53


Theatre Available

Contact: IRFAN HAMID 9820187443

A new entertainment venue 100 seater auditorium for
• Stand up Comedy
• Kids Plays
• All Genres Plays
• Dance shows
• Business events
• Presentation
• Learning space
• Non commercial movies
. Drama Workshops
Or any kind of events.

Posted 07/01/2019


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Mandy Gunter

Telford, Shropshire

Contact: Facebook


Does anybody have multiple copies of Same by Deborah Bruce that they would be willing to sell?
We would like to perform in the Wellington Drama Festival but the cost of purchasing 9 scripts is quite prohibitive as we would not recoup the costs from the performance. Thanks :-)

Oct/Nov 2018

Posted 05/10/2018

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Make-Up Artist Work Experience Required

I am a make-up lecture at Sussex downs college in Lewes. currently seeking work experience for my make-up group. They are all very passionate about theatrical make-up and I was seeking if by any chance they could have the opportunity in working together with the art performance in delivering make-up and gaining experience within the make-up industry in theatrical

yours sincerely

Nelia Mici
Level 3 makeup artists lecture
Sussex downs college, Lewes