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Casting opportunity at the Stables Theatre, Hastings


We are currently looking for a young actress to play VICKIE MARTIN in our November production of THE THRILL of LOVE.

VICKIE is an aspiring model and nightclub hostess who dreams of being a film star – “just like Diana Dors”. She is attractive, self confident, with a West Lindon Accent. Playing age 20-25.

Rehearsals from mid-September in Hastings.

Many thanks,
Rodney Figaro – Director.

Posted on 26/07/2017


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Jane Norriss


Contact: via Twitter @thewriterswife


July 2017

I am throwing out red bow tie, stiff collars & expandable sleeve things. Anyone interested?



Posted 26/07/2017


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Louth Playgoers Society

Louth Playgoers Society

Facebook  Twitter  

Louth Riverhead Theatre, Lincolnshire

Family Fun Day

Family Fun Day

Sunday 30th July 1.30pm-4pm

FREE Bouncy castle, face painting, balloon modelling & Theatre Tours

Posted 24/07/2017


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Putney Theatre Company

Putney Theatre Company



Venue: Putney Arts Theatre, Main Stage, Putney, London

Box Office: 020 8788 6943 or Ticketsource

Anna Karenina

Author: by Leo Tolstoy, adapted by Helen Edmundson

Anna Karenina

Tuesday 7th - Saturday 11th November 7.45pm
“I’ve always loved you and when you love someone, you love the whole person, just as he or she is, and not as you would like them to be.” Through the impact of one woman’s decision, Helen Edmundson’s celebrated and ‘exemplary adaptation’ (The Times) of Anna Karenina looks at the cost of love on the human soul. Anna is enchanting and admired but empty – until a chance encounter throws her into emotional turmoil and a scandalous affair. Contrasting with this tale of destructive love is the story of Levin, an idealistic man striving to finding meaning in life. This fast paced and stylish production is sure to intrigue both those new to Tolstoy’s seminal novel and fan’s of one of the greatest works of fiction.
Presented by special arrangement with Nick Hern Books Ltd

Posted 21/07/2017


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Crondall Entertainers

Crondall Entertainers


The Old Gym, Crondall, Hampshire

TEN TIMES TABLE by Alan Ayckbourn

TEN TIMES TABLE by Alan Ayckbourn

Contact: If you would like to join us or want to find out more we would love to hear from you.
Matthew Newberry (Chairman) 01256 765538

Open Auditions start on Monday 24 July - all welcome.
Performance: 20 and 21 October 2017

There are 5 male roles and 4 female roles, plus one male "walk on" part. We are also looking for people to help with backstage roles.
Set in the ballroom of the dilapidated Swan Hotel, a group of local members of the Pendon community are brought together to organise a town pageant based on a lost piece of local history, the massacre of the Pendon Twelve - where the Earl of Dorset crushed an uprising of rebellious workers, led by John Cockle. The committee comprises disparate characters with very different views of what the pageant should be and what it represents.
As the meetings progress, the group becomes ideologically divided with the left-wing side, led by a Marxist Polytechnic teacher, building it up as a political rally. The right-wing side of the committee formulating plans for a violent confrontation in response.
The day of the pageant eventually comes with the two sides firmly entrenched and reflecting the sides of the original event. The pageant ends in chaos, having broadly recreating the original event, leaving no-one better off.

Posted 20/07/2017


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Heswall Operatic Society

Heswall Operatic Society



Ever fancied treading the boards? Seen a show and thought "I'd love to have a go at that!" Well here's your chance......
We are always on the lookout for talented people - from soloists, leading ladies and gentlemen, duets, trios and chorus members. If you have a hidden talent in set design, stage management or costumes - everyone is welcome.
What we all have in common is that we enjoy entertaining our audiences! We are a registered charity and from the proceeds of our shows we have donated to St Johns Hospice, CHORF, Victim Support, Wirral Alzheimer's, Clatterbridge Respiratory Fund, Merseyside Chrohns and Colitis Fund to name but a few. Most of all, we like to have fun and enjoy ourselves - after all, it's our hobby!
New members are always welcome at our weekly rehearsal. Front or backstage, all are needed and welcome. It truly is everyone's scene.
We look forward to welcoming you into our Society. Go on, why not give it a try.
Contact us on 0151 648 3457, 0151 648 5316 or email


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The Grand Pavilion

The Grand Pavilion

Facebook  Twitter  

The Grand Pavilion


Theatre Space Available

Contact: Lynn Allison FCIM
Direct - 01629 826219
Mobile - 07831 649 647
Restoration café and Box Office – 01629 584 675
Lynn Allison

I represent The Grand Pavilion in Matlock Bath ( which was bought from the council in 2013 by a charity run by local people keen to save and restore this historic building. It is a restoration project and all profits go back into the restoration fund.

We would like theatre groups to visit our ‘Little Bit Scruffy’ venue with a view to using it for performances and rehearsals. We have three usable spaces (all insured and with good fire safety systems):

- Grey Room 9.5x9.5m square, high ceilings, triple aspect windows, south facing, polished wood floor - £10/hr
- Nuttall Room 9.5x9.5m square, high ceilings, triple aspect windows, north facing, unpolished wood floor - £10/hr
- Main Hall – very large room with bar and stage. Stage is 6’ high and has large wings left and right and there are 4 changing rooms underneath. Main hall seats up to 400 (flat). We also have 20’ wide staging at 2’high to use with the main stage or instead of the main stage.

Local groups booking a room for a performance will get most of their rehearsal time free of charge.

Contact us for availability

Posted 15/07/2017


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The Aston Academy of Magic

The Aston Academy of Magic


Professional magic shows and group or one to one tuition.

We are based in the village of Marston Moretaine and can provide individual one to one or group tuition on magical entertainment and presentation.



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Copperdollar Studios

Copperdollar Studios

Facebook  Instagram  

Copperdollar Studios, 22 Montague St, Brighton BN2 1JX

Contact: (0)7775 502727 or


Copperdollar Studios are two unique studios situated in the heart of Brighton’s Kemptown on the East Sussex coast. They are available to be hired by the creative community of Brighton and beyond. They are popular with photographers and videographers because of their rustic walls, wooden floors and variation of textured aesthetics that create a rich choice for backdrops. Theatre companies and musicians who need a quiet yet rich shabby chic atmospheric for music videos and band shoots make use of the space, too. They are available from 8am to 10pm, 7 days a week.
Although we can't accept regular small slot bookings, both of the studios can be block booked or rented as a one off which makes them perfect for summer programmes, workshops and training.
The booking rate is reduced by 50% for students.
You can check the studios out on our website and social media platforms

Call for availability

Copperdollar Studios Copperdollar Studios Copperdollar Studios Copperdollar Studios



Posted 13/06/2017


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Grant Davis & Johnny Jarman

Pieces of After Eight - a musical comedy

Rehearsals for the debut of Pieces of After Eight start next year (2016), but meantime I would like to see it made available to amateur theatre as it was tailored to meet the ever-present spectre of a paucity of male leads and restricted production costs.

See my website which contains all details for a society to stage this production.

We've had our first full production, see a summary of this piece here on YouTube

The basic plot centres around a hotel, run by an embittered man who has several pirates visit him whose families have been holed up on a remote Caribbean island for over 300 years. They come looking for buried treasure at the site of the hotel. The owner’s niece soon falls for the not-so-dashing captain, as he falls for her. A smuggler bringing cheap goods to the hotel for the owner is being close caught. A junior pirate has his sights on usurping the captain’s place and the owner and his wife are on the verge of divorce.

It is a one-set piece, again conceding to expense, and with backing tracks, requires no orchestra.

Anyone wishing to contact the writers to ask questions about staging this piece should contact Grant Davis or johnny Jarman using the contact page on the website or by email to myself or Johnny ( or

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Support Your Local Amateur Theatre Group

Author: Norma Phillips
Secretary of
Teesside Musical Theatre Company


We hope that Teesside Musical Theatre Company’s (TMTC) reputation will encourage audiences to buy tickets for the upcoming 2017 production of “Spamalot” being performed at Middlesbrough Theatre on 15-20 May 2017. “Spamalot” was aptly described by the Newcastle Evening Chronicle as “a pantomime for all seasons”, and our production promises to be spectacular and hilarious, appealing to everyone who wants to leave the theatre feeling thoroughly entertained. The only pain you will experience from this encounter with a “python” is the ache in your ribs from so much laughter.

TMTC were excited to secure the rights to “Spamalot” in 2014 to be the first North East Amateur Company to perform the show. However, due to circumstances beyond our control, tickets sales are likely to be adversely affected by the fact that many people may have already seen the show recently in the local area.

True to the “Spamalot” ethos, we are determined to “Always Look on the Bright Side of Life”, and rehearsals are progressing well. Our Committee and Members endeavour to be supportive of each other and work together to ensure the survival of local amateur theatre. Several members of Teesside Musical Theatre Youth Company are also part of the cast, giving them valuable experience in a full scale production and helping to secure the future of TMTC.

For “Spamalot” TMTC also have a Youtube page with amusing videos providing a taster of the production and showing how much fun the cast is having at rehearsals. Visit the page at and subscribe to receive news of future videos.

We need the support of local audiences to come and join in the fun at Middlesbrough Theatre from 15-20 May 2017 by ordering tickets from our ticket secretaries, Jacquie Kelly (tel: 07712 485211) and Sue Bargewell (tel: 07806 786327) or from the Box Office on 01642 815181. Tickets cost £15 for adults and £10 for Under 14s.

Posted on 28/04/2017

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Kings Langley Players


Contact: via website, Facebook, Twitter


For Sale

July 2017

Goose Costumes

Are any #amdram groups out there doing Ben Crocker's Mother Goose #panto this year? We have 2 hand made ride-on geese costumes for sale

Goose Costume for sale

Posted 06/07/2017


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VG Plays

VG Plays


Book purchases can be made via our online store.

VG Plays for scripts for am dram and youth groups all tried, tested and staged worldwide

Most famously: ’The Magdalen Whitewash’.

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Perryway Players & Livewire Amateur Dramatics Society

Perryway Players & Livewire Amateur Dramatics Society

Facebook  Twitter  Instagram  youTube  


Dates Required: January 2018



Production: Beauty and the Beast


We are looking to strengthen our production team by recruiting local volunteers to help out in the extremely important behind-the-scenes roles and duties that are required to put on a production.
If you or anyone you know you can help with the below areas that are needed, please get in touch. Even if you cannot commit to the whole production, helping out on the odd week or two is extremely appreciated.

Contact: If you are interested or would like to apply, please visit our website or social media pages

Posted 27/06/2017


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Junior AMDRAM Club

Junior AMDRAM Club

Southam, Gloucestershire

Production: Summer Revue

Contact: Gerry Jones 07823 883203 or


Dates Required: Feb 2017 on

Southam Junior AMDRAM Club are performing a summer revue with two choir songs, so we are looking for a singing teacher to help with two choir numbers, so if you are able to help, and live within easy travelling distance of Southam Call Gerry Jones on 07823 883203 or email me:

Posted 21/02/2017


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Post 56
Recent Post from one of our readers - 17/04/2017
Name: Debbie Bell
Facebook: Cynthia Law
Play Script

Calvary greetings to Yuh all, please I need a drama script on this topic The Full Amour from Romans 13:12

Peter's response:

Hi Cynthia,
I'm afraid I can't help you directly as I'm not aware of any such play scripts.
I'll post your enquiry in the #Advice section of and ask people to get in touch with you via your FB page if they can help.


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The Gilbert & Sullivan Society of Austin

The Gilbert & Sullivan Society of Austin


Pirates of Penzance

See full review at the American Statesman

The Gilbert & Sullivan Society of Austin

Read the review of "Pirates" by the American Statesman's Andrew J. Friedenthal.


Posted on 17/06/2017


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Actors Anonymous

Melbourne, Australia

Contact: Roslyn Gold


One Day in '67 by Mitch Torres

Hi there we are a private playreading group in Melbourne and would like to read Mitch Torres play "One day in '67" Could anyone help me in locating a hard or digital copies ?
We have belonged to the Victorian Drama League Library for over 30 years
Thanks so much
Cheers Roslyn

Date Req'd: ASAP

Posted 30/05/2017